No Knock Law Rockland – Blockbusting and Housing



Clarkstown – What They Don’t Want You to Know [Facebook], June 1, 2016

Hasidic Demand For Rockland County Housing Is “Causing A Housing Crisis Like Never Seen Before.”

Some use the word ‘poor’ when referring to our Hasidic neighbors in Orange County because 93% of the population in Kiryas Joel is receiving Medicaid and other government services.

The ‘poverty’ situation is not yet that bad in Rockland County, but it is climbing as rapidly as the population grows. In Monsey and Spring Valley, the percentage of the population receiving Temporary Assistance, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (aka food stamps) and Medicaid is now 62% and 53% respectively even though the adults and children are beautifully dressed and show no visible signs of malnutrition.

Why should we care about our Hasidic neighbors’ ‘poverty’?

We should care because Medicaid is charged back to the residents of the county in which the Medicaid payments are made – namely homeowners who are being driven from their homes by plunderous property taxes.

Even with these poverty statistics, News 12 reports that demand for houses in Rockland County by residents from New Square and Monsey has reached a fever pitch that is driving realtors to knock on residents’ doors and ask if they want to sell and get out now while the cash is flowing and the going is good.

What many residents believe is that these requests are blatant attempts by realtors to ‘block bust’ certain neighborhoods for the Hasidim ‘bloc’.

In this News 12 video, Yossi Gestneter, who is a self-styled spokesperson for the Hasidic community, attempts to rationalize how a community that is stricken with self-inflicted ‘poverty’ rates of over 50% has so much money that cash offers can be made to buy expensive homes in targeted areas saying: “These same people complain about the Hasidim going out there and offer hefty prices for houses and want to move out”.

While Gestneter may not be capable of expressing himself comprehensively in English, the point that he seems to be making is that the Hasidim have the money to buy expensive homes from anyone who wants to leave now.

Since Hasidim wish to live in insular communities, it seems clear that the reason for the present frenzy of realtors’ activity is that once part of the ‘block’ goes to the insular ‘bloc’ eventually all of the homes are sure to go to the same ‘bloc’.

That is textbook blockbusting. As Peter Bradley, a representative of the ‘Preserve’ movement in Rockland points out, offering to buy homes in this manner is “sheer intimidation”. He added: “There are other ways to sell and buy houses and this (way) is not appropriate”.

What is left unexplained in all of this by the Hasidic community’s ‘Ministry of Propaganda’ is how any Rockland County community – in which there is a ‘poverty’ rate of over 50% requiring lifelong ‘temporary’ assistance, food stamps, and Medicaid – has money freely available to its members to offer non-Hasidic homeowners top market value in cash if they would just get up, get out, and go somewhere else.

What is also not explained is how Kiryas Joel, where the poverty rate is an astonishingly 93%, can afford to annex huge acreages of land to construct brand new multifamily housing for its expanding population who apparently will also exhibit 93% ‘poverty’ levels.

If someone knows how the Hasidic community can make ‘poverty’ so successful with respect to real estate purchases, we would ask that they please make it known to others. There are numerous poverty-stricken areas populated by goyim in the inner boroughs of many cities of the United States that could use practical solutions to their similar poverty predicament.

Is the secret simply to organize into an extreme religious sect which compels its faithful to:

1. Have more children than they can ever possibly hope to support on their own even if they wished to.

2. Ensure those children receive the bare minimum in secular education in order to keep them dependent on the largesse of the community leaders.

3. Convince men that it is better to study a holy book from dawn to dusk than to perform any useful work.

4. Isolate the sect from the outside world and enforce crushing repercussions to those who stray.

5. Follow the political directives of the sect’s leaders without question, thereby creating a voting bloc that draws corrupt politicians like moths to a flame.

6. Wield ‘bloc’ voting power to control politicians up to the Presidential level and advance the agenda of the religion’s leadership convincing those who are controlled to look the other way when goyish laws must be circumvented or ignored.

7. Seek pardons for bad FBI actions in arresting people who were not stealing for personal gain but for the benefit of the group as a whole.

8. Watch goyim funds come rolling in to fund the religion’s community coffers.

9. Cry anti-Semitism or racial discrimination whenever confronted about any behavior that raises questions about how and why taxpayer money is funding unsustainable and self-imposed poverty.

10. Sit back and enjoy the ride – it will take generations before the goyim figure out the long-term plan.

There’s a common expression that states, “Last one to leave please turn off the lights”. In the case of much of Rockland County, that expression is likely to become a question that asks: “After the last goy leaves, whose money will be used to keep the lights on?”

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3 thoughts on “No Knock Law Rockland – Blockbusting and Housing

  1. This makes me glad I live in Massachusetts where Hasidim are few and relatively far between. More likely, though, than New York State taxpayers leaving by the millions is the development of a backlash against these welfare cheats which will serve them right. However the depopulating of Rockland of nearly all but Hasidim can be envisioned. The NJ border is right there. I don’t think the numbers in Lakewood come anywhere close to those in Rockland – or do they?

  2. The irony is this:
    As the population of these communities continues to grow, and they use more and more social services, costing more and more from the taxpayers in the area, they are, at the same time, passively evicting those same taxpayers, who are currently paying for the Section 8 vouchers, Medicaid, SNAP benefits, and basically supporting their whole way of life. Eventually, this dynamic will reach overload, and the taxpayers will leave NY altogether, taking their tax dollars with them, and the State of NY will be left with a welfare state, and no one to pay for it.

    It’s a “house of cards”, and a strong wind is blowing…

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