To Lakewood/Tom’s River, Monroe-Woodbury, East Rampo and Clarkstown – Threats


LostMessiah April 13, 2015

Joel Petlin and East Ramapo –

Keeping the ultra-Orthodox children Insulated and under-educated, and Drawing Money from the Secular and non-Jewish school children.

In Reply: East Ramapo can learn from Kiryas Joel split

Lohud, April 13, 2016

“While dissolving East Ramapo, is the most intriguing, it presupposes that other neighboring School Districts will actually want the mostly minority students who make up the majority of the public school population. Moreover, it also presupposes that Ramapo Central, Clarkstown and others will welcome the thousands of new Orthodox and Hasidic private school students and taxpaying voters into their districts, at the same time that these families are already moving into those districts at a rapid pace.”

UNBELIEVABLY RACIST — and playing the same “threat” card that KJ is doing with annexation.

“The long-term solution to bring educational equity and community harmony to East Ramapo is precisely the KJ plan. But unlike the KJ legislation that was opposed for over a decade, the new School District would be created for the public school community — in an ethnically, linguistically and religiously diverse section of the District such as Spring Valley. It would allow for a newly elected Board of Education who could work hand in hand with the East Ramapo School Board on tuition and transportation agreements to ensure fair funding and opportunity for all students.

It is frankly the only solution that truly protects the educational rights of all students, as well as the voting rights of all taxpayers. We owe it to the kids to break the deadlock and bring peace to East Ramapo.”

Did Dissident Association Factor into Cooperation by Authorities?

Reprinted from:

FRUM FOLLIES by Yerachmiel Lopin



According to a press release issued today by the New York State Police:

On 03/19/14, the New York State Police in Monroe announce the arrest of Joel Gluck, age 27, from Kiryas Joel, NY, for Forcible Touching and Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

On the eve of 03/17/14, Gluck was at a community gathering in Kiryas Joel and lured a 9-year-old child away to a remote area where he forcibly touched the intimate part of the child. The victim confided in his parents of the event and reported it to the Kiryas Joel Public Safety who worked in conjunction with the New York State Police.

Gluck was released on his own recognizance and is to appear in the Town of Monroe court on 03/24/14 at 5:30 pm.

If the report is accurate, the Satmar controlled Kiryas Joel Public Safety division is to be commended for promptly bringing this case to the attention of the appropriate authorities. I am not sure if they did it because of enlightened thinking or fear of prosecution for obstructing reporting. Either way, this is good news.

Update 3/20/2014 3 pm: Gluck is a member of the dissident Bnai Yoel faction in Kiryas Joel. That may have factored into why they went ahead and reported him.