Shmira, Flagrant Disregard for Well-Being of Others, Funerals, Covid-19 Supply Shortage and Bio-Terrorism



Crowded Hasidic funeral goes on in Brooklyn despite social distancing rules

Throngs of Hasidic Jews gathered in Brooklyn Wednesday for a local rabbi’s funeral, brazenly flouting social distancing orders amid the coronavirus pandemic pummeling the city, online video shows.

In the 30-second clip, which has been circulating online, dozens of members of the Jewish community — some wearing protective facial masks — can be been seen marching in an outdoor procession down Avenue N near East 9th Street in Midwood as a close cluster of men carry a casket above their heads in the middle of the street.

Members of the civilian nonprofit Brooklyn patrol group Shmira can be seen guiding the heavily populated procession, the footage shows.

Shmira did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The funeral gathering was an open violation of the social distancing orders by state and city officials who have repeatedly demanded that folks maintain at least a 6-foot distance while in public as a way to stem the spread of the potentially deadly virus.

“There’s no excuse for violating social distancing, not even for a funeral, given the current state of affairs,” political consultant Menashe Shapiro, who has ties to the Orthodox Jewish community, told The Post on Thursday. “A lot of people have said, and I agree, that funerals have to be done at a bare minimum — people have to be buried, period.”

Shapiro added, “Despite the fact that escorting someone to their final resting place is considered the ultimate kindness, what took place yesterday in that video is utterly despicable under current circumstances since it’s self-defeating and risks many more funerals.”

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Rabbi Rottenberg of Monsey, NY Will Defy All Edicts to Close the Shul – We say, a Form of Terrorism

A Defiant Rabbi Rottenberg, Our Comments…

This is posted without the permission of Duz Iz Nies.

We are not responsible for the comments on that page. We have no affiliation with them and for the most part, would guess that they do not support this site. Having said that, blogging is not easy. Funding these ventures is far more difficult. We ask that you consult the original source and click on their ads. 

Finally, we stand by our consistent position that if you are attending shul and have not tested negative that very day for Covid-19 or if you have not survived Covid-19, you are a walking time bomb. Therefore, it is our position that there is little difference between going to a crowded shul to pray and strapping on a weaponized vest and walking into a crowded market.

For the safety of all of Rockland County, Rabbi Rottenberg’s shul should be nailed shut, even if it is in or connected to his home. According to the tax roles in Rockland, he does not pay taxes for either property. 


Rabbi Rottenberg Defiant … Keeps His Monsey Shul open …The Shul Where the Stabbing Took Place

Rabbi Rottenberg, Kosyiner Rebbe, or how some call him the Forshyer Rebbe, is boasting that amidst all regulations, his shul remains open.He said that the people and the Rabbonim that closed their shuls “don’t understand the importance of davening be’zibur.

It was in his house, that R’ Yossel Neiman was murdered on Chanukah…..

It seems that one death was not enough in his shul, the good rabbi is looking for more victims …

The way things are going in Monsey, he won’t have to wait too long!

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בית המדרש בו התרחש פיגוע רצחני – עדיין פתוח

למרות אלפי המתים בארה”ב מנגיף ה’קורונה’, בבית מדרשו של האדמו”ר מקאסאן במונסי, בו התרחש בחנוכה פיגוע קשה – מסרבים לסגור ואף מתגאים בכך שהמקום עדיין פתוח עולם)

בעוד נגיף ה’קורונה’ ממשיך להתפשט ולגבות קורבנות רבים ברחבי ארה”ב בכלל ובקרב התושבים החרדים בפרט, ישנם אחרים שמתנגדים בחריפות רבה לסגירת בתי המדרש והמקוואות בארה”ב, וחלקם אף יצאו בימים האחרונים לתהלוכת מחאה ברחובות השכונות החרדיות בבורו פארק.
אחד מבתי המדרש אשר ממשיך בפעילות רגילה הוא בית מדרשו של האדמו”ר מקאסאן בשכונת פארשעי שבמונסי, שם התרחש בחג החנוכה האחרון פיגוע קשה על רקע אנטישמי, שבו נרצח אחד החסידים ונפצעו עוד כ-15, בזמן שחגגו את החג בביתו של האדמו”ר שממוקם בסמיכות לבית המדרש.
בהקלטה שהגיעה ל’כיכר השבת’ נשמע גורם בכיר בחסידות כשהוא זועם על יתר בתי המדרש שנעלו את שעריהם, וכי לדבריו, רובם, כ-22 בתי מדרש, כלל לא רצו לעשות כך, ורק בגלל אילוץ של הרשויות החליטו בסופו של דבר לסגור את בתי הכנסת והמקוואות.
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Merlin the Magician and Diamond Joe Gutnick – Magically Insolvent


‘Diamond’ Joe Gutnick’s company insolvent after ‘dishonest’ transactions

The Federal Court has ordered that a company associated with Melbourne business figure “Diamond” Joe Gutnick be wound up and declared insolvent amid allegations of millions of dollars of dishonest related party transactions.

The Federal Court on Wednesday appointed liquidators to the publicly traded mining company Merlin Diamonds Limited after a provisional liquidators’ report showed it had just $1331 in the bank and liabilities of $13 million.

Judge Michael O’Bryan said a liquidator would allow for investigations into a number of inter-company loans, related party transactions and “round robin” payments that “have the appearance of uncommercial and dishonest transactions”.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s had requested a liquidator to be appointed after an investigation into Mr Gutnick, one of Australia’s best-known business figures. The ordained Rabbi was once a regular on the BRW Rich 200 list and a benefactor to many Jewish charities. As president of a stricken Melbourne Football Club during the 1990s, his financial support kept the club alive.

However, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald revealed in a series of stories in 2019 that ASIC was investigating what happened to $18 million in loans that allegedly saw money flow from publicly listed companies controlled by Mr Gutnick to a private company that he was also closely involved with.

In a scathing judgment on Wednesday, Justice O’Bryan said Merlin “does not appear to take its legal obligations seriously,” had expressed “no contrition” for various corporate transgressions and faced a “strong prima facie case” that it had contravened the Corporations Act, particularly when it came to two related companies called Chabad and Axis.


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ZAKA Covid Emergency Response – A Charity Where You Can Track the Money

ZAKA teams are working around the clock in light of the Coronavirus pandemic and are in urgent need of protective gear to protect our volunteers. We cannot ask our volunteers to expose themselves without the right personal protective gear.

Help today with a $50 donation to purchase one protective kit for a ZAKA volunteer.

ZAKA teams need specialized personal protection equipment to continue to serve Israel amidst the growing Coronavirus emergency. In one recent incident, an Israeli in quarantine suffered a medical emergency and died in his home. While the cause of death was unknown, no emergency services were willing to enter the premises. For hours, the Jewish body was lying on the floor since the ambulance squad was afraid of coming in contact with COVID-19. The Ministry of Health immediately turned to ZAKA for help.

A select team of dedicated ZAKA volunteers, after being offered protective gear from other emergency services, conducted an operation to recover the body and transported it to the Forensic facilities. Tests showed the person was not infected with Coronavirus and once again, ZAKA ensured for a proper and dignified treatment of a Jewish body.

ZAKA is Israel’s primary rescue and recovery volunteer organization. The UN-recognized ZAKA International Rescue Unit operates at mass casualty incidents around the world.

Please help today with the ZAKA Coronavirus Emergency Response

If You Have to Hire Agencies to Patrol, Compliance is not Voluntary but Forced – Gov. Murphy Where are You – Covid-19



If they have to hire agencies to patrol the town for illegal gathering then obviously some lawlessness is continuing in substantial numbers in Lakewood!!


Why is Governor Murphy Not Condemning this Behavior Vigorously?


Why is AG Burbir Grewal Not Getting More Active?


Coronavirus in Lakewood: Agencies join forces to battle illegal gatherings


The Murphy administration ratcheted up pressure Wednesday in tamping down illegal gatherings in Lakewood.

Colonel Patrick Callahan, superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, announced at the state’s daily press briefing a “partnership to supplement” Lakewood’s efforts to “ensure 100% compliance” with Gov. Phil Murphy’s executive stay at home order. The joint effort is between the state police, the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office and Lakewood police.

In the latest incident in Lakewood, police broke up an engagement party Tuesday, charging ten adults, including a 99-year-old man, with violating the statewide order on social distancing.

CORONAVIRUS IN LAKEWOODCops shut down engagement party


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The Disregard for the Health and Well Being of Others Continues – Covid-19 and a Lakewood Funeral

Coronavirus in Lakewood: 15 charged for attending Wednesday evening funeral

LAKEWOOD – Fifteen people have been charged after attending a funeral Wednesday that was in violation of the statewide social distancing order put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, police said.

Police responded to the funeral at the corner of 8th Street and Madison Avenue around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday and found a group of about 60 to 70 people gathered for the funeral, according to a joint statement from Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley D. Billhimer and township Police Chief Gregory Meyer.

When police tried to break up the crowd, people in attendance became “unruly and argumentative” and officers from the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office and Ocean County Sherrif’s office had to be called in to assist in dispersing the crowd, according to the statement.

As police collected names of the funeral attendees, one individual refused to identify himself and gave police a fake name and social security number. After several unsuccessful attempts to identify the man, he was placed under arrest, according to the statement.

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Melbourne’s J-AIR Blaming the Homosexual Community for Covid-19

Jewish broadcaster J-AIR airs interview stating “the pandemic is an exact designer drug … that will remove … problems … in the form of homosexuality and gays”

Jewish radio station J-AIR, dedicated to combating hate, broadcasts an interview that vilifies gay men.

n Monday March 30 2020 Melbourne’s Jewish radio station J-AIR 87.8FM broadcast their regular syndication of the Tamar Yonah Show, which included an interview with Rabbi Mendel Kessin.

The full episode of the March 30 Tamar Yonah Show was first posted here but has since been taken down. A backup copy of the podcast can be heard here.

The description of this episode of the Tamar Yonah Show states (in part):

Internationally known lecturer on current events and the Bible, Rabbi Mendel Kessin, joins Tamar Yonah and talks about the meaning behind this worldwide pandemic, what we are supposed to learn, and DO, in order to merit seeing the coming of the Messiah. He talks about the fear of death, atonement, suffering, and the world-wide economic collapse, and tells us how we can protect ourselves, as we enter into the Messianic era.

Aleph Melbourne has transcribed Rabbi Kessin’s interview commentary from time point 12:46 to time point 14:06:

And basically he’s 98% finished, that’s how close we are to the redemption. Therefore what god wants to do is bring the redemption. However, there are certain problems that must be addressed by god in order for the redemption to actually happen. And what we begin to see is that the pandemic is an exact designer drug, if you want to use that expression, that will remove these problems. Ah, in other words the plague itself is a vehicle, is an instrument, to accelerate the messianic process by removing these major problems. What are they? You see. So therefore what we see is the following. The first major problem is that man has corrupted his nature. There is a tremendous amount of, ah, what’s called immorality in the world today. It’s widespread. There’s, in Hebrew it’s called “prichus” (פְּרִיצוּת). We want, we could say it’s also in the form of homosexuality, and gays and so on and so forth, where all of a sudden the gender differentiation is, is tremendously blurred. So that is an incredible corruption of man’s nature.

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J-Air broadcast invokes homosexuality as partly to blame for the pandemic

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Medtronic – Sharing Vent Specs to Help Save Lives, Tesla and Covid-19


Medtronic is sharing its portable ventilator design specifications and code for free to all

Healthcare and biomedical engineering company Medtronic  was in the news recently because Tesla CEO Elon Musk had discussions with the company about the automaker’s potential plans to build ventilator hardware in order to address the COVID-19 crisis. Today it’s doing something potentially far more impactful. Medtronic is making available to anyone the full design specifications, produce manuals, design documents and, in the future, software code for its Puritan Bennett (PB) 560 portable ventilator hardware.

The PB 560 ventilator has a number of advantages, one being that it’s a relatively compact and lightweight piece of equipment that can be easily moved around and installed for use in a range of different healthcare environments and settings. And it’s a design that was originally introduced in 2010, so it has a decade of qualified, safe medical use in treating patients.

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Lakewood, New Jersey – The Beth-Medrash Govoha -All Travel for Passover Is Prohibited! Covid-19 and Rochmones





The leading Lakewood Posek from BMG has issued a clear psak Halacha: No one is permitted to travel to ANYONE for Yom Tov. Not for any part of Yom Tov, even if it is in Lakewood. No travel at all. STAY HOME = SAVE LIVES!

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A Map of NY That Speaks Volumes About Religious Observance – Covid-19

NYC map shows total cases testing positive for coronavirus by ZIP code

NYC map shows total cases testing positive for coronavirus by ZIP code

A new city map showing confirmed coronavirus cases based on patient address by ZIP code suggests the poorest New Yorkers are being hardest hit by the pandemic.

Wealthier parts of the city, including much of Manhattan, waterfront sections of Queens and brownstone Brooklyn, have the fewest number of coronavirus cases, according to the map released by the city Department of Health.

A stark example of the wealth gap is the Rockaway section of Queens. The richest part of the peninsula that incorporates Belle Harbor where homes sell for over $1 million has at least 112 cases while Far Rockaway with its public housing complexes has up to 947 cases.

Data scientist Michael Donnelly, who’s been crunching the city’s coronavirus numbers since the start of the outbreak, noted the new map tracks with earlier MTA turnstile data.

Those maps showed ridership plummeting in Manhattan stations in mid-March, while New Yorkers from the outer reaches of the outer boroughs continued commuting.

“Over time we start to see the effect of the fact that Manhattan and the inner zip codes of Queens and Brooklyn have a lower positive rate because they were able to bend the curve before the outer boroughs,” Donnelly said.

Neighborhoods with fewer than 200 cases — like Park Slope, Brooklyn and Greenwich Village in Manhattan — count many white-collar professionals who can telecommute as residents.

“I think the clear next step there, is if that’s true, then there’s a real socio-economic inequality, inequity in the fact that these ZIP codes, which also tend to skew lower socio-economic, are also going to be the ones who are harder hit by this pandemic,” Donnelly said.

“Broad strokes, those tend to be the wage workers, emergency service workers that are exposing themselves more and more over time,” Donnelly said.

Many front-line workers, from grocery store clerks to EMTs, live in the outer boroughs. Their jobs require them to use the subways while the majority of New Yorkers stay home.

Neighborhoods with high poverty like Mott Haven in The Bronx and East New York in Brooklyn have as many as 947 cases compared to Park Slope and Greenwich Village’s 200 cases.

The map doesn’t always track to income. More exclusive enclaves like Williamsburg, Brooklyn also have up to 947 cases, likely because of a cluster among the area’s Orthodox Jewish population.

On Staten Island, solidly middle class sections like Heartland Village and Annadale are the hardest hit — potentially due to the concentration of first responders who live there.

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Irresponsible Politicians Undermining Trust in Science. Should Democracy Be Protecting Religious from Self-Harm?


There is little that can be said about the above video and the following story, except that a community of people is harming itself and putting others at risk, sanctioned by our Federal Government, State Government and Local Government. In Israel, there is little difference.

As between Democracy and the Constitutional right to practice religion and to assemble and public safety, a choice is being made and the public is not being provided a safety net.  What comes first, the safety of individuals or the Constitutional Rights given to them? We posit that safety must always come first. There are arguments to be made on both sides.

But, as between political re-election and public safety there is no question, politicians are putting re-election above all else. This is true of President Trump, the Senators and House Members below him, the Governors of most States, and the local politicians. And, as a result society at large will suffer.

What happens when families with 8, 9, 10 children do not have a living parent? What happens when mothers are left to raise 5,6,7 children on their own? What happens when…

There are too many possibilities to even raise. Ultimately, however, society as a whole suffers for it.

This indefensible denial of science over religion at this juncture is true of religious Jews and ALL other religious practitioners who have chosen G-d over all else, a narrow-minded and misguided zealotry that discounts the value of human life. This is no difference in our opinion between congregational worship and any other form of terrorism with Covid-19 claiming its victims. We believe it should be treated as such.  

Police officers close synagogues and disperse public gatherings in an ultra orthodox Jewish neighborhood in Beit Shemesh, following the government’s decisions, in an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus on March 31, 2020. Photo by Yaakov Lederman/Flash90

Emergency Room At Tel Hashomer Hospital Separates Patients From Chareidi Towns With High Rates Of COVID-19

RAMAT GAN (VINnews) — Emergency staff at Ramat Gan’s Tel Hashomer (Sheba) hospital have been directed to isolate patients arriving from Chareidi towns even if they do not exhibit symptoms of coronavirus due to the high rates of infection in these towns. Other hospitals are expected to adopt similar regulations, according to a Haaretz report.

Sheba hospital officials insisted that the isolation is not based on communal association but rather based on the rate of infection in the towns where patients come from. The towns mentioned included Bnei Brak, Elad and Modi’in Illit (Kiryat Sefer).

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Haredi Jews Are not the Only Religious Groups Ignoring Covid-19 Warnings, Born Again Christians

Why Are Religious Leaders of Different Faiths Leading Their Congregants to Covid-19?

Dear Readers:

We invite you to read the commentary below entitled: Born Again Christians Need to Follow the COVID-19 Rules or Go to Jail.

First, we have not received permission to post the article and hope that you will kindly go to the original source to see the video and read the article. Second, the republication does not necessarily mean that we support everything the author posts, that we endorse all of his commentary or that we are in any way affiliated with him. We are posting an article because it encapsulates our premise that in no uncertain terms,  religious defiance is not coming exclusively from religious Jewish groups and resentment for religious communities is not solely a problem for Jews. Moreover, we think it supports our position that expressing resentment for the religious communities defying directives is not anti-Semitism when that religious group happens to be Jewish.

Clearly, there is a growing resentment for ALL religious groups who are balking at the directives of science by congregating. Those religious “zealots” in the words of the author pose dangers for themselves, for us and for those around us.

Specifically, the author refers to those “Born Again Christians” who defy the state and national authorities as “self-centered zealots [who] flout the law because they think they are blessed better than everyone else.” He continues, “If these extremists refuse to protect themselves and their neighbors, its time for the authorities to storm their churches and disperse their ill-advised and often illegal gatherings.” 

Before going any further, no one outside of law enforcement should be storming anything and “storming” may be a bit harsher than we would express. But please note, if the same were written of the members of the Haredi community who were continuing to daven [pray] in groups, those same words would be be deemed anti-Semitic. Jewish groups like the American Jewish Congress, Jewish Federation and OJPAC would be going crazy trying to have the sentiments removed.

The point here is that ANY religious community that does not follow directives is putting the lives of their own and others at risk and should not be exempt from law enforcement’s reach at stopping Covid-19 by enforced social distancing. Religious practitioners are not exempt from the virus. Their practice should not be exempt from scientific guidelines; and law enforcement tasked with protecting us should be enforcing the directives. 

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Religious Leaders are Silent While Rabbis Lead Their Congregants to Covid-19 Illness – Israel

Israeli police enforcing national lockdown measures made several arrests in the Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem on Sunday.


Israel Fights Coronavirus Spread Among Ultra-Orthodox Jews

TEL AVIV—Israel is struggling to contain a concentration of coronavirus infections among ultraorthodox Jews, with the impact reaching Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who went into isolation after an adviser from the community tested positive.

Mr. Netanyahu’s office said on Monday evening that his test for the virus, as well as those of his family and close staff, came out negative, though officials said he would remain in isolation as a precaution in keeping with ministry of health guidelines.

While the ultraorthodox make up about 10% of Israel’s population, ultraorthodox patients account for 50% of those hospitalized with the coronavirus disease, Covid-19, according to an analysis by Israel’s Channel 12. Continue reading

Recognizing Congregating For What it Is in Times of Covid-19 – Endangerment

NJ Couple Faces Child Endangerment Charges for Coronavirus-Defying Party

  • Police charged a Lakewood couple with five counts of child endangerment — one for each of their kids — after breaking up an event at their home Sunday

  • Lakewood police have responded to multiple reports of unauthorized gatherings in the town since the state ordered social distancing

  • The town’s large Orthodox Jewish community has faced a number of threats for holding gatherings since the lockdown began

A Lakewood couple faces child endangerment charges after police broke up a gathering of dozens of people at their home, in defiance of the state’s coronavirus lockdown orders.

And just hours later, police in Lakewood had to break up another prohibited event and cite two people.

They were the latest in a handful of gatherings to be broken up in Lakewood in the last two weeks, despite Gov. Phil Murphy’s orders banning such events and ordering social distancing.

Montreal, Canada and Covid-19 Quarantine Assistance from a Compliant Haredi Community

A playground is surrounded by police tape because of COVID-19 fears, March 23, 2020.
In the Tosh Jewish community in Boisbriand, more than 40 per cent of people tested for COVID-19 were found to have the virus. Pierre Obendrauf / Montreal Gazette

The Tosh Jewish community, a Hasidic community of 4,000 living in the Laurentian community of Boisbriand, has appealed to Laurentian public health authorities and to the Boisbriand police force to help to enforce a quarantine of its community for fear that the novel coronavirus could tear through it.

The community was placed under a 14-day quarantine by public health authorities on Sunday, said a spokesperson for the Laurentian health authority, the CISSSS des Laurentides, but is asking for help to ensure it is respected.

One hundred members of the community were tested for COVID-19: 40 results had been received by Sunday and more than 40 per cent were positive.

The community lives in relative isolation from the outside world and from other Hasidic communities in Montreal, but it does have links to Tosh communities in New York. New York is a hotspot for the COVID-19 pandemic. Community members would have travelled to New York to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim this month.


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Open Letter to David Harris of the American Jewish Congress and Covid-19

AJCongress official dies - Jewish Telegraphic Agency

“You shall not stand idly by the blood of your fellow”; and by the mitzvah of pidyon shvuyim, the redemption of the captive; and by the rabbinic dictum “Kol Yisrael arevim zeh bazeh”- “all Jews are responsible for one another” as found in Sifra (to Lev. 26:37) and the Talmud (Shevout 39a).


by Julie D. Globus

Dear Mr. Harris:

In the early 90’s, this blogger had the great pleasure of working for Rabbi David Clayman  (z”l) then Executive Director of the American Jewish Congress. I worked as an intern in Jerusalem, editing speeches, papers, organizing events and attending meetings. At the time, I was exploring religious beliefs; finding a path that I could call my own and and obtaining a Masters Degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Rabbi Clayman taught me more from his activities, viewpoints and unwavering sense of integrity than I have learned from almost any single person before or after. 

Rabbi Clayman was a remarkable man with a perspective of the world that far surpassed his Jewish political colleagues at the time, our then neighbors AIPAC and so many others. Rabbi Clayman delivered speeches about the responsibility of Israel for its then plight with the Palestinians both within and without Israel’s borders. He spoke of holding ourselves accountable, of accepting blame where we are blameworthy. He said the Talmud demanded it of us. He maintained that by accepting our own place in our peril, others would be required to reciprocate and do the same; and only then could we find a common ground. Rabbi Clayman often pondered the bridge that divided Israel and the Diaspora and the gap that divided the Haredi and all other Jewish communities from the same lens. He posited that in order to bridge the divides we were required to accept responsibility and be accountable. 

My takeaway from his guidance, something I will always hope I got right, was largely that all roads led to that same abyss, the one where we are forced to look into the mirror and to determine how we can change ourselves in order to do better for others.

I write to you to respectfully disagree, both with your thesis and the conclusions you draw in your mailing of today and the position you took in the Times of Israel. Your thesis, as I understood it, is largely that the anti-Semitic conspiracies of September 11, 2001 and various plagues are similar to what is happening now with Covid-19, namely that Jews are being victimized by a blind and unfounded hatred and anti-Semitism. I maintain that while anti-Semitism is horrific, is rising and that something must be done, using Covid-19 as a sounding board is akin to throwing stones from a glass house.

Why? Because a small group of Haredi Jews are not abiding by the rules of social distancing and in so defying laws are doing harm. True. Jews are not alone. There are churches that are continuing to gather, preachers accepting that Covid-19 may be overblown, kids going to beaches and other acts of defiance that are equally as damaging. But they are not as blatant, as arrogant or as disaffecting.

The group of Haredi Jews who are not following the directives are by their very dress drawing attention to themselves and their behavior. It is like waving a red flag at  a bull and expecting the bull to not charge. It is my view that if you are going to dress like someone who is observant and pious, you have an obligation to behave better, to be held to a higher standard. By claiming a path of greater observance, the part of better Jews, Haredim have a duty to Jews everywhere to indeed be not only better Jews but better people. 

The small group of Jews who are continuing to gather when social distancing is the only way to keep us all safe at this juncture, are carrying a time bomb. They are no better than any religious fundamentalist who straps a vest full of explosives on his back and goes to a crowded place. Covid-19 is a time bomb. The defiant Haredi who goes from his Minyan to the supermarket doesn’t know when the bomb has exploded and how many victims he has amassed.    

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Where are those Most Vocal Camera Ready Community Leaders When You are Needed Most? Covid-19

Where are the Jewish Community Leaders When There are no Cameras to Offer Fame?

The following is the text of an audio message that was sent to us from one of our readers. We have a copy of the audio to which it refers. By way of translation please note the following:

A shnorer a derogatory Yiddish word for someone who takes more than his fair share. He is the guy who will order the most expensive thing on the menu when someone else is paying the bill.

A Shtibel is a small synagogue in neighborhood homes.

Sheine Yidden is a Yiddish word for a “good Jew”. In this context it is a bit sarcastic.

Please stay safe. Please go out only when necessary. Please DO NOT GO TO MINYANIM OR OTHER PLACES TO DAVEN. Prayer in the privacy and solitude of one’s home is still prayer. 

Shabbat Shalom.

Dear LM,

Please post the following.

This is a message that came by audio via WhatsApp.  This is from a Hatzalah member:

“I must speak out because my blood is rushing to my head.

Just now there was a Hatzalah for a man who fell ill in a shtibel in Boro park. Where is the community’s brains? Where are we as a community? I do not understand. Where are the so-called community leaders?? The second there is a camera …. They are always in front of the camera but the second people are literally dying in the streets, bodies are piling up, young people, old people – there is no discrimination any more… all of a sudden crickets….( the leaders, politicians).

Where is the community board?

Barry Spitzer. Where are they??

Kalman Yeger. Where is Dov Hikind.

Where are they??

The second there is a camera in Boro Park they are all in front of it. All these so- called community leaders. Yanky Mayer. Rabbi Gluck. Anyone. You name it.

All these organizations. Hatzoloh. Shomrim.

Anytime there is a crisis in Boro Park each one of them runs to put his face in front of the camera. But there is a serious crisis, the bodies are piling up, the chapels cannot handle it, hospitals cannot manage – crickets….

They become very quiet when all is turning over. You don’t hear from anyone.

None of them are saying a word. No protests. Nothing.

Where is Yanky Mayer from Misaskim?? Who has 20 trucks that you Shcnorered from the community. These are our trucks! Not yours. You schonrered from the community millions and millions of dollars.

Send each one of your trucks and blast it in front if each Beis Medrash in Boro Park until they shut down. Where are these people? Why do we rely on them? Once this Corona dies down they are going to back to Beis Medrash  like Sheine Yidden  but when there is a crisis they hide in their shell.

You have 20 -30  trucks, Yanky Mayer, go around Boro Park and blast out a message to shut down!

The only organization that did a little bit was Shmira who went around with loudspeakers.

This is embarrassing!!!


Governor Murphy, Your Directives Have NO Teeth – Stepping in? – Covid-19

Cops break up another Lakewood wedding defying coronavirus rules

Police said they broke up another wedding Thursday in Lakewood, at least the third time township officers had to disperse a group violating the state’s ban on gatherings amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Patrol officers at the scene of a car accident discovered the celebration taking place on Wayne Street, according to Capt. Gregory Staffordsmith.

“While tending to the scene two vans pulled up with would be wedding guests. The officers then noticed that a nearby backyard had a party tent set up,” the captain said in an email.

It was not immediately clear how many people were at the wedding, Staffordsmith said. Officers issued a criminal complaint for maintaining a nuisance to 39-year-old William Katzenstein.

Gov. Phil Murphy banned gatherings – including weddings – in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus, which has infected at least 6,876 people in New Jersey.

“Our social distancing directives are not polite suggestions. We will enforce these,” Murphy said Wednesday at his daily briefing on the virus.

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YWN URGENT MESSAGE – Lakewood, Do NOT Make Minyanim – Critical Covid-19

URGENT MESSAGE: Lakewood Bikur Cholim Begging For People NOT MAKE MINYANIM – Situation Is VERY Critical

The director of Lakewood Bikur Cholim, R’ Yehuda Kaszirer has released an urgent message to the Lakewood community. In an audio message given to YWN, Kaszirer pleads with people to not make Minyanim and listen to Rabbonim and doctors.

More than 200 Lakewood residents were taken by Hatzolah to the hospital just this week. There have been people R”L Niftar.

There are at least 12 people on respirators, some of them young people. One 31 year old young man was placed on a respirator on Friday morning. He has no underlying health issues and was in good health.

There are around 70 currently still hospitalized, most in serious condition.

Please see Yeshiva World News for Information.

The Road to Hell has Been Paved by the Religious Right – and Social Distancing Covid-19


Dear Readers:

The video is a wedding performed with Social Distancing. Mazel Tov. Some are listening.

The below is an opinion from the New York Times, Katherine Stewart. It focuses on the right wing evangelical Christians, an important talking point in understanding the juxtaposition of what is being stated and what is unfolding in fundamentalist New York neighborhoods, in contrast to the video.

We are only posting a few excerpts and encourage you to click here to read the opinion article in its entirety.

We have shared Ms. Stewart’s  opinion for weeks. Trump’s greatest supporters, the Evangelical right wing, [both Christian and Jews] are now being hurt the most by Covid-19, even if they are denying or otherwise hiding this fundamental truth.

The religious leaders on all sides took President Trump at his word that Coronavirus was “fake news” or that generally healthy people would not get sickor die; and they continued congregating in large numbers, creating a breeding ground for the virus. Now the religious supporters, Christian and Jewish are getting sick and even dying in record numbers. And on the Jewish side of the evangelical base, anyone who wants to tell that story is being silenced, either by community demands, by claims of anti-Semitism, or by closure of testing centers in religious neighborhoods.

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Do Not Give to Chesed Funds Where You Cannot Be Sure the Money is Going to the Needy. Please do not Pay for Prayers.

Do Not Pay for Blessings – Pay for Food, Sustenance and other Necessities of People Ravaged by Covid-19!

Dear Readers:

We are seeing dozens of “Chesed Funds” being set up for prayers – promises that with a specific blessing and some money you and your loves ones will not get sick. We challenge that while there are rabbis with incredible wisdom, at this time, those who pray without money are perhaps the more genuine.

Please donate to funds established to feed people who are in need of food, to provide money and  assurances to mothers who have lost husbands, to fund daycare for children of essential workers.

So many rabbis are giving sermons online about G-d’s wisdom, and understanding, about listening to science, and about managing and coping with Covid-19 and are not asking for money.

They are in their charitable wisdom providing those blessings free of charge. There are better charities to support, like ones that will provide necessary money, food, living expenses and the like to those who need it. Praying for a blessing in the current Covid-19 environment is not charity. It is blindness unless that money will be used to feed someone in need, to house a homeless person or to provide safe passage.

We implore our readers to listen to science and accept spiritual guidance wherever you are most comfortable, but donate where the money will be used for “Rachmunes”.

We implore our readers to volunteer to work in hospitals and other care centers if you want to provide Chesed. We implore our readers to be kind and generous with time and money to those who are now out of work or without a means to future sustenance.

By Continuing to Hold Minyanim in Brooklyn and Monsey, NY, Lakewood You are Committing Mass Murder!

“YWN is pleading with our readers to do anything they can to get the Monsey Minyanim – and the Minyanim in Boro Park, Flatbush, and Lakewood TO STOP.

People are committing mass murder by having these Minyanim.”

The Continued Observation of Minyanim (10 Men to a Prayer Group Minimum) and other Religious Customs (Regardless of Religion) Are Akin to Mass Murder – Bio-Terrorism

Dear Readers:

We are posting the entire post of the death of 39 Year Old Lip Friedrich Z”L. He left behind a wife and 6 children, the youngest of which is only five weeks old. That is a tragedy.

The Satmar Kehilla of Monsey has an obligation to support the wife and children, in our opinion, just like the families of suicide bombers. We take the viewpoint that if every member did not test negative or suffer from Covid-19 and survive, each member is a walking killing machine and should be viewed as such. Any coordinated prayer group that cannot affirm that all members are negative, have not been exposed to anyone or have survived Covid-19 is no different than a group of bio-terrorists. The religious affiliation is irrelevant.

We note that Yeshiva World News should contact us if they want us to remove their post as they likely do not support this page, except to the extent we apparently now agree on the magnitude of shutting down communal prayer. And, we hold to that position whatever the religious viewpoint.

We note that there is a Yiddish WhatsApp circulating, of which we have a copy, that tells where a Minyan is to be held, asking people to attend to say prayers for people (Tehillim). This is simply a request to spread a virus and is highly irresponsible.

We wish our deepest condolences to the families of all of the victims of Corona.

MONSEY CORONA VICTIM: 39 Year Old Lipa Friedrich Z”L, No Medical History; Minyanim Still Taking Place

YWN regrets to inform you of the tragic Petira of Lipa Freidrich Z”L of Monsey. He was 39.

The Niftar was a perfectly healthy young man with no prior medical condition. He tested positive for COVID-19 three days ago and was in isolation at home.

This morning he had severe shortness of breath and Monsey Hatzolah was called. Paramedics intubated him and he was placed on a respirator at Good Samaritan Hospital. Unfortunately, he was Niftar 2 hours later.

The Niftar was part of the Satmar Kehilla in Monsey. He drove a bus for Parnasah.

Tragically, he leaves behind a wife and 6 children – the youngest just 5 weeks old.

Chanania Yom Tov Lipa Z”L was the son of of Reb Moshe Freidrich.

YWN is pleading with our readers to do anything they can to get the Monsey Minyanim – and the Minyanim in Boro Park, Flatbush, and Lakewood TO STOP. People are committing mass murder by having these Minyanim.

Boruch Dayan Ha’Emmes….

Zelenko and Hannity [video] KJ Letter Requesting Zelenko’s Silence – Chalking it up to Fears of Anti-Semitism?


Sean Hannity and Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

Dear Readers:

This is an interview by Sean Hannity with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a physician from Kiryas Joel who is using a regimen for treatment of patients in Kiryas Joel who tested positive for Kovid-19. He claims to have treated his patients aggressively and has managed to keep patients out of the hospital, which is how he defines success.

Dr. Zelenko claims to be trying to “decrease the viral load and decrease infection prior to ARDS developing”. He has applied the treatment pre-hospital and claims to be having significant success.

The Kiryas Joel Community has sent a letter asking Dr. Zelenko to stop making YouTube videos about his treatment of patients in Kiryas Joel. The KJ officials demanding his silence claim that the request is derived from a fear of increased anti-Semitism.

Well…. if Dr. Zelenko is bringing a new treatment to KJ, one would think the risk of “fear of anti-Semitism” seems to be outweighed by the potential benefits.    

KJ Open Letter COVID 19 3.24.20.pdf_Page_1KJ Open Letter COVID 19 3.24.20.pdf_Page_2

Religious Right Defying Covid-19 Directives Not Limited to Jews… Condemn the Govt. Not Those Following Examples

Another image from Sunday's service in Baton Rouge.
Another image from Sunday’s service in Baton Rouge.

Politics, the Religious Right and Covid-19, Trump Leading Your Supporters To a Potential Painful Death

The issue of religious Trump supporters taking a flippant approach to Covid-19 is not limited to the Jews in New York. There are other churches and congregations who see Trump’s examples, his desire to see packed churches, as a good thing. Trump is conveying that this is a political game, his religious right followers are accepting that explanation.

There are those who figure if Rand Paul can go to the gym and go swimming while awaiting a result to a Corona Virus test, certainly the dangers and risks are low. They are not.

Louisiana’s numbers of Covid-19 positive tests have, like New York, also increased, though not to the magnitude of New York and particularly not the religious communities of New York. It is just a matter of time.

If our United States President cannot set an example that reflects the magnitude of the devastation of Covid-19, the rising costs associated with treating it (forget about the tanking economy which will pale in comparison) how can his flock of sheep, those who support him,  accept that this is a major problem?

Trump is apparently telling them this is overblown. They are agreeing. That is a lie perpetuated by the leader of the free world.  

The approach is irresponsible.  

Anyone who has not tested negative for Covid-19 or anyone who has not developed the antibodies through surviving it, is nothing short of a potentially armed killing machine.

Continuing to congregate in any form should therefore be prosecuted similarly to anyone who engages in bio-terrorism. A Covid-19 infected body is a dangerous weapon, something President Trump and the most respected members of his administration and cabinet seem to be ignoring. If someone dies after contact with Rand Paul, he should be held to account.

President Trump it is your job, as President of the free world, to confront the dangers of this virus head on and to lead by example. It is your G-d given duty to protect your followers, not to lead them to death.

While Covid-19 is not necessarily a death sentence, for the elderly and immune compromised, it likely is a proverbial electric chair. Accepting Trump’s antics is akin to taking a flying leap out of a plain at 30K feet without a parachute and hoping for the best. That is not responsible leadership.

The churchgoing community should not be lambs led to slaughter. And the elderly should not, unlike Texas’ Dan Patrick’s comments, be “willing to sacrifice for the economy.”

It is almost as if Dan Patrick knows that there will be deaths and is willing to send the elderly to their graves. Is that what any G-d would want from us, to sacrifice our elderly?

Please, we are asking for responsible leadership for the religious right who supported and continue to support Trump in droves.   

Pastor again defies state order not to hold large gatherings. He says 1,000 people came to his church Sunday

Some Americans still aren’t practicing social distancing 01:34

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The Crown Heights, New York Covid-19 Catastrophe and Government’s Leading by Example…. to a deadly virus

The Situation in Crown Heights is a Catastrophe and Trump was the Leader the Rabbis Followed

Dear Readers:

This post has been edited.

We will be posting a series of articles on Covid-19 and the Crown Heights, New York catastrophe. People are in critical condition in disproportionate numbers. Death rates are uncertain.

The members of the Crown Heights community believed what they were told by the Federal Government, and what the response was of their rabbis, namely that Covid-19 was being overblown. In turn, they attended Purim parties and Simchas (happy occasions) which were breeding grounds for transmission of the virus from one person to another. Crown Heights is crowded. They live multiple generations in one home. This is a Petri-dish environment and the people should have been warned accordingly.  

We are posting articles from a number of sources, none of which likely supports this site. In particular, we do not have the permission of to reprint the Tehillim List in full, or of Collive to reprint their photographs or their documents. We hope they will understand that we are doing so in good faith and in an effort to spread a message, not one of hate, but one of compassion and care. If asked to remove their references, we will oblige without question.

We encourage you to look to and to Collive for information on Covid-19 and on the Crown Heights response. In the event that any sources would prefer we not repost, we ask that they send an email to the gmail account and we will do as asked. Again, we are posting respectfully. 

The Chabad of Crown Heights and other Hasidim of Brooklyn supported in huge numbers the election of President Trump and those he chose to surround himself with as his advisers and government officials. The community of Crown Heights in large proportion took President Trump’s “lead by example” approach and his decision to be flippant with Corona was passed on to the elders within Crown Heights who were then, flippant with the virus as were their children.

As a result, the community of Chabad in Crown Heights and of other Hasidic groups in Brooklyn are testing positive in disproportionate numbers. In Crown Heights they are critically ill disproportionately. They need help. They need medical assistance. They need compassion and they are asking for prayers.

Out of respect, we will post the list for Tehilim first, and then a number of articles regarding the catastrophic situation in Crown Heights. If you would like someone added to the list, please call the number listed on their site

To have a name added to this list, please email, or whatsapp us at 718-285-8000. If a person on this list no longer requires Tehillim be said for them, please notify us as well.

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Jeffrey Epstein – An Empire of Corruption and Blackmail – Too Big to Fail Pt.1

Trump Epstein Maxwell Mega Group
Donald and Melania Trump with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at the Mar-a-Lago club, Palm Beach, Florida in 2000. Photo | Davidoff Studios

Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Should Not Close the Case on His Sex and Blackmail Operation

The following reflect excerpts from an award-winning series authored by Whitney Webb, a MintPress News Journalist based in Chile. We believe that the death [murder – a theory] of Jeffrey Epstein should be a catalyst for allowing all of those involved in his sex-crime syndicate to be exonerated. We are therefore going to continue to publish.

Whitney Webb’s research is impeccable. There are accompanying podcasts to her articles as well.

Webb has uncovered scrubbed articles and headlines to investigate and piece together a highly organized crime syndicate involving multiple countries, numerous high ranking officials, members of our government,  Ghislaine Maxwell who, to date, has not been prosecuted, the girls lured in for sex and various spy organizations. Her fundamental question, at least in the following article is, why did he go from being characterized as a “property mogul” in the early years to being described as a “hedge fund manager” in the later years, and in rewriting the history of the formerly scrubbed documents.

We note that Ghislaine Maxwell has never been prosecuted for her involvement though should have been and all of the girls he traded as sex slaves. Since the untimely [murder] death of Jeffrey Epstein, she has not been seen. 

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From a Biblical Perspective, Old Lives Matter, Consider Them for Isolating – Covid-19

Old lives matter

We hear it all the time these days: “Almost all the people who are dying from the coronavirus are old.” But what is this supposed to mean? Does it mean that younger people don’t need to worry about contracting it? Or does it mean something worse, as in, “Old people really don’t matter”?

As for the first attitude, namely, that younger people need not be concerned about the virus, that is hardly true.

As USA Today reported on March 19, “It’s not just adults 65 and older. Americans of all ages have faced serious health complications amid the new coronavirus outbreak, a federal health report says.

“New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that among the roughly 12% of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. known to need hospitalizations, about 1 in 5 were among people ages 20 to 44.”

Even college-age students returning from spring break have tested positive. And, while their risk of serious illness or death is much lower than among the elderly, they are not immune.

As for the elderly, they are truly suffering.

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UK – Ultra-Orthodox Jews May Have Missed the Isolation Message… Covid-19

Jewish leaders fear ultra-Orthodox Jews have missed isolation message

Many in UK community, two members of which have died of coronavirus, rarely engage with media

Jewish leaders are concerned that messages about the risks of Covid-19, and the need to isolate and keep social distance, are not reaching pockets of the ultra-Orthodox community who rarely engage with the media and have limited access to the internet.

Two members of London’s ultra-Orthodox community died of coronavirus at the weekend, the Board of Deputies of British Jews said. But in Stamford Hill, an area of north-east London with a large Haredi, or ultra-Orthodox, population, some synagogues are still open.

The Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations circulated guidance at the end of last week saying women, children and “elderly and weaker men with health disabilities” should not go to synagogues, but it did not extend the advice to healthy men. Schools and places of religious education should shut, the guidance said.

Almost all synagogues have been closed for more than a week, with many livestreaming services and celebrations. Kosher shops have put social distancing policies in place, and synagogues and other Jewish organisations have stepped up efforts to provide assistance to elderly and vulnerable people.

Rabbi Avrohom Pinter, who lives in Stamford Hill, said most people were heeding the messages about physical distancing. “The issue I’m concerned about it is that the government is, to a certain degree, abdicating responsibility. People need to be told.”

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Medical Sites Like ParCare Serving the Haredi Community Are in Short Supply of Tests – Covid-19

Gershon Schlesinger

New York Orthodox Jewish Community Lacks Necessary Test Kits to Combat Coronavirus

Testing tents set up for the community quickly ran out of tests, only sporadically receiving more: ‘Everyone wants to get tested, but we just can’t’

Medical workers serving the Orthodox Jewish community in New York, which has become an epicenter for the spread of the coronavirus, are overworked and lack the necessary test kits to properly check members of the community.

“We are being [flooded] by hundreds of calls from people wanting to get tested, everyone wants to get tested, but we just can’t,” Gershon Schlesinger, CEO of the ParCare Medical Centers in Brooklyn, told Haaretz on Monday. “I wish we would get these kits thate the president has announced that he is going to get, millions of test kits, but that hasn’t materialized. So at the moment, we can only do what we can do,” he said, referring to U.S. President Donald Trump’s promise to provide large numbers of test kits to medical providers.

Since last Sunday, Schlesinger’s medical centers have set up three COVID-19 testing tents: One in Williamsburg, another on Bay Parkway near Borough Park and Bonsonhurst in Brooklyn, and a third center in the Orthodox Jewish village of Kyrias Joel, north of New York City. While most of the patients showing up to the testing tents are Orthodox Jews, the one on Bay Parkway has a more diverse attendance, Schlesinger said.

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NJ Schools are Closed; Lakewood, NJ Schools are (Not) Closed? And Please, Donate Blood


March 22, 2020

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy on State Shutdown: “Folks Needed To Be Jolted”

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy told ABC’s “This Week” why he announced a statewide ban on social gatherings and non-essential workers going to work.

“Folks needed to be jolted,” He said. “You mentioned in the tape that it’s no time to panic, but just as — just the same, it’s no time for business as usual.”

Murphy vows tougher measures against gatherings as coronavirus count nears 2,000

Gov. Phil Murphy on Sunday vowed stricter enforcement of his edict against public gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic as the number of confirmed cases in New Jersey is fast approaching 2,000.

Confronted with anecdotes about students still attending and living in a religious school in Lakewood and some nonessential stores remaining open, Murphy said that when he hears such stories, “we are really damned unhappy and we’re going to take action.”

“We are not happy with people out there ignoring what is a clear, unmistakable order to stay at home,” the governor said during his daily coronavirus briefing.

Murphy did not specify how enforcement would be ramped up, but his statement during the conference call with reporters came one day after he imposed tighter restrictions on public gatherings in New Jersey.

Murphy, who had previously restricted gatherings to 50 people, said his Saturday executive order “actually dropped it to zero” and that state Attorney General Gurbir Grewal would weigh in on the situation during Monday’s briefing.

Earlier Sunday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered New York City to come up with a plan to reduce the number of people gathering in public spaces within 24 hours. Cuomo said he saw people gathered in large groups and playing recreational sports during a tour of public places in the city on Saturday. He said such activity is “insensitive, it’s arrogant, it’s self-destructive, it’s disrespectful to other people and it has to stop and it has to stop now,”


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During Times of Pandemic, a Minyan is Against the Halacha – Hebrew and English

A message to my fellow Jews:

During times of shmad, mesiras nefesh for things like minyan can be good and desirable under the right circumstances.

During times of mageifa (pandemic), mesiras nefesh for things like minyan is against halacha, wrong, irresponsible and evil.

Please share!


לאחינו בני ישראל:

בתקופות של שמד, מסירות נפש לדברים כמו מנין יכול להיות טוב ורצוי בנסיבות הנכונות.

בתקופות של מגיפה, מסירות נפש לדברים כמו מנין הוא נגד ההלכה, לא נכון, לא אחראי, ורע.

בבקשה שתפו!

Are Some Haredi Leaders Misleading their Congregants, Marching Them to Covid-19?

No photo description available.


The Shepherds Leading Their Lambs To Slaughter and Covid-19

From the Annuls of Frum Watch:



If you feel misled by your rabbis, rosh yeshivas, and poskim over these last few weeks, you are not alone. The rabbinic establishment in the frum/chareidi/chasidic community failed their constituents on a massive scale. When the world over already knew the dangers of the coronavirus, the frum leaders buried their heads in the sand and did nothing. Purim should have been completely canceled this year! Instead, it was business as usual. Tragically, it now seems the virus spread virulently throughout the frum community over purim. To this day, there are still certain yeshivas and shuls that refuse to shut down.

However, know this: you are not the first to feel betrayed by your leaders and rabbis. In the midst of the horrors of the Holocaust, there was a brave rabbi named Yisachor Teichtel, who castigated his fellow rabbis for betraying their communities. Rabbi Teichtel blamed the slaughter of Hungarian Jews on the rabbinic establishment for misleading their followers. Despite all odds, in 1943, Rabbi Teichtel published his book Eim Habanim Semaicha. Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of this book, as the current rabbinic establishment would rather you don’t know about it.

For too long, the chareidi community has worshiped their leaders, rabbis, rebbes, gedolim and poskim. They mistakenly believed that their rabbis are experts in all fields, halachic or otherwise. The events of the past few weeks make plain for all to see, rabbis and rebbes are not authorities on anything outside of the four cubits of halacha. DO NOT consult your rabbis on scientific, medical, and economic matters.

Now is the time for a serious reckoning in the frum community. We can only hope that those with eyes to see and ears to listen, will finally come to their senses. Otherwise, the future is bleak.…/Teichthal_Yisakhar_Shelomoh

Teichthal, Yisakhar Shelomoh

(1885–1945), Hasidic rabbi. Born in Nagyhalász in northeastern Hungary and educated in Hasidic yeshivas in Poland and Hungary, Yisakhar Shelomoh Teichthal studied in several Hasidic kloyzn (small study and prayer houses) in Poland during his teen years, most notably in the kloyz of the Sandz Hasidim in Tarnów, before returning to Hungary. There he became a close disciple of Mosheh Grünwald (1853–1910) at the renowned yeshiva of Chust, the second largest Orthodox yeshiva in the country.
Teichthal received his rabbinical ordination from Hungary’s leading Talmudic scholars in 1906. From around 1910 to 1921, he served as a dayan (rabbinical judge) and assistant to his father-in-law, Ya‘akov Yitsḥak, in Hajdúböszörmény, Hungary, and quickly earned a reputation for erudition in Jewish law, reflected later in his published responsa.

Legislator Foley Speaks Out About Covid-19 Lawlessness in Rockland County, NY – Governor Cuomo, Please Do Something…

Image may contain: car, tree, outdoor and nature


Image may contain: tree, car, sky and outdoor

Legislator James Foley


In a Coronavirus epidemic, where breaking social gathering rules can help send our healthcare system above capacity, and literally get people killed, we have alleged public flouting of these rules in, no surprise, Ramapo.

There are people stating this Wesley Hills wedding was well over a hundred people. It was posted that officers requested that the people disperse, and that these persons refused. There were no reports of persons being ticketed or arrested. It was reported that at some point there were portable toilets.

I want to call out…

1: Ramapo Police Chief Weidel
2: Ramapo Town Supervisor Michael “The Spectator” Specht
3: Mona “The actual boss” Montal
4: Town councilman Yehuda “watch my second act to school looting“ Weissmandl.
5: NYS Attorney General Tish “I was a nobody before I met the Ramapo squad” James.

(Why throw a town councilman in? If you have the nerve to further the looting done by Aron Wieder, you have a lifetime of “shoutouts” coming your way)

The apartheid regime of Ramapo continues unchanged. Some have no rules or laws applied to them, as is alleged here today, and those persons reportedly given free reign are universally white. When a white person is attacked and gravely injured in a violent act in Ramapo, there is a full court press conference, and I agree that an attack like that would warrant a press conference.

What I don’t understand is, when a black person is killed in violence in Ramapo, the podium stays in storage. Crickets. No need to get the press, police, and elected’s lined up to speak, at least when the victim is black.

In Ramapo you have segregated housing, mostly new for the white folks, and the much dilapidated stock typically for the brown and black persons of Ramapo.

You have segregated schools, the program cuts, and old buildings for the brown and black, and the rehabbed ERCSD buildings fixed up with taxpayer money and sold off (in my opinion at a discount) years ago to the white private school crowd.

We can see here today the Ramapo segregated justice system. Let’s see African Americans in Ramapo flout the law like this, and ignore direct instructions from police. Actually, for those persons well being, let’s not see African Americans do that in Ramapo.

Tish James is quick to intervene when someone in Rockland makes a low budget video she does not like. Let’s see if Tish James, the Ramapo owned puppet, has anything to say about this alleged risking of life in Rockland County.

I understand that Ramapo Police are denying this was a big event, and on social media there are competing photos of a very populated event, and photos of a less populated event.

I fully support our police and nothing I say should be interpreted otherwise. The Rockland PBA was my campaign’s first endorsement, and I am still proud of that.

I met Chief Weidel in person and he presented as an honest, hardworking man who was appropriately tuned in to how he runs his department affects all of our lives, and this is not to disparage any officer who works for Ramapo PD, they are all doing their job.

But to be blunt, if Chief Weidel answers to this collection of morally flexible members of the Ramapo machine, I have no choice but to discount his word vs members of the public’s word, and also sorry to say, discount the official word of anyone that directly answers to the Chief if the matter is something the Ramapo machine would want to affect for that machine’s endless manipulations and lies.

If you chose to work “at the pleasure of” that crew that runs Ramapo, however morally sound you may be, you are publicly spending down your credibility.

I answer to the honest and lawful voters of Clarkstown and Orangetown, and it is comparatively speaking, effortless for me to remain free of undue influence. The crooked town of Ramapo is another matter entirely.

The FBI never raided the Clarkstown or Orangetown town hall, the Feds raided the Ramapo Town Hall, and from those days to today, I have seen absolutely zero evidence of a change of heart in Ramapo Town Hall.

The downzoning we were told would stop, it continues, full steam. The patronage to the Ramapo machine continues, if not accelerates. The two sets of rules, absolutely unchanged.

Although the convicted federal felon Christopher St Lawrence is not running the town anymore, I see little difference, as I never really thought he ran the town anyway, his puppet masters did, and they didn’t go anywhere and they did not change their mind or morals.

The Five Town Supervisors “summit” months ago was really pushed for and put on by one town, Ramapo. It was Ramapo that begged us to attend, and it was also Ramapo who quickly ignored our unanimous feedback given at that summit to stop the overbuilding.

I ask that everyone speak about Ramapo for what it is.

Ramapo is a crooked town, run by crooked people, who lie to us.



Please see the link to the article on Facebook here.

Harvey Weinstein and Covid – 19, Tested Positive

At New York prison, Harvey Weinstein put in isolation after contracting virus

ALBANY — Oscar-winning movie producer Harvey Weinstein, now one of New York’s most notorious prison inmates after being sentenced for sexual assault, has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, according to officials connected to the state prison system.

Weinstein, who turned 68 last Thursday is being isolated at Wende Correctional Facility in Western New York, officials told CNHI Sunday.

He is one of two Wende inmates who have tested positive, the officials said.

Weinstein is serving a 23-year sentence for rape and sexual assault in a prosecution that attracted world-wide attention amid the #MeToo movement.

Officials familiar with his situation said it is believed Weinstein was positive for the virus when he entered the state prison system last Wednesday from Rikers Island, a New York City jail.

Weinstein was sent to Wende, where the prison system operates an intake center for new state inmates. Inmates are typically sent to other facilities from there after medical and security concerns are assessed.

Weinstein was accepted by the prison system last week following his sentencing at a Manhattan courtroom. During his trial, he had been alternating his time between Rikers Island and a New York City hospital, where he was treated for high blood pressure and chest pains.

Michael Powers, president of the New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association (NYSCOPBA), said he could not comment on Weinstein’s situation or elaborate on any inmate’s health record due to privacy rules.

Powers acknowledged the union has urged state corrections officials to immediately suspend all “non essential” transfers of inmates from one state facility to another as well as the transporting of local jail prisoners to the state prisons during the ongoing health emergency.

“There is no better breeding ground for this virus than a closed environment such as a correctional facility,” said Powers.

The Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, the agency overseeing state facilities, declared last week it is suspending all visits to prison inmates to counter the spread of the virus.

The officials who said Weinstein has tested positive spoke on the condition of anonymity, noting they were not authorized by the corrections agency to publicly comment on the situation.

Powers said three state corrections officers are among those who have tested positive and numerous officers throughout the system are being monitored after coming in contact with people believed to have been infected, he noted.

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Lakewood, New Jersey, Covid-19 MORTAL THREAT!

Coronavirus: Orthodox Jewish leaders close Lakewood synagogues, citing ‘mortal threat’

LAKEWOOD – Rabbis from a coalition of Orthodox Jewish organizations — including the Orthodox Union, Agudath Israel and the Lakewood Vaad — Friday declared the coronavirus outbreak a “mortal threat” and ordered sweeping changes.

“We have taken the unprecedented and deeply distressing step of shuttering the central fixtures of our lives — our shuls, yeshivos and schools — and certainly to eliminate other gatherings,” the religious leaders said in a statement.

The declaration followed more evidence Friday, announced by Gov. Phil Murphy and public health officials, of the spread of the coronavirus in New Jersey.

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In recent days, government and religious leaders have expressed worry that the public health warnings — more social distancing and bans on large crowds — were not sufficiently being followed in Lakewood, sparking an uptick in local cases of the disease.


Friday’s message from the religious leaders amplified the warnings.

“This is an unprecedented situation,” doctors and religious leaders said on an automated phone call, sent to the town’s entire Jewish community Friday afternoon. “We beg you to prevent all and any congregating.

“Only isolating will prevent greater catastrophe from unfolding.”

Ocean County:  Change isn’t easy amid coronavirus outbreaks, say Lakewood Orthodox Jewish leaders

Chaskel Bennett@ChaskelBennett

Robocall released to the entire Jewish Community of Lakewood NJ from Doctors, First Responders, Rabbonim & community leaders: STAY HOME, SAVE LIVES!!@AsburyParkPress @GovMurphy @AgudahNews @Avi_schnall

Embedded video

See Chaskel Bennett’s other Tweets

The directive made for a Friday unlike any in a long time in one of the nation’s biggest Orthodox Jewish enclaves.

The streets were so empty that finding a parking spot near the door of Gourmet Glatt, a Kosher grocery store, had never been easier.



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The Hypocrisy – Covid-19 and the Community Response, or lack thereof

This following was sent to LostMessiah by an author who has asked to remain anonymous.

There are a few points that should be made.

First, one of the underlying news articles states that Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum (Ahrale) of Palm Tree, New York, (a/k/a Kiryas Joel) has been diagnosed with Covid-19.  There is then a correction stating that he was waiting on results. To our understanding he did test positive. But we would be doing a disservice if not to mention conflicting reports.

The next point that should be made is that New York has had a daily +/-50% increase in Covid-19 positive tests for the last 3 days. While that is likely attributed to an increase in testing, as late as Sunday, there were reports of large gatherings in Wesley Hills, New York as well as Brooklyn, New York in what are largely Hasidic neighborhoods. This is unacceptable. From the outside looking in, the utter arrogance of congregating is worthy of contempt. If we are trying to minimize anti-Semitism, this level of lawlessness should not be happening. It is dangerous to those gathering and then to anyone who comes in contact with those gathering. 

The final point, comments to one of the underlying articles suggests that the anti-vaxxer named here, was not actually an anti-vaxxer, that the story had it wrong. We can neither confirm nor deny the comments and the following is based upon information as it was reported.

We stand by the position that if you have not been tested and received a negative result, you are potentially a walking bio-weapon. Any gatherings of people should be treated as acts of bio-terrorism. It is simply how we view this episode in history. 

Hypocrite in Our Times 

Exactly one year ago – there was a two-hour heated debate at the home of the Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Yoel, on the topic of expelling kids of non- vaxxers from the Mosdos. The Rosh Yeshiva of South Fallsburg Yeshiva,  Elya Ber Wachtfogel came in from the Catskills to attend the meeting. R’ Elya Ber is reportedly an Anti-vaxxer.

The anti-vaxxers brought a physician to argue against the banishing of their children. 

When the Oklahoma physician said the Torah doesn’t allow it, the Rebbe said ‘leave the Torah out’ just stick to medical facts. In the Rebbe’s opinion, Health comes before Torah. 

During the exchange, some anti-vaxxers in the room started screaming that kids die from vaccines. The Rebbe said people died from heart surgery should we not do heart surgery? People died from the needle at the dentist, should we not go to the dentist anymore? The Rebbe said the bottom line is we will not force you to vaccinate but don’t put us in danger. The Anti-vaxxers should open their own schools, shuls, camps & playgrounds. The Grand Rebbe Ahrale of Satmar expelled all children who were not vaccinated, and they went on to open their own schools. 

This last Purim The Grand Rebbe Ahrale of Satmar conducted a full Purim Tisch. Attendees were kissing, hugging, partying and eating Shirayim given directly from the Grand Rebbe’s hand. Until last Thursday, all Satmar shuls, schools and Mikvaot were operating in full force. The Rebbe who is sick with Corona Virus, shared his Corona with many of his disciples. The authorities were begging us to shut down all schools but to no avail.  As of now, many Satmar mikvaot and Shuls are operating under the radar and the Rebbe is not making a pips. No objection whatsoever. 

You be the Judge.

Grand rabbi of Satmar Hasidic dynasty tested for coronavirus

Editor’s Note: Due to inaccurate information provided by Ezra Friedlander, a Hasidic leader, a prior version of this article incorrectly reported that Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum of the Satmar dynasty had tested positive for the novel coronavirus. After publication, Friedlander said Teitelbaum’s grandson had told him the rabbi had not yet received results of his coronavirus test.

The Grand Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum, one of the two heads of the Satmar Hasidic dynasty, has been tested for the novel coronavirus, and has been made public appearances for nearly a week.

Teitelbaum, who is based in the Satmar community of Kiryas Joel and represents the largest constituency of Hasidic Jews in the world,, had the test done on Thursday, according to Ezra Friedlander, a Hasidic lobbyist with close ties to the leadership of Hasidic groups. Friedlander, who originally told the Forward he that Teitelbaum had tested positive for the virus, said he had apparently been mistaken and that the community was still awaiting the test results.

Friedlander said that Teitelbaum had not been seen in public since Friday, after one of his gabbais, or close personal attendants, became sick.

Ezra Friedlander@EzraFriedlander

Retraction: Want to apologize to @HQSatmar community & to @jdforward. My quote in @jdforward was not accurate. The blame lies entirely with me & not with the reporter @aefeldman or with @jdforward.
Satmar Rebbe Shlita should enjoy good health & long years! 

Aharon Teitelbaum, Grand Rabbi of Satmar Hasidic dynasty, has coronavirus

On Sunday, Teitelbaum came out strongly against mandatory school closings to combat coronavirus.

See Ezra Friedlander’s other Tweets

Kiryas Joel, a village in Orange County, N.Y., is a dense, tight knit community of 26,000 Hasidic Jews. Teitelbaum, 72, is one of two recognized leaders of the Satmar group, along with his brother, Rabbi Zalman Teitelbaum, who leads a rabbinic court in Brooklyn.

Aharon Teitelbaum is one of the most influential Hasidic rabbis, with a following in the tens of thousands across the world.

He came out strongly against closing schools in recent days after New York City officials announced that all public schools would be shut down to combat the spread of the virus. He said that the observant Jewish community could not afford to follow such restrictions because their children do not have access to the Internet to keep them occupied.


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Aron Wieder in Rockland County, NY Legislator- Plea In Yiddish to Adhere to Covid-19 Warnings



In Summary – The video in Yiddish, is a plea to the Haredi Community to remain at home, and to the leaders to abide by the rules regarding Covid-19, not necessarily for one’s self but for one’s Grandmother, Grandfather, Cancer Patients, Elderly and those who are immune-compromised.

He states, in loose translation, that that these are unique circumstances and the virus is not about those who are generally healthy, but about the obligation within the Jewish community to protect those for whom this virus may be more serious.


Posters Blaming Corona on Wigs Made from Non-Jewish Hair – School’s In Session in Ramat Beit Shemesh

Some of the students at a haredi boys school in Ramat Beit Shemesh Bet, just west of Jerusalem, where classes are still being held, March 18, 2020. (Sam Sokol/JTA)
Some of the students at a haredi boys school in Ramat Beit Shemesh Bet, just west of Jerusalem, where classes are still being held, March 18, 2020. (Sam Sokol/JTA)

‘We’re not scared’: Some ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel are ignoring virus rules

With several leading rabbis reluctant to comply with Health Ministry orders to shut down schools and yeshivas, many students believe they are not at risk from coronavirus pandemic

As I walked away, I noticed posters on the side of the building blaming the coronavirus pandemic on Orthodox women wearing wigs made from non-Jewish hair.

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Pikuach Nefesh Versus Congregating – Pikuach Nefesh Should Win – Covid-19 and Human Killing Machines

Signs on a tent at the entrance of Chai Urgent Care in Brooklyn's Williamsburg community, asking people who suspect they have the COVID-19 disease to wait inside the tent for screening, March 18, 2020.

Bebeto Matthews,AP


After Large Wedding and 240 Coronavirus Cases in N.Y.C. Orthodox Community, Rabbis Called on to Act

Three clusters of COVID-19 in Borough Park and Williamsburg Wednesday came just after the community was widely criticized for hosting a large wedding ceremony, sparking fears of anti-Semitic reprisals


“Going out in public while exhibiting symptoms is pikuach nefesh. YOU ARE KILLING PEOPLE!” a notice published by the emergency service Hatzolah stated, referring to the edict that saving a human life should take priority above all else. “There is no beating the system!” it added.


Almost 250 Orthodox Jews in Borough Park and Williamsburg were confirmed Wednesday as having the coronavirus.

According to the New York Post, the cluster of cases affected three health centers in the two New York suburbs, with Williamsburg having the greater number of casualties.

The community’s satmar rebbe reportedly issued an edict to close all religious buildings in response to the health crisis.

A representative for Asisa Urgent Care, which caters predominantly to the Hasidic community, told the Post they had 243 positive cases from the three Brooklyn locations.

Pressure had been increasing on the community’s leaders to act after the news broke that hundreds of Haredim had attended a wedding in South Williamsburg on Tuesday – the same day New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a ban on gatherings of more than 50 people.

That story was reported by the New York Times, which wrote that the event, held at a yeshiva, was eventually dispersed by the New York Fire Department.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to upturn life around the world, New York City has taken increasingly dramatic steps to try to curb the spread of the disease. Residents have been asked to practice social distancing, bars and restaurants are restricted to takeouts and deliveries only, and some 1,800 public schools have closed, joining many private ones that had already sent students home for at least four weeks.

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UK Gov. Press Release – Chabad UK and 7 Charities Laundering Money with Fake Meds.- DO NOT DONATE!

Press release

“Unscrupulous pattern of dishonesty” at 8 charities used to launder proceeds of crime from the sale of counterfeit medication

Individuals disqualified following regulator’s inquiry into Chabad UK and 7 linked charities


Chabad UK is a separate charity to Chabad Lubavitch UK (registered charity 227638); the class inquiry is not connected to it or any other Chabad organisations.

The Charity Commission is considering its options around the recovery of charity funds as it reports on its inquiry into Chabad UK and 7 linked charities. Two trustees have been removed and disqualified from their positions, and the manager of the charities automatically disqualified, after he was convicted of laundering money through the charities from the sale of counterfeit medication, and supplying false information to the Commission.

The regulator worked closely with the Metropolitan Police throughout its investigation into the charities that were registered to advance the Orthodox Jewish faith and relieve poverty. Information supplied by the inquiry allowed the manager to be convicted of an offence under section 60 of the Charities Act for providing false or misleading information to the Commission.

The inquiry found that:

  • Over £9 million passed through the charities’ bank accounts between January 2012 and May 2014, however most of the charities’ annual returns to the Commission declared nil income or expenditure.
  • Over £60,000 was paid out of the charities’ bank accounts to a trustee between 2007 and 2015.
  • The trustees failed to meet their statutory reporting requirements.

These failings were a clear breach of the trustees’ duties and amounted to serious mismanagement and/or misconduct in the administration of the charities.

A number of the charities’ bank accounts are currently restrained by a court order under the Proceeds of Crime Act. The Commission is considering its options in relation to the recovery of funds and will ensure that, where possible, any charitable donations recovered are applied in accordance with the charitable objects to which they were initially given.

Amy Spiller, Head of Investigations Team at the Charity Commission, said:

This case involved an unscrupulous pattern of dishonesty that has no place in charity. Charity represents the best of human characteristics – that’s why the behaviour of those involved in charities matter.

These charities were clearly misused for personal gain, and I am pleased that we have been able to work closely with the police to ensure that those responsible have been brought to justice.

The report of the inquiry is available on GOV.UK.


Notes to editors:

  1. The charities involved in the inquiry were: Chabad UK (registered charity 1118547), Havenpoint Limited (291213), Pikuach Nefesh Limited (1115619), Worldwide Hatzala Ltd (1115623), Ozer Dalim Limited (1118537), Mamosh Worldwide Limited (1118730), Or Simcha (1119522) and Havenpoint Worldwide (1122120).
  2. The charities remain registered as the Commission is still considering its options in relation to the recovery of funds; the Commission will consider their removal once this process has concluded.
  3. Chabad UK is a separate charity to Chabad Lubavitch UK (registered charity 227638); the class inquiry is not connected to it or any other Chabad organisations.
  4. The Commission is the independent regulator of charities in England and Wales. To find out more about our work read the about us page on GOV.UK.

Press office

Published 16 March 2020