Rubashkin Celebration of Release… It was Trump, the Price for Patronage and Not a Miracle

Thousands Rejoice with Rubashkin

Photos: Itzik Roytman/COLlive

Thousands of Jews gathered Sunday evening, the last night of Chanukah, to celebrate the anniversary of the miraculous release from prison of Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin.

By COLlive reporter
Photos: Itzik Roytman/COLlive

Thousands of Jews gathered Sunday evening, the last night of Chanukah, to celebrate the anniversary of the miraculous release from prison of Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin.

The occasion marked the one-year anniversary of the former kosher meat executive’s sentence being commuted by U.S. President Donald Trump from a harsh 28-year sentence.

News of Rubashkin being commuted by President Trump last year has been called a modern-day Chanukah miracle after repeated appeals had been turned down.

The event, marking the simcha felt by all of Klal Yisroel, took place at The Ulam Hagadol on New Utrecht Avenue in Brooklyn, with a simultaneous event for women at Gan Yisroel on Church Avenue. Thousands more joined from around the world via live feed on The event was coordinated by Yochi Fleishman

Speakers included Rubashkin’s son Getzel Rubashkin, Rabbi Leibish Lish, Rabbi Shlomo Laizer Meisels, and Rabbi Pinchos Lipshutz, Publisher of Yated Ne’eman.

“Ever since his release, gedolim and Jewish leaders around the world have been encouraging my father to dedicate himself to spreading the message of emunah and bitachon, and that is what he has done,” Getzel Rubashkin says.

“‘Alef, Bais, Gimmel’ has become a household phrase. This event is a moment to loudly and clearly thank Hashem and reaffirm that we got the message – emunah and bitachon will bring geulah.”

A moving video recounted the worldwide effort to help Rubashkin and the joyous and unified joy at his miraculous release.

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A Diamond in a Bottle – an Opinion re: compromised emails – Getting Some R&R

Messages in a bottle: Mayor de Blasio’s compromised emails

Messages in a bottle: Mayor de Blasio's compromised emails
Sharing a laugh with pals he says he doesn’t know. (Court Document)

Mayor de Blasio finds himself in painful a pinch as a corruption trial belches evidence of his unseemly ties.

Specifically, emails between the mayor and star witness and megadonor Jona Rechnitz, who is cooperating with federal prosecutors against his former partner in palm greasing, Jeremy Reichberg, and ex-NYPD bigwig James Grant, after pleading guilty to bribing the mayor and buying favors from the police.

Exhibit A: Messages harvested from Rechnitz’s email account oozing with passion between mayor and donor, including this 2014 Inauguration Day missive from the mayor: “Please call me tomorrow to setup a meeting for early next week. I need you to accept the position I offered you.

Love you brother.”

Or, we should say, maybe the mayor: As Reichberg’s lawyer reminded the judge, Rechnitz is notorious for doctoring emails to puff up his profile as a mover and shaker.

If only de Blasio took pains to preserve his emails, instead of asserting a broad right to instantly delete that’s wildly at odds with the public’s right to know, he might have a shot at proving Rechnitz missives phony as a three-dollar bill. Letting a crook tell your story rarely ends well.

Ramapo, New York, Pay Raises, Ridiculous Vacation Time, Deficits, Obfuscation, Tax Raises

Ramapo: Top officials get personal employee agreements with raises, perks

RAMAPO – Aside from increasing their own pay up to $20,000 a year, Town Board members have taken care of five top department heads, approving employee agreements for them with hefty time off and buybacks beyond their base salaries topping $157,000.

The multiple-year agreements include the potential for more than 70 paid days off a year, including 33 vacation days, 10 personal days, 18 sick days and 12 holidays, as well as 168 hours of paid compensatory time.

Supervisor Michael Specht said Friday that the perks for the town’s top administrators are not that different from what contracted union employees get after working many years for the town.

He didn’t know the total value of the agreements, since they would depend on how employees uses their allotted time and perks.

“The senior management employee benefits are in line with some of the longtime CSEA employees and police agreements, for say, the captains,” Specht said. “These are senior people most of whom have been with the town for a long time. I thought the agreements were fair, reasonable.”

The five Town Board members approved employee agreements for the following administrators:

  • Mona Montal, the supervisor’s chief of staff, purchasing director and budget coordinator, until Dec. 31, 2021, retroactive to Jan. 1, 2018. She signed her agreement in October.
  • Christian Sampson, the appointed Town Clerk, until Dec. 31, 2019, retroactive to Jan. 1, 2018. Sampson signed the agreement in October.
  • Linda Condon, the appointed personnel administrator, until Dec. 21, 2021. Condon signed her agreement Oct. 26, retroactive to Jan. 1.
  • Scott Shedler, the appointed tax assessor and supervisor of facilities and risk management, until Dec. 31, 2021. Shedler signed the agreement Oct. 19, retroactive to Jan. 1.
  • Yitzchock Ullman, the appointed receiver of taxes, until Dec. 31, 2019. Ullman signed the agreement in October, also retroactive to Jan. 1, 2018. Ullman is a former Town Board member appointed to the position in 2018.

The Journal News/ obtained copies of the employee agreements — which mostly provide the same benefits — from the Ramapo Town Clerk’s Office under the Freedom of Information Law. The town responded with the documents within five days, though it had 25 days to respond.

The agreements also allow for the five administrators to also accrue limited amounts of unused vacation days, such as 50 bankable days, and convert unused holiday pay into sick time. They can cash in time off and drive a town car for seven days a week, when they are on call for town business.

AGREEMENT: Mona Montal

AGREEMENT: Yitzchok Ullman

AGREEMENT: Linda Condon

The agreements provide for CSEA-mirrored pay raises for each administrator, one 5 percent longevity raise during the life of the pact, and two extra vacation days per year during the agreement.

The employees also are allowed paid days off for personal reasons, including for religious observances and get five leave days for the death of an immediate family member.


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Satmar and Rubashkin – $1M, 60 Hours – Prison Reform – White Collar Criminal Reform, A Brazenness – PAY ATTENTION

Rubashking and Prison Reform

TRANSLATION: Rubashkin in Favor of Prison Reform….

Gee, does anyone wonder why? 

To the Members of the US Senate:

You are going to be asked to support a bill, in one form or another with the aim of reducing white collar criminal prosecutions, reducing sentencing requirements, changing the way these cases are viewed, a work currently in progress. It is being supported by the Satmar community.  

We, the non-ultra-Orthodox people of the United States and the ones who are most harmed by these crimes, ask that you NOT make crime easier to commit, but that you tamp down on prosecutions, that you make the penalties greater and that the incarceration times are longer. We believe that these crimes don’t just harm people, they harm markets and investors and investments and a trust in the system. These crimes destabilize, people and the economy.


Rebe Aron Glick Raising $1M in 60 Hours to Reduce Criminal Accountability, Satmar Initiative…

1M raise

Satmar Raising Money to Pass a Bill to Reduce Accountability, Brazen?

The Satmar community is currently trying to raise $1M in 60 hours to fund spearheading a campaign in the US Senate to reduce criminal accountability for white collar crime.

One of the people whose picture appears in the documentation regarding this effort is Rubashkin, pardoned by President Trump. We really do have no words to describe the brazenness of this effort. 

Please readers… pay attention.

A Rockland Blogger, A Precedent for Chilling the Speech of EVERY Critical Blog, Everywhere..


What Has A Rockland Blogger Unearthed That Is Triggering First Amendment Issues Of Interest To A National Broadcasting Company?

Today we learned that a Brooklyn courtroom was barred to NBC and all the attorneys in a case involving a Clarkstown resident were required to surrender their electronic devices.

The lawsuit against local blogger and citizen activist, Julie Globus, apparently is one of alleged defamation which in the ordinary run of things – according to an expert in First Amendment issues who appeared in the first NBC report – is a routine matter fought in open court.

Yet in this second report by NBCNY4 we see that surprising steps are being taken by the judge to hold the accusations against Ms. Globus out of the public eye.

As to the plaintiffs who have brought an action against Ms. Globus this article gives a fairly lengthy account of their work in the area of real estate development.…/the-fortis-of-solitude/

Clearly, Ms Globus, who is Jewish, a Clarkstown resident, and a critic of the behaviors of the ultra-Orthodox community in Rockland County and elsewhere, believes this case is one designed solely to rack up her legal expenses and thereby force her into surrendering her First Amendment rights and silence her voice on the webpage ‘Lost Messiah’.

Whether that belief has foundation or not we can not tell but certainly it has been a strategy employed by local politicians in Rockland County to silence the voice of critics as we at CWTDWYTK understand and of which many of our readers are aware.

While we await further developments in this case we are curious just how many concerned residents are prepared to help Ms. Globus financially as she fights to get this case opened to the public and to get the matter resolved to the satisfaction of both parties? It seems that many other activist leaders in Rockland County are personally feeling fear about their First Amendment rights in the future if this case remains closed.

NBC has clearly picked up on the First Amendment issues and we therefore anticipate there will be ongoing reports from that news organization as this matter goes forward.

Meanwhile we note again that Ms. Globus has a GoFundMe website to which she invites your supporting contributions as her fellow Rockland County residents. Your contributions can be made anonymously.

How many of you will stand in support of this local activist? If the answer is not too many then we fear other local activists will close up shop knowing that when the need arose in one case few stepped forward in a time of need.

On December 23, 1776 Thomas Paine wrote: “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”

Is Rockland County populated with only “summer soldiers and sunshine patriots” or with those who will not shrink from this challenge?

To LM Readers:

As all of you know, this site is and has always been a free site.

It has been something of a labor of love for Judaism and a community of good and decent people which is often times marred by a group of fundamentalist, morally challenged and corrupt.

LostMessiah has never generated income because we never wanted to be beholden to anyone. Our anonymity was important and we never sought out press coverage. We also hold to the point that we cannot be bought. We do not want money from those who’ve been covered by our blog. A little help fighting for free speech would be nice; but we would rather it come from our readers and those committed to helping to make blogs like this one obsolete.

We want a little peace for ourselves and for those who are injured by the actions covered herein. 

For those who have ever gotten in touch with us regarding a post, our response has been in good faith and will remain as such. This absolutely not about two posts from May of 2016. It is about chilling free speech.

Happy Chanukah. May the light of the last night burn bright. 


A Subway Ride to Legalization of Marijuana in New York and the Kosher Cannabis Business…


We cite you back to an earlier article wherein we stated that we believe that the ultra-Orthodox are making a play at the next major highly lucrative financial business in New York. It is not diamonds or real-estate but medical, and soon-to-be recreational marijuana. The ultra-Orthodox bigwigs couched in the “Kosher Cannabis” rhetoric are going to be front and center in the licensing of new facilities or the buy-ins into previously licensed companies. That’s just our OPINION.

But the reporting of the local New York papers, certainly seems to be giving us credence that we are riding the right subway line…. 


MTA hires ‘renowned signaling expert’ to fix subways

New York City Transit head Andy Byford is breaking out the big guns to fix the subway system.

Byford has hired Pete Tomlin – whom the MTA calls an “internationally renowned signaling expert” – to head up the massive signaling work that has to be done as a part of the decade-long Fast Forward project.

Tomlin worked with Byford in Toronto and London and was also a top gun in the Hong Kong system, say MTA officials.

“I worked with Pete in both London and Toronto and I need him on my team to drive the Fast Forward resignaling program,” Byford said. “He has a stellar track record, he knows how to get contractors to deliver as part of a unified team, and I am delighted that I was able to persuade him to take up a real ‘New York challenge’.”

In London, Tomlin headed up the creation of the Jubilee Line Extension in the 1990s. In Hong Kong, he headed up the West Rail and Ma On Shan subway lines. He was with the Toronto Transit Commission, where Byford was his boss, from 2009 until this year.

Tomlin’s first project at the MTA will be to oversee the final adjustments to the new CBTC signal system that kicked in on the 7 line last month, said MTA officials.

Byford’s Fast Forward plan to fix the New York City subway system will cost about $37 billion and take 10 years.

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