Rockland County, NY and “Moserim” – A Death Threat That Should not Be Ignored!


Please note:

Rabbi Horowitz does not know the blogger(s) behind this site nor is there any collaboration. He likely does not support much of what we write about; but we have tremendous respect.

We believe that his life is in danger and we are posting in the hopes that additional publicity will protect him and the other two on the Poster. Jacob Korbluh is a journalist. The actual poster below was up on his Twitter page, republished from a Twitter page of Frimet Goldberger. 

If anyone sends information to this page ( that might help Rabbi Horowitz, please know we will forward it along. We have little faith in the Ramapo Police Department, but ask for any assistance.

We will use any and all channels available to us.

From the Facebook Files of Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz and from Twitter for the picture:

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Yaakov Horowitz

This Is Not OK!!

I just filed a police report with Ramapo Police against the person who created this flyer and against the person who owns or has access to this twitter account. Ramapo Police is taking this death threat ** very seriously.

Life has taught me that when terrorists makes threats, take them at their word.

(For the record, all responsible rabbis across the spectrum of Judaism fully support and enforce social distancing guidelines, and the people responsible for this represent a tiny fringe of our community. See here for my opinion on people who aren’t following the guidelines, and I will not be silenced from expressing it in this great country. Full stop.)

I ask anyone who knows the person or people responsible for this death threat, to please contact Ramapo Police at 845-357-2400. Please reference this investigation by File # RP-0300080-20
** The flyer states that the 3 of us (I don’t know the other 2 fellows) are “Mosrim” (loosely; Jews who report other Jews to the authorities) should not be permitted in synagogue after the pandemic ends, and and should be banished from the community. But the term “Moser” (singular of mosrim) is very loaded, because when Jews lived under authoritarian regimes, getting reported to the authorities was often a death sentence. And @heimishNiyes added text from Maimonides distorted out of context which states that “It is permitted to kill a Mosur in any place and at any time, meaning ex judiciously.

Response to the Forward – Jews Not Being Blamed for Covid Spread and Non-Compliance Should Not be Defended

The Forward - News that Matters to American Jews


By: Julie D. Globus and a Number of Anonymous Contributors

This Opinion is a response to the piece written by Ari Feldman of The Forward entitled:  It’s there, it’s nonstop’: In Facebook groups in Hasidic areas, Jews blamed for virus spread, referred to as a News piece, which is partly reprinted below. Please note that since the original drafting of this Opinion, a piece came out by Steve Gold (mentioned below) in The Jewish Standard entitled Hate is also a virus – and it also killsWe add a reference to it because he does address some points we made below and to some extent we agree. To the extent we don’t, please continue reading.

While we make no bones about acknowledging there is an anti-Haredi sentiment in Rockland County, as well as Lakewood, New Jersey, Toms River, New Jersey, Orange County, New York, parts of Israel, parts of Belgium, England, Europe and the list goes on, we do not believe it is generalized anti-Semitism. Our thesis is derived from a parallel comparison to areas where there are flagrantly disrespectful churchgoers, one can see similar anti-religious sentiment. The major difference is that the Haredim, unlike most churchgoers have chosen a form of dress that shines light on their religion and practice and by doing so, shines light on any blemishes within the community. 

The general comparison between Haredim and churchgoers is a contextual discussion related to societal norms versus religious convention and should not be labeled anti-Semitism, for to do so, diminishes legitimate concerns of law abiding citizens everywhere, who themselves may have chosen to forego public observance in favor of safety.

We do not think that pieces like that written by Feldman, or the Rockland County face of the Haredim, Aron Wieder, or speeches of those like Michaeld D. Cohen, who is the Eastern Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center are helpful to the cause. We do not think Cohen, who is quoted in Feldman’s article, is appropriately responding to concerns of secular Jews and non-Jews, nor do we think he is doing Jews anywhere any favors.

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Rockland County, New York has a Disproportionately High Rate of Covid-19 and This is What a Legislator Does [video]

The Following Video Speaks for Itself –

This Man Should Not Hold Public Office. He Does No Favor for Jews and is Toxic in Rockland County, NY

The Religious Right of all Religions Should be Required Under Penalty of Punishment to Abide By Social Distancing. By Ignoring Public Safety Religious of Any Religion are No Better Than Other Terrorists – Only Covid-19 is Bio-Terrorism!

This is Not Political – It is a Pandemic –

Rocklanders Need Governance Not Throwing Mud –

The Below Video Feeds Resentment and Hate


Governor Cuomo “Are you Kidding Me” – Legislator Hofstein Asking for Enforcement in Rockland!

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Legislator Rockland County, Lon Hofstein (Credit: Legislator Hofstein’s Facebook Page)


Every day Governor Cuomo reports the staggering number of confirmed cases and deaths due to the Corona virus.
When issuing his executive orders he was quoted as saying ” I am not kidding about this”.

If this statement is a true reflection of how he feels why hasn’t he taken measures to enforce social distancing in Rockand?

I have participated in numerous conference calls with the members of law enforcement as well as other elected officials. During these conferences, I have continuously heard members of law enforcement state they, “DO NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY” to enforce social distancing. They are limited to having the crowds disperse.

Governor Cuomo has handcuffed the members of Law enforcement in his resistance to make Social Distancing a law. My thought is Governor Cuomo, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

For the citizens of Rockland County to have to depend on the Town Code Enforcement officers to go to the scene of the infraction is ridiculous!

It is time for our state officials to stop practicing politics and to represent & protect ALL THE PEOPLE.

If we do not follow the direction of the health department officials, the results will be, and have been, disastrous.

This is a matter of LIFE & DEATH!

Social Distancing Must Be Enforced, I Am Not Kidding!

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Rabbi Rottenberg of Monsey, NY Will Defy All Edicts to Close the Shul – We say, a Form of Terrorism

A Defiant Rabbi Rottenberg, Our Comments…

This is posted without the permission of Duz Iz Nies.

We are not responsible for the comments on that page. We have no affiliation with them and for the most part, would guess that they do not support this site. Having said that, blogging is not easy. Funding these ventures is far more difficult. We ask that you consult the original source and click on their ads. 

Finally, we stand by our consistent position that if you are attending shul and have not tested negative that very day for Covid-19 or if you have not survived Covid-19, you are a walking time bomb. Therefore, it is our position that there is little difference between going to a crowded shul to pray and strapping on a weaponized vest and walking into a crowded market.

For the safety of all of Rockland County, Rabbi Rottenberg’s shul should be nailed shut, even if it is in or connected to his home. According to the tax roles in Rockland, he does not pay taxes for either property. 


Rabbi Rottenberg Defiant … Keeps His Monsey Shul open …The Shul Where the Stabbing Took Place

Rabbi Rottenberg, Kosyiner Rebbe, or how some call him the Forshyer Rebbe, is boasting that amidst all regulations, his shul remains open.He said that the people and the Rabbonim that closed their shuls “don’t understand the importance of davening be’zibur.

It was in his house, that R’ Yossel Neiman was murdered on Chanukah…..

It seems that one death was not enough in his shul, the good rabbi is looking for more victims …

The way things are going in Monsey, he won’t have to wait too long!

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בית המדרש בו התרחש פיגוע רצחני – עדיין פתוח

למרות אלפי המתים בארה”ב מנגיף ה’קורונה’, בבית מדרשו של האדמו”ר מקאסאן במונסי, בו התרחש בחנוכה פיגוע קשה – מסרבים לסגור ואף מתגאים בכך שהמקום עדיין פתוח עולם)

בעוד נגיף ה’קורונה’ ממשיך להתפשט ולגבות קורבנות רבים ברחבי ארה”ב בכלל ובקרב התושבים החרדים בפרט, ישנם אחרים שמתנגדים בחריפות רבה לסגירת בתי המדרש והמקוואות בארה”ב, וחלקם אף יצאו בימים האחרונים לתהלוכת מחאה ברחובות השכונות החרדיות בבורו פארק.
אחד מבתי המדרש אשר ממשיך בפעילות רגילה הוא בית מדרשו של האדמו”ר מקאסאן בשכונת פארשעי שבמונסי, שם התרחש בחג החנוכה האחרון פיגוע קשה על רקע אנטישמי, שבו נרצח אחד החסידים ונפצעו עוד כ-15, בזמן שחגגו את החג בביתו של האדמו”ר שממוקם בסמיכות לבית המדרש.
בהקלטה שהגיעה ל’כיכר השבת’ נשמע גורם בכיר בחסידות כשהוא זועם על יתר בתי המדרש שנעלו את שעריהם, וכי לדבריו, רובם, כ-22 בתי מדרש, כלל לא רצו לעשות כך, ורק בגלל אילוץ של הרשויות החליטו בסופו של דבר לסגור את בתי הכנסת והמקוואות.
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Legislator Foley Speaks Out About Covid-19 Lawlessness in Rockland County, NY – Governor Cuomo, Please Do Something…

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Legislator James Foley


In a Coronavirus epidemic, where breaking social gathering rules can help send our healthcare system above capacity, and literally get people killed, we have alleged public flouting of these rules in, no surprise, Ramapo.

There are people stating this Wesley Hills wedding was well over a hundred people. It was posted that officers requested that the people disperse, and that these persons refused. There were no reports of persons being ticketed or arrested. It was reported that at some point there were portable toilets.

I want to call out…

1: Ramapo Police Chief Weidel
2: Ramapo Town Supervisor Michael “The Spectator” Specht
3: Mona “The actual boss” Montal
4: Town councilman Yehuda “watch my second act to school looting“ Weissmandl.
5: NYS Attorney General Tish “I was a nobody before I met the Ramapo squad” James.

(Why throw a town councilman in? If you have the nerve to further the looting done by Aron Wieder, you have a lifetime of “shoutouts” coming your way)

The apartheid regime of Ramapo continues unchanged. Some have no rules or laws applied to them, as is alleged here today, and those persons reportedly given free reign are universally white. When a white person is attacked and gravely injured in a violent act in Ramapo, there is a full court press conference, and I agree that an attack like that would warrant a press conference.

What I don’t understand is, when a black person is killed in violence in Ramapo, the podium stays in storage. Crickets. No need to get the press, police, and elected’s lined up to speak, at least when the victim is black.

In Ramapo you have segregated housing, mostly new for the white folks, and the much dilapidated stock typically for the brown and black persons of Ramapo.

You have segregated schools, the program cuts, and old buildings for the brown and black, and the rehabbed ERCSD buildings fixed up with taxpayer money and sold off (in my opinion at a discount) years ago to the white private school crowd.

We can see here today the Ramapo segregated justice system. Let’s see African Americans in Ramapo flout the law like this, and ignore direct instructions from police. Actually, for those persons well being, let’s not see African Americans do that in Ramapo.

Tish James is quick to intervene when someone in Rockland makes a low budget video she does not like. Let’s see if Tish James, the Ramapo owned puppet, has anything to say about this alleged risking of life in Rockland County.

I understand that Ramapo Police are denying this was a big event, and on social media there are competing photos of a very populated event, and photos of a less populated event.

I fully support our police and nothing I say should be interpreted otherwise. The Rockland PBA was my campaign’s first endorsement, and I am still proud of that.

I met Chief Weidel in person and he presented as an honest, hardworking man who was appropriately tuned in to how he runs his department affects all of our lives, and this is not to disparage any officer who works for Ramapo PD, they are all doing their job.

But to be blunt, if Chief Weidel answers to this collection of morally flexible members of the Ramapo machine, I have no choice but to discount his word vs members of the public’s word, and also sorry to say, discount the official word of anyone that directly answers to the Chief if the matter is something the Ramapo machine would want to affect for that machine’s endless manipulations and lies.

If you chose to work “at the pleasure of” that crew that runs Ramapo, however morally sound you may be, you are publicly spending down your credibility.

I answer to the honest and lawful voters of Clarkstown and Orangetown, and it is comparatively speaking, effortless for me to remain free of undue influence. The crooked town of Ramapo is another matter entirely.

The FBI never raided the Clarkstown or Orangetown town hall, the Feds raided the Ramapo Town Hall, and from those days to today, I have seen absolutely zero evidence of a change of heart in Ramapo Town Hall.

The downzoning we were told would stop, it continues, full steam. The patronage to the Ramapo machine continues, if not accelerates. The two sets of rules, absolutely unchanged.

Although the convicted federal felon Christopher St Lawrence is not running the town anymore, I see little difference, as I never really thought he ran the town anyway, his puppet masters did, and they didn’t go anywhere and they did not change their mind or morals.

The Five Town Supervisors “summit” months ago was really pushed for and put on by one town, Ramapo. It was Ramapo that begged us to attend, and it was also Ramapo who quickly ignored our unanimous feedback given at that summit to stop the overbuilding.

I ask that everyone speak about Ramapo for what it is.

Ramapo is a crooked town, run by crooked people, who lie to us.



Please see the link to the article on Facebook here.