Tips for LostMessiah

UPDATED: July 25, 2016:

Thank you for all of the help you have provided so far. Your contributions are invaluable.

This Tips Page was designed to allow our readers to provide us with tips.

We appreciate the assistance and are hoping that you will continue to share this site and even to redouble your efforts in gathering information.

Please also remember to provide us with links to your comments, where applicable, so that we can go back to the original sources, if available.

If any tips relate specifically to sexual abuse of children and sex offenders, please also see; –Darkness to Light: Ending Child Abuse by Preventing, Recognizing & Responding — Rape and Abuse Crisis Hotline. RAINN 24/365 (800) 656 – 4673

Finally, the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sex Abuse has announced that registration for private sessions will close on September 30, 2016. We encourage you to support the abused and not the abusers. Make an appointment if you have not already done so and have a story to tell.


We also appreciate emails and will post letters to the editor, usually unedited. For your reference, our email address is:

Many thanks to our readership, our contributors and our commenters. As of today, we have nearly 120,000 visitors and 450,000 views. We are fortunate to have you to thank.

468 thoughts on “Tips for LostMessiah

  1. I would encourage all of you to send an email to the next Secretary of Education (probably Betsy De Vos) to complain about the inadequate secular education being received by many Ultra Orthodox students especially the boys. Google Chaim Levin and the education he never received. It is time for this scandal to be addressed at the highest levels.


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