Anti-Zionist Fundamentalism – Anti-IDF Sentiment, Who’s Supposed to Protect Israel?

Anti – Zionist Fundamentalism

Police say the suspects allegedly attempted to extort businesses, harassing and threatening company officials with ultimatums to advertise in HaPeles (the “Jerusalem Faction”‘s newspaper), warning that the failure to do so would be seen as an insult to a large segment of the haredi population and would have serious consequences. The harassment of the targeted officials was reportedly ongoing on a daily basis.


28 arrested in crackdown on anti-Zionist radicals

Police operation against anti-draft Yerushalmi Faction nets 28 suspects, including senior members of ‘Hapeles’ newspaper.

Police arrested 28 suspects in a pre-dawn raid early Tuesday morning in a crackdown against the haredi anti-draft group known as the Yerushalmi Faction.

The Yerushalmi Faction, led by Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach, has had mass demonstrations and blocked roads across the country to protest the draft of yeshiva students into the IDF. Unlike mainstream haredi groups, the Yerushalmi Faction discourages its members from seeking deferments from the army as yeshiva students, arguing that such behavior legitimizes the existing draft law.

Among the 28 suspects arrested Tuesday are senior members of the Hapeles newspaper, the mouthpiece of the Yerushalmi Faction.

Police say the suspects allegedly attempted to extort businesses, harassing and threatening company officials with ultimatums to advertise in Hapeles, warning that the failure to do so would be seen as an insult to a large segment of the haredi population and would have serious consequences. The harassment of the targeted officials was reportedly ongoing on a daily basis.

Tuesday’s operation also included searches of offices maintained by Hapeles.

The arrestees included residents of Jerusalem, Modiin Illit, Bnei Brak, Ashdod, Rechasim, and Hadera.

During the arrests of suspects in Bnei Brak, some locals clashed with police, hurling stones and other objects at officers.

De Blasio – Not so Pro-Israel After All – or Are His Ultra-Orthodox Block Being Pacified?


De Blasio isn’t jumping to defend Israel after UN vote

Mayor Bill de Blasio — who has repeatedly cast himself as a fierce defender of Israel — refused Thursday to take a position on the UN resolution condemning the Jewish state for expanding its settlements.

“I don’t really know what I think about the details of the resolution,” the mayor said at an unrelated press conference in Times Square. “What I know is it’s besides the point. The solution has to come from … Israelis and Palestinians. That’s the core of the matter. And right now that’s not happening.”

In past years, de Blasio has said it is his duty to speak out on Israel’s behalf.

“I will work every day … in support of the state of Israel because we know time and again the state of Israel is under attack,” he said at the Queens Jewish Community Council on Aug. 25, 2015.

De Blasio said that because Israel doesn’t have “enough friends,” New York must advocate for it.


“We must speak up,” he said. “We have to be one of the places that does.”

The mayor made similar comments the previous year.

“I am the mayor of the city … with the largest Jewish population anywhere on this Earth. By definition, I’ve said it many times, it’s not only normal and natural [to support Israel], I consider it my responsibility to stand up for the state of Israel,” de Blasio said on July 14, 2014.

City Hall press secretary Eric Phillips later issued a statement, saying:

“Mayor de Blasio said clearly that the U.N.’s role in the peace process has never been helpful. Like many at home and abroad, the Mayor also acknowledged that the ultimate consequences of the U.N.’s resolution cannot be predicted and that the effect of the U.S.’s abstention is unclear. What is clear is that the U.N.’s anti-Israel positioning in the Middle

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THE MALKA LEIFER DEFENSE… More Abusing Children and Denying it… Israel

Rabbi charged with rape, sexual assault, sodomy against a minor


According to the indictment, Harrison, now 58, initiated direct contact with the complainant after he was her substitute teacher at Beit Shulamit in December 2009. In an indictment sheet of horrifying allegations, Rabbi David Harrison, who taught at the Beit Shulamit religious girls high school in Jerusalem, was charged with dozens of counts of rape, sodomy, sexual assault, assault and intimidation through threats against a former pupil, who was a minor at the time.

The complainant, a woman now aged 21, filed a charge of rape and other allegations against the rabbi at the beginning of the month claiming that they took place over a period of several months when she was 14.

Harrison has spent his career as a teacher and educator, and has also worked extensively performing wedding ceremonies for couples without a personal connection to a rabbi. Harrison began work at Beit Shulamit, in the Ramot neighborhood, as a part-time teacher in September 2007 but was fired in June 2010.

According to the indictment, Harrison, now 58, initiated direct contact with the complainant in December 2009, after he was her substitute teacher at Beit Shulamit.

A few days later, he met the pupil close to her classroom and asked her to accompany him to a staff room where he gave her worksheets to hand out to another class.

On this and several other occasions, Harrison allegedly touched the student on her hand, arm, stomach and chest, but apologized immediately for having touched her.

At a later stage, Harrison allegedly called the pupil to the same staff room used specifically by the rabbis of the school and which could be locked from the inside.

When she entered, Harrison allegedly locked the door behind her and told her to sit down, whereupon he took off his pants and underwear, and forced her to perform oral sex, while telling her that it was all right because he was a rabbi, that it was a secret between them and threatening to harm her if she told anyone.

In the next incident after this assault, Harrison allegedly met the girl at the entrance to the school and told her to come with him to a bomb shelter in the building, divided into two rooms. According to the indictment he pushed her into the inner room of the shelter, and told her to undress, slapping her in the face when he told her she was undressing too slowly.

He then hit her again, forced her to lie on a table in the room and then raped her. Afterwards he told her that she’d had fun, and that so had he, and that she had been a good girl. He again threatened to harm her and that he would tell everyone she was a prostitute if she spoke with anyone about what he had done.

According to the charge sheet, Harrison raped the girl between two and four times a week, including sodomy. On one occasion the day after he raped her, he forced her to swallow an emergency contraception or “morning after” pill.

During May 2010, the complainant was ill and was away from school. When she returned, Harrison allegedly ordered her to meet him in the shelter and scolded her for having been away without informing him.

He then allegedly ordered her to strip and beat her for several minutes, and then raped her once again.

The beatings occurred on other occasions as well, in which Harrison would kick the pupil, beat her with his belt, and in one incident threw a chair at her, bruising and scratching her.

Harrison would allegedly repeatedly threaten to harm her if she did not do as he instructed, and threatened to tell her parents and others that she had initiated sex with him and that they would believe him and not her because he was a rabbi.

He also threatened that he would have her expelled from school, that no other schools would accept her, and threatened to send other people to harm her and even kill her.

The state has requested that Harrison be incarcerated until the end of the legal proceedings against him.

The director of the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel, Orit Sulitzeanu, described the allegations as “outrageous and terrifying” and said that such crimes required a severe punishment.

“This criminal exploitation by an educator and religious figure is unforgivable,” said Sulitzeanu.

“This incident demonstrates the urgent need to ensure that advisers are placed in all educational frameworks who will be able to identify and deal with sexual violence, and for pupils to attend workshops for the prevention of sexual violence.”

Harrison denies the allegations against him and says he does not even know the woman.

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions – A Sex Offender Sues a Rabbi for Protecting Children

Compounding the Cruelty of Abuse by Entertaining a Lawsuit Against one Brave Rabbi Willing to Stand up and Protect Abused Children. 

We at LM hope that THE DAILY BEAST does not object to our decision to post the entire article from top to bottom. We would like to see rabbis and parents, teachers and other children applauded and praised for coming forward to protect abused children.

The children are precluded from suing the Rabbis who abuse them, the rabbis who use their Rabbinical stature as a tool for abuse, a corridor into the destruction of the very children they are entrusted to protect.

One  Rabbi, knowing that Israel does not have a sex offender registry, tried to protect those children by tweeting about their abuser. He is now embroiled in a lawsuit over it.

We feel strongly that if the courts do not dismiss this lawsuit, they are encouraging silence. They are complicit in the crimes committed against the abused children.

We feel it is important to send the message that the courts, the communities and the families will commend Rabbis who come forward, thereby encouraging them to do so. Anything short of that, in our view, is just another act of cruelty  and injustice against abused children.



Sex Offender Sues Rabbi for Tweets Alerting Families in Israel

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Enslaving the ultra-Orthodox Children by Denying them an Education – Israel



Last week we reported on a Satmar decree that women are not to receive a secondary education. Any woman who receives a secondary education will be forbidden from teaching within the Satmar community. Ostensibly, if a woman decides to go out and get a secondary education she will be effectively excommunicated. In our view, the purpose of the decree was to guarantee the cycle of subjugation of women within that community. As a side matter, no woman will be able to be a doctor, a midwife, a teacher, etc. because she will not be educated enough for any of those fields. Moreover, while many states and countries demand that funding to non-public schools requires some version of “substantially similar” education, if children within the Satmar community are being taught be teachers who themselves are uneducated, a “substantially” similar education is simply an oxymoron.

The following article was published in Israel this morning and represents an extraordinary statistical analysis of the rapid decline, if not destruction, of education within the ultra-Orthodox community and its affects on the educational system of the country at large.

We have summarized the article. If an English version comes out, we will publish accordingly.

In Israel every child is required to graduate high school with a “Certificate of Bagrut.” This certificate is necessary for kids to go to university and to get jobs within Israel. In order to qualify for the certificate, there are core courses: English, Math, Hebrew and a few others and then there are electives. The children within the public schools, similar to the United States, England, Australia and elsewhere spend years of learning these core courses and the electives in order to qualify to pass these exams obtain certificates and become active participants in the Israeli workforce and economy.

Within the ultra-Orthodox community, there is a 1% pass rate. In other words, only 1% of the ultra-Orthodox community throughout all of Israel has that certificate. Moreover  cities like Jerusalem, which once had the highest pass rates, are declining in pass rates as their ultra-Orthodox communities increase in proportion to the decrease in non ultra-Orthodox members.

The results of this analysis provide a picture of the future of education in ultra-Orthodoxy as follows:

  1. The children are going to have little choice but to remain within their own community as they will not have educational capital necessary to function outside of it;
  2. The less educated the ultra-Orthodox population becomes the less services will be available to them from within their community and the more dependent they will become upon others to support them. This includes and is most prevalent regarding doctors, lawyers, midwives, hospital personnel, etc.;
  3. The entire population of Israel is in greater danger from forces within and without as not only is its army service being affected by the ultra-Orthodox who do not serve in the army; but its education within the world stage is diminishing disproportionately to the surrounding countries which, despite what may or may not be fundamentalism is little-by-little exceeding Israel in educational levels.
  4. This picture illustrates what will happen on a global scale if the non-ultra-Orthodox world does not impose educational standards and draw a line in the sand in terms of maintaining them. Put simply, as the ultra-Orthodox communities grow at exponentially faster rates than non-ultra-Orthodox and non-Jewish communities, the economic ramificaitons on a world stage will be devastating. The situation is simply not sustainable on a continuing worldwide level.


הנתונים נחשפים: בדקו את מצב החינוך ביישוב שלכם,7340,L-4847626,00.html

בית ג’ן מובילה בזכאות לבגרות, מודיעין הרשימה עם בגרות בהצטיינות וסכנין רשמה הישג נאה בעניין בלמידה. משרד החינוך מפרסם בפעם הראשונה שיקוף של בתי הספר התיכוניים ב-260 רשויות מקומיות. איפה בלטו בחמש יחידות מתמטיקה והיכן מנעו נשירה? היכנסו וגלו את התמונה המלאה ביישוב שלכם

שחר חי ויוסי מדריסוביץ’עדכון אחרון: 29.08.16

היכן שיעור הזכאים הגבוה ביותר לתעודת בגרות? איפה השיגו את תעודות הבגרות המצטיינות ביותר? איזה יישוב הצליח למנוע הכי הרבה נשירה ממערכת החינוך? כמה תלמידים היו מעורבים בתקריות אלימות? והיכן קידמו את המורים? משרד החינוך מפרסם הערב (יום ב’) לראשונה את התמונה החינוכית של בתי הספר התיכוניים ב-260 רשויות מקומיות בישראל.

בעבר, המדידה התייחסה לשיעור הזכאות לבגרות בלבד. במשרד החינוך ציינו בהתייחסם למדידה הקודמת כי “הדבר יצר רושם מוטעה שהזכאות לבגרות היא חזות הכול. עשייה חינוכית, ערכית ומשמעותית חשובה לא פחות”. לכן הוחלט במשרד לציין כי הישגי בתי הספר משקפים מעורבות חברתית, מניעת נשירה ממוסדות חינוך, שמירה על טוהר בחינות ועוד. המשרד הכליל גם את נתוני הגיוס לצה”ל, אולם נתון זה נכון לשנת תשע”ב.

את טבלת הזכאות לבגרות מקרב הלומדים ברשות בשנת הלימודים תשע”ה מוביל היישוב בית ג’ן עם 99% הצלחה. אחריו ברשימה: כאוכב אבו אל-היג’א עם 98%, קריית עקרון עם 96%, גבעת שמואל וקדומים עם 93%, מועצה אזורית לב השרון עם 92%, מועצה אזורית ערבה תיכונה, רג’ר ויבנה עם 91%, וגבעתיים, חורפיש, מודיעין ומזכרת בתיה עם 90%.

מבין הרשויות הגדולות, בראשון לציון השיגו בוגרי תשע”ה 77% הצלחה, בחיפה 76%, בתל אביב ובבאר שבע 70%, ובירושלים 47%. בתחתית הרשימה ניתן למצוא את מודיעין עילית וקריית יערים עם אפס אחוזי הצלחה, בני ברק 11%, ג’סר א-זרקא 15%, ביתר עילית 16%, ורכסים עם 12% זכאים לתעודת בגרות מקרב הלומדים ברשות.

נתון נוסף חשף את הזכאות לתעודת בגרות מצטיינת. בתל אביב נרשמה בסעיף זה עלייה מ-8.2% מהתלמידים שקיבלו תעודת בגרות מצטיינת בתש”ג ל-8.9% בשנת תשע”ה. גם בבת ים חלה עלייה: מ-3.1% בתשע”ג ל-6.1% בתשע”ה. מודיעין רשמה בסעיף זה תוצאה מרשימה עם עלייה מ-11% בתשע”ג ל-17.6% בתשע”ה. גם חיפה רשמה הישג כשעלתה באותן שנים מ-10.3% ל-11.7%.

רק 1 מכל 10 תלמידים חרדים זכאי לבגרות

באשדוד חלה ירידה בזכאים לבגרות איכותית: מ-3.7% בתשע”ג ל-3.3% בתשע”ה. ירידות נוספות בקבלת תעודות בגרות מצטיינות נרשמו בגבעתיים (16.4% בתשע”ג לעומת 14.5% בתשע”ה), בנס ציונה (מ-12% ל-10.8%), בטירת כרמל (מ-2.1% לאחוז), בדימונה (מ-2.8% ל-1.2%), בראשון לציון (מ-7.9% ל-7.2%) ובירוחם (מ-7.2% בתשע”ג ל-6.9% בתשע”ה).

התמונה החינוכית מגלה גם את מעורבות התלמידים באירועי אלימות. הממוצע הארצי בתחום זה עומד על 7%. בבאר שבע, בית שמש וכפר קאסם נמצא בשנת תשע”ה כי 9% מהתלמידים בכל אחת מהערים היו מעורבים בתקריות אלימות. בירושלים, נתניה, עפולה ואום אל-פחם 8%, בחיפה, אשדוד, חולון ואילת 7%, בתל אביב, רעננה, הוד השרון, חדרה, הרצליה ופתח תקווה 6%, בראשון לציון וטירת כרמל 5%.

הנתונים מגלים גם פירוט מלא לפי כל יישוב בתחום שבדק את המסוגלות, את הסקרנות ואת העניין בלמידה. סכנין רשמה הישג בתחום זה עם הצלחה של 74% מהתלמידים. בג’דיידה-מכר נרשמו 71% הצלחה, בעילוט 67%, ברמת גן 53%, בירושלים 50%, בתל אביב וכרמיאל 47%, בקריית טבעון 40%, במבשרת ציון 38% ובזכרון יעקב 37%.

התמונה החינוכית לבתי הספר התיכוניים בדקה גם את הקרבה והאכפתיות בין המורים לתלמידים בכל יישוב. כאן נמצא כי בקלנסווה דיווחו 55% מהתלמידים על חיבור בינם לבין מוריהם. בלוד השיבו בחיוב על השאלה 53% מהתלמידים, בנצרת 48%, ברעננה 46%, בחיפה 41%, בטירת כרמל 39%, בחולון 38%, בנתניה 37%, בבני ברק 36%, באילת 35% ובהוד השרון ורחובות 33%.

בפרק שבדק את העידוד למעורבות חברתית ואזרחית השיבו בחיוב בנושא זה 62% מהתלמידים בלוד ובחצור הגלילית. בעכו 57%, בגבעתיים 52%, בחולון 48%, בתל אביב 47%, במבשרת ציון 46% ובחדרה 45%.

במערכת החינוך נעשה לאורך השנים ניסיון לשמור על התלמידים בבתי הספר מבלי לפגוע ברמת ההישגים. באריאל נרשמה בתשע”ה ירידה באחוז הנושרים (מ-0.8% ל-0.3%). אחוז הזכאים לבגרות באריאל ברמת חמש יחידות במתמטיקה עמד בשנת תשע”ה על 14%, עלייה של 6% מהשנה הקודמת. אחוז הזכאים לבגרות בעיר ברמת חמש יחידות באנגלית נמצא גם כן בעלייה וגבוה ב-5% מהממוצע הארצי.

בבית ג’ן, שמובילה בשנים האחרונות בזכאות לבגרות, עומד אחוז הנושרים בתשע”ה על 0.5. שיעור הזכאים לבגרות ברמת חמש יחידות לימוד במתמטיקה עמד בתשע”ה ביישוב על 12%. מדובר במגמת עלייה לאורך השנים ואחוז גבוה במעט מהממוצע הארצי. אחוז הזכאים לבגרות ברמת חמש יחידות באנגלית עומד בבית ג’ן על 29, והממוצע הארצי הוא 31.9%.

באשדוד אחוז הנושרים גבוה מהממוצע הארצי ועמד בתשע”ה על כמעט שני אחוזים, מדובר בעלייה של 9% מהשנה שקדמה. שיעור הזכאים לבגרות ברמת חמש יחידות במתמטיקה עקבי לאורך השנים האחרונות ועומד על 11%, גבוה במעט מהממוצע הארצי. ברמת חמש יחידות אנגלית אחוז הזכאים בעיר עומד על 30%, מדובר בעלייה קלה במהלך שלוש השנים האחרונות.

בדימונה אחוז הנושרים גבוה מהממוצע הארצי ועומד על 2.3% – עלייה של אחוז וחצי מהשנה שעברה. שיעור הזכאים לבגרות ברמת חמש יחידות עמד בתשע”ה על 7%. אחוז הזכאים לארבע יחידות לימוד באנגלית עמד על 28 – עלייה של 4% מהשנה שקדמה לה, ומעט מתחת לממוצע הארצי.

בראשון לציון נרשמה עלייה באחוז הנושרים מ-0.6% ל-1.3%. שיעור הזכאים לבגרות ברמת חמש יחידות עמד בתשע”ה על 13% – שלושה אחוזים מעל הממוצע הארצי. אחוז הזכאים לבגרות ברמת חמש יחידות באנגלית בעיר עמד על 40%, גבוה ב-8% מהממוצע הארצי.

בתל אביב אחוז הנושרים בתשע”ה עמד על 1.7 – עלייה של שני אחוזים מהשנה שקדמה לה. מדובר בנתון שגבוה בכשני אחוזים מהממוצע הארצי. שיעור הזכאים לבגרות ברמת חמש יחידות עמד על 12% – עלייה של שני אחוזים. אחוז הזכאים לבגרות ברמת 5 יחידות במתמטיקה עמד על 47, גבוה ב-15% מהממוצע הארצי.

בירושלים אחוז הנושרים בתשע”ה עמד על 2.2%, לעומת הממוצע הארצי – 1.46%. שיעור הזכאים לבגרות ברמת חמש יחידות במתמטיקה בעיר עמד על 7% ובאנגלית על 28%. בחיפה שיעור הנושרים עמד על 1.6% – עלייה של שלושה אחוזים מתשע”ד. שיעור הזכאים לבגרות ברמת חמש יחידות במתמטיקה עמד על 17%, ובאנגלית על 45%, גבוה ב-13% מהממוצע הארצי.

בקריית אונו, אחוז הנושרים עמד על אחוז אחד בלבד. אחוז הזכאים לבגרות ברמת חמש יחידות במתמטיקה עמד על 26% – עלייה של שבעה אחוזים מהשנה שקדמה. מדובר בתוצאה שגבוהה ב-16% מהממוצע הארצי. אחוז הזכאים ברמת חמש יחידות באנגלית עמד על 72%, גבוה ב-40% מהממוצע הארצי. עם זאת מדובר בירידה של 3% מתשע”ד.

שר החינוך נפתלי בנט אמר לנוכח פרסום תמונת המצב בתיכונים: “בתי הספר הם לא מכונות של ציונים אלא חממות של ערכים. בית ספר שבודק את התלמידים רק לפי הציון – לא מעניק חינוך, אלא נותן מסר שלילי לתלמידים. הבטחתי למורים שפגשתי בשטח והיום אני מקיים – נמדוד בתי ספר לפי מדדי איכות, ערכים ומניעת נשירה לצד מדידת זכאות”.

הוא הוסיף כי “אני מאמין ששינוי שיטת המדידה תביא לשינוי משמעותי במערכת החינוך. מדידה לא סותרת ערכים. היא כלי לצמיחה ולשיפור. השאלה האמיתית היא מה מודדים. אם מודדים רק הצלחות וזכאות – מפספסים את הערכים, את ההתעקשות על כל תלמיד, את החינוך לעזרה לזולת, ואת זה אנחנו משנים היום”.


Rational Judaism – Sex Abuse Ring

Shocking Development in Alleged Abuse Ring Conspiracy

There is an extraordinary development in the case, going on for several years already, of the alleged missionary pedophile ring in Jerusalem. It broke yesterday afternoon, just hours after I had a fascinating conversation with a prominent rabbinic figure about it.

Last year I posted the video in which Rav Moshe Shapiro tells his followers that the 70-year-old woman who was allegedly the mastermind of the ring should be beaten to the point of hospitalization or beyond, because the police are useless, and her house should be ransacked (to find the dungeon). His followers did so, breaking her arms and legs with metal bars, but did not find any evidence of the dungeon. They were then caught by the police, and Rav Moshe was indicted. His defense claimed that he was only offering sympathy to his followers, not telling them to actually beat her to death. Rav Moshe had subsequently put out a letter condemning those who beat her up, and disavowing all responsibility for it.

I couldn’t understand is how Rav Moshe could simultaneously try to absolve himself of all responsibility and let his disciple take all the blame. The rabbi that I met with yesterday agreed with me on that point, but he opined that ordering the vigilante action was not necessarily wrong. He told me that, according to the information that reached him, the elderly woman was indeed involved in terrible actions with children. I agreed that there isn’t necessarily a problem with a child abuser being stopped in such a way – if they are indeed guilty, and if there is indeed no other way to stop them.

However, in two superb articles in Tablet magazine, Menachem Kaiser had argued that the whole thing was not credible, just like the stories from the 1980s about satanic abuse cults. While there are certainly pedophiles in Jerusalem, the notion of a secret cultic ring is the result of mass hysteria. It is true that many highly intelligent people in Jerusalem – not just Rav Moshe Shapiro, but other prestigious and more humble and cool-headed figures – were convinced that the ring was real. Yet experts with training in this field disagreed.

The bombshell came yesterday afternoon. The Israel Police announced that after a lengthy investigation, they had discovered that the “secret abuse ring” was fabricated by three people as a way to make money. They had conspired to spread rumors of a terrible threat in order to solicit funds for an organization to fight this fictitious threat. There was indeed a conspiracy – but not the one that people had feared. (News article in English here – more extensive article in Hebrew here.) It’s wonderful news for the thousands of people in Jerusalem who were terrified about this ring (though many of them doubtless maintain that these arrests are all part of the conspiracy). But it’s tragic that the trail of carnage caused a woman to be beaten near to death, a suspect to commit suicide, and who knows what else.

What is the lesson to take from this story? I think one lesson to take is that there is a reason why we have a justice system. No, the system is not perfect, indeed it is far from perfect. But nor are decisions taken by individuals, no matter how brilliant they are. There’s no replacement for a systematic investigation, which includes consultation with experts in the field. It’s just as Winston Churchill said about democracy – “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”

Moshe Peretz Klein – Panama Papers – Political Contributions – Hashomer Alarms




Role From To Incorporation Jurisdiction Status Data From
FUEGA INC. Shareholder 29-OCT-2002 British Virgin Islands Changed agent Panama Papers


Data From
LostMessiah, August 8, 2016


In March, the FBI raided a number of locations in Airmont/Monsey/Suffern, New York. The focus of one particular article was 386 Airmont Avenue in Suffern.

On March 16, 2016 LostMessiah published an article taken from the Facebook Page, Clarkstown What They Don’t Want you to Know. The article was an in depth play-by-play explanation of FBI raids which were being simultaneously conducted in Airmont/Suffern, Kiryas Joel and Crown Heights, and may have also been conducted in Lakewood, New Jersey.

According to local news articles and blog sites covering the raids, one of the businesses focused was Hashomer Alarm Systems, the connection being its involvement with E-Rate funding. For obvious reasons, we found that odd from the get-go but assumed we would know more immediately following the raids.

Hashomer Alarm Systems is owned and operated by Peretz Klein, a somewhat shady character whose place has been woven throughout almost unnoticed questionable business practices for years. He has been questioned and even to date has had some pretty creative responses to those questions. He has also been a consummate political donor, seeming placing money where it could benefit him and his interests the most. Andrew Cuomo’s gubernatorial seat being no exception. 

While we could likely have a field day with each of the donations listed on the NYS Board of Elections Financial Disclosure report (attached at the bottom of the page) for Andrew Cuomo and likely find numerous anomalies, we found the donations of Peretz Klein to be the most intriguing, particularly in light of his involvement with the raids in March very shortly after the donation to Cuomo.  

It can be of little surprise that  we believe Klein has been stealing through the E-Rate program in the many millions of dolalrs from the government and the taxpayers of New York State. We believe that a fair amount of the fortune Klein has amassed can be found in bank accounts in Israel related to enteties he owns or operates there.

Klein’s well-timed donation to Cuomo, immediately preceding the raids, seems more than simple coincidence.

Klein Contributor


In 2015, the Funding Status for Klein’s entities is staggering:

Funding Status

Wave 43 for FY 2015 will be released on Thursday, March 31st. Funding for FY 2015 is available for both Category 1 and Category 2 services at all discount levels. Cumulative funding for FY 2015 is $3.16 billion.


Klein worst

Peretz Klein’s place in the Panama Papers reports (shown above) and his place of notoriety amongst former Public Advocate de Blasio’s archive of “Worst Landlords” leaves open numerous questions, not the least of which is why the FBI in conjunction with the US Attorney’s office has not been more aggressive in pursuing Klein and his co-conspirators in what we believe to be a systematic theft of government and taxpayer money.

Below please read the various articles link to Mr. Klein.

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