The Teitelbaum Brothers at War or Something Else? A Petri Dish for Covid-19 Spread!!

The below letter to the editor is being published at the behest of an anonymous reader who is concerned about both the spread of Covid-19 and the raging “Hatfield’s and McCoy’s” style civil war between the brothers Teitelbaum, leaders of two factions of the Satmar religious community. We have not edited it.

We are not going to provide an analysis of the long-standing war between the brothers Rabbi Aharon and Rabbi Zalman Teitelbaum. It is an existential battle that would require an archivist, an expert in Satmar religious affairs, a magician and a philosopher to explain. But the spread of Covid-19 is an almost certain and foreseeable consequence of a massive gathering of the Kiryas Joel Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum Satmar community. Moreover, that will likely then be followed by a massive gathering of the Rabbi Zalman Teitelbaum faction, if the author of the below is correct.

We cannot independently verify why the community is being gathered.

Kiryas Joel’s Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum could be summoning his community to excoriate local and state government on Covid-19 mask mandates, or for any number of unrelated reasons. It’s anyone’s guess.

The author sent the below along to try and save the lives of his or her religious community members. If this post helps, so be it.

Note to reader: The translation of the Hebrew in the second to last paragraph is “Anyone who has saved a life it’s as if he has saved the world.”

It is signed: “And in the name of G-d may we do and may we be successful.”

Dear friend,

Please let’s prevent more deaths of our family and friends, more than enough died the last 2 years around us! And more than enough became severely sick with strokes and heart attacks around us!

I hope you are doing alright now, and if not it’s ok nor does anybody else do alright now… But if we do something proactive we may be feeling just a bit better.

The  hasidic Whatsapp groups are ablaze with Satmar Rebbe Rabbi Aron Teitelbaum of Monroe NY ‘s latest bombshell; he called for a gathering of thousands of his Hasidim followers to give a speech. Nobody knows yet what it will be but it is a scandalous because he asked no recordings should be allowed so we know it’s going to be a very dirty hateful speech against his brothers Zalmen followers that are becoming very strong in Kiryas Joel

This is based on a collection of all the leaks and speculations on whatsapp:

Tomorrow evening Thursday night the 16 of December 2021 8;30PM thousands will gather there in the main Kiryas Joel synagogue at 12 Garfield road.

All this amidst a new variant raging and the government not enforcing any masks nor other Covid precautions on this powerful bloc vote; so prepare for many more deaths there of their old and sick from omicron the next week or 2 while this major gathering is all about infighting of the grand rabbi Aron the older brother leader will forbid to buy homes and products from the growing minority who follows his younger brother grand rabbi Zelman there will be clips and pics so i tell u about this mass infecting of thousands with Covid a day and a half in advance.

The Aroiny Kiryas Joel leaders no doubt say this gathering is for G-d and Torah so they are ready to get infected; but we all know that it’s only for hateful politics!

Please spread this notice to all who may make a difference to halt this mass genocide of our vulnerable immune compromised members that will no doubt catch it form people who will attend this super spreader. כל המקיים נפש אחת מישראל כאילו קיים עולם מלא and even if we don’t like those aroinis they all have friends in business or family who are zalies that they will kill!

We can stop this if all of us really do speak up!

ובשם ה’ נעשה ונצליח!

In Utter Disregard, Covid-19, Torah Scrolls and It’s all Upside Down, Thousands of Ultra-Orthodox in Williamsburg

We considered flipping the video so it would not be upside down. But, this way seemed almost more fitting. in the video Aharon Teitelbaum, the Grand Rebbe of the Kiryas Joel Satmar sect is speaking about the importance of the Torah and the new scrolls. There is a great irony there, considering the blatant disregard for the sanctity of human life apparent in this vido.

It is a travesty for Jews everywhere. It is a shame that the leader of one of the wealthiest sects of ultra-orthodoxy and the religious faithful are not taught a more respectful lesson, to sanctify life.

A New Torah Scroll in Williamsburg, in a world turned upside down
the Satmar welcoming in a new Torah scroll

The Massive Funeral Reported Earlier Today Makes the Papers – Covid-19 and Superspreading at a Satmar Funeral

Maskless funeral goers in Williamsburg from the New York Post

NYC synagogue foiled over giant wedding succeeds in holding jam-packed funeral

A Brooklyn synagogue that was stopped by the state before it could host a massive wedding in October finally succeeded on Monday in pulling off another potential super-spreader event — a jam-packed funeral.

The Congregation Yetev Lev D’Satmar went coronavirus rogue for the funeral of 94-year-old former chief Satmar judge Rabbi Yisroel Chaim Menashe Friedman — with up to an estimated 5,000 people cramming the house of worship at 152 Rodney St. in Williamsburg.

Bodies were pressed in on all sides and spilled out onto the sidewalk as just a fraction of the Hasidic crowd was seen wearing masks.

Five NYPD officers were seen standing nearby outside the house of worship — where a crowd of men and boys failed to socially distance, many also maskless or with their masks down around their necks.

“Normally, we would avoid having such a crowd unless it was for something very, very important. This was one of those times,’’ said an attendee whose first name is Lipa.

“This man was a giant,’’ he said of Friedman. “He was there from the beginning, when the community was rebuilding after the war. A very, very holy man. For someone like him, you couldn’t keep people from coming even if you wanted to.”

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Berel Lazar, Chabad Russia in Kiryas Joel arranged by Chabad and Satmar?

Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar paid a visit to the Kiryas Yoel meat processing plant on Sunday, in a visit arranged by Chabad mechanech Rabbi Zalman Leib Markowitz. They were shown around by the Satmar Rebbe, Harav Aaron Teitelbaum, who also escorted them to other sites in the village.

Politics Makes For Very Strange Bedfellows…

Satmar Rebbe Escorts Rabbi Lazar on Kiryas Yoel Visit


Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar paid a visit to the Kiryas Yoel meat processing plant on Sunday, in the town of Palm Tree, New York, in a visit arranged by Chabad mechanech Rabbi Zalman Leib Markowitz. They was escorted on their tour by the Satmar Rebbe Harav Aaron Teitelbaum.

Currently in New York for the Kinus Hashluchim, Rabbi Lazar decided to utilize his visit for kashrus purposes as well, as requested to personally check the shechita process in the Kiryas Yoel meat processing plant. Rabbi Lazar was received with great honors, and the Satmar Rebbe himself chose to don the protective clothing and headphones needed in a meat processing plant and show the Cheif Rabbi around himself.

The visit was arranged by Rabbi Markowitz, a leading Chabad mechanech and mentor, who had grown up in the Satmar community and had attended the Satmar yeshiva where Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum was the Rosh Yeshiva.

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Anti-Semitism and Bigotry, Should Protesters and Party-Goers be Compliant? KJ Wedding and Covid-19

kj wedding

Kiryas Joel wedding calls into question state’s order on large gatherings, religion

A high-profile wedding celebration is calling into question the state’s executive order when it comes to large gatherings and religion.

Thousands of people packed inside the Village of Kiryas Joel’s main synagogue on Garfield Road last Tuesday.

Video of the event given exclusively to News 12 shows people sitting shoulder to shoulder and without masks, on rows of bleachers and on the floor, during a Hasidic custom called a mitzvah dance, following the wedding of Grand Rabbi Aron Teitelbaum’s granddaughter.

Catering halls statewide have not yet reopened, causing many people to postpone their weddings, but Village Administrator Gedalye Szegedin says the event was held at a synagogue and falls under Phase 2 guidelines, allowing houses of worship to reopen.

Szegedin also compared the event’s size to recent protests saying, “Sometimes social gatherings are unavoidable and spontaneous as we’ve seen the multiple large protests all over the streets of the U.S.”

According to the New York state website, whether protesting or at a wedding, New Yorkers are required to wear masks and maintain a 6-foot distance in public.

Places of worship are permitted to reopen – but at 25% occupancy – with all social distancing protocols in place.

Village officials say despite the turnout, the synagogue was at 25% capacity and that masks – whether worn or not – were made available to everyone.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has repeatedly said it’s up to local officials to enforce the executive order, which can include misdemeanor charges and fines up to $10,000.

County officials say it’s up to state police to investigate and that the governor has been notified of the apparent loopholes.

News 12’s calls to state police have not been returned.

The Great Rabbi Teitlebaum is Speaking – Control..

Satmar Hasidim Want To Silence Their Public, The Announcement…

Yesterday we posted a report Rabbi Teitlebaum’s warning his community, couched in an urgent meeting. Before further adieu, we have a correction to our article.

the Haredi site בחדרי חרדים is translated as: in the rooms/chambers of Haredim (NOT secret rooms)

We received a copy of the announcement for the meeting early this morning. It is written in ancient formal Hebrew, not the spoken Hebrew generally used. It brokered little argument that attendance was required, though it did not directly say “Attendance Required.” The Holy Rabbi Teitlebaum Comes to speak, people attend.


The translation is as follows:

“Gather [spelled incorrectly missing a taf] and Listen”

“This Holy Shabbat, May 21, 2016″ (date from Hebrew Calendar)”

“Gather All of the Members of our Pious Community”

“For an Urgent Meeting”

“At the Large Synagogue”

“At the hour of 7:45”

“To listen to our Esteemed Rabbi”

“Hear the Holy Sermon Regarding Urgent Matters”

Community Administration



Satmar Rabbi in Kiryas Joel – Speaking in Code

Satmar Rabbi Aaron Teitlebaum Speaking in Riddles to His Followers… 

Reporting to Civil Authorities Will Lead to Excommunication 

May 22, 2016

This past Saturday, May 21, 2016, Rabbi Aaron Teitlebaum, the Satmar Rabbi of Kiryas Joel, called an urgent meeting of members of his community (the men) to discuss the events surrounding the death of Rabbi Yitzchak Rosenberg (zl).

During that meeting Rabbi Teitlebaum acknowledged that he had been, and will be again paid a visit by the FBI. He in riddles but in very certain terms stated that these visits are based upon outlandish ‘tales’  told by members of his community and then misconstrued by social media and the press.

Rabbi Teitlebaum held the meeting on Shabbat; but was very cognizant that perhaps there was someone in his own ‘Kehilah’ (community) who might be taping something. This is, as he acknowledged,  despite a religious prohibition against the use of electronics. The tone was one of mistrust; and his comments were tempered and encoded to provide his community, his children, with a clear warning: “I do not trust you.”

Rabbi Teitlebaum commented that everything they say eventually winds up reaching the press; and sent a stern warning to members of his community not to speak with outsiders. He levied threats. He postulated that whomever it is in his Satmar community who might be taping his speech (informants), and who may be speaking to the FBI or otherwise ‘telling tales,’ would no longer be welcomed in the community. 

Rabbi Teitlebaum wanted his community to be clear that any member who chooses to involve the civil authorities in personal Satmar events would be ex-communicated, at best, [and something more nefarious at worst]. 

We have posted a partial translation of his speech from Yiddish to Hebrew, which was posted in a Hebrew Newspaper name, loosely translated, the “Secret Rooms.”

We will not even begin to try and translate the Hebrew into English because it would be an effort in futility, even for a speaker of all three of the languages. It is clear from the timing of the speech, from the references to certain passages in the bible and from the underlying riddles and tone that this was not a discussion to be taken lightly.

The warning was clear: “anyone who spoke out would not be welcome.”

האחרונה לסרטון שהופץ ברשתות ובו נראה מנהל חיידר סאטמר במונרו הנמצא תחת חקירת ה-FBI כשהוא פוגע בילד, סיפור שסוקר בהרחבה ב’בחדרי חרדים’.

האדמו”ר הודיע ביום חמישי על אסיפה דחופה שתיערך בשבת אחר הצהריים בבית המדרש הגדול בקרית יואל מונרו, בעקבות פטירת ראש הקהל רבי יצחק רוזנברג ז”ל והנגיד רבי חיים פרנס ז”ל שטבעו ביום שלישי במיאמי.

הרבי התחיל את דרשתו והזכיר כי בשנת תשי”ב בפרשת ‘נשא’ עמד האדמו”ר בעל ה’דברי יואל’ ונשא דרשה בנוגע למחלוקת בקהילה, “החזיקו בקושי רגל אחת לאחר המלחמה וכבר רבו”.

“ישנם ראשי קהילה וגבאים וכן הנהלת המוסדות שעושים מה שצריכים לעשות ולהם צריכים לציית, באם יש למישהו לומר משהו שיילכו לדבר אליהם ולא להסית”. האדמו”ר אמר – “היום כל דבר מגיע לכלי התקשורת. גם עכשיו כשאני מדבר בשבת אני לוקח את זה בחשבון, אולי גם בשבת מקליטים אותי ומעבירים לתקשורת. ואפילו עכשיו ישנם מקליטים בביהמ”ד”.

בהמשך התייחס לסרטון שחולל סערה – “כל אחד יודע שהיה פה סיפור. אין ברצוני להאריך בגלל שאיני רוצה שהאף בי איי יבקר מחר אצלי בבית, אבל אספר סיפור אחר – היה מנהל שאיחר סוף זמן קריאת שמע ואחד התחיל להסית נגדו, פיזר בלילה קרח ליד הבית שלו, כל העיתונים כתבו על זה, עד שמלאכי חבלה הגיעו לחיידר, והפחידו את כולם וכן חקרו את כולם, הכול התחיל פה ממסית אחד שרק רצה לפעול דבר אחד שכולם ידברו על זה, באופן כזה צריכים ללכת להנהלה”.