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UPDATED: July 25, 2016:

Thank you for all of the help you have provided so far. Your contributions are invaluable.

This Tips Page was designed to allow our readers to provide us with tips.

We appreciate the assistance and are hoping that you will continue to share this site and even to redouble your efforts in gathering information.

Please also remember to provide us with links to your comments, where applicable, so that we can go back to the original sources, if available.

If any tips relate specifically to sexual abuse of children and sex offenders, please also see; –Darkness to Light: Ending Child Abuse by Preventing, Recognizing & Responding — Rape and Abuse Crisis Hotline. RAINN 24/365 (800) 656 – 4673

Finally, the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sex Abuse has announced that registration for private sessions will close on September 30, 2016. We encourage you to support the abused and not the abusers. Make an appointment if you have not already done so and have a story to tell.


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423 thoughts on “Tips for LostMessiah

  1. Laws? Where we live we don’t need no stinkin’ laws…

    “Five Hasidic men being sued for their alleged roles in a gang attack on a gay black man in Brooklyn have ignored the federal lawsuit and been declared in default, according to court papers.

    The Williamsburg Safety Patrol, a neighborhood volunteer Jewish watchdog group also known as Shomrim, also blew off the suit that was filed last June in Brooklyn Federal Court.

    They are all on the financial hook for monetary damages to victim Taj Patterson who was left blind in one eye as a result of the attack.

    “The fact that these vigilante groups can’t even be bothered to get insurance or show up in Federal Court reflects an astounding arrogance,” Patterson’s lawyer Andrew Stoll told The Daily News on Tuesday.”


  2. A while back there was a small comment regarding Hillary Clinton visiting New Square to arrange a presidential pardon for St Lawrence. If this were to happen it would be a travesty. Can St Lawrence be pardoned before he is even tried? Is there any more information on this?


    • @flatearth, we had been given that information but are quite unable to substantiate it. Now that Clinton has not been elected, there is no possibility anyway. Technically, as we understand it, a President -elect can give what are referred to as Presidential Pardons but they cannot be given until a person has been convicted of a crime. Our understanding of the arrangement in Ramapo was that in the event that St. Lawrence were to have been convicted, Clinton was going to pardon him. In exchange, Clinton was offered the support of the block vote in Ramapo. Again, however, we cannot substantiate the truth or accuracy of that report/comment.


  3. After you vomit over the Novominsker Rebbe’s complete silence on the unbelievable $1 billion fraud by his donor Esformes, whose name is on their building…

    you can puke over the Charles Kushner Rotunda in Trump-like huge gold letters that adorns the BMG Lakewood Bais Midrash entrance. Of course, this is the guy who was found guilty of tax evasion and was sent to prison for two years, and more than that, he’s the guy who was convicted of hiring a prostitute to lure his brother in law into sex and then having the entire incident videotaped and sent to his own sister in an attempt to silence him from testifying.



  4. Is it just me or does anyone see the enormous hypocrisy of Agudath Israel’s online streaming o fits convention when they have been so virulent against the internet, as is it just another day at the do as I say and not as I do school for Jewish learning.

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    Implant Sciences Shareholders Call for Platinum Partners Investigation
    Shareholders will ask judge to force firm to hand over books at Nov. 29 hearing

    Nov. 16, 2016 3:37 p.m. ET

    Troubled hedge fund Platinum Partners is the focus of another investigation.

    Shareholders of Implant Sciences Corp., one of Platinum’s investments, is calling for the firm to open its books about its dealings with the company, which filed for bankruptcy last month.

    Shareholders of Implant, a Massachusetts company that makes and sells high-tech detector systems and devices that trace amounts of explosives and drugs, said in a court filing Tuesday that the company’s primary source of debt was a series of bonds issued to a family of funds managed by Platinum. Court papers show the bonds were allowed to be converted into equity interests.

    Implant is said to be a major position in Platinum funds, The Wall Street Journal has reported. Shareholders are requesting documents from Platinum and its affiliated funds for a deeper look into Implant’s financial position, management and debt before the bankruptcy filing.

    “First, these chapter 11 cases involve facts giving rise to a strong suspicion of wrongdoing that caused [Implant Sciences], and, in turn, their shareholders substantial harm,” an attorney for the shareholders said in court papers.

    A spokesman for Implant and a lawyer representing Platinum didn’t immediately comment on the matter.

    The shareholders are set to ask Judge Brendan Shannon to force the company, Platinum and its funds to hand over their books at a Nov. 29 hearing in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Del.

    Implant’s bankruptcy-loan agreement requires the shareholders to wrap any investigation of Platinum and its affiliates by Dec. 23.

    The affiliates, DMRJ Group LLC and Monstant Partners LLC, are both funds managed by Platinum. Before the bankruptcy filing, DMRJ and Monstant were part of the group that provided Implant Services with about $68 million in debt, court papers show.

    Platinum’s flagship fund sought chapter 15 protection on Oct. 18, days after Implant Sciences’ chapter 11 filing. The hedge fund said in court papers that it has its legal operations in the Cayman Islands and has already appointed liquidators to wind down the fund.

    The firm’s liquidators have been in discussions with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Justice Department regarding the potential sale of Implant’s notes to “Platinum ‘insiders,’” court papers said.


  6. ‘Like Extortion’: Senator McGuire Says Rockport Still Angling For Higher Medi-Cal Rates at Skilled Nursing Homes

    After months of threatening to close three of the five local skilled nursing facilities in his massive health care empire, billionaire businessman Shlomo Rechnitz suddenly reversed course Monday with an announcement that his company will be closing only one local facility — Pacific Rehabilitation & Wellness on Harrison Ave. — and so none of the senior patients living there will have to leave Humboldt County.

    But Rechnitz’s efforts to obtain higher reimbursement rates from the region’s Medi-Cal provider appear to be ongoing.

    First, a brief recap: Higher Medi-Cal reimbursement rates is what these threatened closures were always about. Representatives of Rockport Healthcare Services, the Rechnitz-owned company that operates all five local skilled nursing homes, have claimed that the company lost millions in Eureka over the past two years and that if they hope to keep those facilities afloat they’ll need higher Medi-Cal reimbursement rates from Partnership HealthPlan of California.

    Partnership, meanwhile, has argued that it’s already paying Rockport more than the average reimbursement rate in the state and can’t afford to increase those payments any more than it already has. Negotiations broke down last month, and locals feared that elderly patients would have to relocate hundreds of miles away.

    In today’s announcement Rechnitz assured folks that won’t happen. “We won’t be a part of patients being forced to move 300 miles away simply because the system fails to appropriately pay for their healthcare,” his statement said. But that doesn’t mean he’s given up the fight for higher reimbursement rates.

    In a conversation with the Outpost Monday, Senator Mike McGuire said Rockport now plans to terminate its contracts with Partnership altogether, a move that would force local patients living in Rockport facilities to negotiate Medi-Cal contracts individually. McGuire said Rockport’s threats of closure have “felt like extortion,” and he isn’t sure what to think about the company’s new strategy.

    He didn’t hold back about its recent actions, though. “The bottom line is this was completely irresponsible,” he said. “This has been a completely avoidable crisis from the beginning, and it’s been brought on by a billion-dollar corporation that has a tradition of putting profit over people.”

    Over the past two fiscal years the state government has invested more than $2 million to increase the reimbursement rate at the three Rockport facilities threatened with closure, bringing all three above the statewide average, McGuire said. And he’s skeptical about the company’s financial claims.

    “From the beginning we said Rockport was not losing money, that if you dig into the finances you’ll see that,” he said. He also accused Rockport of putting its patients in the middle of a made-up crisis. “They wanted to bully their way to higher rates, and bullying doesn’t work here on the North Coast.”

    Rob Layne, director of public affairs at Partnership HealthPlan of California, confirmed this afternoon that Rockport has filed a request with the California Department of Public Health to terminate its contracts for the five local facilities. “Rockport has in the past used the community as leverage,” Layne said. “This is another example of it.”

    Layne said Partnership didn’t learn about Rockport’s decision to close only one local facility until reading about it in the Outpost. And while Partnership management is happy that its local members won’t be displaced from their community they remain concerned about them due to Rockport’s plans to terminate its contract for Medi-Cal reimbursements.

    Layne sees the change in tactics as merely another angle from which Rockport is trying to apply leverage in hopes of getting more money, and he said it won’t work. With more than 600,000 members in 14 counties Partnership has a policy of not making side deals.

    “If we were to pay Rockport what they’re asking for it would significantly impede our ability to provide fair rates to everyone else,” Layne said. He also noted that Partnership has set aside $250 million thousand in emergency transition funding to help members who have to relocate to a new skilled nursing facility.

    McGuire, meanwhile, said the closure of Pacific Rehabilitation and Wellness should help solve some of the problems Rockport and Rechnitz have been complaining about, including a nursing shortage. There are currently 49 permanent medical professionals employed at the Pacific facility, and between the five Rockport facilities there are 43 medical professionals who’ve been brought into Humboldt County on a temporary basis, the senator said.

    “I would hope this [planned closure] is going to go a long way toward solving their so-called staffing shortage,” McGuire said. He reasoned that if Rockport were to pay its permanent employees the high rates it’s been forced to pay temporary medical professionals, “we wouldn’t be in the mess that we’re in.”

    Regardless, McGuire said he looks forward to negotiating further with Rockport. “And I hope they will now stop their grandstanding,” he added.

    The Outpost requested an interview with Rechnitz but his spokesman, Stefan Friedman, denied that request, offering instead to answer questions himself via email. We sent some questions and will report back when they’ve been answered.


  7. Brooklyn man ensnared in New York corruption probe pleads guilty

    A Brooklyn volunteer neighborhood safety patrol member pleaded guilty on Wednesday to bribing police officers to expedite gun license applications, becoming the latest person to admit wrongdoing in a wide-ranging corruption probe in New York City.

    Alex Lichtenstein, a member of an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood patrol group, told a federal judge in Manhattan that he paid the bribes to New York police officers in charge of approving gun permits between 2013 and 2016.

    “During these years I gave police officers in the Licensing Division things of value including money knowing that by giving them these things the officers would do me favors,” a trembling Lichtenstein said before U.S. District Judge Sidney Stein.

    Wearing a dark suit, open-collared white shirt and black yarmulke, Lichtenstein, 45, pleaded guilty to one count of bribery and one count of offering a bribe.

    Under a plea deal, he agreed not to appeal any prison sentence of 71 months or less and forfeit $230,000. His sentencing is scheduled for March 16.

    Lichtenstein was arrested in April as part of a wide-ranging corruption investigation that has resulted in several police officers being charged or disciplined, and put the fundraising of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio under scrutiny.

    At least three people have pleaded guilty, including Jona Rechnitz, a real estate investor who secretly pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with investigators, a person familiar with the matter previously told Reuters.

    Rechnitz has been central to the investigation along with another businessman, Jeremy Reichberg, who was charged in June as part of the bribery probe.

    Both served on de Blasio’s inaugural committee after his 2013 election and either raised money for his campaign or for a nonprofit organization set up to advance his agenda. De Blasio has not been charged with any wrongdoing and has said he and his administration have acted legally.

    In Lichtenstein’s case, prosecutors said he charged his clients as much as $18,000 to expedite gun license applications.

    They said he offered to pay one police officer $6,000 per license application while boasting that he had secured licenses for 150 people in the past. The officer reported the incident to the police department’s internal affairs division.

    When asked by reporters after the hearing if he was cooperating with the government in providing information on others, Lichtenstein shook his head and replied: “No, no, no.” His lawyer declined further comment.


    • Well, that would be interesting. Where can we find this online? We have heard that Hillary was planning to pardon St. Lawrence which is why she was in New Square, Rockland a few times during the election cycle. We had not heard about similar allegations on the Trump side.


  8. “Platinum Partners, whose co-founder Murray Huberfeld was charged in a kickback scheme with the New York City correction officers’ union president, allegedly used Beechwood to make short-term loans to one of its investment companies without having the loans rated or valued.

    Beechwood used $150 million of the insurers’ trust assets to invest in Platinum funds, make deals “with known criminals who were friends and associates of Huberfeld and Nordlicht” and enter into other risky transactions.”



    $50 Million RICO Lawsuit Filed Against Moshe M. Feuer, David Levy

    “Two insurance companies on Thursday hit the executives of a reinsurance company with a $50 million Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act suit in New York federal court alleging they secretly invested the insurers’ assets in Platinum Partners LP funds due to an agreement between the companies.
    Bankers Conseco Life Insurance Co. and Washington National Insurance Co. allege that Moshe M. Feuer, Scott Taylor and David Levy founded reinsurer Beechwood Re Ltd. with a secret $100 million investment from Platinum Partners co-founder Mark Nordlicht and in return invested the assets of its clients, including the insurers, with Platinum funds and related entities.”


  10. WHO THE HELL IS THIS? Moshe “Mark” Feuer?

    “Beechwood was a startup, but CNO deemed it on the up and up, given that its purported founders were two reputable industry veterans—former Marsh USA CEO Moshe “Mark” Feuer and Scott Taylor, a former Marsh & McLennan executive who also had helped lead Merrill Lynch’s wealth management division.

    Now, though, CNO is suing the pair, alleging in a complaint filed late last month that they were conspirators in a fraudulent scheme that used Beechwood as a front to funnel cash into the embattled New York hedge fund Platinum Partners, which was in need of capital.

    CNO says Platinum, led by Mark Nordlicht and Murray Huberfeld, used Beechwood as its “piggybank”—drawing its cash to fund Platinum’s exotic financial bets as well as to pay off the growing number of Platinum investors who were seeking to redeem their holdings.”



    “In their bankruptcy filing, the Cayman liquidators, Matthew Wright and Christopher Kennedy, state they have already begun examining allegations of asset overvaluation and will execute a detailed investigation into what caused the funds’ insolvency.”

    “In the pursuit of outsize returns, Platinum “put money into a consumer finance company repeatedly fined for predatory lending before and after Platinum’s involvement, a pair of investments that turned out to be Ponzi schemes, and two energy companies that later went bankrupt and are facing criminal charges,” Reuters reported.”


  12. How Does an Alleged Fraudster Raise His Kid? “Money is King”

    Family problems arguably have the largest effect on the children, especially on the youngest ones. This proved to be true for Philip Esformes who was just recently under investigation by the United States Department of Justice for what was dubbed as the biggest health fraud case in recent memory. While he was being investigated for alleged fraud, he was also undergoing quite the messy divorce process.

    During these legal processes, some records regarding Esformes’ family life were released showing some questionable qualities, morals, and parenting decisions. As two out of three of Esformes’ children are already in college, this pushed his youngest son a little bit more in the center of the issue. According to a report from the Washington Times, Esformes was arrested on the charges of being involved in a fraudulent scheme worth over $1 billion.

    Esformes’ son once referred to him on social media as the greatest dad ever. However, the 16-year old’s mother does not seem to agree with this statement at her. As per ABC News, Sherri Tennenbaum-Esformes claims that the boy’s father has repeatedly exposed him to a life of sex, drugs and partying. This is a life highly reminiscent of that of a rock star. For a boy this young, that kind of life is indeed very dangerous.

    The parenting style Esformes has also been put under fire by being sculpted around the idea that “money is king.” Sherri Tennenbaum-Esformes also claims that she was prevented from seeing her son due to the father buying him off with mansions and other expensive gifts. What’s more terrifying is that these gifts, particularly the mansion turned bachelor pad has allegedly been used to contribute to the delinquency of a minor.

    Authorities have seized this property along with the cars, jewelry, watches, and other expensive things in it. The money from their bank accounts has also been seized. After his most recent hearing, Esformes’ request for bail was denied by a judge.


      • If this guy is running corrupt nursing homes, why hasn’t he been reported to the California AGs office?? If you remember in the early 90s there was a major investigation into NY nursing homes and tons of providers were arrested. If he is doing the same, then the AGs office needs to be alerted


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