PE or Publicly Traded Equity Owned Nursing Facilities, Covid-19 And the Profit in Negligence – No Oversight

Granite Creek Health and Rehabilitation would never require a worker to come to work sick. But they might ask.
Granite Creek Health and Rehabilitation would never require a worker to come to work sick. But they might ask.
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Dear Readers:

We will say it once. We can say it 1000 times.

Nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities and elder care institutions are not burdened by appropriate oversight. In reality, they largely report to no one. And, with combined ownership on the real estate side and on the management/operations side in the hands of private equity firms and publicly traded companies, the flow of money is endless and nearly untraceable. 

These homes churn owners, in some cases so they can change oversight records, wiping the slate clean when abuse and neglect results in patient death. They collect money from the government in the form of payments, reimbursements and for some even PPP loans or SBA loans, which should trigger government oversight. But sadly oversight is simply in short supply. 

And alas, with front-facing ownership changes, history gets scrubbed. It is all a shell game; and one that traffics in human life. With Covid-19, these homes can profit from death. 

In many states, the owners of these facilities are largely exempt from liability, even in the case of gross negligence – a highly profitable exemption. And the politicians who have collected donations can look the other way as the owners profit and those most vulnerable die. Humanity be damned.  

State Investigating a Nursing Home That Allegedly Kept COVID-Positive Workers on the Job

A nursing assistant at a Prescott nursing home says she was told to continue to work with patients after informing her supervisor that she was symptomatic for COVID-19 — and also after she later tested positive for the disease.

Now, the state is investigating.

The facility, Granite Creek Health and Rehabilitation Center in Prescott, a skilled-nursing facility with more than 100 long-term residents and rehab patients from the local hospital, had been spared until early June from the pandemic. But as certified nursing assistant at the facility told Phoenix New Times, things spiraled out of control quickly after an employee tested positive for the novel coronavirus on June 9.

New Times is not disclosing the name of the worker based on her request for anonymity. Sick with COVID-19 and still trying to beat back the virus in home quarantine, she doesn’t want to return to Granite Creek and doesn’t want publicity.

“The state surveyor told me that they’re keeping my identity secret and calling me by the code name ‘Hero Worker’ LOL,” she wrote in an email on Tuesday. “I am still concerned that it being known that I reported this could affect my ability to find another job once I’m recovered.”

Mike Rasmussen, the facility’s administrator, confirmed on Tuesday that 16 staff members and 25 residents at Granite Creek have tested positive. He acknowledged in an email that the company would allow a COVID-positive staff member to come to work, and might ask but would not require that a sick staff member come to work.

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FIGHTING BACK – Pt. 2 – Nursing Home Patients and Their Families, Victims of Abuse, Report and Seek Counsel Representing Victims

Aurora nursing home sued again after resident beats wheelchair-bound 92-year-old woman

Jury awarded other plaintiff beaten by same resident $3.6 million

An Aurora nursing home is being sued for a second time over allegations that a resident with a history of violence continues to injure other residents and that the facility does not have enough staff to properly care for the Alzheimer’s and dementia patients who live there.

The lawsuit filed last week in Arapahoe County District Court accuses Renew Saddle Rock of putting its financial goals over residents’ safety by under-staffing the home.

In October, an Arapahoe County jury awarded a former resident a $3.6 million verdict after he was beaten by a fellow resident, who has been identified as “Anne B.” Two months after the verdict, the nursing home owners changed the facility’s name to Renew Saddle Rock from Peregrine Senior Living at Aurora, the lawsuit said.

The new lawsuit was filed by Denver attorneys Jerome Reinan, Jordana Gingrass and Beth Dombroski on behalf of Joanna Dryva, whose mother, Maria Pallman, was injured in the attack. Dryva is seeking more than $100,000 in damages against Renew and the nursing home’s corporate owners, First Phoenix-Aurora of Wisconsin and Peregrine Management of Colorado.

The latest lawsuit accuses Anne B. of pummeling Pallman, a 92-year-old, wheelchair-bound woman who also suffers from dementia. On May 29, Anne B. hit Pallman in the face as she sat in a wheelchair in a hallway, the lawsuit said. Pallman now suffers from anxiety, and recurring headaches that she didn’t have before the assault, the lawsuit said.

The nursing home has refused to turn over surveillance footage of the assault, it said.

RELATED: These Colorado nursing homes were poorly rated and eligible for federal oversight. Until this week, nobody knew.

Attempts to reach the director of Renew and the facility’s owners were unsuccessful.

The lawsuit also accuses former nursing director, Britny Otto, of violating state law when she denied that Anne B. had assaulted a staff member during testimony about the first lawsuit.

“Despite actual knowledge that it was understaffed, Otto and Peregrine aggressively marketed Peregrine as having higher staffing than its competitors, as well as a better activities program than its competitors,” the lawsuit said. Otto had failed to report Anne B.’s assault on a staff member to police or the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment as required by Colorado law, the lawsuit said.

Renew Saddle Rock’s website said the memory care facility offers “all of the services and amenities that provide residents and families complete peace of mind, while transcending the status quo with experiential innovations like custom jewelry design and woodworking with local artists or private concerts with wine and cheese pairings.”

Peregrine actually staffed the nursing home with only one worker for up to 28 dementia patients during night shifts and on weekends, the lawsuit said.

Dryva would not have admitted her mother to the nursing home if she had been told about the first assault and the fact that Anne B. was still living in the home, the lawsuit said.

Anne B. has also been accused of assaulting a third Renew resident, who was identified as “Josephine,” and a worker who quit because of the attack, the lawsuit said. The nursing home did not report the assaults to law enforcement or licensing authorities, the lawsuit said.

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FIGHTING BACK! VictimS of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect, Make it Public and File Suit Against Owners [video]

Making the Case | The rights of nursing home residents and families

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is all too common, and many cases go unreported.

However, there are standards of care that nursing homes must meet. If they fail to meet these standards, victims and their families can sue in civil court.

Nursing home abuse can involve intentional physical violence, sexual assault, psychological abuse, financial exploitation, and neglect. While some forms of abuse are obvious, others are harder to detect.

Signs of nursing home abuse or neglect may include:

Broken bones, bruising or cuts

Frequent infections


Mood swings and emotional outbursts

Refusal to eat or take medications Or

Unexplained weight loss

If you believe your loved one has been abused or neglected by a nursing home or assisted living facility, visit

The US Nursing Home Travesty of Justice, Financial Fraud, Patient Abuse, Government Neglect and Liability and the Profiteers who Profit From it all

The Rosewood Care Center in Inverness, Ill., was backed by a program run by the Department of Housing and Urban Development that insures loans to more than 2,300 nursing homes across the country. CreditCreditDanielle Scruggs for The New York Times

$146 Million Default by Nursing Home Chain Leaves U.S. on the Hook

The cracks in the foundation of a Chicago nursing-home business began to appear almost immediately.

The owners stopped making mortgage payments on their crown jewel, the Rosewood Care Centers, barely a year after buying it in 2013. Paperwork about the chain’s finances was never filed with the government. Some money meant for the 13 nursing homes and assisted-living facilities went to prop up another investment.

In the end, the business defaulted last year on $146 million in government-backed mortgages — the biggest collapse in the history of a little-known loan-guarantee program run by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The Rosewood debacle demonstrates the problems plaguing the HUD program, which helps nursing homes obtain affordable loans and has become a linchpin of the American elder-care system.

By the government’s own admission, the federal agency’s stewardship of the program has been haphazard. Its oversight of nursing homes has been weak. When HUD officials have spotted problems, they often have been slow to respond. Sometimes it has taken years to intervene, allowing the finances at certain facilities to unravel to such an extent that the quality of care was undermined.

HUD officials described Rosewood as an outlier, saying that only 1 percent of the guaranteed loans end up defaulting. “Mortgage defaults in this program are exceedingly rare, yet reaching an acceptable resolution requires an owner’s willingness and ability to work on behalf of their residents,” the department said in a statement.

But the program — run by a department better known for fostering affordable housing — is a vulnerability for the federal agency. The nursing home industry is increasingly being run by for-profit operators facing dwindling margins. Some homes — especially those in rural areas — are struggling to stay open, with operators blaming low occupancy and insufficient payments from Medicaid and Medicare.

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Open Letter to Senator Ortt and Fellow Legislators – Nursing Care in New York

An Open Letter to Senator Ortt and Fellow Legislators:

Re: The Deplorable state of Nursing Homes in New York

As the child of an elder who was evicted-with 123 others in a real estate developer churn of a Nursing Home in Brooklyn, I’ve become fully engaged in these matters & very much appreciate your efforts to get some of the dynamics changed with the two proposed Bills. When I saw this story, in the link that follows, I wanted, with all due respect, to offer my take on what I’ve learned along the way with my personal experience & advocacy.

I’m betting the farm that what does get passed will be more optics than substance. What is required will never be written into law-Leading Age, NYSHFA, GNYHA & other LTCF Lobbying groups own too many NYS lawmakers who are currently in Albany. 

I’m going to ask you, if you’re not aware of the ProPublica Oct 2015 investigation, to take a look at it & its indictment of the DOH/Public Health & Health Planning Committee.

And…three years later two of SentosaCare’s homes were just sued- same ‘players’


Two city nursing homes sued for inadequate care and staffing

The lawsuits allege that understaffing at the facilities has led to infections and unsanitary conditions

Reality check…this is chronic…this is a business in which for-profit consortia with wide reaching tentacles own the Nursing Home industry in NY…and it has been cited that NYS has among the worst nursing home infractions & standards in America. Shame on us and shame on NY State Senators and Assemblypersons. It’s on you and the Governor!

A real solution? Jail time for criminal behavior towards the weak & vulnerable…overdue justice for victims of evil predatory harm…nothing less. It is an old story that NYS AGs don’t ever prosecute criminal owner/operators…especially former AG Schneiderman. The DOI refuses to investigate the deleterious DOH & PHHPC…we keep asking and they refer the problem home to…the DOH!? But the self-serving and abysmal Dept of Health which has abetted criminal owner/operators & rewarded malefactors with even more licenses-is the default department designated to monitor these very same miscreants!?! Unbelievable failure of stewardship. It must be changed.

In this particular matter you’ve addressed, the owners are parts of other consortia where sub-par facilities are a given-& rarely called to any serious account. Researching these names will provide you with chapter & verse. 

“Comprehensive principal owners include Joshua Farkovits, Bernard Fuchs and Mordy Lahasky. They have ownership stakes in other nursing homes besides the ones in Buffalo and Albany.”

These Bills sound nice…but here’s the rub:

A) Will Cuomo sign off on them?

I doubt it.

B) Surprise visits? 

May or may not help-& lack of money to hire sufficient investigators is problematic. As well, as long as there are no ratios to allow sufficient aides & RNs to be hired by nursing home ‘businessmen’ who frankly do not care a whit…continuing bed sores, elopements, psychotropic overmedication to quiet patients are the real problems that ‘surprise visits’ will not mitigate.

C) Independent monitors selected by the shameful PHHPC?

By the inept DOH?!? Believe me when I tell you-appointed ombudsmen (as has been the case) are tagged along by owner/operator management so that residents are fearful to speak about infractions. 

It would also require utilizing independent quality monitors, approved by the DOH, to directly supervise homes found to be non-compliant to ensure violations are addressed and fixed”

D) As for:

    ” The second of Ortt’s pending submissions will prevent any owners of nursing homes found with violations to acquire more properties until they’re rectified, after which there would be a two-year probationary period after the issues are resolved.”

It sounds good, Senator…but here again are three concerns…

    First-because violations are able to be self-reported by the operator…the emptiness of this standard is self-evident. 

    Secondly, the churning within the consortia of ‘investors’ is a revolving door…deals back & forth…two years means nothing when digging deeper-percentages exchanged in wheeling/dealing sub-rosa exchanges.  

    Finally-what is most important, is that until misdemeanors become felonies…all penalties-such as they purport to be, are nothing more than chump change fines -built into the cost of doing business. 

So please forgive my skepticism. 

What can I suggest that would be a positive proposal-you may well ask? Allow a revolving team of Nursing Home Resident family members to meet monthly as the truly independent monitors/reporters to document and to challenge infractions, failures, harm. Enshrine them to be as integral to the determination as the ‘appointed’ monitors. An authentic, no-holds-barred consortia that is calendared in Albany each month to share their findings & present them to the Health & Aging Committees as to what is actually going on. The imbalance of legislator pols (present company excepted!) whose existence relies on self-serving donors will never mitigate this…even as there are more elders in need of more safe long term care facilities…it will not happen with these two Bills, in my humble opinion. When new Bills are written, include the public -we’re the honest brokers with no conflicting favoritism.

New Bills irrespective of how well intentioned MUST be given teeth. This deleterious Governor must allow strong enforcement & unequivocal punishments to be passed into regulatory oversight. Only then will we see  prevention of the government sanctioned torment at life’s end for the most fragile souls…your loved ones and  mine. “

Yours sincerely,

A Concerned Citizen


Nursing Home Report, Non-NY Highest Fined, Widespread Neglect – Is this Really Where you Want to Send your Most Vulnerable for Care?

To our Readers:

This is part of our ongoing effort to spark government reform on behalf of our elderly and most vulnerable. Many of our elderly are living in deplorable conditions, understaffed, under cared for and largely ignored.

Fines (as listed below) are paid because it is far cheaper than fixing the problems. Owners see dollars over care, as evidenced by the reports listed below; and patients are getting, at best, substandard care. If you open the link, there is information about each and every home on the list, many of which have widespread problems listed.

The ONLY way that these places will be held accountable to their patients is if people, the public at large, refuse to send their elderly to stay at any of these homes. If they do not have the beds filled, they will either be forced to improve or to close. You, our dear readers, do have a choice. You do have a say. Please pay attention.

And, if you have a loved one staying at one of these places, if you see something, report it. Report to Medicaid and Medicare if there is fraudulent behavior going on. If your loved one is not getting the care you want, be loud. Be angry. Be an advocate. Don’t sit by and expect to get the right answers.

Nursing and rehabilitation care is ultimately a business. There are few, if any, acts of altruism. If the person who owns the home sees only dollar signs, your loved one is nothing more than a cash cow.  Our elderly deserve better.

See below. 

Highest Fines for Nursing Homes

Top 100 Fine Dollar Amounts

No. Name (State) Fine Date Fine Amount
1 Golden Living Center – Morgantown (WV) October 17, 2016 $1,508,727
2 Salem Transitional Care (OR) December 30, 2015 $1,219,608
3 Wellspring Health & Rehabilitation of Cascadia (ID) July 19, 2016 $1,127,000

Owned by Robert Robbie Hartman of Chicago and Isaac Neuberger of Baltimore

Brinton Woods Health & Rehab Center of Pikesville (MD) September 13, 2016 $788,696
5 Creekside Health and Rehabilitation Center (TN) June 16, 2016 $766,774
6 Consulate Health Care of Melbourne (FL) January 28, 2017 $724,707
7 Life Care Center of Lawrenceville (GA) November 4, 2016 $704,352
8 Nhc Place at Cool Springs (TN) August 14, 2015 $663,500
9 Cordele Health and Rehabilitation (GA) August 4, 2016 $650,000
10 Orchard View Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Center (GA) January 8, 2016 $637,455
11 Ballenger Creek Center (MD) August 2, 2016 $624,658

Owned by Ira Smedra from Los Angeles

Danville Centre for Health and Rehabilitation (KY) February 27, 2017 $616,110
13 Medical Management Health and Rehab Center (GA) January 29, 2016 $608,531
14 Montvue Nursing Home (VA) August 14, 2015 $603,027
15 Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center (GA) November 9, 2016 $594,680
16 Hurstbourne Care Centre at Stony Brook (KY) May 22, 2015 $579,458
17 Pruitthealth-high Point (NC) December 30, 2014 $566,280
18 Community Care of Rutherford (TN) July 29, 2015 $548,500
19 Golden Living Center – Riverside (WV) December 18, 2015 $541,385
20 Avante at Orlando Inc (FL) January 5, 2017 $538,715
21 Signature Healthcare at St Peter Villa (TN) August 28, 2015 $526,435
22 Excel Care Center (FL) May 1, 2015 $524,909
23 Signature Healthcare at North Hardin Rehab & Welln (KY) February 25, 2016 $523,868

Owned by Eli Gunzburg of Cleveland

Westport Care Center (KY) June 3, 2015 $508,495
25 Clairemont Healthcare & Wellness Centre, LLC (CA) August 11, 2014 $490,130
26 Brinton Woods Health & Rehab Center of Pikesville (MD) December 3, 2015 $476,808
27 Madison Pointe Care Center (FL) May 21, 2015 $472,805
28 Blount Memorial Trans Care Center (TN) October 2, 2014 $465,465
29 Signature Healthcare at St Peter Villa (TN) August 27, 2014 $449,248
30 Manorcare Health Services – Adelphi (MD) May 19, 2016 $435,500
31 Fox Chase Rehab & Nursing Center (MD) August 3, 2016 $429,590
32 Glenwood Healthcare (GA) November 18, 2016 $428,837
33 Diversicare of Nicholasville (KY) February 6, 2015 $425,000
34 Windermere Health and Rehabilitation Center (GA) August 5, 2016 $418,893
35 Wilora Lake Healthcare Center (NC) July 17, 2015 $415,679
36 Manorcare Health Services – Wilmington (DE) June 9, 2016 $414,854
37 Community Place (MS) October 19, 2014 $411,483
38 South Haven Health and Rehabilitation Center (AL) November 3, 2016 $402,540
39 Bernard Care Center (MO) February 19, 2015 $399,800
40 Prestonsburg Health Care Center (KY) July 30, 2015 $393,250
41 Princeton Health & Rehab Center, Inc (KY) September 12, 2014 $386,750
42 Manorcare Health Services – Woodbridge Valley (MD) September 10, 2015 $381,000
43 Stanton Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (KY) August 6, 2015 $377,738
44 University Center East (FL) May 8, 2015 $372,980
45 Mt Pleasant Healthcare and Rehabilitation (TN) November 3, 2016 $370,728
46 Fairview at Redstone Village (AL) January 31, 2015 $364,130
47 Forest Ridge Health & Rehab (WA) December 12, 2016 $363,272
48 Mountain View Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (KY) November 23, 2015 $357,338
49 Millennium Nursing & Rehab Center, Inc (AL) September 24, 2015 $354,380
50 Palm Garden of Clearwater (FL) April 13, 2017 $350,628

Owned by Ronald Wilhelm and his father-in-law from Cleveland, Ohio

Clinton Healthcare Center (MD) February 22, 2016 $350,500
52 Phoenixville Care and Rehabilitation Center (PA) August 12, 2016 $346,958
53 Anderson Mill Health and Rehabilitation Center (GA) January 20, 2016 $339,886
54 Deer Lodge (MT) February 2, 2017 $339,586
55 Haines City Health Care (FL) August 26, 2016 $339,385
56 Autumn Care of Drexel (NC) January 30, 2015 $337,968
57 Smith Medical Nursing Care Center (GA) December 15, 2016 $329,324
58 Woodley Manor Health & Rehabilitation (AL) May 7, 2016 $329,030
59 Pruitthealth – Shepherd Hills (GA) March 21, 2016 $325,098
60 Honorage Nursing Center (SC) January 13, 2017 $319,133
61 Twin Rivers Nursing and Rehab Center (KY) May 20, 2016 $314,990
62 Jefferson Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (TX) November 29, 2016 $313,400
63 Valley Nursing Center (NC) July 24, 2015 $311,625
64 Rainier Rehabilitation (WA) April 19, 2016 $311,253
65 Paul E Patton Eastern Ky Veterans Center (KY) January 15, 2015 $306,833
66 Iredell Memorial Hospital Inc (NC) April 20, 2016 $303,100
67 Signature Healthcare of Hart County Rehab & Wellne (KY) December 30, 2015 $301,600
68 Savoy Nursing & Rehab Center (MA) December 5, 2016 $298,766
69 Blue Point Healthcare Center (MD) January 15, 2015 $296,024
70 Mount Vista Rehabilitation and Health Center (AR) October 23, 2015 $292,200
71 Glenbridge Health and Rehabiltation Center (NC) February 27, 2015 $290,197
72 Good Samaritan Society – Silver Wood Village (ID) June 24, 2016 $289,597
73 Paramount Rehabilitation and Nursing (WA) June 24, 2016 $287,430
74 Brookdale Atrium Way 2 (FL) February 25, 2015 $286,130
75 Riverview Health Care Center (KY) January 25, 2017 $282,638
76 Lake Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (NC) November 2, 2016 $277,052
77 Lewis Memorial Christian Vlg (IL) February 6, 2015 $275,960
78 Edmonson Center (KY) December 19, 2014 $273,910
79 Rehabilitation and Health Center of Gahanna The (OH) February 15, 2017 $273,833
80 Riverside Health and Rehab (SC) March 3, 2015 $271,408
81 Magnolia Manor – Greenville (SC) December 14, 2016 $271,263
82 Woodlands Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (NC) January 20, 2017 $270,073
83 Orangeburg Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center (SC) September 15, 2015 $265,790
84 Pacific Specialty & Rehab Care (WA) October 25, 2016 $265,785
85 Prairie View Cr Center-lewistown (IL) August 27, 2014 $265,000
86 Consulate Health Care of Melbourne (FL) June 10, 2015 $258,635
87 Largo Health and Rehabilitation Center (FL) July 25, 2016 $255,041
88 Pineville Rehabilitation and Living Center (NC) March 1, 2017 $252,915
89 Compass Post Acute Rehabilitation (SC) April 21, 2016 $249,422
90 Windsor Healthcare Center of Oakland (CA) May 26, 2015 $246,750
91 Longleaf Neuro-medical Treatment Center (NC) August 20, 2016 $243,407
92 Eamc Lanier Nursing Home (AL) June 24, 2016 $243,003
93 Bermuda Commons Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (NC) August 27, 2014 $241,670
94 Blue Ridge in the Fields, LLC (SC) August 3, 2015 $240,386
95 Manorcare Health Services – Rossville (MD) June 30, 2015 $240,305
96 Cherrydale Health and Rehabilitation Center (VA) June 30, 2016 $239,850
97 Brookhollow Heights Transitional Care Center (TX) January 16, 2015 $239,655
98 Venetian Care & Rehabilitation Center (NJ) May 17, 2016 $239,547
99 Ridgeview Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center (PA) November 14, 2016 $239,379
100 Westminster Village Health (DE) August 26, 2016 $239,168

Holding Nursing Home Owners Accountable for the Deplorable Conditions of their Facilities, NY

Bills proposed to hold nursing home owners accountable

December 28, 2018 06:25 PM

Following a year-long News10NBC investigation into the horrific conditions some were living in while being patients at Sodus Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, there’s a new push to change state law to help keep people in nursing homes safe.  

News10NBC has been exposing the care and conditions inside Sodus Rehabilitation and Nursing Center after more than a dozen patients and family members stepped forward with horror stories about the physical conditions, food, cleanliness and lack of staffing inside.

Some of the more egregious accounts come from those who were rehabilitation patients and nearly lost limbs, they say, because of inadequate medical care.    

The CEO of the company that owns Sodus Rehabilitation and Nursing Center refused to answer any of News10NBC Investigative Reporter Jennifer Lewke’s questions when she tracked him down at one of his downstate nursing homes.

He asked her to leave the property and then called the police.  

Lewke also went to Albany to find the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Health, Dr. Howard Zucker.

Dr. Zucker’s department is tasked with regularly inspecting nursing homes. “I’ve seen your reports and I’ve been following what you’re doing and our entire team has been on this issue,” he told News10NBC.

But Senator Robert Ortt of Lockport doesn’t think that’s good enough.

“In many cases, these people have nowhere else to go. This is their only spot, their only opportunity and so no matter how bad the service, no matter how terrible the care, they still stay there and the owner still gets paid,” Ortt said at a press conferencing announcing new legislation to strengthen protections.

Ortt’s set of bills would require independent quality monitors to enforce compliance with corrective plans when problems are identified. He also wants at least 40 percent of nursing home inspections to be conducted on nights, weekends and holidays.

Ortt’s legislation, if approved, would also prevent current nursing home owners from buying new facilities while their current properties are facing violations and/or compliance issues.

“Look, I’m all for making money but if you’re going to buy a nursing home and you’re going into that business, you’re going to make money the right way. You’re not going to make it on the backs of our loved ones, on the backs of our seniors with providing them terrible, terrible care,” Ortt added. 


NYS health commissioner reacts to News10NBC investigation into Sodus nursing home

Exclusive: News10NBC tracks down the owner of Sodus nursing home

Outrage grows over conditions inside Sodus nursing home

Families: Loved ones in Sodus nursing home are in imminent danger

Former Sodus nursing home patient: “I would have laid in that bed and died”

GRAPHIC VIDEO WARNING: Horrifying video of medical situation at Sodus nursing home

Are staffing shortages leading to subpar care at Sodus nursing home?