ZAKA Covid Emergency Response – A Charity Where You Can Track the Money

ZAKA teams are working around the clock in light of the Coronavirus pandemic and are in urgent need of protective gear to protect our volunteers. We cannot ask our volunteers to expose themselves without the right personal protective gear.

Help today with a $50 donation to purchase one protective kit for a ZAKA volunteer.

ZAKA teams need specialized personal protection equipment to continue to serve Israel amidst the growing Coronavirus emergency. In one recent incident, an Israeli in quarantine suffered a medical emergency and died in his home. While the cause of death was unknown, no emergency services were willing to enter the premises. For hours, the Jewish body was lying on the floor since the ambulance squad was afraid of coming in contact with COVID-19. The Ministry of Health immediately turned to ZAKA for help.

A select team of dedicated ZAKA volunteers, after being offered protective gear from other emergency services, conducted an operation to recover the body and transported it to the Forensic facilities. Tests showed the person was not infected with Coronavirus and once again, ZAKA ensured for a proper and dignified treatment of a Jewish body.

ZAKA is Israel’s primary rescue and recovery volunteer organization. The UN-recognized ZAKA International Rescue Unit operates at mass casualty incidents around the world.

Please help today with the ZAKA Coronavirus Emergency Response

If You Have to Hire Agencies to Patrol, Compliance is not Voluntary but Forced – Gov. Murphy Where are You – Covid-19



If they have to hire agencies to patrol the town for illegal gathering then obviously some lawlessness is continuing in substantial numbers in Lakewood!!


Why is Governor Murphy Not Condemning this Behavior Vigorously?


Why is AG Burbir Grewal Not Getting More Active?


Coronavirus in Lakewood: Agencies join forces to battle illegal gatherings


The Murphy administration ratcheted up pressure Wednesday in tamping down illegal gatherings in Lakewood.

Colonel Patrick Callahan, superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, announced at the state’s daily press briefing a “partnership to supplement” Lakewood’s efforts to “ensure 100% compliance” with Gov. Phil Murphy’s executive stay at home order. The joint effort is between the state police, the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office and Lakewood police.

In the latest incident in Lakewood, police broke up an engagement party Tuesday, charging ten adults, including a 99-year-old man, with violating the statewide order on social distancing.

CORONAVIRUS IN LAKEWOODCops shut down engagement party


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Medtronic – Sharing Vent Specs to Help Save Lives, Tesla and Covid-19


Medtronic is sharing its portable ventilator design specifications and code for free to all

Healthcare and biomedical engineering company Medtronic  was in the news recently because Tesla CEO Elon Musk had discussions with the company about the automaker’s potential plans to build ventilator hardware in order to address the COVID-19 crisis. Today it’s doing something potentially far more impactful. Medtronic is making available to anyone the full design specifications, produce manuals, design documents and, in the future, software code for its Puritan Bennett (PB) 560 portable ventilator hardware.

The PB 560 ventilator has a number of advantages, one being that it’s a relatively compact and lightweight piece of equipment that can be easily moved around and installed for use in a range of different healthcare environments and settings. And it’s a design that was originally introduced in 2010, so it has a decade of qualified, safe medical use in treating patients.

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Lakewood, New Jersey – The Beth-Medrash Govoha -All Travel for Passover Is Prohibited! Covid-19 and Rochmones





The leading Lakewood Posek from BMG has issued a clear psak Halacha: No one is permitted to travel to ANYONE for Yom Tov. Not for any part of Yom Tov, even if it is in Lakewood. No travel at all. STAY HOME = SAVE LIVES!

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Recognizing Congregating For What it Is in Times of Covid-19 – Endangerment

NJ Couple Faces Child Endangerment Charges for Coronavirus-Defying Party

  • Police charged a Lakewood couple with five counts of child endangerment — one for each of their kids — after breaking up an event at their home Sunday

  • Lakewood police have responded to multiple reports of unauthorized gatherings in the town since the state ordered social distancing

  • The town’s large Orthodox Jewish community has faced a number of threats for holding gatherings since the lockdown began

A Lakewood couple faces child endangerment charges after police broke up a gathering of dozens of people at their home, in defiance of the state’s coronavirus lockdown orders.

And just hours later, police in Lakewood had to break up another prohibited event and cite two people.

They were the latest in a handful of gatherings to be broken up in Lakewood in the last two weeks, despite Gov. Phil Murphy’s orders banning such events and ordering social distancing.

Where are those Most Vocal Camera Ready Community Leaders When You are Needed Most? Covid-19

Where are the Jewish Community Leaders When There are no Cameras to Offer Fame?

The following is the text of an audio message that was sent to us from one of our readers. We have a copy of the audio to which it refers. By way of translation please note the following:

A shnorer a derogatory Yiddish word for someone who takes more than his fair share. He is the guy who will order the most expensive thing on the menu when someone else is paying the bill.

A Shtibel is a small synagogue in neighborhood homes.

Sheine Yidden is a Yiddish word for a “good Jew”. In this context it is a bit sarcastic.

Please stay safe. Please go out only when necessary. Please DO NOT GO TO MINYANIM OR OTHER PLACES TO DAVEN. Prayer in the privacy and solitude of one’s home is still prayer. 

Shabbat Shalom.

Dear LM,

Please post the following.

This is a message that came by audio via WhatsApp.  This is from a Hatzalah member:

“I must speak out because my blood is rushing to my head.

Just now there was a Hatzalah for a man who fell ill in a shtibel in Boro park. Where is the community’s brains? Where are we as a community? I do not understand. Where are the so-called community leaders?? The second there is a camera …. They are always in front of the camera but the second people are literally dying in the streets, bodies are piling up, young people, old people – there is no discrimination any more… all of a sudden crickets….( the leaders, politicians).

Where is the community board?

Barry Spitzer. Where are they??

Kalman Yeger. Where is Dov Hikind.

Where are they??

The second there is a camera in Boro Park they are all in front of it. All these so- called community leaders. Yanky Mayer. Rabbi Gluck. Anyone. You name it.

All these organizations. Hatzoloh. Shomrim.

Anytime there is a crisis in Boro Park each one of them runs to put his face in front of the camera. But there is a serious crisis, the bodies are piling up, the chapels cannot handle it, hospitals cannot manage – crickets….

They become very quiet when all is turning over. You don’t hear from anyone.

None of them are saying a word. No protests. Nothing.

Where is Yanky Mayer from Misaskim?? Who has 20 trucks that you Shcnorered from the community. These are our trucks! Not yours. You schonrered from the community millions and millions of dollars.

Send each one of your trucks and blast it in front if each Beis Medrash in Boro Park until they shut down. Where are these people? Why do we rely on them? Once this Corona dies down they are going to back to Beis Medrash  like Sheine Yidden  but when there is a crisis they hide in their shell.

You have 20 -30  trucks, Yanky Mayer, go around Boro Park and blast out a message to shut down!

The only organization that did a little bit was Shmira who went around with loudspeakers.

This is embarrassing!!!