66th Precinct – What’s the Going Rate for a Corrupt Cop?


Lt. Michael Andreano Joins the Ranks of those Alleged to be in Bed with the Epidemic of Corruption within the Ultra Orthodox Community of Borough Park and Beyond…


NYPD lieutenant stripped of badge, gun over ties to bribery scheme


A high-ranking Brooklyn cop has been stripped of his badge and gun over ties to a key figure in an alleged $1 million NYPD bribery scheme, The Post has learned.

Lt. Michael Andreano of the 66th Precinct in Boro Park was put on desk duty as part of the wide-ranging corruption probe that has already resulted in pending charges against three NYPD bosses, sources said.

Andreano is suspected of having improper dealings with Alex “Shaya” Lichtenstein, a leader of the Boro Park “Shomrim” patrol who in April was busted on bribery and conspiracy charges involving pistol permits, sources said.

“This guy was tight with Shaya and would go out of his way to accommodate him,” a source said.

Andreano served as a community-affairs sergeant in the 66th Precinct before getting promoted to lieutenant in 2015 and transferred to the 60 Precinct in West Brighton.

He was transferred back to the 66th after “a month or two,” sources said, and put in charge of Special Operations there.

Andreano’s return was announced at a Community Council meeting in September 2015, according to the KensingtonBK blog.

Lichtenstein was allegedly recorded offering a whistleblowing cop $6,000 a pop to “expedite” approval of pistol permits for members of Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community.

During that conversation, Lichtenstein used a calculator to show that 150 permits would be worth $900,000, according to the feds.

He also allegedly bragged that he had already scored 150 permits for clients who paid him up to $18,000 each for the service but said he had lost his connection in the NYPD’s License Division.

Earlier this month, a prosecutor revealed there had been “continuous discussions” for Lichtenstein to strike a plea deal, and a judge gave both sides until Nov. 3 to come to terms or proceed with the case.

The cop who secretly recorded Lichtenstein, former License Division member David Ochetal, secretly pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with authorities after admitting that he had accepted “lunch money” from Lichtenstein.

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Future Top Cop – In Bed with the Borough Park Corrupt – Community Board 12

Ringel and Community Board 12

Community Board 12, Yidel Perlstein… Bringing our Old Friends Back to the Forefront…


Community leader boasted about snagging favor from future top cop


A Borough Park community leader bragged on a taped phone call how he pulled some strings to get future top cop James O’Neill to transfer a friendly lieutenant back to the neighborhood, The Post has learned.

Community Board 12 Chairman Yidel Perlstein wanted Michael Andreano returned to Borough Park’s 66th Precinct from the 60th in Brighton Beach, where the cop had been shipped following his promotion.

Perlstein, speaking in Yiddish, describes in the secretly recorded conversation how he approached NYPD Assistant Chief Steven Powers at a September 2015 breakfast meeting in Williamsburg and asked that Andreano be moved.

Perlstein claims that he offered Powers dinner at a local kosher steakhouse to grease the wheels for the personnel move, with Powers then talking to O’Neill, who was the NYPD’s chief of department at the time and happened to be at the meeting.

“I told Powers, ‘I will take you out to The Loft for supper,’ ” Perlstein says on the recording.

“So I told Powers, go over to O’Neill, to tell him to make an exception, to have Andreano back. So Powers and others went over to O’Neill and made the request to O’Neill and O’Neill said, ‘No problem, permission granted,’ with a big smile on his face.

“And [Andreano] was already the next day at work,” he adds.

The phone call was taped by a community activist who shared an excerpt with The Post. New York law permits people to secretly record conversations in which they take part.

Captains-union President Roy Richter said the commanding officer of the 66th put in a request to retain Andreano as soon as he was promoted — though he did not return until after the September meeting.

On Monday, The Post exclusively reported that Andreano had been stripped of his badge and gun over his ties to Alex “Shaya” Lichtenstein, a leader of Borough Park’s “Shomrim” safety patrol.

Lichtenstein was busted by the feds in April on charges he offered nearly $1 million in bribes to score pistol permits from the NYPD’s License Division for clients who paid him up to $18,000 a pop.

Andreano’s transfer back to the 66th was highly unusual, because protocol dictates that cops get moved following a promotion to avoid animosity from former colleagues and to prevent corruption, a high-ranking NYPD official said.

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Oorah, Kars4Kids – Kash and Staten Island



Kars4Kids Accused Of Hiding Kash In Staten Island Synagogue

Kars4Kids Accused Of Hiding Kash In Staten Island Synagogue: Gothamist<!– –> <!– –> <!– –> //widget.perfectmarket.com/opt/tboptevent.html?v=2&a=v&d=%7B%7D//widget.perfectmarket.com/opt/tboptevent.html?v=2&a=u&d=%7B%22sc%22%3A%7B%22a%22%3A1%7D%2C%22stp%22%3A%7B%22a%22%3A1%7D%2C%22disquscmt%22%3A%7B%22a%22%3A1%7D%7D//widget.perfectmarket.com/opt/tboptevent.html?v=2&a=u&d=%7B%22stp%22%3A%7B%22v%22%3A1%7D%7D

Ah, Kars4Kids, the earworm jingle that probably popped into your heads the moment you read that headline. Beyond providing a delivery device for the world’s most irritating jingle, Kars4Kids is supposed to be a charity that does… something. The commercials are never really clear what happens after you donate your car today. And consistent with its somewhat mysterious message of charity, members of a Staten Island synagogue are accusing Kars4Kids of using their temple to hide assets from the IRS.

According to the Post, members of the Young Israel of Eltingville synagogue on Staten Island filed court papers accusing the religious organization associated with the charity, Congregation Oorah, of trying to operate out of Young Israel in order to hide their “more questionable financial dealings.”

The court battle stems from an older fight between Young Israel and Congregation Oorah. That fight started with a secret deal made between Young Israel’s former president and Oorah to add the organization to the temple’s deed in exchange for $250,000 and building upgrades. When Oorah sought to turn some of the temple’s worship space into a classroom, Young Israel members and Oorah went in front of a religious court that awarded Oorah one million dollars. That ruling was appealed in State Supreme Court and is still being litigated.

Congregation Oorah gets a big chunk of the money Kars4Kids makes from reselling cars and real estate (after advertising, promotional materials and payroll). Oorah has disputed the idea that Kars4Kids is just a front for the organization, which is concerned with “awakening Jewish children and their families to their heritage.” Kars4Kids has also been found to use a suspicious amount of their assets on failed real estate deals, including two high-rises in New Jersey, a Staten Island outlet mall and a mixed-use project in Jerusalem.

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Satmar vs. Israel Lobby in NY Congressional Primary

As always, a hat tip goes out to Richard Silverstein and Tikun Olam..



Joel Landau – Removing Photos – An Alluring Reminder…

rivington house

Rivington Street, Joel Landau, a Photograph and a Video Describing his Healthcare Facilities. If anyone has a photo of Landau that he or she has taken, please send along.

It appears that Joel Landau does not like having his photo online. If you will notice, his photo has been removed from all of our posts, as well as a number of YouTube videos. Unfortunate as it may seem, it’s also another example of hypocrisy. We have decided to air his PUBLICLY AVAILABLE YOUTUBE VIDEO.

Mr. Landau, in the future, ask us to take down your photo and we will, voluntarily. No need to waste so much time. We hope to find one that someone has taken.

Ha-Rav Shlomo Rechnitz, Doing the Elderly Proud – Saving California’s Seniors

Hat Tip going out to the North Coast People’s Alliance.






Some Follow-Up to the below rally:

Cover story in today’s Times-Standard – http://www.times-standard.com/general-news/20161013/people-over-profits-families-of-nursing-home-patients-call-on-brius-to-stop-closures

From Lost Coast Outpost (with audio) – https://lostcoastoutpost.com/2016/oct/13/citizens-protest-pending-closure-local-nursing-hom/



Ha-Rav Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz Speaks…and Fellow Hypocrites Listen…

The Great Headliner and the Same Man Who Owns 1 in 14 Beds in Nursing Homes in California…

We had been trying to dodge posting this. We are disgusted that a man who allows elderly to rot in bed and gets excruciatingly rich doing it is an honored and distinguished speaker anywhere. But, anonymous posters proudly laud his words so we thought we would post this for your viewing. We believe Shlomo  and the honors bestowed upon him to be the quintessential definition of hypocrisy. There really should be a special place in hell waiting…But, you be the judge of that…