Rabbis and Politicians – The similarities are Shocking – Protecting a Synagogue or its Rabbi?

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The Jerusalem Beth Din serves an injunction to protect South Head Synagogue

A meeting of creditors is scheduled to take place in Sydney on Friday.

The ruling was made following a letter to the Beth Din in Jerusalem written by the spiritual head of the South Head Synagogue Rabbi Benzion Milecki on Monday July 10th in which he wrote:

“Because the Synagogue Board and President acted and are acting in a manner that endangers the continued functioning of the Synagogue through the defendants taking unilateral actions, that include boycotting and requesting members of the community to pray in another venue (in order to force the resignation of Rabbi Milecki),  liquidating the Holy Congregation Ahavat Shalom, selling the land and Synagogue building in all of its parts – including the Synagogue, the Beth HaMidrash, the Library, the Mikveh etc – G-d forbid (which is possible because the President of the Synagogue released the bank and replaced it with himself as mortgagee together with two other Board members);].

And because it is the intention of the defendants to execute their plan leading to the destruction of all the facilities, an irreversible situation incapable of remedy (because, as mortgagees, they can vote for the liquidation of the Synagogue as means of retrieving their funds at the creditors’ meeting that will take place on Friday morning, 20th Tammuz);

Therefore I request His Honour the Av Beth Din and the Beth Din to issue an immediate injunction that prevents any of the sides from acting in a manner that could lead to the destruction of all these holy facilities.”

Order of HaRav HaGaon Rav Chaim Shlomo Rozental, Rav and Av Beth Din of Jerusalem, and Av Beth Din of the Special Court Established by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel in the matter of Rabbi Benzion Milecki and South Head Synagogue.

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Shelly Silver GUILTY! Conviction Overturned on Technical Grounds


The evidence still shows Shelly Silver is guilty, guilty, guilty

Outrageous: Shelly Silver, one of the worst abusers of the public trust in recent New York history, just got his 2015 conviction tossed on technical grounds.

Prosecutors promise a new trial, but justice has already been delayed far too long here.

A federal appeals court Thursday tossed the former Assembly speaker’s 2015 corruption conviction because a later Supreme Court ruling tweaked the rules for what counts as political corruption.

Yet the same 2nd Circuit of Appeals had just affirmed the bribery conviction of ex-Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. despite similar issues.

And the evidence against Silver proves corruption under the new rules as well as the old.

  • The then-speaker funneled some $500,000 in state grants to a doctor who, in turn, sent patients to Silver’s law firm, Weitz & Luxenberg — which then paid Silver for the referrals.
  • In another scheme, Silver voted to OK tax-exempt financing for a real-estate developer, Glenwood Management, and for favorable rent- and tax-abatement laws. In exchange, Glenwood took some work to the firm of another Silver pal, which in turn paid “fees” to the speaker.

Silver pocketed at least $4 million from these kickbacks.

At trial, his defense boiled down to “everybody does it.” But while the Legislature is indeed profoundly corrupt, that doesn’t make any of it legal.
And certainly not these abuses of power by a man who ruled as speaker for more than two decades.

Yes, the Supreme Court last year tossed the corruption conviction of ex-Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell over too-broad instructions to the jury about what defines “official acts.” But Silver’s case involved far more clear-cut bribes — and more clear-cut abuse of power — than McDonnell’s.

Yet somehow the 2nd Circuit thinks a “rational jury” might not have found Silver guilty if it had been “properly instructed.”

Let’s hope prosecutors move quickly to a new trial. The best medicine for New York’s rampant corruption is swift, harsh punishment for the abusers. And Silver, 73, has already been free for far too long.

Australia – South Head Rabbi Will not Compromise, Synagogue to be Liquidated


THE AUSTRALIAN JEWISH NEWS: https://www.jewishnews.net.au/south-head-future-decided/66205

South Head future all but decided

A LAST-DITCH attempt to save South Head Synagogue from liquidation appears to be over, much to the disappointment of the entire community.

A group, known as the South Head Synagogue Unity Plan, has “reluctantly concluded that there is nothing further” it can do to bring Rabbi Benzion Milecki and the shule’s board together.

“It appears that the costs and burdens upon the community will almost inevitably cause the South Head Congregation, as we have known it, to be very seriously damaged,” Gary Cohen and Peter Wise, who described themselves as concerned congregants who support a united congregation, said in a joint statement.

“It will now likely enter a new phase and we are saddened by this, but compromise for the greater good from all parties has not been forthcoming. No one should take any pride or satisfaction in this outcome.”

The AJN can exclusively reveal that in response to the rabbi’s offer last week, the secure creditors made an offer of more than $1 million and agreed to organise a tribute to the rabbi in the synagogue, on the condition that the rabbi had no control over the future of the shule.

The AJN can also reveal that in the report to creditors, the administrator wrote that he considered the rabbi as a director because of his heavy involvement in discussions, decisions and board meetings.

Wise and Cohen said that they have not taken sides, and praised both sides for trying to find a middle ground, but said that the task is too great.

“A lot of water had already flowed under the bridge and the parties have not, until this point in time, been able to bring themselves to accept the terms that each other was insisting upon.

“We have reluctantly concluded that there is nothing further that we can reasonably do to bring the parties together.”

The AJN understands that the shule’s doors could be closed today (Thursday) by administrator Anthony Elkerton because the money required to keep the shule open has not been forthcoming.

Shule president James Hochroth told The AJN that tomorrow (Friday) the creditors will vote on the future of the synagogue.

“The secured creditors intend to vote in line with the recommendation by the administrator, to wind up the company, at the meeting for creditors this Friday.”

Hochroth said the creditors have no choice because there is no prospect of the shule thriving again in the current circumstances.

He said however, that despite the closure of the shule, the congregation has not disbanded. “Most South Head regular attendees are now going to a second minyan – it is not a breakaway, it is the congregation.

“There were 80 men and 25 women on Friday night and then Saturday morning the same again, but with children.”

In contrast, the numbers at South Head Synagogue have been reported to The AJN to be between 12-30 people.

Cheesy Canadian Company Gets Fined for Unkosher Behavior



Food company busted for selling phony ‘kosher’ cheese to kids


A Canadian food company was ordered to pay more than $19,000 for selling cheese falsely labeled kosher to Jewish youth campers, authorities said Monday.

Creation Foods Company in Woodbridge, Ontario pleaded guilty in provincial court and was hit with the penalty of $25,000 Canadian, or $19,417 in US dollars, according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

The incident — called a “spiritual poisoning” by a key Canadian kosher administrator — is believed to be the first case involving phony kosher food ever brought to provincial court.

“We’re very pleased and gratified that the Canadian justice system was diligent in prosecuting this crime,” Richard Rabkin, managing director of kosher certifying agency the Kashruth Council of Canada (COR), told The Post on Monday.

“It was a milestone, a first and we hope the last.”

The phony kosher cheese was delivered to two camps in northern Ontario in summer 2015, according to COR.

“The Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s investigation determined that the company sold a non-kosher food product to two Jewish youth camps, by means of a forged kosher certificate,” according to a CFIA statement.

“The cheese sold to both camps did not meet the requirements of the kashruth.”

Reps for Creation Foods did not return messages seeking their comments on Monday.

The two camps involved were sent loads of mozzarella and cheddar. The mozzarella had proper COR certification but the cheddar did not.

And when camp officials asked for proof, that’s when the fake letters of kosher authenticity were used, Rabkin said.

It’s unclear whether campers actually ate the non-kosher cheddar.

Even if that cheese were physically safe, it was a moral affront to sell it to Jewish customers knowing it wasn’t kosher, according to Rabkin — calling it a “spiritual poisoning.”

The key in making kosher cheese comes from enzyme used to coagulate milk into cheese.

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The Hopkins Center Nursing Home in Brooklyn – Your Dog Will Get Better Treatment in a Kennel


“The Nearby Kennel is a Far Better Place to Be Than Hudson Center”


Dear Readers: This week we received numerous Letters to the Editor from people who have family members in the Hopkins Center in Brooklyn, NY. There are allegations that patients are being held against their will. There are claims of fair hearings that are either not being held or are being held and then ignored. In one case, the Social Worker involved allegedly advised the family that the patient could not leave but the patient is, according to the family, well enough. The family alleges that the social workers hold patients for the purposes of continuing to collect medicaid and medicare benefits for treatments that are either unnecessary or not being performed and for medications that are not being distributed.

We take letters like these very seriously. It is our hope that someone reading this can look into the Hudson facility to investigate.

Landau and his ilk have not been given a star for excellence in the compassion and kindness department. They are experts in their capacity to manipulate the system with payoffs and financial interests. And, as we have stated many times, but for a threatened copyright litigation, we would post Joel Landau’s face for public consumption.

In the interest of protecting the elderly and most vulnerable in our society, we are reposting information from previous posts.

As to the letters we have received, they are not being posted because they contain medical information and records about patients. Subject to the authorization of the families involved, the records are available for law enforcement investigation.

LM 10-7-17


Hopkins Center for Rehab


“Stay away from this place the director Eileen lies! They made my mother walk around with a hospital type looking gown; never dressed her up to sit in the dining room; left the bed wet  and walking around in her slippers nothing on her when she could’ve fell; no supervision !”

To sum it up…as long as there is a failure of moral imperative-as long as the anything goes ‘free market’ health care continues, there will be enabling of criminal behavior. There will be no questioning that something that goes on within the four walls of the nursing facilities is ‘legal.’ How could it not be when there is no guideline and rare enforcement that might curb the abuse on many levels.

If an operator, like Landau in New York must simply pay chump change penalties/settlements to ignorant or willfully complicit government officials – to continue their mismanagement, there will be no change.

The negligent Albany legislators who are kept in office by predatory real estate interests and in the pockets of nursing home lobby groups such as Leading Age, that are run by the same people profiting from the government negligence and moral blindness, our most vulnerable population at the end of their lives will continue to be preyed upon.

Jewish Rabbis’ Convictions Upheld for Conspiracy to Kidnap and Torture


Convictions upheld for Orthodox rabbis that conspired to kidnap, torture

A higher court upheld the convictions of three Orthodox Jewish rabbis that conspired to kidnap Orthodox Jewish husbands who refused to get divorced.

Binyamin Stimler, Mendel Epstein and Jay Goldstein were busted in 2013 by federal agents during an undercover investigation, working together with “tough guys” or “muscle men” in exchange for money to kidnap and torture husbands in order to coerce them to sign the gittin — plural for a get.

The attacks happened from 2009 to 2013 in New Jersey and New York City.

All three rabbis were convicted in 2015 after trial and filed their appeals — that were consolidated — based on numerous claims including violations of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

The United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit shot down their argument on Friday, affirming their convictions.

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Leader of Radical Lev Tahor Sect Drowns


Sholomo Helbrans, Leader of Lev Tahor Sect, Drowns

According to multiple media reports, Shlomo Helbrans, the leader of the Lev Tahor sect, drowned on Friday in Mexico while toiveling in a river before Shabbos. He was 55 years old.

According to local media reports, Helbrans’ body was pulled from the river by rescue forces on Friday afternoon after he was swept away by strong currents.

Lev Tahor, the ultra-religious sect he led, has been dogged by controversy for decades.

Originally founded in Israel by Helbrans in the 1980s, the group moved to the United States in the early ’90s after complaining of persecution by the Israeli government due to his anti-Zionist views. The group settled in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

While living in Brooklyn, Helbrans was convicted and served time in prison for “kidnapping” a boy – the boy had been sent to study with him in preparation for his Bar Mitzva, but the boy was personally convinced to reject his family and join Lev Tahor. Helbrans was released after serving two years. He then ran a yeshiva in Monsey, New York, and was eventually deported back to Israel.

Soon afterwards he moved to Canada, which allowed him political asylum based on a refugee claim he had made, under Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, that he would be persecuted or killed by Israeli authorities for his anti-Zionist teachings and his teachings about the legitimacy of the State of Israel.

The group settled in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec, but in 2013 the group left Quebec for Chatham-Kent, in southwestern Ontario after Quebec Child Protective Services tried to seize all of the group’s children due to alleged lack of proper hygiene and state-mandated secular education.

In 2014, after the Ontario Superior Court of Justice effectuated a ruling of the Superior Court of Quebec as to the disposition of their children under Quebec child-protection law, the group fled to Guatemala, where they lived for the past three years, until fleeing once again to Mexico fearing persecution from Guatemalan authorities.

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