Borough Park Shomrim Member Hit with Federal Child Rape Charges – Time to Upend the Shomrim –

Jacob Daskal (middle) faces federal charges for coercing a minor into sex.

Borough Park Shomrim leader hit with federal charges for child rape

Federal prosecutors charged the founder of the Borough Park shomrim with a three-count indictment for allegedly coercing a 15-year-old girl to travel for sex, authorities announced on Thursday.

Jacob Daskal, 62, had been charged in New York State court in 2018 for raping the teen victim, and was out on a $75,000 bond, but now the feds have stepped in — hitting him with charges of coercing a minor to engage in illicit sexual conduct, transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, and traveling with intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct,

“Daskal, who was almost 60 years old when these crimes were committed, exploited the vulnerability of a young teenager by grooming her for sex and enticing her into having sexual relationships with him,” acting US District Attorney Seth DuCharme said in a statement.

Federal prosecutors say that Daskal — who founded the private safety group that patrols Borough Park in conjunction with the 66th Police Precinct — fostered a sexual relationship with the underaged girl, who abused his home in Brooklyn in 2017.

Daskal also allegedly took the girl to his summer home in upstate New York — crossing state borders into New Jersey along the way, according to court documents. 

The cross-border crimes continued when the victim moved to Chicago, and Daskal allegedly communicated with the victim over Skype and text, asking her to pose nude during video chats and send nude photos, according to the federal complaint. 

On Nov. 5 2017, Daskal traveled to Chicago to visit the victim, where he brought her to a hotel room for sex, prosecutors allege.

“A man who founded an organization aimed at creating a safer community should know the difference between right and wrong,” said FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge William F. Sweeney Jr. 

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NYC – “Test and Trace” – Covid-19 and NYC Partnerships

The Covid Conspiracy? Or, a Group That Believes Itself Immune?

Yeshiva World News WhatsApp Blast


There is no shortage of video currently available with endless clips of non-socially-distant religious Jews who are not wearing masks and flouting safety precautions. They seemingly do not care about one another in that regard nor do they care about those outside of their community who may be adversely affected by their actions.

Many assert, like President Trump who has proudly proclaimed that Covid-19 is a “gift from G-d” or just a “flu” that Covid-19 is not a major health threat. Many believe that Covid-19 is a conspiracy imposed upon the people [religious Jews] for the purposes of mind control, limiting religious belief or some other absurd assertion. Many within the religious Jewish community believe themselves immune, either because G-d will step in “B’Ezrat Ha’Shem” and provide assistance, because they have already reached “herd immunity” or because the “others” are not worthy of their consideration or concern.

But the great irony is that there are also no shortage of requests for financial assistance, “chesed” charity to families of people suffering from Covid-19 or families of people who have died. When will the reality jive with the illusion that Covid-19 restrictions are not an anti-Semitic approach to a public health threat, but rather, a means to keeping everyone safe.

Covid-19 is a hazardous virus that presents a major health threat. Those members of the religious community who do not comply with strict requirements of social distancing and mask-wearing present a public health threat, not only to themselves but to others. Covid-19 is killing people. Those who are not adhering to law are committing acts of bio-terrorism.

It is about time that the non-civil law adherent Jews within the religious Jewish community at least begin to adhere to Jewish law “Pikuach Nefesh” which holds human life to be paramount.

Feeling Targeted? Are Religious Jews Committed to Protecting Everyone? Covid-19

From the files of First Amendment Activist

Is this discrimination or is the uptick in Covid-19 cases within the ultra-Orthodox Community in the United States and in Israel a numerically quantifiable increase Covid-19 activity and spread that requires taking immediate and unequivocal action?

This man from Borough Park is well-spoken and wearing a mask He claims anti-Semitism and discrimination. However, it is our opinion that he is mistaken given the video footage available from the Spring, the Summer and now the Fall of the ultra-Orthodox community NOT abiding by Covid-19 restrictions, social distancing or keeping out of packed shuls.

Is also quite tragic that this man seemed okay with a group beating up a “Moser” [snitch] which is the tragedy within this community. There seems to be a line drawn between the acceptable and the unaccepted.

This is posted, however, with respect and admiration insofar as the speaker who is being respectful and, as already stated, is wearing a mask.

He also may very well be accurate regarding the safety of walking around in his community late at night (so long as you are not a “Moser”).

The tragedy is that his views are shared by much of the community that feels the good it does exempts it from the necessity of compliance and “civil justice” appears to be okay.

We hold that religion does not exempt the community from being respectful regarding Covid-19 a threat to everyone.

Why Are Mainstream Jewish Organizations in NY Not Stopping the Violence? – Covid-19 and Trump…

Heshy Tischler Runs for Office and Incites Violence and Lawlessness – Covid-19


This Behavior is Pure Darkness.

The Earth Shattering Savagery of NY Jews Beating a”Moser” “Snitch” – Covid-19

In one Brooklyn ZIP code, 18 per cent of everyone who has gotten a coronavirus test since October 1 has tested positive, compared with a rate of about 3.9 per cent citywide, according to city data

Jewish man is left critically injured after being branded a ‘snitch’ by ultra-Orthodox rioters in Brooklyn who attacked him and a photographer for recording COVID-19 violations amid spike in coronavirus cases

Mordy Getz said his brother, Berish Getz, 34, was ‘critically injured by anti-mask Hasidic rioters’ during a protest in Borough Park, Brooklyn, Tuesday night

Victim was reportedly recording video of crowd, when some called him a ‘snitch’ and demanded that he stop; eventually they caught him and assaulted him

Mordy Getz said his brother was critically injured and taken to local hospital   

Meanwhile, near the same area, photographern Bruce Schaff was chased down

He said Orthodox Jewish protesters punched and kicked him for taking photos 

Schaff said he managed to escape before being seriously injured during incident

Protests erupted Tuesday night following Gov Andrew Cuomo’s new restrictions on nine mostly Jewish neighborhoods where coronavirus cases have surged  

The restrictions were placed on schools, businesses and religious gatherings 

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