Borough Park Shomrim Member Hit with Federal Child Rape Charges – Time to Upend the Shomrim –

Jacob Daskal (middle) faces federal charges for coercing a minor into sex.

Borough Park Shomrim leader hit with federal charges for child rape

Federal prosecutors charged the founder of the Borough Park shomrim with a three-count indictment for allegedly coercing a 15-year-old girl to travel for sex, authorities announced on Thursday.

Jacob Daskal, 62, had been charged in New York State court in 2018 for raping the teen victim, and was out on a $75,000 bond, but now the feds have stepped in — hitting him with charges of coercing a minor to engage in illicit sexual conduct, transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, and traveling with intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct,

“Daskal, who was almost 60 years old when these crimes were committed, exploited the vulnerability of a young teenager by grooming her for sex and enticing her into having sexual relationships with him,” acting US District Attorney Seth DuCharme said in a statement.

Federal prosecutors say that Daskal — who founded the private safety group that patrols Borough Park in conjunction with the 66th Police Precinct — fostered a sexual relationship with the underaged girl, who abused his home in Brooklyn in 2017.

Daskal also allegedly took the girl to his summer home in upstate New York — crossing state borders into New Jersey along the way, according to court documents. 

The cross-border crimes continued when the victim moved to Chicago, and Daskal allegedly communicated with the victim over Skype and text, asking her to pose nude during video chats and send nude photos, according to the federal complaint. 

On Nov. 5 2017, Daskal traveled to Chicago to visit the victim, where he brought her to a hotel room for sex, prosecutors allege.

“A man who founded an organization aimed at creating a safer community should know the difference between right and wrong,” said FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge William F. Sweeney Jr. 

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Jacob Daskal and His Controlling “Enforcement Role” in Brooklyn: Shomrim, Shmira – What’s in a Name?




Dear Reader:

We cannot overstate enough that we believe it is time to retire, to sunset, to say Kaddish over the Shomrim of Brooklyn. 

The genesis of Shomrim was the brotherhood of Jewish officers who were or are actually police officers. 

But all of the other companies masquerading as Shomrim Police Officers are not actually police officers, they are a neighborhood watch with a misleading name.

It might be time to disband the “ganza michpacha” the “whole family” and rebuild.

Perhaps the brotherhood of Jewish Police Officers should refer to themselves as “Achim” (brothers) and get the word Shomrim out of Brooklyn’s law enforcement parlance.

The Shomrim, who are connected and not connected to law enforcement are less about brotherhoods and protecting and more about…. well, if Yanky Daskal is any example, bullying. 

But if publicly available corporate records have anything to say about reality, Yanky Daskal (Jacob Daskal) is also Principal for the Shmira Civilian Volunteer Patrol of Boro, located in Brooklyn. It appears not to be a company, not to be a corporate entity; but it has an address and money. 

But, all of this appears to be interconnected to the private funds of Jacob Daskal, the private relationships of Daskal and his deep seated political clout.

Shomrim and Shmira, Shmira and Shomrim, what’s what? 

The Satmar Ruled Brooklyn Part V – From a 2016 Article, The Shomrim and their Unbridled Power


Time to Bridle the Shomrim’s Ability to Behave with Impunity – Sunset

To our Readers: We have taken the blow from a 2016 post on another blog “Haemtza”. There is nothing in our use of the below post that should indicate that the blogger who wrote the piece endorses our site. Please click to the original to read it in its original format.

We believe the piece has value, even more today than on the date it was written because, amongst other things, it predates the arrest of Yanky (Jacob Daskal) on sexual assault charges, which we believe was an arrest that characterizes the impunity with which the Shomrim behave.

We feel that today, more than in 2016 when this piece was written, there is reason to be concerned by the unbridled power of the Shomrim.

We feel that the Shomrim is a dangerous enterprise, not governed by the same rules, guidelines and hierarchies that govern law enforcement proper; and for that reason, if no other, it represents lawless vigilantism.

We believe that it is time to dismantle New York’s Shomrim forces for “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” Lord Acton, and the Shomrim have outgrown the ability of any other police force to properly enforce its activity. It is a form of government sanctioned control over a community and control over others from within that community and is dangerous. It will only become more dangerous if not reined in now.

Emes Ve-Emunah

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Shomrim – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

There is much that is good about the Chasidic world. It is a brotherhood like no other. It is that sense of brotherhood that in my view was the impetus for forming the Shomrim Society back 1977. Shomrim are a group of usually Chasidic Jews that are volunteer neighborhood watchmen. Kind of like Curtis Slewa’s Guardian Angels. They patrol Jewish neighborhoods in order to provide protection against things like vandalism, muggings, assault and domestic violence.

The Shomrim Society has spread beyond its original borders of Williamsburg, Crown Heights, Boro Park, and Flatbush . There are now branches in cities like Baltimore, Miami, Lakewood, and London.

The fact is that a lot of Jewish residents in those areas are happy that they exist. They seem to have political support and some (if not universal) police support – who are happy to have some of their burden relieved by them. Shomrim even has some government funding. They not only add an extra layer of protection to those Jewish neighborhoods, they are often seen by Jewish residents as a first line of defense against crime. Their response time is generally a lot quicker than the police.

There is not a doubt in my mind that there has been more than one occasion where an elderly victim was spared a mugging or an assault because of their quick response. And not all of the people they help are Orthodox Jews. According to a 2014 story in the Hackney Gazette:

…around 70% of the victims (in London) they help are not from the Orthodox Jewish community, usually just local residents from any race or religion.

Although I tend to doubt whether that 70% figure is anywhere near in a Chasidic enclaves like Williamsburg, I do believe that if a caller in distress is not Jewish, they will respond to them just the same.

But that is not the end of the story. I have had my issues with these self appointed watch groups. While there may be a benefit to having that kind of protection by one’s own people, there is a definite downside that makes me question their ultimate value.

The truth is I never liked the idea of volunteer neighborhood watch groups. My feeling has always been that despite the fact that theywere created to protect their communities, many of them were basically police ‘wannabes’ looking for adventure but untrained to do police work.

True, they do not carry weapons (thank God). But a lot of damage can be done with a fist. Or a foot. Or a stick. In their zeal to protect the innocent, they will sometimes go overboard. And in some cases hurt innocent people – mistaking them for a perpetrator. Now this can happen to police too. We all know what has been happening on this front these days. Ask the families of mostly black victims unjustly killed or beaten by the police in cities all over this country.

The difference is that the police are trained to know when and how to react – and how much force to use. So that hopefully – as bad as the recent cases of police brutality have been – they are a very small minority of the police department. As a percentage of the whole, the numbers are probably miniscule. There are bad apples in every group. But Shomrim have no such training. Certainly not on the level of the police department.


So, although I am happy that many people have been spared great tragedy as a result of quick response by Shomrim – preventing for example violence against an elderly Jew –  it comes at a terrible price. A price that can best be described in a Forward article by attorney, Michael Lesher. If it were up to him, he would abolish these groups entirely. And with good reason:

The Brooklyn Hasidim accused of beating a young, gay black man named Taj Patterson back in 2013 are reportedly about to get a plea deal so sweet, they won’t serve a single day in prison. Patterson, who was beaten so badly that he was left blind in one eye, and who had homophobic slurs hurled at him throughout the ordeal, is surely having a hard time understanding the aftermath.

I don’t know the details of this case. But it surely smacks of something way beyond protecting fellow Jews. I don’t think that beating and blinding a suspect while hurling homophobic insults at them is what protecting fellow Jews is all about. And this is not the first nor only case where excessive force was used. More from Mr. Lesher:

For too long we’ve allowed a system of Jewish-run patrols to dominate the heavily Orthodox Jewish enclaves of Brooklyn, usurping the role of the official police force (with key support from vote-hungry politicians), despite their record of violence toward non-Jews. And for years we’ve held our tongues as the patrols’ unchecked behavior carried on… When retired police captain William Plackenmeyer told Newsday in 2003, “In Brooklyn, it almost seemed like there were two penal codes, one for the Hasidic community and one for everyone else…”

When Michael wrote an article in the New York Post exposing some uncomfortable truths about Shomrim this was in part the response he got:

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The Satmar-Ruled Brooklyn pt.1: Yanky Daskal and Allegations of Sexual Abuse

Yanky Jacob Daskal, and his Exploits – A Protected Member of the Shomrim and Influential – 

Getting away with reprehensible abuses….. and there are others.

The following articles are being posted from . They have reposted a number of our articles over the years for which we are most grateful. In 2016 we outlined a history of 9 of the Shomrim which can be seen on their site by clicking, here. 

Please take the time to read and familiarize yourself with that site. It is about time others are speaking up. It might be about time that the police, the DA, the supposedly trustworthy trusted officials and the honest amongst the Satmar and elsewhere finally take back the currently corrupt Satmar-ruled Brooklyn.

Certainly the vote of that bloc can’t really be enough to close our eyes to all of their crimes. 

We will be posting several articles under the heading, “Taking Back the Satmar- Ruled Brooklyn.” 


The influential leader of a Brooklyn safety patrol known as the SHOMRIM had been sexually abusing a teenage girl,

Yanky Jacob Daskal, 59, who runs the Shomrim’s Brooklyn South Safety Patrol, a Hasidic neighborhood watch group, abused the girl between August and November of last year, police said…


Brooklyn safety official charged with raping 16-year-old girl

Brooklyn safety official charged with raping 16-year-old girl

By Rocco Parascandola
| NEW YORK DAILY NEWS |May 10, 2018

An official with an influential neighborhood watch group in Brooklyn has been charged with raping a 16-year-old girl, police said Thursday.
Jacob Daskal, 59, who runs the Shomrim’s Brooklyn South Safety Patrol, a Hasidic neighborhood watch group, abused the girl between August and November of last year, police said.

Daskal was charged with rape and criminal sex act, plus three misdemeanors — forcible touching, sex abuse and acting in a manner injurious to a child.

Shomrim’s links to law enforcement have been a subplot in the ongoing federal probe involving two businessmen and a number of NYPD supervisors. In 2016, the FBI investigated what role the supervisors may have played in securing gun licenses for members of Shomrim. Daskal, who lives in Borough Park and has strong ties to the NYPD, was not charged in that case.

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Brooklyn Safety Patrol Leader Is Charged in Sex Abuse of Teen

Jakob Daskal, the head of the Brooklyn South Safety Patrol, leaves court in Brooklyn on Friday after he was arraigned on charges that he sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl.CreditStephanie Keith for The New York Times

By Al BakerMay 11, 2018

On Wednesday, sex crimes investigators for the New York Police Department received a troubling report: The influential leader of a Brooklyn safety patrol known as the shomrim had been sexually abusing a teenage girl, the police were told.

A day later, detectives arrested the man, Jacob Daskal, a leader of one faction of what has been, since the 1970s, a sort of auxiliary police force for the ultra-Orthodox Jews of Brooklyn’s Borough Park, Crown Heights, Flatbush and Williamsburg neighborhoods.

Mr. Daskal, 59, was charged with statutory rape, sexual abuse and other crimes. The authorities believe the abuse took place at Mr. Daskal’s home between August and November of last year, when the girl, who is now 16, was a year younger. But the inquiry is continuing, to determine if the alleged abuse occurred over a longer period of time or if there were additional victims.

The revelations cast another shadow over a group that has long cultivated relationships with New York’s law enforcement and elected leaders — and that has secured government funding for vehicles, phones and other equipment integral to its brand of security for some of the city’s most insular populations. On several occasions, critics have questioned whether the shomrim’s proximity to authority has fostered vigilantism or corruption.

In May 2016, two men linked to the shomrim of Williamsburg admitted to taking part in the assault of a black man in their neighborhood. A month earlier, Alex Lichtenstein, a former member of Mr. Daskal’s Brooklyn South Safety Patrol, which covers Borough Park, was arrested on federal charges of trying to secure handgun permits by offering the police thousands of dollars in cash bribes.
In the case of Mr. Daskal, 59, he was arrested at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, within the 77th police precinct, the police said. He was then taken to the Brooklyn Special Victims squad, they said.On Friday, the police said that Mr. Daskal had been charged with third-degree rape; third-degree criminal sex act; forcible touching; acting in a manner injurious to a child less than 17; and third-degree sexual abuse. He shuffled, handcuffed, into court for arraignment and pleaded not guilty before Judge Deborah Dowling, who issued an order of protection on behalf of his accuser.
Evan Lipton, a lawyer for Mr. Daskal, said his client was prepared to surrender his passport.
Afterward, as Mr. Daskal was released on bail, some supporters surrounded him in a hallway as Mr. Lipton told him, “Your phones have been seized.”
It was not immediately clear what triggered Wednesday’s report to the police.
Around Borough Park, people seemed dazed by the news of the arrest.

“This is the last thing anybody would believe,” said one man, a neighbor, who stood outside Mr. Daskal’s house about noon, watching as a van from the Crime Scene Unit pulled to the curb. Throughout the morning, investigators, some wearing latex gloves, converged on the brick duplex set back from 46th Street as onlookers, including several children, gathered outside.

On those same streets, the shomrim are seen as quick-acting stand-ins for police officers. With their two-way radios and social media links, they have won praise for keeping a watchful eye on the community, chasing down burglars, controlling crowds and locating the missing.
Residents, many of whom are Yiddish-speaking and cling to a culture rooted in preindustrial Europe, trust the shomrim as liaisons to secular authorities, who can negotiate language barriers and complex social mores.
According to state campaign finance records, Mr. Daskal has been a consistent political contributor over the years.
Police officials, too, have embraced the shomrim. It is commonplace for shomrim leaders to attend promotion ceremonies at Police Headquarters in Lower Manhattan.

In 2015, a year before he became police commissioner, James P. O’Neill, then the chief of department, threw out the first pitch at an annual softball game between officers from the 66th Precinct and members of the Borough Park shomrim. Mr. Lichtenstein played in that game, the Greenfield Classic, named for David G. Greenfield, a city councilman who represents the district. In an interview in 2016, however, Mr. Daskal denied that Mr. Lichtenstein’s criminal case involving the gun permits had anything to do with the shomrim.

On Friday, as investigators streamed in and out of Mr. Daskal’s house, signs of their connections were evident. Parked in the street, near Mr. Daskal’s driveway, were a pair of shomrim vehicles outfitted like police patrol cars: emergency lights; a shield logo; the words “Courtesy Professionalism Respect” written on the side.


Brooklyn Democrat – Land Use Committee -David Greenfield – “Greenfielding”

Greenfielding – The “Greenfield Classic

The misadventures of David Greenfield, though heavily guarded by pseudo-legitimate politicking, has been the source of several articles we have written, and countless by those who have far more information at their disposal. Will Bredderman actually came up with a word to define Greenfield and his tactics “Greenfielding”. People “Google” information, “Tweet” texts “Facebook their friends” and David Greenfield engages in “Greenfielding.” In Bredderman’s articles, Greenfielding referred to Greenfield’s power and influence over the Borough Park Jewish community and the brazen way he got there.

There are two sides to David Greenfield, let’s just say, he covers his bases. There is David Greenfield a major “Player” in the Shomrim and their activities. His influence over the Shomrim – the Jewish “volunteer” police force being one side and his influence over New York’s Land Use Committee on the other side. Not only does he have an entire police force at his disposal and all of the perks associated with that; but he also has significant say in land use and redistricting for much of New York. Think Landau and Allure as prime examples of projects he could have (though we make no claims that he did) influence. What better way to “Take New York Back Again?” Own, in large part, the police force and control the land your herd of ultra-Orthodox sheep can plunder as they graze the fields you have plowed for them.

Democratic-County-Gala-05192016-112820-300x200The catch phrases associated with Greenfield, the Greenfield mantra and the sound bites found in the pages of the Greenfield political playbook have been and continue to be:

  1. Re-zoning – think Allure and Rivington, Red Hook and flood zones, and the list goes on – the process by which properties zoned for one use get rezoned for a far more lucrative use, usually at the expense of taxpayers and anyone who has not sufficiently contributed to de Blasio’s campaign
  2. Affordable housing – think de Blasio and his disingenuous characterization of a program which should in theory be about New York City’s lower income families but is really a show – lip-service
  3. Mandatory Inclusionary Housing – another of de Blasio’s nonsense catch phrases – likely a Greenfield sound-bite.
  4. Shomrim (Borough Park) $300,000.00 since 2011 and at least $100,000.00 directed from Greenfield
  5. Pinny Ringel – ahhh…. another story in this saga
  6. Progressive – those who “bow down to Brooklyn’s ultimate insider and real estate millionaire ally ” (
  7. Fund-raising prowess- “astounding”
  8. Domineering – Machiavellian
  9. Sephardic Community Federation – favored representative status – the consummate political whore

It is our opinion, that Councilman Greenfield’s power is largely unfettered, woven within the most influential aspects of New York politics and the practical application of the inner workings of every aspect of government. That power is in our view sadly directed by a challenged moral compass.

Brooklyn’s Private Jewish Patrols Wield Power. Some Call Them Bullies.

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Player Number 7

Yanky Daskal, the NYPD, the Shomrim and the Perks

LostMessiah, April 20, 2016

Our contributors have been very vocal about Yanky Daskal. They do not like him. He is referred to as the Borough Park Crime Boss.

We have found articles about Daskal bullying people, demanding food, taking what amounts to protection money from shopkeepers and landlords, using the Borough Park Shomrim scooter for personal use while volunteer Shomrim out canvassing in the neighborhoods, use their personal vehicles to answer calls. 

According to our sources, Daskal gets other perks too. Dov Hikind allocated significant funds to the community of Borough Park for its Shomrim, at least in theory, and Daskal allegedly pockets most of it. We have already raised the issue of the hundreds of thousands of dollars he makes from two so-called not-for-profits, but according to our sources, there is more, much more.

The people of Borough Park want to know where it is all going.

We have been told that Daskal lies. He covers up abuses by Shomrim patrolmen and others. He is accused of using his political clout to surround himself with his own personal protectors (Greenfield and others), the irony. His closeness to Dov Hikind, obvious in photographs and videos, also apparently makes him “untouchable.”

With the information provided by our readers, many of whom are eye-witnesses to what goes on within the Borough Park community, we believe that it might be time to pass along some work for anyone seeing this post.


 “Ask anyone in Borough Park. There are no Shomrim patrol cars for 200k dollars… Where is the money going? Ask where the state money they get through Hikind and the City money they get through Greenfield goes.”






Additional Sources:

Shomrim: NY Post Account of 2010 Members Shooting Riddled with Lies, T.O.T. Private Consulting, 2013

Op-Ed: NY Post’s War Against Shomrim, 2013

With Shomrim as Our Protectors, may G-D Please have Mercy on Us, 2013

Yanky Daskal Denies Claims that Shomrim Expressed Anti Muslim Slurs Against Alleged Sex Pervert David Flores

Boro Park Shomrim Unveils New High-Tech Command Center, The Jewish Voice, 2013

An Accused Pedophile And Rapist As A Shomrim Member?, FailedMessiah 2011