Rockland, Illegal School Trailers – Is there no Law that Prevents This?

I-Team: New Battle Erupts in Rockland Over Illegal School Trailers

“It’s illegal, but there is no remedy in the law that allows us to shut them down,” the Ramapo town supervisor says

What to Know

  • Illegal school trailers have popped up in Rockland amid increasing demand for private religious schools to serve ultra-Orthodox Jews there

  • Trailers were first constructed at 261 Route 306 in Monsey in 2015, and still don’t have a certificate of occupancy

  • Residents say they are worried about safety inside the trailers and on the neighboring roads

A new neighborhood battle is erupting in Rockland County over school trailers housing hundreds of children amid an increasing demand for private, religious schools to serve the ultra-orthodox Jewish community.

As the controversy has plagued Rockland in recent years, Monsey resident Reuven Weinstein is leading the fight against the series of “temporary” trailers for a school at 261 Route 306 in Monsey, which has not had a certificate of occupancy for nearly a year. The trailers were first constructed in 2015. Congregation Bair Chinuch Alteres Bnos is affiliated with a property next door,  where several hundred more children attend school in a different building.

“How is a building being occupied by nearly 300 children without a certificate of occupancy? Aren’t those certificates of occupancies for all our safety? How is the town letting this slide?” Weinstein said.

Weinstein said he is worried about safety inside the school and on the neighboring road, where traffic has become increasingly congested. The longtime resident lost his son at a nearby intersection in 2005, when a car ran a red light and struck the 10-year-old boy as he was riding his bicycle home from a friend’s house. Weinstein claimed the intersection was dangerous when his son died, and that it has become even more problematic since the school opened a few years ago.

“It’s only gotten worse,” he said. “The traffic is uncontrollable. There’s more traffic here than can be handled.”

Ramapo’s prior administration was plagued by building department scandals. Recently elected supervisor Michael Specht said his administration is trying to get a court order banning the school at 261 Route 306 from operating until representatives get the required approvals.

“It’s illegal,” Specht said, “but there is no remedy in the law that allows us to shut them down.”

The supervisor said an inspector recently went into the property after a fire call but did not find any serious safety issues. In February, an inspection noted “dangerous conditions” and multiple fire violations, which the town said were addressed.

Justin Schwartz, chairman of the Rockland County illegal housing and private school task force, said, “I’m asking people to intervene before we bring out body bags. People seem not to care about the children. Not the firefighters, not anyone.”

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A Story of Rejection as Ex-Haredim are Rejected by the Former Communities


There is s simmering battle: several dozen haredi dropouts, young men and women who shed their Orthodox identity in their teenage years and are rejected by many in their former communities.

Haredi population projections to be less than previous estimates

Young haredim more myopic than secular, modern Orthodox counterparts

Haredim (ultra-Orthodox) walk through Bnei Brak during the funeral procession of Rabbi Aharon Leib S



 10 August 2018

As those of you who have followed this blog since its inception in 2016 know, this is a blog designed to improve the lives of those whose livelihoods have been ravaged by fraud, theft and dishonesty, whose bodies have been violated by sexual abusers and predators, whose families have been destroyed by the fallback or separated by religious dogma, and whose countries have been harmed by greed, opportunism and a disregard for humanity.

That the perpetrators within the pages of this blog are Jewish, and generally call or otherwise would refer to themselves as pious, observant, frum, Haredi,  scholarly, “philanthropic” or whatever term of art they choose, is not by coincidence, nor is it by anti-Semitism or self-hatred. As we view it, we are accountable and have a responsibility to bring the bad behavior of our own to light.

Contrary to criticism regularly voiced, this is not a measure of anti-Semitism; but rather an effort to effect change within our own community. If we cannot scrutinize the behavior of our own, who will? If it takes a village to raise a child, what does it take to raise a well-behaved, considerate and caring child?     

We have picked up on stories where others have ignored them. We have solved crimes before law enforcement and we have provided clues to issues that were missed by others. Here at LM we do not take credit. It would not have been possible without you, our readers.

This is a blog designed to look in the darkest recesses of our existence in areas that governments and law enforcement either don’t have the time, the resources, the interest or the chutzpah to investigate or are being paid or otherwise compensated to look the other way. That statement is very much an indictment of governments, law enforcement, legal systems, Jewish organizations, Rabbinical Counsels and judicial conduct throughout the world. This is not a problem limited to Australia, Canada, the United States, Israel and other parts of European Continent. It is a worldwide problem.

Today we noticed that there are a significant number of readers coming from Congo and other areas affected by mining and the unscrupulous behavior of some of our diamond dealers, mineral miners and oil refiners. If you have something to say, something to report, please use the email address: and let us know. We will pursue the leads that are provided. While we may not have answers fast enough for your liking, there is little that gets ignored. But we ask the same of you, please do not ignore anything. 

As many of you who have followed this blog know, we have over the course of the last two plus years rarely removed articles and information, though we have made corrections where we got something wrong. If something is gone, removed, missing or otherwise unavailable, it is because we have been “compelled” to take it down; or WordPress has done so without our consent likely by “Court Order” to do so.

We receive every manner of threat of violence, threat of lawsuit, threat of harm and all forms of intimidation. If a battle is worth fighting, we will take it on. If not, we let it go. We ask of you, our loyal readership, to pay close attention to those things that we have chosen not to take on. There is often more to be said for what has been sent back to the shadows than for what remains transparent.

And finally, for those of you who follow this blog and who, as a result, view all Jews in a light least favorable, because of what you read on these pages, we ask that you not assume we are all alike. Love thy neighbor until there is specific reason not to. We are not all alike. There is beauty to the Jewish world in all its forms. 

Enjoy the wedding, just remember to stomp on the glass.

Have a lovely Shabbat.


Nordlicht and Huberfeld Dumping Properties – if the SEC is going to get it, Let’s Spend it First



It is no secret that we feel that Huberfeld and Nordlicht and their “Platinum Partners” were serial schemers. They have, over a long and sordid history, increased their individual and collective wealth through a series of well-played investments in the stupidity or naivete of their victims. We have to give them credit… manipulating markets at well as you manipulate people and then enshrouding it all in a reputation of “Philanthropy.”

In the latest of twits and turns, they are dumping properties. Were we to be the rainmakers at the SEC and the IRS, we would be freezing these properties so they cannot be sold. Unfortunately, we are mere mortals and do not have the appropriate clout. But we are hoping perhaps someone is reading.

Between West 85th Street & West 86th Street   |    Riverside Dr./West End Ave. 

For More InformationAre you ready to tour 535 West End Avenue?Contact

Key Details

  • Condominium
  • Built in 2009
  • 29 Apartments
  • 20 Floors


There are a pair of 535 West End Avenue apartments in New York City up for sale by Huberfeld and Nordlicht:

The apartments are #10 and #15:

The first apartment is owned by Laura Huberfeld — Wife of Murry Huberfeld of Platinum Partners and the Seabrook bribery case:

The second apartment is owned by Mark Nordlicht of Platinum Partners — but it’s in a holding corp:

Other Info
Mark Nordlicht sold his Bal Harbour Condo last year for close to $8M:

As of this past December, Mark Nordlicht and other Platinum executives had ‘exhausted’ at least $10 Million on their defense:

Mark Nordlicht just switched to his third (?) set of attorneys, Jose Baez:

Our speculation:

The legal fees are building up or are anticipated to be very high — hence the need to sell the NY apartments.  As you recall Mark Nordlicht and associates are first facing a Criminal suit from the Federal Government and then following that case, the SEC wants to clawback $100 Million is management fees charged to clients of the failed Platinum Partners hedge fund (

Guess it’s better to sell the apartments and spend the money on a legal defense then possibly lose the SEC trial and have the government take it.

Bottom line, a couple of lucky buyers may get a good deal on a high end condo in NYC!


Chabad Rabbi Aryeh Goodman, Previously Convicted of Child Molestation, Charged with Engaging in Prostitution with a Child — Chafraud-Depravitch

East Brunswick rabbi paid for sex with teen, prosecutor says New Jersey 101.5 February 18, 2018: Rabbi Aryeh Goodman, 35, has been charged with one count of engaging in prostitution with a child and one count of endangering the welfare of a child, according to Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew C. Carey. According to Carey […]

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Brius residents in Marin report going weeks without showers — Chafraud-Depravitch

Here’s the latest about some of the substandard care found in nursing homes controlled by ultra-Orthodox multi-millionaire Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz. From One of Brius Healthcare’s largest nursing homes is “woefully understaffed,” forcing residents to go weeks without a shower and sit in their own excrement for hours waiting for assistance, according to a recently […]

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Haredi dropouts battle Orthodox extremists in a divided Israeli city

BEIT SHEMESH, Israel (JTA) — Built in the 1990s in part to ease crowding in haredi Orthodox neighborhoods elsewhere in Israel, Ramat Beit Shemesh Bet is both an Orthodox boom town and a site of ongoing tensions between different streams of religious Jews. National-religious Jews have long complained of harassment by members of the haredi…

Source: Haredi dropouts battle Orthodox extremists in a divided Israeli city