Esformes – Convicted of one of the Largest Healthcare Frauds in History Gets Sentence Commuted

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Our theory is that someone in Trump’s government or advisory group is in the process of going into business with Philip Esformes and the commuted sentence helps to facilitate that. Just a theory…

Suffice it to say, we have no other statement than that this is a disgraceful decision. It is everything wrong with the Presidential pardon power and a shining example of Trump’s failures as a human being, setting aside his failures as President. Yes. Some would disagree.

It is hard, however, to make a case for commuting the sentence of Esformes, though some have done it and we question their judgement. It would be like setting Bernie Madoff free. That, at this point, would come as no surprise.

Esformes spent years perfecting the craft of defrauding the healthcare industry and patients in nursing homes paid the price. He is a godless creature of habit and no amount of prayer in our view diminishes the harm he caused to vulnerable people and the healthcare industry at large. This opinion is yet another condemnation of the lack of nursing care oversight in the United States.

We submit that Trump should spend a few months in one of Esformes’ worst homes and see what he thinks afterwards. It could be almost like “Undercover Boss.” Trump would be forced to allow no one to know he is the President and get treated like other patients. If only…

Trump Announces Wave Of Pardons Including Orthodox Jew Phillip Esformes

Philip Esformes – Today, President Trump commuted the term of imprisonment of Philip Esformes, while leaving the remaining aspects of his sentence, including supervised release and restitution, intact.  This commutation is supported by former Attorneys General Edwin Meese and Michael Mukasey, as well as former Deputy Attorney General Larry Thompson.  In addition, former Attorneys General Edwin Meese, John Ashcroft, and Alberto Gonzalez, as well as other notable legal figures such as Ken Starr, have filed in support of his appeal challenging his conviction on the basis of prosecutorial misconduct related to violating attorney-client privilege.

While in prison, Mr. Esformes, who is 52, has been devoted to prayer and repentance and is in declining health.

To read the article in its entirety in Yeshiva World News, click here.

10 thoughts on “Esformes – Convicted of one of the Largest Healthcare Frauds in History Gets Sentence Commuted

    • Kushner is the Chabad Story in this and in the pardon and in many of the other stories related to this. The Kushner connection to Chabad is a long and arduous history and the Esformes pardon only surprised those of us who could not have imagined that such a wide scale fraud could be so easily pardoned. It would not surprise us now if Trump pardoned Madoff too. That would likely be a “coup de gras” for him and a giant FU to the media and entertainment industry many of whom lost millions to Madoff’s scheme. He thrives on vindication and revenge, so why not?

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      • Of course, Chabad will tell us they steer clear of politics.

        Esformes got support from the Aleph Institute, a Jewish humanitarian group that advances prisoners’ rights and worked with the White House on criminal justice, including clemency and legislation overhauling sentencing laws that was backed by Trump and Jared Kushner, his son-in-law.

        Esformes’ family donated $65,000 to Aleph over several years after his indictment. His family’s name adorns a Chicago school associated with the Chabad-Lubavitch group of Hasidic Jews, whose leader was involved in creating the Aleph Institute in the early 1980s. His father is a rabbi in Florida. His family has donated to the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, to which Kushner has longstanding ties. Alan Dershowitz, a longtime supporter of clemency who works with Aleph, said the group “played a significant role” in Esformes’s clemency and “put together the papers” for the petition. Aleph has helped advance at least five of the 24 commutations handed down by Trump, including the recipient of the president’s first commutation, issued in 2017 to Sholom Rubashkin, the chief executive of a kosher meat processing company who was convicted in 2009 on fraud charges


        • There really is a point at which conscience must be a guiding principle or Judaism as a religion is godless, completely godless. Esformes not only defrauded the government and every taxpayer but his nursing homes had deplorable conditions. It is the sincere hope of this blog that Dershowitz finds comfort in a nursing home in his last years so that he, too, can experience the abuses of so many who have come before. He was once a bastion of legal jurisprudence and justice. That’s a time long forgotten, sadly. Eyes Wide Shut…


    • What was done to Esformes was a travesty.

      Become familiar with the details and not what the government wants you to believe.

      This was a good pardon and it was intentionally done to spite the FBI (Full of Bull Institute).


        • Our sources tell us that he is NOT in declining health. The hope is that the States will file charges against him in the college bribery scandal since the Fed just pardoned him on the largest fraud in Medicaid/Medicare/Nursing Home history.


      • What was done to the people who suffered in his nursing homes, what has continued under his ownership, though not his ownership, the theft of millions of dollars – this was not a good pardon. There should be a special place in hell for him and people like him – and for the person or people who advocated for his pardon. The research done on Esformes and his disastrous nursing homes and his crooked financing was not research that required the FBI information. It was research we did, publicly available. Hopefully he will be prosecuted by the States in which he engaged in criminal offenses under state RICO laws and other laws left for some of the most horrible of financial miscreants.

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    • The problem here is that the parties are too well politically connected and they have a following, a large continued of voters that carry the day with them. The same is true of the many nursing home magnates, think Rechnitz in California and Schwartz in Pennsylvania to name just a few.


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