Benefits Fraud – We Know For Certain it is Also Rampant in East Ramapo, Kiryas Joel, New Square, Crown Heights…


How Benefits Fraud Scam Spread So Widely In Orthodox Town

“One thing is for sure: Many people in Lakewood were aware of the scams, if not of the specifics. In 2015, the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office met with Lakewood residents to discourage government assistance fraud.

Flyers warning about the practice were also posted at a local synagogue.

“Those who choose to ignore those warnings by seeking to illegally profit on the backs of taxpayers will pay the punitive price of their actions,” Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato said in a statement at the time.

Since news of the arrests spread, there have been ominous signs that even more people could be involved. Hundreds of people have called local officials, inquiring if there would be amnesty for those who admit lying about their incomes, and the APP reported that Ocean County authorities have been swamped with calls from public assistance beneficiaries seeking to stop receiving benefits.”

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Joel Landau -The Allure of Escaping Millions Richer – Sorry… No Pictures Please

rivington house

Dear Reader:

Joel Landau, through a series of demands and other bullying tactics sent in the form of threatening letters from Wordpress, claimed an array of Copyright violations. The poor little man did not like having his face on our pages. So he had his pictures forcibly removed from our pages and our archives with threat of shutting us down for Copyright Violations. While that makes us kinda want to put a Metadata link to his name and Allure Group on every single one of our pages, so that he and Allure will forever be synonymous with every ill, morally bankrupt and skewed activity referenced on these pages (particularly where healthcare facilities are concerned), we figured that would simply be unproductive. Instead, we are going to publish every article about Landau and Allure. We will publish every piece of information available. Just send it over. We hope that one day someone, more clever than him and his band of merry loophole-finders, figures out a way to make him pay for his reprehensible though remarkably clever behavior. He is another person who manipulates the lives of our most vulnerable citizens for ill-gotten gains. To Joel Landau and Shlomo Rechnitz – L’chaim…

City admits it doesn’t have a legal case against Allure Group over Rivington House

Mayor said law department can’t find “pathway” to seeking restitution from Joel Landau’s firm

The city’s hands may be tied when it comes to seeking restitution for the controversial sale of a Manhattan nursing home to a luxury condo developer.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, who in April vowed to sue Allure Group for flipping the property at 45 Rivington Street, said Thursday that the city’s lawyers “cannot find an actual pathway” to restitution.

“I support anything that would get us further restitution for what happened,” the mayor said at a press conference, Politico reported. “I made very clear my anger at the way the private-sector firm handled things,” he said. However, “So far, our law department cannot find an actual pathway.”

Allure made $72 million when it sold 45 Rivington to Slate Property Group, after convincing the city to lift a deed restriction on the site. The de Blasio administration maintained that Allure did not tell the city it intended to sell the building to a developer while negotiations were taking place. But a report from the Department of Investigations found that reps for Allure told the city in March 2015 that if the deed weren’t lifted, it would consider a conversion of the property to luxury apartments.

Comptroller Scott Stringer also accused Allure of misleading City Hall, but mostly faulted the de Blasio administration for mishandling information at virtually every turn. Allure maintains it did nothing wrong.

The mayor has insisted he was not aware of the deal.

Allure, led by Joel Launda, has maintained it did not lie to the city, but earlier this month, the mayor signed a bill to increase oversight of deed restrictions.

Meanwhile, the city hired two law firms this year to represent it in the Rivington deal, and in campaign finance investigations. The contracts are for more than $10 million, Politico reported. [Politico]E.B. Solomont

Millionaire Brooklyn Couples Stealing Millions in Benefits… Very Charitable of Them



Brooklyn ‘Millionaires’ Busted for Stealing $1.3M in Benefits, Feds Say


WILLIAMSBURG — Three Brooklyn couples, including a landlord with properties all over the borough, were arrested Tuesday on charges of defrauding the government of $1.3 million worth of benefits.

Shlomo Kubitshuk, 38, and his wife Rachel, 39, Naftali, 40, and Hinda Englander, 41, and Leib, 39, and Devorah Teitelbaum, 36, were accused of lying about their income to the federal government as far back as 2001 in order to collect thousands of dollars worth of food stamps, Section 8 housing vouchers and Medicaid.

“For over a decade, this ring of six defendants allegedly lied to city and federal officials about their financial status in order to obtain benefits that were meant for the needy,” said U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara.

The six were slapped with a multiple counts of conspiracy to steal government funds and theft of government funds, which carry a five and ten year maximum sentence respectively, court documents show.

In two separate complaints unsealed Tuesday, prosecutors said the six benefited from $457,000 in Section 8 vouchers to pay for NYCHA apartments, $130,000 in food stamps and $733,000 in Medicaid payouts.

“At a time when affordable housing is scarce and there is a waiting list for Section 8 vouchers, it is reprehensible that some New Yorkers went without so that these defendants could have still more,” said Department of Investigations Commissioner Mark Peters.

Shlomo Kubitshuk owns multiple properties across Brooklyn, according to prosecutors, including 56 Grattan, 98 Grattan St. and 177 Montrose in East Williamsburg, 327 Melrose St., 318 Melrose St. and 1436 Greene St. in Bushwick and 1144 Bergen St. in Prospect Heights.

The state had records of Kubitshuk taking in $560,000 in rental income in 2013, and in multiple applications for mortgages he said his assets were worth more than $2 million, prosecutors said.

His wife said she took in $300,000 in annual income through another LLC company on a 2013 credit card application, according to the complaint.

Despite that, the pair claimed only $13,409 a year in combined income for around a decade in order to qualify for federal subsidies, federal prosecutors charge.

Naftali Eglander, owner of a U.K. real estate company City Gate Estates Limited worth more than £600,000, and his wife Hinda disclosed only $15,858 in combined annual income between 2001 and 2013, prosecutors said.

Finally Leib Teitlebaum, president of the online jewelry company, professed to earn about $1.2 million a year in a 2006 credit application, according to the state, yet disclosed far less.

“These defendants were millionaires stealing from the poor,” said Peters. “The defendants fraudulently concealed their wealth to obtain benefits.”


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Satmar – Abusing Government Resources: Section 8, SNAP, Medicaid




Several Members of the Satmar Community Reportedly Arrested This Morning

The FBI in Williamsburg this morning made arrests at 118 Skillman and 900 Bedford. Four members of the Satmar community were arrested arrested in Williamsburg, Bedford and Skillman. The FBI were in Boro Park at 52nd between 11 & 12 as well this morning.

The 5 arrested so far are:

Shlome Kuptchik & his wife
Zalmen leib Teitelbaum Ben Meir
Gabe Bihmd Myrtle
Nuta Wolf

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If You Want A Safe Home for the Elderly, leave NY, California, Texas, Florida and Illinois


Re: The Fensterman Mafia Nursing Homes…

We are writing to you as a follow-up to your post on the nursing home empire represented by or partially owned by Attorney Fensterman and his ilk…

You may want to know that they are now the very proud owners of the following nursing homes in the great State of California. Yes. We believe Rechnitz and them are close. How close is unknown but draw your own conclusions.

The nursing homes are being run by Dov Jacobs.  (Son-in-law of Rabbi Abraham C. Fruchthandler, President of Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin in Brooklyn–

These are the same ones that currently have or have had money with the Platinum scoundrels…


The following nursing homes have been acquired by this prestigious group with state and federal license applications in process. We believe only one or two have been given. The rest not yet. We are writing in the hope that the great State of California will take a very careful look at the people involved and their history in the nursing home empires.

There are a few more we believe and will provide when uncovered.

The list is…

1. Maclay Healthcare-141 beds – US News (1 Star)
2. Serrano Healthcare-99 beds 
3. Serrano Post Acute-99 beds
4. Legacy Healthcare-54 beds
5. Royal Gardens-43 beds
6. Vista Del Sol-50 beds
7. Vista Post Acute-186 beds
8. Rose Gardens Sub Acute-95 beds
9. Royal Palms Post Acute-140 beds
10. Rialto Post Acute-177 beds
11. Monrovia Post Acute-82 beds
12. Royal Terrace-58 beds

Bottom line, if you want your loved ones taken care of in their twilight years… get the hell out of California… and New York… and Florida… and Illinois… and Texas… for starters.Folks… you cannot make this stuff up even if you tried!

Yours sincerely,


Edited in part by Lost Messiah, August 2, 2016

Updated at 5:58pm. The opinion regarding Mr. Jacobs’ character, while an opinion, we felt better left unsaid.

Red Hook, Flood Zones, The Braunstein Family Affairs…

More About the Braunstein Healthcare Empire, Medicaid and…. David Greenfield – the guy who gets to oversee zoning

Thank you to our contributors. We did our best to edit as little as possible on this. May 10, 2016
LM has reported on the Braunsteins several times. The father and son pair can be found in Ramapo, New York, and in Red Hook, Brooklyn, just to name a few. But wherever they are, scandal is not far behind.
In Red Hook, papa Braunstein is attempting to relocate his Oxford Nursing Home from a  hot real estate neighborhood in Ft Greene Brooklyn (where he can turn a huge profit or create expensive housing) to Red Hook where there have been numerous protests within the community. However, what is not being considered is permitting Braunstein to be the steward of old people in a storm surge evacuation facility!!
Braunstein is, as far as we can tell, a despicable owner/operator of numerous healthcare facilities who, not only potentially defrauds the Medicaid system; but keeps his patents heavily sedated – more than most facilities. In some cases, they are arguably so drugged that the Braunstein team can keep payroll for aides low.
Just think: if the patients are largely comatose, there is little need for people to watch over them.
And from what we can see, while Borough President Adams seemed to “get it”. We are skeptical regarding David Greenfield, the Chair of the Land Use Committee of the City Council who will undoubtedly be the flack to rezone the Red Hook location to accommodate his comrades.

Rewind to an old New York Times Article, little has changed since:

“Consider three homes in the Bronx. The operator of the Laconia Nursing Home, which receives 90 percent of its revenues from Medicaid, earned $3 million in salary and profit. At the Grand Manor Nursing Home, also 90 percent financed by Medicaid, the operator and three family members earned a total of $2.4 million in salaries and profit. The owner and operator of the Morris Park home, 75 percent financed by Medicaid, took in $1.5 million in salary and profit.

Advocates for nursing home residents acknowledge that the homes’ operators and executives are entitled to make decent profits and salaries. But the advocates insist that it is unseemly for the profits and salaries to reach such high levels, given what the advocates contend is the industry’s longstanding record of poor care. They point out that at New York nursing homes, the staffing levels are lower than the national average, a crucial indicator. All three of the Bronx homes have staffing levels lower than the national average, according to federal statistics.

“It’s unconscionable to give yourself high salaries and not give some more money to hire people so some of these quality problems can be dealt with,” said Cynthia Rudder, executive director of the Long Term Care Community Coalition, an advocacy group for nursing home residents.

Trade groups representing nursing homes counter that most homes in the state are actually in financial distress because Medicaid does not pay enough.

Many hospital executives in New York also receive high salaries, but hospitals earn significant revenues from sources other than government social programs, including H.M.O.’s and private insurance. The 550 public, private and nonprofit nursing homes around the state, by contrast, earn more than two-thirds of their revenues from Medicaid, taking in roughly $6 billion last year from the program, according to state records. Many clinics receive most of their revenues from Medicaid as well.

Morris Berkowitz, operator of the Morris Park home, said he deserved his profits because he worked long hours and provided excellent care.

“Do you know how much I have invested in this place?” he said. “A lot of money. And I am constantly investing in this place.”

Earlier this year, after residents repeatedly wandered from Morris Park, federal and state officials accused the home of grievously poor supervision, and it was fined $86,000.

Mr. Berkowitz said the home had done nothing wrong. “It was a political thing, and we got caught up in it,” he said. “People with power, they abuse their power.”

Martin Liebman, operator of Grand Manor, said it was misleading to focus on salaries and profits.

“This is a family-owned business,” said Mr. Liebman, an officer of the state trade group of private nursing homes. “I’m third generation in the business. We have taken care of thousands of residents and given quality care for many, many years.”

Barry Braunstein, operator of the Laconia home, did not respond to three calls seeking comment.

Besides their high salaries, some executives profiting from Medicaid were also taking part in another tradition: cheating the program.”

Fast forward to an op-ed comment we received from one of our contributors:

“While I understand the aesthetic and contextual objections to the proposed 200 bed rezoning to accommodate a would-be Nursing Home…I’d like to also point out that the current operator/owner of the facility in Ft Greene has been a poor steward of his patients: Conover King Realty LLC aka Motechin. An in-depth review of the questionable standards of care deserve “equal time”…!
There’s a moral and ethical question which must part of the conversation. Why and how can the City [Greenfield] give a for-profit business special dispensation by rezoning community property on behalf of those who feel no compunction about over-medicating and sedating the elders who at their mercy? It’s just not good enough to say because there is a real need for more long term care and nursing facilities, that it’s perfectly okay to make a ‘pact with the devil’…The owner will make a tidy profit from the sale of his South Oxford facility…this neighborhood is the wild west of property churning…his avowals of a Red Hook nursing facility will be the precursor to market rate housing…I’m willing to bet the farm…Do not be fooled…his interest has nothing to do with providing seniors with a “more modern facility”…

Here’s a reference to the dismaying history of this nursing home and its owner/manager…some history on one of the owners.  Please note this from Norman Motechin -the Oxford Administrator in an article in the Gotham Gazette in Feb 2013-an excerpt:
More than half of the 205 residents at Oxford Nursing Home in Brooklyn were administered the potent drugs. Oxford’s administrator, Norman Motechin, said he was not familiar with the numbers and declined to discuss them.”  
Multiply this by who knows how many…and understand that too often these places where we send our loved ones are only holding sites for would-be developers…These “operators” suck up Medicare and Medicaid and keep their charges over medicated…understaffed…and immorally un-cared for.  
Red Hook…please…it may well be about property…but even more, it’s about the sub rosa oblivion we in the community have about our responsibility to care for our family members and our neighbors with some ethical concern!

 As we age…we are next…
Attention MUST BE PAID to the perpetuation of assisted living senior residences as well as “nursing homes” by real estate interests masquerading as administrators of care for the vulnerable. The churning of property is at the expense of the fragile and weak who cannot speak for themselves and who are additionally victimized by an oblivious NY State Department of Health and removed Federal oversight and… it’s repugnant.  
The city agencies MUST NOT abet via MIH, rezoning, subsidies or programs of that ilk, bad actors. Authenticity and an examination of track records must be mandatory first, if we are to protect fragile seniors from predatory greed.
Before privileges are given integrity MUST be verified.