An Analysis of 386 Route 59 in Airmont and the Art of Full-Scale Manipulation of Healthcare, Part II

386 Route 59 Airmont…. Growing Ever More Intriguing…

by LostMessiah, March 19, 2016
From an article on FB site: Clarkstown What They Don’t Want You to Know

On March 16, 2016, Federal Investigators raided 386 Route 59 in Airmont. We reported on some of the various businesses operating there from publicly available sources.

Focus Capital/Focus Ventures (Numbers 2 and 3 in our earlier article) also lists SpectraCare. After doing some research into SpectraCare and a look at their separate website, there are a few points that we thought worth mentioning as follows:

SpectraCare allegedly provides service for mental illness, developmental disabilities and substance abuse. According to one source, “not a single individual out of 21 Directors on their Board of Directors shows a single degree – not an accountant, a social worker, a physician, a counselor – nothing.”

The Executive Director, on her page (, mentions that there are 23 members on the Board; but if that is the case, two are missing from the Board page. She also does not appear to have any relevant degree or experience. The only person who seems to have a relevant degree is “Dr. Fernando Lopez, who is 85 years old.”

According to the website, “Funding is provided through United Way, local government appropriations, contributions, federal, state and local contracts, insurance, and fees charged.” Further, “Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, and other third-party payments are accepted as payment. Individuals wishing to not utilize any available insurance or third party payment sources will be responsible for payment of all of the fees charged.”

The Leadership Team is comprised of the Executive Director, Dr. Lopez (medical director) and a number of other people. The only person who appears to have done anything beyond being listed on the site is the “Clinical Director of Substance Abuse” who has been quoted a few times on the dangers of substance abuse and a suicide problem in Alabama.

“The leadership of the organization is composed of a Board of Directors appointed by the various local governmental units. The Board has responsibility and authority for overall conduct of the operations of SpectraCare. The Board of Directors appoints an Executive Director, who has full authority to operate and direct the daily operations of the company.”

The Executive director explains the composition of the organization as defined by Alabama Code 310. According to our research on the meaning of these comments, the citation she uses appears to be incorrect. The citation should actually be Chapter 580-1-12 Administrative Standards for 310 Boards. According to the relevant section of the Alabama Administrative Code


310 Boards require a Comprehensive 310 Board and a Specialty 310 Board. We cannot find on their site any certainty in regards to compliance; or to Articles of Incorporation which would indicate that SpectraCare is 310 Board compliant. From a review of the laws and the Alabama code, it would appear at first glance that this reference is a fiction. But perhaps there is simply website issues. We have our doubts.

With regard to the entity named Hiko Holdings, which for our purposes, we are going to view as a “shadow entity,” there appears to be a link between that company and Hiko Energy LLC. Hiko Holdings, DOS ID # 3927216, which is listed on one set of documents at the 386 Airmont address, is listed on the NYS Department of State website as being located at 12 College Road in Monsey, New York.…/CORPSEARCH.ENTITY_INFORMATION…

A look into that address also leads to a company named Hiko Energy LLC, (number 13 in our earlier article) a company incorporated on January 14, 2010 DOS ID 3900184, which on the NYS Department of State website as having a registered agent at the 386 Route 59 address in Suite 105. It also goes by the name Premier Energy Services LLC, which is registered at 386 Route 59.…/CORPSEARCH.ENTITY_INFORMATION…

The registered Agent for both companies is someone by the name of Boruch Gottesman. On the NYS government website. However, his LinkedIn profile (Baruch Gottesman) lists him as CEO of Gottesman Financial LLC and General Counsel of Star Venture Capital LLC. It is spelled with an “a” rather than an “o.” While it is possible that there is a Boruch Gottesman and a Baruch Gottesman, as two different people, there are other listings indicating that they are one in the same and there is simply a mistake in the spelling. The LinkedIn profile also lists him as a former teacher at Aish HaTorah, a religious school associated with Agudath Israel and Agudath Israel America. This information is also available on


On the website Baruch Gottesman is listed currently as an Aish teacher. A look into Star Venture Capital LLC leads to a website ( which lists Star Finance Group and a note stating “Please Excuse Us. Our Site is Under Construction. All Links are Disabled.” The site has a copyright date of 2014 and a telephone number (718) 263-STAR, a Brooklyn number, as well as a Toll Free number. According to the website “Star Finance Group is an integrated group of experienced companies providing excellence in the Investment Banking, Project Finance, venture Capital and Private Wealth Management space.” Another site search got us similar information. Little information is available on Star and it does not appear from SEC documents or FINRA registration that Gottesman is a registered investment advisor or certified wealth manager.

Baruch Gottesman’s LinkedIn profile also lists him as a graduate of Cordozo School of Law, Yeshiva University from which he graduated with honors, as part of the Law Review and Order of the Coif. Further research into Gottesman took us to an article on a site called In a series of decisions which raised significant controversy and made national headlines in 2010, 2011 and 2012 called the Buddha Bar Case, which involved a very lucrative restaurant in the meatpacking district, and several countries, including Gibraltar and Lichtenstein, Gottesman was listed as a witness. He was asked to testify regarding his activities as counsel Imedinvest, the company which founded Buddha Bar. Judge Fried who oversaw that case, questioned Gottesman’s credibility as a witness due to family connections, stating, “I do not find Gottesman’s testimony worthy of belief.” ( The person, however, whom Gottesman testified against, boasted her ability to influence cases and the justice system, claiming that there is nothing money will not do. The case decision was described as follows:

After nearly 16 months of hearings, Fried had finally issued a 45-page decision, essentially awarding control of Buddha to the individuals he had referred to the Manhattan DA’s Office.

Buddha’s management appealed Fried’s decision. Experts believe however that its chances are not high because Fried’s decision is largely based on his own perception of witness credibility, something on which appellate courts usually defer to trial judges. “The judge cleverly crafted his decision to make it virtually appeal-proof”, one lawyer said, “it is all based on his personal impressions that every witness who testified against Gudavadze ‘not credible'” .

Judge Fried’s mysterious retirement a few weeks later, which prompted an article in Reuters, also lead to significant questions regarding the case, the witnesses in that case and the possibility that the decision was bought and paid for. Whether or not Gottesman was simply an innocent pawn hired to unwittingly engage in illegal conduct or whether he was somehow involved remains unclear, the former more likely.

Imedinvest Partners et al (1:13-cv-22700) filed in Florida for bankruptcy protection on July 26, 2013 and terminated in September of 2013. Included within that same filing were two related companies Fallon AP Imedinvest and Fisher Island Investments, Inc. (docket://gov.uscourts.flsb.11-17047)

Gottesman’s involvement in the activities of Hiko Holdings and Hiko Energy LLC and the activity of Star Venture Capital LLC remain a mystery.



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