Scrutinizing Religious Leaders of Any Religion is Necessary When their Flouting Authority Leads to Death – Covid-19

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish youths look at Israeli police as they patrol to enforce restrictions of a partial lockdown against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in the Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem, March 30, 2020. Photo: Reuters / Ronen Zvulun.

Orthodox Leaders Flouted State Authority for Years — Coronavirus Spread Was the Result

By now, there is near universal agreement that the initial response from many ultra-Orthodox leaders to the spread of coronavirus was an embarrassing and deadly failure.

While some wanted to chalk up early non-compliance with the social distancing guidelines among the ultra-Orthodox to just a handful of crazies — or claim that the leadership has done everything in their power to stop it — more recent incidents of non-compliance leave no doubt that the problem is real and systemic.

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Lakewood, NJ – A Covid-19 Hotspot, Corona Carnival Cancelled, CoronaDog Giveaway Set for April 7, 2020, REALLY?


We are asking our readers to go to the bottom of the page and get in touch with law enforcement and government officials. With New Jersey’s Covid-19 numbers rising at an alarmingly high rate, and with a disproportionate number of those infected coming out of Lakewood and other religious communities (of all religions) the lawlessness is costing everyone in life and in a financial future.

Forget about the optics because the anti-Semitism alarm will be sounded for the next 20 years, mark our words, at this rate of religious defiance, Covid-19 will be the watershed point making any bridge for better rations with Orthodox Jewish communities impossible.  

It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a whole lot of villages to raise a petulant group of religious zealots who refuse to accept the law of the land. The religion is irrelevant. The numbers speak for themselves.

CoronaDog Giveaway Scheduled For Tomorrow In Lakewood

Tomorrow voices throughout Lakewood will rise up in unison and announce to the world…“CORONA DOGS, GET YOUR CORONA DOGS HERE!”

With the announced CoronaDog giveaway, suddenly a drive up CoronaCarnival doesn’t sound like such a bad idea after all.

The drive-up CornoaCarnival was planned so that10,000 toy spinners and a log of chocolate could be distributed to children in Lakewood, thankfully the organizer had a change of heart and postponed that event.  Not wanting to be outdone when it comes to incredibly bad ideas, a group of generous donors have declared  “HOLD MY BEER” as they ready distribution of 10,000 free CoronaDog meals tomorrow.  Their hope is that through this Kidush Hashem (kind gesture that is pleasing to God) they will bring blessings to their friend Chaim Aryeh Zev who is currently hospitalized with, you guessed it, coronavirus.


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Rockland County, New York has a Disproportionately High Rate of Covid-19 and This is What a Legislator Does [video]

The Following Video Speaks for Itself –

This Man Should Not Hold Public Office. He Does No Favor for Jews and is Toxic in Rockland County, NY

The Religious Right of all Religions Should be Required Under Penalty of Punishment to Abide By Social Distancing. By Ignoring Public Safety Religious of Any Religion are No Better Than Other Terrorists – Only Covid-19 is Bio-Terrorism!

This is Not Political – It is a Pandemic –

Rocklanders Need Governance Not Throwing Mud –

The Below Video Feeds Resentment and Hate


Religious Leaders are Silent While Rabbis Lead Their Congregants to Covid-19 Illness – Israel

Israeli police enforcing national lockdown measures made several arrests in the Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem on Sunday.


Israel Fights Coronavirus Spread Among Ultra-Orthodox Jews

TEL AVIV—Israel is struggling to contain a concentration of coronavirus infections among ultraorthodox Jews, with the impact reaching Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who went into isolation after an adviser from the community tested positive.

Mr. Netanyahu’s office said on Monday evening that his test for the virus, as well as those of his family and close staff, came out negative, though officials said he would remain in isolation as a precaution in keeping with ministry of health guidelines.

While the ultraorthodox make up about 10% of Israel’s population, ultraorthodox patients account for 50% of those hospitalized with the coronavirus disease, Covid-19, according to an analysis by Israel’s Channel 12. Continue reading

Torah Umesorah – Putting Children, The Elderly, the Compromised At Risk AND Knowingly – Stop Supporting Them!

Torah Umesorah: Yeshivos And Day Schools Should Remain Open Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

NEW YORK (VINnews) — The Torah Umesorah Vaad Roshei Yeshiva has released the following statement:


We have been asked, in light of the pandemic spread of the terrible coronavirus, whether yeshivos and day schools should close down until the danger of infection has passed.

It is our opinion, at least as of now, and at least in cities or municipalities where public and private schools are not required to close, that yeshivos and day schools should remain open. The koach haTorah generated by tinokos shel bais rabban is inestimable, and is urgently needed in times like these.

The general consensus among health officials at this time appears to be that schools may remain open, as evidenced by the fact that most local health authorities have not at this point ordered the wholesale closing of schools, neither public schools nor private schools. We do not think that yeshivos and day schools need to hold themselves to a different standard than that determined appropriate for neighboring public or private schools.

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Torah Umesorah: Yeshivos And Day Schools Should Remain Open Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

A Yeshiva That Stays Open Amid Covid 19 Risks the Lives of Everyone – akin to Bio-Terrorism (Israel)

SHOWDOWN: Despite Police Visit to Harav Chaim Kanievsky, the Rav Says That Yeshivas & Chadarim Cannot Be Closed

Following Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s announcement on Motzei Shabbos of the partial shutdown being imposed on Israeli citizens in wake of the spreading coronavirus, the Health Ministry issued a new order on Sunday morning, directing all yeshivos and kollelim to close down.

However, the yeshivos and kollelim were already opened for the day on Sunday and many chadarim opened as well as word spread that Hagadol Harav Chaim Kanievsky said that bittul Torah is more dangerous than the coronavirus.

Following the Health Ministry’s directives to close all schools, a principal of a cheder approached Harav Chaim and asked the Gadol what to do. Harav Chaim answered: “Continue learning as usual,” adding that the Health Ministry’s instructions in all other matters besides closing the chadarim and yeshivas should be strictly followed.

Later, the principal returned and asked HaRav Chaim if he should follow this instruction even if the school is visited by police and fined. HaRav Chaim answered that Torah learning must continue as usual.

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RLUIPA – a Manipulation of Religious Law – Allowing Unabated Legal Segregation

The United States Supreme Court.

From the Facebook pages of  Clarkstown What They Don’t Want You to Know

RLUIPA – Under This Law You Can Declare Your Stupidity Or Ignorance To Be Part Of Your ‘Religion’ And Claim A Benefit As Your Right.

The classical definitions of words in the English language continue to be lost as our courts lose common basic sense. How is the word ’Religion’ to be defined for the purpose of making government policies and laws? Is it any belief held by any person?

How is a ‘School’ to be defined for the purpose of ensuring that government policies and laws can be applied and public funds be expended?

Have you ever heard of the ‘Christian Identity’ religion? On what authority does the court accept that a ‘religion’ that claims to be ‘Christian’ is indeed either a ‘religion’ or that it holds to an historically recognizable ‘Christian’ theology.

What is the definition of a ‘school’? What is the definition of a ‘Christian’? What is the definition of a ‘law’ if an act such as RLUIPA has no foundation to support it in terms of historically understood definitions?

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Two Michigan prison inmates, proclaiming themselves adherents of the “Christian Identity” religion, sought the prison’s official recognition to be allowed to conduct their own worship services, apart from other inmates. The prison already recognized 20 religions, including a number of Christian denominations, but the two men said they couldn’t pray with others because their religion demanded “white separatism.”


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