Rabbinical Court Gives Custody to Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting His Daughter – Israel


Imploring the Ultra-Orthodox Community to Protect its Children

We believe that the translation is as close to the content of the original article as possible.

The content reflects a concern amongst Jews, that Israel may be a haven for pedophiles, particularly where the Rabbinical Court gets involved.

We believe that wherever there are ultra-Orthodox zealots, there is a safety net for pedophilia. Israel simply needs to stop accepting Jewish sex offenders into its borders, or alternatively send them back to their countries of origin if Israel is uncomfortable jailing the monsters within its borders.

Sexual assault within the ultra-Orthodox community in Israel and abroad is one of the greatest tragedies of our time, of epidemic proportions. It is our position that the Rabbis who allow this continue, who are responsible for rulings such as the one below, are providing de-facto criminal assistance to the very act of sexual assault. The Rabbis who know this is happening and do nothing, in Israel and worldwide, might as well be holding the children down while the pedophiles abuse them.

The crimes and the disastrous impact on the children that follows is solely on the shoulders of those who sit by and do nothing, or worse still, demand silence.

We implore the ultra-Orthodox communities worldwide to take responsibility for what is happening to generations of children and put a stop to it. This is not about “Moser” (reporting), it is a matter of “Pikuah Nefesh” (the health of the soul).


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Rabbinical Court: A person suspected of indecent assault on his daughter will receive custody of her

Despite the police’s recommendation to indict him for sexual offenses, and contrary to the opinion of the welfare authorities, the rabbinical court ruled that a man suspected of indecent assault on his daughter would receive custody of his children. Attorney Batya Kahana Dror: “The court puts itself above the criminal law, the police and the prosecution.” Rabbinical Court: “We decide in accordance with the children’s welfare”


The Jerusalem Rabbinical Court ruled that a man suspected of an indecent act against his daughter would receive custody of his children.  Ynet learned that the decision was made despite the police’s recommendation to file an indictment against the man for sexual offenses within the family, in a case that is still awaiting the decision of the State Prosecutor’s Office, and contrary to the opinion of the welfare authorities.

B. was arrested last year on suspicion of sexually assaulting his underage daughter and even photographed the act. He did not deny the actions but claimed in his defense that his intention was good – to document the daughter reconstructing sexual offenses allegedly committed by other relatives, as the basis for a complaint on his part.

The father did report the recovery to the welfare authorities, and even transferred the video to them before his arrest, but his explanations did not satisfy the police, which attributed severe sexual offenses to his daughter. She recently completed the investigation, and the findings were transferred to the State Prosecutor’s Office for a decision on whether to file an indictment in the case. According to the criminal record, the offenses in which he is suspected are protected by a minor and the rape of a minor in the family.


At the same time, the parents of the minor are conducting a divorce struggle, focusing on the issue of custody of their children, including the injured daughter. Before the exposure of the video, B. received responsibility for it because of his mother’s precarious medical condition, but after his arrest the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court ruled that they would be transferred to her when the father could fulfill the vision arrangements and meet them only under the supervision of the welfare services.


Criminal proceedings against the father

In recent months, the dayanim changed their decision and ordered the transfer of custody to B. The members of the panel, headed by the head of the rabbinical court, Rabbi Mordechai Ralbag, did so in complete disregard of the advanced criminal procedure being conducted in the father’s case – and contrary to the opinion of the welfare agencies that deal with the family

At first the court appointed a psychologist to supervise B’s meetings with the children. Later his powers were expanded so that he could also recommend the vision arrangements. The mother, through her attorney Adv. Edna Ashkenazi, objected to the appointment and refused to recognize him as an objective party and to cooperate with him.


The psychologist changed his views during the follow-up: his first recommendation was for joint custody, and he later went on to recommend that the children be transferred to the father’s custody, on the basis of an external professional opinion that presented him with a low level of risk. The dayanim eventually adopted the later position, and last month they decided that the guards would be responsible for the guards.


Despite the successive attempt by the welfare authorities to change the court’s decision, it remains the same – while the criminal procedure is still underway and the case awaits the prosecution’s decision to file an indictment against the father. The dayanim explained that they do not accept the position of the caregivers because they claim that there were fundamental defects in their work.


The dayyan precedes the position of head of the Avot Beit Din

The judge, Ralbag, who in the past few days was appointed to be the head of the rabbinic courts in Jerusalem (the president of the religious court), sought to limit the significance of the decision, and remarked that the transfer of custody to the father should not be considered a real change in the court’s position, Of B, then the children were in his possession.


As a result, the mother’s attorney, Batya Kahana-Dror, appealed to the legal advisor of the Ministry of Social Affairs, requesting that the legal advisor report to the children on behalf of the children and work to remove them from B. “There is no dispute that as long as the father is under criminal investigation for sexual abuse of his children, he can not be a custodial parent,” she argued. “Amazingly, this basic norm is not taken for granted by the court.”


"As long as the father is under criminal investigation for sexual abuse of his children, he can not be a custodial parent."  Attorney Batya Kahana Dror (Photo: Gil Yohanan) (Photo: Gil Yohanan)

“As long as the father is under criminal investigation for sexual abuse of his children, he can not be a custodial parent.” Attorney Batya Kahana Dror (Photo: Gil Yohanan)


“The rabbinical court itself is above the criminal law, the police and the prosecution – and this time it can not be argued that ‘this is the halachah,'” she added. “On the day we note the struggle against violence against women, we must pay attention to the negative message from a judicial authority that belittles police and prosecution investigations, and thus covers and even encourages the social malaise of violence and sexual abuse in the family.”


Court: “There were flaws in welfare work”

The Rabbinical Court’s administration said in response: “This is a complex case in which discussions have been held and detailed decisions have been made, and it is impossible to go into detail at this stage. On the opinion of six dayanim in the regional court. ”


“In practice, the Social Affairs Ministry admitted that there were flaws in its work, among other things, including the fact that experts’ opinions were not before the members of the committee before its recommendations were issued, and therefore the decision committee of the welfare authorities will convene soon to reconsider its recommendations. In accordance with the totality of the evidence brought before it. ”


The rabbinical court also noted that the woman had filed an application for permission to appeal, but this was rejected by the Rabbinical Court, which explained: “There were fundamental flaws in the manner in which the welfare office dealt with problems that inevitably radiate its recommendatio



Malka Leifer – Extradition and Hearings, and 3 of her Victims

Melbourne sisters miss out on facing accused abuser in court

Three sisters who were allegedly abused by the former principal of an ultra-orthodox Jewish school in Melbourne have missed out on facing their accused abuser in court.

Dassi Erlich, and her sisters, Nicole Meyer and Elly Sapper, travelled more than 13,000km for the court hearing in Israel, however a last-ditch ruling by the judge excused Malka Leifer from appearing on the grounds it could be detrimental to her mental health.

The alleged victims were still allowed to sit in court for the hearing, which was to determine whether Leifer is mentally fit enough to be extradited to Australia.


Three sisters allegedly abused by former principal Malka Leifer travelled to Israel to attend a Jerusalem court hearing about her possible extradition to Australia. (9NEWS)


“It’s been very intense sitting in there,” Ms Erlich told 9News.

“Now we’re here and we see the ups and downs, and it’s incredibly difficult to watch that, and just hope and have faith that the judge will come to the right decision.”

The women could only listen and observe while a psychiatrist was questioned.

Leifer, a mother of eight, fled Australia for Israel in 2008 after being tipped off about the allegations against her.Leifer, a mother of eight, fled Australia for Israel in 2008 after being tipped off about the allegations against her. (AAP)

“We have no voice,” Ms Meyer said.

“We’ve got to be completely silent and that is the most difficult thing in there.”

Leifer, a mother of eight, fled Australia for Israel in 2008, after being tipped off about the allegations.

Leifer's defence lawyers are now arguing she is mentally unfit to be extradited back to Australia to face court over the accusations.Leifer’s defence lawyers are now arguing she is mentally unfit to be extradited back to Australia to face court over the accusations. (9NEWS)

She has battled extradition since 2014 when she was charged with 74 child sex offences.

Leifer’s lawyers argue she is too mentally ill to be extradited.

However, after a private investigator recorded video footage of Leifer walking, shopping and interacting with people, opinion in Israel is changing.

The former principal faces eight charges of alleged child abuse.The former principal faces eight charges of alleged child abuse. (AAP)

Both a member of Israel’s Parliament, the Knesset, and a Jerusalem city councillor were at court to observe proceedings and support the alleged victims.

“If she’s got nothing, if she wants to clear her name…if she’s not guilty…then why not go back and clear her name?” Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, a city councillor, said.

Leifer’s brother, sister and one of her adult children were also at court today.

Leifer did not appear in the court today, and the case is set to return in a hearing in January.Leifer did not appear in the court today, and the case is set to return in a hearing in January. (9NEWS)

They made no comment.

No judgement has yet been made about whether Leifer is mentally fit for extradition, and the case will return to court again in January.

It will be the former principal’s 43rd court date in Israel – and there’s still no sign of a quick resolution.

Did Leviev’s Bookkeeper Actually Jump – In Other Words, Was it Suicide?

lev levievLev Leviev, a Suicide… Was it Really a Suicide?


We have been following Lev Leviev for years. We have followed his entrails with Benny Steinmetz, the DRC, the 88 Queensway Group, Sam PaChina Sonangol,  the cartels, the virtual takeover of the DeBeers empire, Dan Gertler and on and on. It is difficult to amass that much wealth, in an business empire built on enslaving a country and its members, without there being much to be said. 

We have followed the battle between Lev Leviev and Arkady Gaydamak and a trust which Leviev was to hold on behalf of Gaydamak and instead allegedly kept for himself. According to lawsuits, Berel Lazar, a trusted Rabbi, was to hold onto the trust in good faith for Gaydamak to claim later; and instead he and Leviev managed to wrest Gaydamak’s assets away from him. The justice in that is a question for the philosophers. Gaydamak signed the trust document to hide assets. Lazar allegedly “misplaced” the trust (or claimed it did not exist) and ultimately Leviev was all the wealthier for it. With friends like that, one needs no enemies.

We posit, with significant analysis behind us, that in New York the police officers working on behalf of Leviev’s quasi-associate, Jona Rechnitz, were paid in diamonds. We believe the entire story is integrally connected to the closing of the tunnels. We contend that at some point, when time has passed and they are free of prying eyes, at least some of the officers are going to suddenly uncover the buried treasures of their interludes with Rechnitz (and Reichberg).  Rechnitz in our view is perhaps the least credible witness available. He will not stand trial and will save his own skin by tossing others under a proverbial bus. But that is for a different story.

Leviev’s connections to Putin, Kushner, Berel Lazar, the criminal governments throughout Africa and the DRC speaks volumes to who he is. That he has given money to Chabad and other Jewish causes, in a quasi Robin Hood alternate universe, is irrelevant. His wealth is built on blood diamonds and the backs of friends and enemies. That is our perspective.

And today, we do not feel that the woman who jumped to her death in Israel, Leviev’s bookkeeper, committed suicide. We offer condolences to her family, to her loved ones, to those who are experiencing a grief that few will ever understand. People close to the investigation have told us that she was only questioned for a few hours and only in the last day or so. She had not been “under investigation” per say. If she jumped (and by implication we mean was not pushed) we take the position that she did so under threat, for fear of something beyond the investigation or because she had some very dark information. We can only hope that the authorities in Israel, and perhaps in the US are investigating, thoroughly.  

Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitz – Quasi Rabbi, Keeper of the Holy Sites, Never Properly Certified to be a Rabbi


The following is a loose translation of an article from 2016 whereby Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitz’s position as keeper of the Western Wall and the holy sites in Israel was questioned because he was never officially certified to be a rabbi. This is the same rabbi (quasi rabbi) who has spoken against women being permitted to pray at the Western Wall. He is the same rabbi (quasi rabbi) who imposes significant restrictions on women including searches to be certain that they are not carrying holy items into restricted areas.

Should he even have been given the position he holds, which is a lifetime position and, for which he is likely handsomely paid, but for which he does not have the rabbinical background generally associated with that position.

To the Rabbi for the Kotel (the Western wall) and all holy sites, there is no rabbinical certification.

The Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitz who is responsible for the Kotel and all holy sites in Israel, was never tested for or earned the normal rabbinical certification. He was certified as passed down through Rabbinical decree which apparently was acceptable at the time.


Without appropriate certification at the age of 25 Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitz began referring to himself as a rabbi. And 5 years after that he received the position as Rabbi of the Kotel and all holy sites in Israel without receiving appropriate certifications [loosely translated].

He acts as a rabbi for the holy places “the keeper of the holy places” by way of law. The law allows him to act in this position as manager of the holy places but he refers to himself as a rabbi. There is no certification required to be responsible for the Kotel and to make decisions; but he is expected to be certified. As a matter of the rabbinical authority, this generally does not happen as it is expected that the person in his position would have the certification as a rabbi.

From the Rabbinical counsel, Rabinovitz responded “For the Rabbi of the Western Wall, there is a consensus of the many rabbis and from them the highest order of Jewish law “which can be determined  by their head leader” by order of the great Rabbi Shlomo Salman (may he rest in piece). And at that time the requirements to receive the position [of Rabinovitz] could be passed along.”

לרב הכותל והמקומות הקדושים אין תעודת רבנות

הרב שמואל רבינוביץ שאחראי על מתחם הכותל והמקומות הקדושים לא נבחן מעולם במבחני הרבנות. מלשכתו נמסר בתגובה: “הוא הוסמך לרבנות על ידי הגרש”ז אוירבעך. בזמנו זה מה שנדרש”

מערכת כיפה

כג בסיון התשעו


29 ביוני, 2016 10:38


Shmuelxq-cc-by-saצילום: Shmuelxq-cc-by-sa

הרב שמואל רבינוביץ, רב הכותל והמקומות הקדושים, בכלל לא נושא עליו תעודת רב ואף פעם לא נבחן במבחני רבנות. רבינוביץ התחיל לשמש כרב המקומות הקדושים בגיל 25 בלבד, וחמש שנים לאחר מכן קיבל לידיו את רחבת הכותל המערבי מבלי שעשה שום הכשרה רבנית מוקדמת. כך נחשף היום בגל”צ.

הוא מתפקד כרב המקומות הקדושים בתור “הממונה על המקומות הקדושים”, כלשון החוק. משפט זה מאפשר לו לכהן בתפקיד בתור מנהל המקום, אך הוא משתמש בו כרב. אין בתוקף סמכותו של אחראי הכותל לקבל החלטות הלכתיות והוא אמור להיות כפוף לרבנות הראשית, מה שבפועל לא קורה, כפי שאומרים בכירים המקורבים לרבנות הראשית.

מלשכת הרב רבינוביץ נמסר בתגובה: “לרב הכותל המערבי יש סמיכה לכהן כרב מרבנים רבים, ובהם גדולי פוסקי הלכה ובראשם מר”ן, פוסק הדור הגאון רבי שלמה זלמן אוירבעך זצ”ל. בזמנו זה מה שנדרש לכהן בתפקידו”.

Leviev, LLD Diamonds, Africa Israel and a Name Withheld

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – The son of Israeli billionaire diamond magnate Lev Leviev is among suspects arrested in Israel in connection with a diamond smuggling scheme, according to court documents released on Tuesday.

The case focuses on Leviev’s company, LLD Diamonds, a leading global manufacturer and marketer of polished diamonds, Police have said they expect to make more arrests, both in Israel and abroad.

Leviev’s son Zevulun is among six suspects accused of involvement in a smuggling operation that has brought about 300 million shekels’ ($80 million) worth of diamonds illegally into Israel since 2010, according to a transcript of a custody hearing held on Monday.

Israel is a world centre for diamond cutting and polishing, with one of the biggest exchanges in the world, at Ramat Gan.

Lawyers representing Zevulun Leviev in a statement said the allegations against him were “baseless” and his arrest appeared to be a tactic to “illegitimately pressure his father”.

Lev Leviev, who was born in Uzbekistan and according to the court documents is currently believed to be in Russia, built his fortune in diamonds and property.

LLD said in a statement it had no knowledge of the alleged smuggling.

“Mr. Leviev and the companies in his control operate in accordance with the proper norms while adhering to the law. We hope that the matter will be clarified soon and the suspicions will be proven baseless,” it said.

Leviev also owns 48 percent of the real estate firm Africa Israel Investments , once one of Israel’s biggest conglomerates, whose business has struggled since a downturn in the Russian real estate market. ($1 = 3.6847 shekels)

Measles – Are Rational Minds Going to Prevail on Vaccinations Urges from Baadatz – From YWN

MEASLES OUTBREAK SPREADS: 8 Bochurim in Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim Hospitalized; Baadatz Urges Vaccinations


Health Ministry officials in Israel and around the world are concerned with the increasing spread of the measles, the likes of which we have not seen in many years.

More than 1300 people have been sickened in Israel, and an unvaccinated 18-month-old child was R”L killed.

Thee outbreak has spread to the Frum communities in the New York / New Jersey area, including Monsey, New Square, Williamsburg and Lakewood, where the so-called anti-vaxxers are under fire for endangering the other members of the community, those who comply with guidelines and have had themselves and children vaccinated.

On Tuesday, 28 Marcheshvan, eight bochurim from the Mir Yeshiva were hospitalized, diagnosed with the measles. This includes local bochurim and some from overseas. Medical personnel arrived at the yeshiva on Tuesday morning and the dining hall was converted to a medical clinic as bochrim were vaccinated. (as can be seen in the photos attached above and below) Vaccinations were given to local and bochrim from abroad learning in Mir.

Rabbi Dr. Menachem Chaim Breyer, Deputy Medical Director of Bnei Brak’s Mayanei HaYeshua Hospital and a representative of the Rabbis for Medical Ethics on Tuesday morning spoke with Kol Chai radio host Betzalel Kahn, seeking to highlight just how worrisome the situation is.

Rabbi Dr. Menachem Chaim Breyer, Deputy Medical Director of Bnei Brak’s Mayanei HaYeshua Hospital

Rabbi Dr. Breyer explained “The fear is not just in Israel, but around world, and while there were 34 documented cases of measles in Israel in 2017, today, there are already 1350 cases in Israel, and that number of climbing. In addition, in one-third of the cases there are medical complications, and the mortality rate in these cases is 1:1000”.

Many are getting vaccinated now, after the outbreak, and Israel’s Health Ministry has launched a major campaign, an effort to educate the tzibur and a call to all whose children are unvaccinated, to come and get vaccinated immediately. Similar cries have been heard in Monsey already, as well as other places.

Rabbi Dr. Breyer explains that while with many viruses if one is exposed, it is not that likely to spread to others. However, he explains the case regarding the measles is not so, since it is very aggressive and if 100 people are exposed to the virus, 90 will become ill as a result so the spread is rapid and worrisome. He mentioned the experts in the Health Ministry are also considering to begin vaccinating the little ones at the age of 9 months instead of today’s norm of one year.

Kol Chai:
Do we know what caused the spread this year, above previous years?

Dr. Breyer:
We don’t know but someone who visited Israel from abroad brought it here. What is certain is the persons who do not vaccinate their children are a major contributory factor and these children infect everyone around them, and anyone they come into contact with.

I have been visiting with Gedolei Yisrael and HaGaon HaRav Moshe Sternbuch Shlita instructed me to delve into deeper and to bring him information to determine the magnitude of the illness, and recommendations as to what needs to be done.

In a letter released by the Ravaad Eida Chareidis, Rav Sternbuch states specifically it is the responsibility of every father to make certain his children are vaccinated, bringing quotes from Shulchan Aruch citing the matter of שפיחת דמים, causing loss of life. Dr. Breuer told Kol Chai those who do not vaccinate their children are not aware of the damage they are causing and the responsibility they bear for the spread of the illness in proportions that have not been seen in decades.

Kol Chai:
The illness today is primarily in chareidi areas?

Dr. Breyer:
I don’t want to respond right now.

Kol Chai:
This is not speaking ill of any population but simply providing factual information to the chareidi tzibur listening to us now.

Dr. Breyer:
The illness came from a person visiting Israel from abroad but if parents vaccinated their children, we never would have reached the numbers we have today. Why do these people gamble with the lives of their children, after all they [the others] are not hefker.

Rav Sternbuch realizes what is taking place and admitted his is thinking if this possibly demands declaring a day of tefilla or a fast day, so we must realize the magnitude of what we are facing, the spread of the illness as we have not seen in decades. There are almost no reactions to be concerned with and I one again call on parents to have their children vaccinated immediately.

Ultra-Orthodox Charities (in Israel) Currently No Monitoring of Money Laundering, IRS? SEC? “Café Shachor Muchan”


Israel Stalls on Monitoring ultra-Orthodox Charities, Exposing Them to U.S. Sanctions

Ultra-Orthodox charities are considered high-risk for money laundering, as all their operations are in cash and they lack all monitoring


After years of foot-dragging the Knesset is being asked yet again to debate the sensitive issue surrounding money laundering and tax evasion risks involved in the work of religious charities.

The debate is being run by the most senior Haredi figure in the Knesset, Finance Committee chairman Moshe Gafni (United Torah Judaism), so it is doubtful whether we’ll see any substantial progress soon on the issue.

It’s been two years since a bill was introduced to monitor the charities that provide loans without interest to the needy. Gafni has taken some steps with regard to the legislation but hasn’t really advanced it.

Tuesday’s debate will focus on the question of which organization would monitor these charities. It’s a strange question considering the fact that the bill says it should be the body that monitors non-banking credit institutions in Israel, the treasury’s Capital Markets Authority.

But Gafni is unhappy with this organization, especially since the authority has insisted on full control and Gafni would prefer to see an easier approach.


At first he tried to advance a strange proposal to establish a new financial monitoring body in the welfare ministry. When the state objected, Gafni checked out other possibilities. Several weeks ago he checked out the prospect of the bank monitors though they are no less strict than the capital markets unit. The Bank of Israel did indeed rejected that idea. But Gafni’s idea gave the impression that the main reason for his coming up with the alternative was so as not to look like he was dragging his feet on the legislation.

Gafni has invited a fourth government agency to the meeting, the Justice Ministry’s Corporations Authority, to see whether they would be willing to oversee the charities, via a more lenient approach than other authorities.

This appeal will also prove futile, as the Corporations Authority will not be able to undertake this job so long as the state sticks to its position that it’s a task that belongs to the Capital Markets Authority.


Time is running out for the charities and the country. The fact that they are not being monitored, hence their operations run a significant risk of money laundering crimes, exposes them to the risk that American banks will stop working with them. This is a threat that can be carried out at any time. The charities got a two-year extension from the Americans to be monitored. The deadline expired in August, and that means at any moment a Haredi charity may find itself rejected by the American financial system.