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Dear Reader:

As the Federal Government endeavors to do away with Section 230, the rights of smaller bloggers to continue our efforts is getting slowly chipped away. As courts set new precedents that circumvent the rules within their states, the financial and personal safety of bloggers and anonymous bloggers gets further chipped away.

Whether or not you appreciate the purpose of this blog should be irrelevant to your opinion on freedom of speech, press and importantly, due process. All of that is at stake. And catching all of the stories of abuses and cover-ups and thievery and bribery and corruption is getting more and more difficult for small bloggers both because of time constraints and manpower.

LostMessiah has relied until now on the ability of volunteers and the community to assist in research and review of materials, writing, gathering information and ultimately bringing stories to your attention. That assistance is more critical now than ever before.

The recent lawsuit has changed the direction we have taken as it is more distracting than it is anything else. We are asking for donations to keep this site alive and to keep these stories, a spotlight, on the front lines.

All donations, unless specified otherwise, will be sent directly to the attorney representing LostMessiah in the current litigation. His name and information can be found below. 

Any assistance you can offer, whether to help defend the suit or to assist us in our research and bringing information to light is always appreciated. We have provided you with a few ways to donate and would be most grateful if you would take the time.


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To Assist in Promoting Free Speech in Accordance with the First Amendment of the United States and Specifically the Jurisdiction of the State of New York, please donate to our GoFundMe.


To anyone who does not want to be directly linked to the GoFundMe but who is interested in assisting the defense of the lawsuit against LostMessiah’s blogger you are kindly invited to send checks to LM’s attorney directly. Please put LostMessiah in the memo line of the check.

Henry R. Kaufman, P.C.
60 East 42nd Street
47th Floor
New York, NY 10165
Phone: (212) 880-0842
Fax: (212) 682-1965

Updated January 4, 2021