Letter to My Readers:

24 August, 2021; updated and corrected 25 August, 2021

Dear Readers:

After much thought and reflection, I have decided to drastically diminish, if not halt posting additional information to this site. As you can see, I am still wavering on the decision, which I do not take lightly.

As most of you know. for the last 4 weeks the site has been suspended by WordPress. I have spent those weeks trying to get the site reinstated by WordPress, an endeavor that put a sour taste in my mouth about WordPress and its parent company Automatic, Inc. To make a long story short, someone submitted three fake Digital Media Takedown Notices (DMCA) all of which were facially false. WordPress, instead of investigating the notices, decided simply to suspend the site. I investigated the notices and received written confirmation that the names and numbers listed were false. WordPress, however, was having no part of reviewing the information and reinstating the site, even absent the articles being questioned, which would have been a reasonable compromise.

Admittedly, part of that responsibility rests in my hands. Had I seen those notices I could have appealed them. They were buried in tens of emails I receive daily from WordPress; and I did not see them. However, after 5.5 years of posting nearly impeccably accurate information, it is my strong opinion that WordPress should not have been so quick to suspend the entire site. Prudence should have dictated that they remove the offending articles, all of which as it happens relate to Shlomo Rechnitz’s Brius Healthcare – three articles written over three years. Whether or not he had something to do with the false DMCA notices is anyone’s guess. I cannot say for certain, though I have my own thoughts on the matter.

The moral of the story is that I have reason to believe that perhaps the medium under which I am currently posting, WordPress, no longer has at the heart of its purpose the integrity associated with a free and equal press. I strongly believe that they have become and will continue to be a purely moneymaking endeavor. Unfortunately that would mean that I would be constantly looking over my shoulder to figure out what’s next. Their “happiness engineers” are anything but; and it is difficult, at best, to get a response. Chasing after false notices and complying with taxing, if not entirely unreasonable demands to return materials that are ultimately mine, is simply not how I want to spend my days. Moreover, and if I am honest, it would be difficult to convince me that they did not have someone behind the scenes trying to delay the return of the site. When you do not trust the entity holding your website, it is difficult to continue writing with confidence. At this juncture were moving the website elsewhere did not place me at risk of being accused of “republication” and resetting the “statute of limitations” clock on every article ever posted, I would simply port the site out to a new location. In the interest of self-preservation, and for reasons that follow, I have decided against that course of action.

To tell you a bit about myself (and I suppose you could call this attorney advertising), I am an attorney who practices in the areas of finance, securities, business and now cryptocurrency and the accompanying potential regulatory implications associated therewith. Most of my firm’s clients have been with us for many years and were obtained by word of mouth. I have had the opportunity to meet only a small handful of my clients, whom I would recognize by voice but not by face. I am humbled by the trust they have placed in me over the course of many years. I am most intrigued by those who hired me after I was unmasked as Lost Messiah because they had been following the blog. To my observant clients, who chose to judge me not by what might have been perceived as a blogger’s failings; but rather by what they viewed as a clearheaded approach, I am very grateful to you.

In addition to my institutional clients, I have also represented a number of small startups in the area of corporate structuring and incorporation; and I am very selective about whom I will represent. I do not represent clients that I believe lack integrity. My relationships with my clients is one of trust. They know I will always be honest and I know they will generally accept my advice, whether they like it or not. I find litigation distasteful, primarily because it is no longer about truth but about gaming the system. I have had the good and bad fortune of meeting many litigators of late, and the best litigators these days, I have found, are either spectacular horse-traders, donate oodles of money to political campaigns or know how to play the courtrooms in their jurisdictions. The ones whom I respect most, are practicing law as it once was and should have remained. And to my own attorneys, I have the utmost respect and owe an eternal debt of gratitude. The litigious practice of law is disappointing. I believe that the poor and underfinanced are at a huge disadvantage; and so, I have and continue to negotiate contracts, review investments, design an architectural outline for new companies and startups and employ my talents for a litany of people and investor clients.

To my clients, I don’t take lightly the trust they place in me and the firm on a daily basis; and I represent nearly all of my clients to the best of my ability. I am planning to continue the practice of law, which for whatever reason, has become busier than it was in 2016 when I began this blogging endeavor. I plan, however, to reduce the number of clients I took on and take on as a pro bono matter because they were underdogs or needed help or information that this website seemed to provide. I have come to realize that many of them need more than lawyers, they need magicians and sadly, I do not have a magic wand. And to any lawyer, I recommend in no uncertain terms that you take great care when vetting new clients. I was once warned that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I have found no greater truth.

By way of education, I earned an MA from Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Mt. Scopus in political theory, most of my classes taught in Hebrew. It was there that I became an observant adherent to Judaism and also there where I backed down from an otherwise fundamentalist approach, to find a balance in my own religious belief. I had the good fortune to study with some marvelous people, their rabbis, their kehila and their students in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak and I owe them for their patience, guidance and teachings. While some of them have not loved this blog, they have been kind enough to keep in touch, offer honest, if not harsh criticism, and provide a different perspective. I am eternally grateful.

I obtained a BA with departmental honors from a small college in upstate NY, where I graduated with a dual major in government and philosophy. I earned my Law Degree from Rutgers University in Newark, NJ. I teach CLE classes for the National Business Law Institute, where I am on their regular staff, and I teach for a few other CLE programs, focusing on contracts, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, drafting, indemnities, negotiations and ethics.

To my childhood, I grew up speaking some Yiddish as the common language among grandparents, all of whom had escaped Eastern Europe a few years before the Second World War and all of whom lost most of their siblings to Treblinka, Auschwitz, Birkenau and Bergen Belsen. I have seen at least two of those camps and done extensive research on the horrors of the war. At home I speak Hebrew and English. I read the Hebrew, English and Spanish newspapers, which is where much of the information for this blog comes from.

My family members were some of the top Yiddish scholars to have lived and taught and I am honored to be a part of that heritage. In that context I have heard Elie Wiesel speak in Yiddish about his book “Night” and had the greatest honor of meeting him. I was very young; but I will forever be touched by that experience. My family members were Yiddish playwrights and actors, as well, so Yiddish in my home represented a language of culture, of education, of love, of humor, of expressions not found in any other language, and of course, of a way to relate to those who were trapped without a common language to speak. I firmly believe that it was never intended to be used by the religious to avoid assimilation or to draw attention to religious differences. Those who escaped the war speaking Yiddish did so out of convenience and comradery, not out of a desire to hide behind and flaunt their differences. Yiddish was a thread that bound survivors together. In my view, it has become a divisive language reflecting a hardline approach to religion which is something that would have shattered my ancestors’ hopes and beliefs for the future. Yiddish is an extraordinary language. It is my hope that one day it will return from its current state to its former glory. I don’t delude myself.

I hold a number of certifications in a whole host of areas. I write, blog not only on this site but on some sites for my home town on Facebook. I have written letters to the editor for a number of publications. I have contributed to several news stories with research I compiled; and will continue to do so. I am a triathlete, committed to training for and completing half-ironman races, am an endurance cyclist and hope to complete stages of the Race Across America (RAAM) over the next few years.

In addition to my formal education, I have a background in biochemistry and science, an intense and personal knowledge of nursing homes and hospitals, know far more than I ever wanted to about blood clotting disorders, stroke and heart attack, suicide, and I know far more than I ever wanted to know about sexual assault. Nursing home abuse and sexual assault are two of the most significant triggers for the creation of this blog.

Everything I know or have learned has been the result of hard work, tenacity, intensive research, endless reading and the desire to one day put it all together for the goal of changing the world for the better. That is how this blog began. And to some extent it is my hope that I have helped better the lives of some of you. To those I may have offended along the way, my apologies.

My anonymity when I began writing the blog was of significant importance, not only because of the causes I was taking on, some of which carried with them particular dangers and personal peril; but also because it is easy to believe the integrity of a story if you can put a name and an education to the information provided. I wanted my readers, you, to glean whatever you could from your own lens. I did not want my writings and analyses to come from someone who, at the end of the day, is an education-pedigree snob. The interpretation of events and circumstances is, in large part, about the audience not about the writer. An absence of anonymity provided that. I believe that people need an education and that having that education if earned honestly holds some weight. It provides a future, opens doors, allows a means of communication and the skills to interpret events and circumstances independent of family upbringing. I did not want the weight of my writing to be about the education I hold; but rather about your interpretation of the weighty subjects I tried to cover.

Unfortunately, the greatest loss of the last three years, beyond the financial toll it has taken, has been the loss of my anonymity. And it is largely for that reason that I am going to be posting far less, if at all. I worked tirelessly with my attorney to get the blog back so you would have the benefit of the 5.5 years of work that went into it and the information posted. You, the readers, really own the content. WordPress should not have been so fast to try and take it away.

At this juncture, and as a point of attorney advertising, if you need an attorney, you can always contact my office and I will attempt to find someone for you if I cannot help you. I can still be reached on findinglostmessiah@gmail.com. I will be transitioning some of the content of this blog to formal whistleblowing, legal authorities and investigators; so please send along information as it becomes available.

For those of you who have contacted me for help investigating matters of importance, I will continue to do my best to help. I have amassed a collection of information which I try to keep up-to-date and vouchsafed.

For those of you who continue to send me information, I will post periodically or use it for the purpose you intended. The Twitter site associated with this site will remain in place. I want to thank everyone who has sent along words of encouragement, of hope, of appreciation and of methods of navigation. I am grateful to you, my readers. I am forever humbled.

Finally, the donations page attached to this blog is still working. I never earned any money as a blogger but there are significant costs associated with the last 5.5 years. If you feel generous, donations are welcome. If not, so-be-it.

It has been an honor to serve you for the last 5.5 years. Until we meet again.

Julie D. Globus

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