Huge Satmar Event Held in Advance of the 21st Of Kislev, to Hide – Covid-19 and Deceptive Practices

Twitter Post – Hebrew – Hugs Event held in secret in the United States by Satmar in a Celebration Hall

“Huge Satmar event in Brooklyn marking the 21st of Kislev, held a couple days early to throw off city inspectors. No masks or social distancing. 21 Kislev marks the day the original Satmar Rebbe, Joel Teitelbaum, was saved from the Holocaust by a Zionist, Rudolph Kasztner.”

“The Satmar Rebbe Joel “Reb Yoelish” Teitelbaum was a leading anti-Zionist. Upset that Zionists saved him, Teitelbaum spent the rest of his life lying about it and attacking Israel. Satmar has continued promoting those lies and attacking Israel to this day.”

As a point of explanation – to those who read this and are not clear, the Satmar is anti-Zionist. It is believed by this group that the State of Israel is hampering the coming of the Messiah. The Satmar promotes lies and attacks Israel amongst themselves and donates millions to similar anti-Israel radical Jewish groups located in israel. While they accept social services while living in Israel, they do not send their children to army service like all other children, they do not learn subjects that would allow them a future outside of their community and many live in poverty while the Great Rabbis enjoy prestige, wealth, political clout and control.

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Flouting Covid -19 Rules, Monsey, NY – A Subtle form of Bio-Terrorism [video]

Police Officers Enter House to Find Large Gathering, Monsey, NY Where Numbers are Rising

This is not anti-Semitism. It is an understanding that every sick person has the power to infect others. Private homes, public gatherings, these are spreading events. There should be some accountability, particularly in areas where the numbers of sick to healthy are legitimately rising.

Targeting violators within the religious community

The Covid Conspiracy? Or, a Group That Believes Itself Immune?

Yeshiva World News WhatsApp Blast


There is no shortage of video currently available with endless clips of non-socially-distant religious Jews who are not wearing masks and flouting safety precautions. They seemingly do not care about one another in that regard nor do they care about those outside of their community who may be adversely affected by their actions.

Many assert, like President Trump who has proudly proclaimed that Covid-19 is a “gift from G-d” or just a “flu” that Covid-19 is not a major health threat. Many believe that Covid-19 is a conspiracy imposed upon the people [religious Jews] for the purposes of mind control, limiting religious belief or some other absurd assertion. Many within the religious Jewish community believe themselves immune, either because G-d will step in “B’Ezrat Ha’Shem” and provide assistance, because they have already reached “herd immunity” or because the “others” are not worthy of their consideration or concern.

But the great irony is that there are also no shortage of requests for financial assistance, “chesed” charity to families of people suffering from Covid-19 or families of people who have died. When will the reality jive with the illusion that Covid-19 restrictions are not an anti-Semitic approach to a public health threat, but rather, a means to keeping everyone safe.

Covid-19 is a hazardous virus that presents a major health threat. Those members of the religious community who do not comply with strict requirements of social distancing and mask-wearing present a public health threat, not only to themselves but to others. Covid-19 is killing people. Those who are not adhering to law are committing acts of bio-terrorism.

It is about time that the non-civil law adherent Jews within the religious Jewish community at least begin to adhere to Jewish law “Pikuach Nefesh” which holds human life to be paramount.

Governor Cuomo- Orders Lockdown – Flouting Laws Part IV – Covid-19

This is Crown Heights on October 5th or 6th, 2020 – This is after being order to wear masks and avoid crowds


The people in this video are brazenly avoiding abiding by the laws. The Police Department in Crown Heights, New York is doing very little to break this up, though that may be an impossible task given the sheer numbers.

The people in this video are NOT guided by the notion of the sanctity of life. Like our US government’s leadership, they feel themselves impervious and are putting every New Yorker, Israeli (many go back and forth) and every person who might disburse to another country at risk.

This is not about religious freedom, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly. It is about protecting the sanctity of life of every New Yorker. But, if our government does not lead by example, there is little hope that the people in this video will stop putting theirs and others’ lives at risk.

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Dr. Rich Roberts The Coronavirus Carnival in Lakewood – Governor Murphy Where Are You? Lock-Down?

New Jersey is on Lock-Down (as it should be) but Dr. Rich Roberts Will be Handing Out Candy to Cars Lined Up…. This is Nuts