Exclusionary and Skewed Zoning or Anti-Semitism? And, Why are Tensions Heightened? – Take 2

CUPON Mahwah (Citizens United to Preserve Our Neighborhoods) Addressed The Village of Airmont’s Elected Officials On Monday, February 3rd, 2020.

Taking Bread And Tracking Ghosts In Airmont.

The Irish-Catholics Have Owned Pearl River For Long Enough – It’s Time For Them To Move.

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Hillside Avenue is the latest victim of Rockland County’s long list of bad behavior and irresponsible development projects.

In the video below Heather Federico and others followed up on their request for action at the Village of Airmont’s Board Meeting in December 2019. They is what they learned. But first a question for the Deputy Mayor: Did you pay your taxes? If not don’t ask us to pay ours!

CUPON Mahwah’s member Heather Federico begins with a simple question …..

“Have you done anything since the last meeting?”

Nothing has been done by Airmont’s elected officials about the situation in Hillside Avenue including the zombie house and headless chickens.

“This board has a chance to do something – you have done nothing”.

“Chicken heads left on people’s driveways”.

“I got the Ramapo police reports – here’s the chicken picture.”

“Not allowed by who? … you have had a whole month! …. I am told every report is “unfounded”, “unfounded”. I have stacks of them.”

“Do you understand? .. You have had lots of time .. I’m looking at a bunch of blank faces”.

“Have you filed reports?”

“We were on NBC News! We are up for an Emmy!”

“Did any of you attend the Five Towns Supervisors Meeting on Combating Hatred?”

Nope …. If they had they might have found out that what is happening in Hillside Avenue has nothing do with hatred from the goyim.

“One thing you need to do is to enforce your codes”.

Does the board know that there are things moving in the cemetery at night and they aren’t ghosts?

How does government work? Is there a process?

More blank stares ….

“Honestly? We don’t know”.

“I suggest you talk to Supervisor Specht or send an email to the Village Clerk”.

Why is one board colleague smiling? …. Let’s gently inquire.

If you are an accused anti-Semite in Airmont you will be asked to take down your American Flag. This American tells his local government what he will and will not do about the flag.

“I’m the outcast. Garbage is thrown in my yard. Why should I have to move?”

“I am told that the rules to not apply to me. It’s time for ME to leave. I am told WE are going to be like Kiryas Joel”.

“Rockland County is at the point where it should be separated in half. The laws should apply to all.”

“I should never be told to take down my American Flag. That is where hate comes from”.

“The Irish Catholics in Pearl River have been told they have ‘owned’ Pearl River long enough and it’s time for them too to move”.

A Ramapo Code Enforcement Officer can’t do his job because he would be fired?

“The Ramapo Building Department gave me the number to call. The officer told me he knows what is going on. ‘There’s a business there and they have threatened me’, he said. ‘They said if I don’t stop harassing them I will lose my job’.”

So who runs the Town of Ramapo?

Who is paying to pull the puppet strings?

Who is being paid off?

They call it “taking bread” in Ramapo.

Where is the Rockland County News Media?

Where is Rockland County’s District Attorney?

Where is the State Government?

Where are the Feds?

Where is the outrage?


YAFFED and Social Media Called Out at Solidarity March – Supporting Educational Neglect, not Solidarity

Clarkstown What They Don’t Want You to Know (Facebook)

‘No Hate – No Fear’ Solidarity March Attended By Thousands From All Faiths

One speaker was noted Jewish community activist, Chaskel Bennett, who delivered a passionate speech defending the Chassidic community. In the article posted below there is a seven minute video of Mr. Bennett’s succinct remarks.

Bennett said that for every large scale attack such as Jersey City and Monsey there were also numerous small scale attacks. He stated that anti-Semitism is seen in many different forms and particularly mentioned that beyond the major incidences there were frequent and numerous occurrences. Bennett mentioned of particular concern:

1: Thugs cursing at Jews and committing knockdowns and similar random horrendous attacks on individual Jews going peacefully about their daily business.

2: Naftuli Moster, New City resident, founder of YAFFED and one of the rally’s supporting organizers for his work seeking to enforce secular education standards in ultra-Orthodox yeshivas. YAFFED’s work was said to be sowing the seeds of hatred towards Chassidim.

3: Some social media sites for spreading violent and despicable anti-chassidic bigotry on line. People were asked to call out and condemn the sites and the social media companies that host these sites.

We certainly agree with the first point made by Mr Bennett about knockdowns etc in New Jersey and elsewhere. Hopefully we will not see that type of thuggery become prevalent in Rockland County.

As to Mr. Moster, his activities should be very simple to resolve once the NY State Education Department and the government of NY State answer a very simple question as to whether or not YAFFED’s claims have validity. We believe that they do and we fully support Mr. Moster and the work of his organization. NY State monies should not be going to any institution that does not meet the standards required by New York law. If the State of New York finds that the yeshivas in question are in compliance then the matter can be closed.

As to Bennett’s criticism of social media we can only speak directly about this site. We would welcome a review of our content by New York State Attorney General Tish James and would fully cooperate with any such review.

As we have mentioned in an earlier post, to this end we have proactively written to the AG formally requesting a meeting with her to discuss any concerns she may have. We have also offered to bring several prominent people from Rockland County – about whose work we frequently write – to also meet with her as part of this review.

Finally, with regard to the social media platform that we use (Facebook) we have always successfully passed examination of our posts and will at all times continue to comply with this platform’s stated standards.

Throngs of demonstrators joined by elected officials walked solemnly across the Brooklyn Bridge in a solidarity march Sunday against anti-Semitism and all

America As a Refuge for All Peoples, Is it America First or Religion First?- anti-Semitism

Clarkstown – What They Don’t Want You To Know

The Rise In Attacks On Jews – What’s Behind It?

Here are some questions as they pertain to Rockland County that we feel were raised by the panel in the Journal Editorial Report:

1: Are the attacks pertaining to the ultra-Orthodox community – either physical or verbal (including criticism of its behavior on social media) – an indicator of social decay in Rockland County?

2: Are the secular and religious segments in Rockland County becoming uncertain and thus are becoming polarized and alienated?

3: Are citizens heading to a situation in Rockland County parallel to that in the 1990s experienced in the Crown Heights section of New York where tensions between the African-American and the Jewish communities boiled over into riots?

4: Are the new bail reform laws that were put in place recently by Governor Cuomo contributing to the rise of attacks on Jewish people by thuggish hooligans?

5: Is there a rise in anti-Semitism in Rockland County and if so does that rise indicate there is a lot of social anxiety resulting in disfavored groups becoming targets?

6: Is there a deeper problem in Rockland County that needs to be recognized and addressed?

We were stuck by the similarity of what we heard in this program with what one of our readers posted as a series of comments in several of our earlier posts a day or so ago. We believe that she correctly articulated some of the elements of “social anxiety” in Rockland County and we now would ask our readers if her observations give an indication of the “deeper problems in Rockland County society that need to be recognized and addressed?

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Accountability and a Yellow Badge – Taking the anti-Semite Moniker to a Whole New Level – OPRA


DISCLAIMER: By posting this piece, we are posting what we believe to be a true and accurate depiction of the facts. We do not, however, offer a blanket endorsement of the comments posted on either Facebook site, which admittedly can be vicious and rabid and wholly disgusting.

We also cannot discount them outright as anti-Semitic, a label thrown all too easily at those who criticize the Jewish community. As Jews we can learn from public sentiment to understand where history is taking us. We do not have to like it. We should not out-rightly dismiss it either. 

If that public sentiment reflects an anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic or anti-Haredi lean it requires, in our view, a careful analysis of the dynamic. Perhaps we can build bridges rather than throwing tear gas at the public.

In the case outlined below, using the “Jude” yellow star was a move intended to agitate and to spark the basest instincts in people. We find it quite unpalatable and anyone who is disgusted, is rightfully so. The featured agitator does not, nor will he ever, send his children to the public schools in Lakewood, New Jersey. Yet he has a seat on the school district board of education. We firmly believe that a criteria for sitting on a public school board of education should be the attendance by a family member in the schools, past or present. The interest of your seat should be vested in public education and in improving the public schools.

Anything else, can, in our view, only be nefariously intended. We feel the same way for all boards of education everywhere.

To the “Jude” star, we find it an unnecessarily belligerent move, intended to incite hatred. In our view, humans are not born to hate one another. They evolve to that hatred, if that is really what the comments reflect. Prejudices are precipitated by a series of events, whatever those events might be.  By understanding those events, we believe, however naively perhaps, that it is possible to turn things around. 

Throwing labels of anti-Semitism around like Frisbees accomplishes nothing but diminishes the value of true-anti-Semitism and with it carries a danger for Jews everywhere.

Again, we do not endorse the comments.


Takewood Board of Education member Chanina Nakdimen thought he is pretty clever, cute even when he donned a YELLOW BADGE in response to an OPRA request filed by a taxpayer of Takewood. You see, public shaming is a part of the playbook written in Rockland County and now in full use here in Ocean County to bring gentiles into compliance and clearly Chanina was going for broke. He failed miserably.

The YELLOW BADGE dates back to the 13th century, a period in time that required Jews to wear a yellow badge that included the Star of David and the word Jude in the center to identify themselves as Jews. The practice was phased out in the late 17th century but then resurrected by Hitler and Nazi Germany.

We respectfully disagree and believe that his response to an Open Public Records Act request seeking the religious breakdown of school district employees, which Nakdimen is not, was a form of professional agitation. Okay not really professional, not even semi-professional…amateurish really but it’s all that he is capable of. Nonetheless, he was agitating. Now where have we heard that before?

Not long ago we ran a few stories about Nakdimen. We did so because at the time he was whining that there were professional agitators attending BOE meetings and that the BOE needed to stop pandering to them. In his mind, residents and taxpayers who are not Jewish are professional agitators. You can read that here: https://www.facebook.com/riseupoceancounty/posts/539877423444228

You may recall that Nakdimen earns his living at the School for Children With hidden Intelligence (SCHI), the founder of which was convicted of money laundering. SCHI is also the school that charges Takewood public schools $100,000/student or roughly $24,000,000/year to educate 200+ orthodox Jewish students with special needs. This says nothing of the millions more spent on transporting these special needs students and providing “year round care” by sending them to Jewish summer camps that are owned by SCHI and/or Jewish faux charities (Kars4Kids).

The gentleman that filed the OPRA request might be a virulent anti-Semite OR he might be aware of a lawsuit filed against the East Ramapo School District by a group seven black and Latino voters, as well as the Spring Valley branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The lawsuit claims that the at-large voting system has led to a lack of representation for minorities and seeks a system made up of nine single-member districts to be put in place. Currently the East Ramapo BOE is comprised of 8 orthodox Jews and one black woman. There is no truth to the rumor that her name is Token, her actual name is Sabrina Charles-Pierre. You can read about the lawsuit here: https://www.lohud.com/…/…/east-ramapo-ward-system/545143002/

During the Takewood BOE meeting Nakdimen offered the following statement:

“I have a quick statement to make. First, Thank you all for coming,

A concerned citizen recently made an OPRA seeking the “breakdown of our district staff by religion. As a “Hebrew” I have decided to fulfill his request by resurrecting the time-honored tradition of displaying this star on my clothing.

For the edification of the News Media, the term “professional agitators” is not fake news!

Lastly, with thanksgiving this week we should look for things to be grateful and thankful to God for- not hateful! Hate has no place in this town, this state, and this country! I yield my time.”

So in short Mr. Nakdimen says that we should all be thankful to God and not hateful, while mocking a legitimate request by a taxpayer in Takewood and thereby the individual who made that request, by wearing a most hateful symbol and once again invoking anti-Semitism and Nazi Germany all in the same breath.

Okay, gotcha Chanina.

As always, thank you to our friends at Clarkstown-What They Don’t Want You To Know for their vast contributions to our combined efforts. Learn more about them here: https://www.facebook.com/CTWTDWYTK/


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Threats Against Bloggers By a Community that Does not Want the Truth to Come to Light – Keeping Their Own in Darkness…

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We are fully reposting from  a facebook post on Clarkstown What They Don’t Want You to Know (Clarkstown, New York) They have sited to a site called “Rise Up Ocean County” Threats and harassment appear to be the modus operandi of anyone attempting to silence scrutiny. Shoot the messenger if you cannot shoot down the message.

It should be noted that over the last 48 hours the blogger now associated with LostMessiah has been threatened, harassed and had her personal information left in the comments section of various articles. That last one we decided to delete, with the full expectation that it will be thrown out there again. 

One can only imagine, if this is the way those feeling threatened within the ultra-Orthodox community respond to websites and posts that bring darkness within their community to light, then how do they treat those from within that community who want to escape, those who have gone off the derech (OTD). We are raised in supportive families and communities.

Many from within who want to leave, become entirely isolated. It’s something to think about. 


A Documentary About Ocean County, New Jersey In The Year 2030 Stirs Religiously Based Protests And Threats Of Violence

In what could be called an embarrassing case of “premature denunciation”, some decidedly anti-First Amendment persons have condemned the documentary ‘Ocean County 2030’ produced by the admins of the Facebook page “Rise Up Ocean County” which has not yet been released and the protestors have not yet seen.

This grandiose and infantilizing “We will decide for all of you what can be discussed in our community” attempt at a religiously-based power grab will take the form of a so called “multi-faith” press conference.

The ‘Rise Up Ocean County’ Facebook group has been growing it’s numbers and truth telling on a level that has taken the corrupt powers in NJ completely by surprise.

They seem genuinely frightened by the political awakening going on among the citizenry.

Rather than debate the facts, the bloc puppets seem to be debating whether the facts can be debated at all.

Given this documentary has not been released we will not comment on its content or message, but we can say in the general sense that history plays out with the corrupt trying to take away the rights of the abused at the exact moment when the abused decide to articulate their mistreatment.

We here at CWTDWYTK feel for those abused by the anti-goyim behaviors of the Frum Supremacists gathering in parts of NJ. The residents of Rockland County are also experiencing similarly painful mistreatment being called on a daily basis “anti-Semites” and worse.

Therefore, we wish RUOC well in exposing to a wider audience the abuse they have been suffering by the bad behaviors of those unfortunately suffering from a debilitating bondage of their minds.

We too have seen some of these manipulative, yet laughable, “press conferences” in Rockland County where ill-mannered elected officials, such as Legislator Aron Wieder, step to a live microphone and with little education, no skills, and no facts, try to play victim politics.

We suspect the New Jersey bloc operatives and bloc puppets when they have to verbally fend for themselves will prove equally inept.

Therefore we wish the admins of RUOC good luck in continuing to exercise their right to free speech and we join them in their refusal to be coerced into silence by religious zealots.

As soon as the Ocean County 2030 documentary is available we will publish it for the citizens of Rockland County to discuss.

Here is the “Press Advisory” calling all to apparently pray together for the end of free speech …….

PRESS ADVISORY: Multi-Faith Press Conference Calling on Jackson NJ Township To Condemn Anti-Semitic Documentary

When: Wednesday, February 13th 2019 7:00 PM

Where: Outside the Town Hall Main Meeting Room 
95 W Veterans Highway 
Jackson, NJ

What: A multi-faith press conference calling on the Jackson NJ Township to pass the proposed ordinance condemning Rise Up Ocean County’s production and distribution of their announced OC2030 anti-Semitic documentary and related trailers that have already demonstrated a clear anti-Semitic and divisive intent among the people of Ocean County.

This ordinance is the identical ordinance already passed by Township of Lakewood NJ and is being requested of Toms River and the County Board of Chosen Freeholders as well.

Michael Cohen (917) 817-9753


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Rise Up Ocean County


On the heels of Lakewood passing a resolution opposing the efforts of Rise Up Ocean County and referring to us as anti-Semitic and in the aftermath of being labeled a hate group that hides behind the anonymity of a Facebook page by Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles in the latest edition of Mizrachi magazine, we were contact via Facebook messenger by Steven Wagner. After reviewing his page he seems to be a legitimate user with ties to guns.His initial message involved a series of photographs, our reply was to ask why he was sending them to us.His answer was “Because you should know, as Virulent Antisemites, not all of us are “Black Hats”…..Some of us are Secular Militant Hebrew Combat Veterans”When we asked if he was implying that secular militant Hebrew combat veterans meant to do harm to someone his answer was succinct: “I’ve been to Prison and Don’t Mind Going Back, McDouche!”This is not the first bit of hate mail that we have received but he also included a link to the story about Lakewood passing their resolution and a multi-faith press conference scheduled for Jackson on Wednesday February 13, 2019.To our knowledge no one in our group has ever suggested violence against anyone, not ever. This is the 26th and most threatening private message that we have received to date.We share this with all of you so that you can understand the lengths to which some have gone to silence us. When elected officials irresponsibly throw gasoline on a fire to satisfy a constituency they should be held to account not only for their actions but the actions that follow.

Paul and Robert Adler, Rockland County, New York, Lawsuits, History and Palisades Center Mall, NY

The following was submitted to us by a source in Rockland County, New York and is being republished with permission by the page.

Former Democratic Party Rockland County Chairman, Paul Adler, And His Brother, Robert, Named In A Lawsuit Brought by A Third Brother, Larry, And Their Three Sisters

1 – Summary:

Paul Adler along with his brother, Robert, (and an individual not related to the Adler family, Rose Marie Pelatti), are defendants in a lawsuit brought by their brother Lawrence Adler and their three sisters, Arlene Adler, Judy Adler and Elizabeth Adler Scaccio.

It is alleged that on multiple occasions Robert Adler and/or Paul Adler stole, or in the alternative, borrowed money from Thelma Adler, the Estate of Harry Adler, or other Trusts and Family Entities and did not document these transactions with the Family Entities.

The lawsuit claims the total amount due and owing to Plaintiffs amounts to at least $10,981,911.

2 – Background:

Paul Adler was the chairman of the Democratic Party organization in Rockland County when he was charged with public corruption after prosecutors said he had enriched himself by almost $375,000 through a series of real estate transactions tainted by fraud, bribery and extortion.

Recently, the impending lawsuit against him by family members was presaged in a amazingly frank and personal Facebook post by Larry Adler in September 2018 (see images below). The lawsuit subsequently appeared on the Rockland County Clerk’s website in December 2018.


In the Facebook post dated September 5, 2018, Larry Adler speaking presumably about his father and his brothers Paul and Robert wrote:

“In an effort to continue to honor him, his known desires, and his legacy – and after more that a year of patience, discussions, and pleas with our brothers – my sisters and I will be pursuing legal justice against our brothers Robert and Paul for their actions against our mother, family entities, and us.

Dad (and Mom) would be sickened to know what his two older boys did – and didn’t do – for their mother and family in his absence. He would be shaken to his core to hear their words that ‘what they did was morally questionable but legally ok’.

In our recent times, where more and more people are standing up for themselves and others that have been wronged … and where the truth is disregarded, we are not going to be bullied or quieted about the truth.”

3 – Paul Adler And The Palisades Mall:

Federal prosecutors accused Mr. Adler of having threatened local politicians with the loss of their jobs if they did not cooperate with him on several deals, including one involving the controversial and gigantic Palisades Center mall in West Nyack.

In one secretly tape-recorded conversation, he argued that he had not assumed the party chairmanship to ”lose money,” said Mary Jo White, the former United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

”If you can’t help your friends, then why get into some of these positions?” Mr. Adler was quoted as saying in an eight-count complaint filed against him.

Adler eventually spent time in a federal prison and has since returned to the real estate business in Rockland County.




4 – The Lawsuit:

So what is it that Paul and Robert Adler are accused of doing that caused their brother to indicate he and his sisters will not longer be “bullied or quieted about the truth”?

The lawsuit states that Paul and Robert managed their father’s (Harry) estate after his death and until their mother’s (Thelma) death and they also managed various trusts that were set up by Harry’s will.

Here are a few of the allegations in the lawsuit as described in the paragraph numbers as noted below …..

57 – At Harry’s death, the HATRT (trust) owned the following assets:

100% of stock of 303 Erie Street Realty Corp., a New York Corporation and Family Entity

Property at 16 – 18 Bobby Lane West Nyack, NY 10994

64 – In December 1995, the stock of 303 Erie Street was sold to Pyramid.

65 – The proceeds of sale of the stock equaled approximately $3.25 million.

66 – The stock sale proceeds were due to be paid over to the Remainder Trust.

67 – The stock sale proceeds were not paid over to the Remainder Trust.

68 – In December 1995, the Bobby Lane Property was sold to Pyramid.

69 – The proceeds of the sale of the Bobby Lane Property, approximately $500,000, were to go to the HARTR (trust), however Robert and Paul caused an unearned “commission” to be paid to Paul from the proceeds of the sale.

The Unauthorized Transactions:

73 – Shortly after Harry’s passing, Paul Adler and Robert Adler began to misuse, misappropriate, and/or convert assets of the Trusts, and Thelma Adler personally, by forming various commercial entities (the “Non-Family Entities”) and using these assets for their personal benefit or the benefit of their family members.

74 – At the time of formation of the Non-Family Entities, Robert and Paul were in the fiduciary relationship with the Thelma Adler and the beneficiaries of the HAT, HATUCT, HATGST and HATRT and other Family Entities, which required Robert and Paul to act in the best interest of the Trusts, including growing in investing the principal to produce income for the benefit of the beneficiaries.

75 – Additionally, at the time of the transactions, Robert Adler held a Power of Attorney for Thelma Adler.

76 – Robert used the power of attorney granted by Thelma to make transfers from her to himself and/or caused the transfers of money.

77 – The use of these funds did not benefit Thelma Adler personally, or the beneficiaries of the Estates, Trusts or other Family Entities.

78 – Moreover, Paul and/or Robert did not request or obtain a majority vote to authorize the use of the funds pursuant to the terms of Harry’s Will for any of the transactions appearing below.

The Non Family Entities:

79 – Paul and Robert formed the following Non-Family Entities of which they are each 50% owners:

a. Harry A’s Estate Corp.

b. Let’s Lease Associates / Let’s Lease Group, LLC (“Let’s Lease Group)

c. RRIS, Corp.

80 – Harry A’s Estate Corp., was created on or about March 11, 1994.

81 – In order to fund the purchase and operation of a commercial property located at 50-56 Snake Hill Rd., West Nyack, New York, Robert and Paul took the following funds from the name persons and entities:

(Three sources of withdrawal are indicated in the lawsuit with a total of six withdrawals amounting to a total taken by Robert and Paul of $565,968).

82 – Despite contributing all of the required equity for the purchase of the property, and despite supporting most, if not all, of the development and/or operational costs, none of the Estates, Trusts or Family Entities own any interest in Harry A’s Estate Corp.

83 – Most of the transactions were taken in 1994, however, most of the amounts repaid did not occur until 2010-2012 approximately 16-18 years later.

84 – $719,932 has been repaid.

85 – Additionally, despite already owing money to Trusts, Estates and Family Entities, Robert and Paul refinanced the property, took the proceeds and used it for their own benefit.

86 – If Robert and Paul classify the funds they took as loans, Robert and Paul owe ….. interest and unpaid principal.

88 – Using the statutory 9% interest rate running from the date of the taking, Robert and Paul owe at least $342,987 in unpaid interest and at least $405,212 in unpaid principal.

(The lawsuit then speaks about the Let’s Lease Group)

89 – Let’s Lease Group was created on or about January 29, 1998.

90 – In order to fund the purchase and operation of four parcels of property across from the Palisades Center located at 11 – 21 Bobby Ln., West Nyack, New York Paul and Robert took the following funds from the named persons and entities:

(Six sources of withdrawal are indicated in the lawsuit with a total of twelve withdrawals amounting to a total taken by Robert and Paul of $1,690,000)

91 – Despite contributing all of the required equity for the purchase of the property, and despite supporting most, if not all, of the development and/or operational costs, none of the Estates, Trusts or Family Entities own any interest in Let’s Lease Group.

92 – Most of the transactions were taken …. in 1998-1999.

93 – $669,167 has been repaid.

94 – Additionally, to make up the remainder of the purchase price of the property held by Let’s Lease Group, Robert and Paul mortgaged the property to three of the sellers.

95 – Robert and Paul then caused the HATRT (trust) to take an assignment of the mortgage, with a principal amount of $390,458.

96 – Robert and Paul then did not honor the terms and commitments of the assigned mortgage, and did not make the required monthly payments to the HATRT, therefore causing further damage to the HATRT.

97 – Moreover, in negotiating the lease of the property, Robert and Paul did not disclose that the purchase of these properties were not for the benefit of Family Entities or for the benefit of the beneficiaries of the family Trusts.

98 – Robert and Paul used the same attorney that represented the Family Entities and Trusts in their sale with the same individuals and company.

99 – Upon information and belief, this façade misled a tenant into believing that the benefit of the transaction was for the Family Entities or Trusts, and thus that the transactions were authorized.

100 – If Robert and Paul classify the taken funds as loans, Robert and Paul the persons and entities … interest and unpaid principal.

101 – Because Robert and Paul did not document the loans indicating the amount taken, the interest rate and the correct application of payments, the full amount of unpaid interest and principal cannot be determined without an accounting.

102 – Using the statutory 9% interest rate running from the date of the taking, Robert and Paul owe at least $2,019,002 in unpaid interest, based upon a 9% interest rate running from the date of the “loan” and at least $1,525,458 in unpaid principal.

The lawsuit continues in part:


226 – Defendants Paul Adler and Robert Adler intentionally undertook control of the assets of the (trusts) HAT, HATUCT, HATGST and HATRT, the Estates of Harry and Thelma Adler and other Family Entities and engaged in unauthorized transactions including:

a- Stealing funds from the Trusts and Family Entities to use for their own benefit or for the benefit of their Non-Family Entities,

b- Stealing funds from the Estate of Harry and Thelma Adler, the Trusts, and other Family Entities to fund trusts left for the benefit of their own families, and

c- Stealing funds from the Trusts to fund independent real estate developments.

227 – In the alternative, Defendants Paul and Robert borrowed funds from the Estate, Trusts, and Family Entities without the required vote or approval of the Co-Trustees and documenting such loans.

228 – Defendants Paul and Robert have either not repaid the loans, or have repaid the loans without any interest, or without the proper payment of interest to the detriment of the Plaintiffs.

230 – Upon information and belief, Defendants Paul and Robert continue to engage in unauthorized transactions from the funds of the Trusts, further harming the Plaintiffs’ interests therein.


234 – Instead of abiding by their duties, Paul and Robert stole the Trusts’ funds to invest in properties which they would have been unable to purchase without use of the Trusts’ funds, thereby benefiting themselves in violation of their fiduciary duties.

239 – Defendants Paul and Robert have engaged in several actions in violation of their fiduciary duties, including:

a. Stealing funds from the Trusts to use for their own benefit or for the benefit of the Non-Family Entities, or in the alternative, borrowing funds which have not been repaid or have been repaid without interest;

b. Stealing funds from the Trusts to fund trusts left for the benefit of their own families, or in the alternative, borrowing funds which have not been repaid or have been repaid without interest;

c. Stealing funds from the Trusts to fund independent real estate developments or in the alternative, borrowing funds which have not been repaid or have been repaid without interest;

d. With respect to Robert, using the power of attorney for Thelma Adler as a way to make undetected transfers of funds for his benefit and with disregard for the benefit of Thelma and other beneficiaries;

e. With respect to Paul, knowingly participating, aiding and abetting Robert’s misuse of the power of attorney granted to Robert for personal gain:

240 – Additionally, on multiple occasions Robert Adler and/or Paul Adler stole, or in the alternative, borrowed money from Thelma Adler, the Estate of Harry Adler, or other Trusts and Family Entities, did not document these transactions with the Family Entities.

251 – At Harry’s death, Harry’s gross the state was valued at approximately $8.1 million exclusive of the amounts placed in the HAT.

252 – Currently, the balance remaining in the Estates, Trusts and Family Entities bank accounts is approximately $1.75 million collectively.

253 – Moreover, of the twenty-six (26) assets in Harry’s estate upon his death, only seven (7) assets remain, while Paul and Robert Adler, in conjunction with Rose Marie Pelatti, have increased their collective assets from virtually nothing to owning twenty-one Non-Family Entities and/or real estate developments.

254 – The growth of Paul and Robert’s assets are solely as a result of the unauthorized withdrawls of funds from the Estates, Family Entities and Trusts as family money has entirely funded Paul, Robert and Rose Marie’s scheme.

257 – Upon information and belief, Defendants continue to engage in unauthorized transactions from the funds of the Trusts , further harming the Plaintiffs’ interests therein.

The plaintiffs state:

220 – In conclusion, based upon the limited amount of information in Plaintiff’s control, the total amount due and owing to Plaintiff’s amounts to at least $10,981,911.

(The investigation is continuing and a full accounting has only been undertaken by the Plaintiffs, based upon the information in their control. This number only represents the Plaintiffs’ current belief as to the amount owing. However, it is anticipated that more will be uncovered as due and owing. This number was calculated by using a 9% interest rate running from the date of the “loan” and using the correct application of principal and interest based on the amounts and timing of the payments made by Paul Adler, Robert Adler, and/or Rose Marie Pelatti and their related entities.)

The complete lawsuit can be downloaded from this link:


5 – Paul Adler’s Past History As Reported In Various News Media:

The Palisades Mall case was not Adler’s first interaction with the justice system. Prior to his Federal conviction and prison sentence we are informed by the NY Post that Paul Adler has been in hot water before – but always emerged clean enough to re-enter politics.

“He’s had many brushes with the law,” sighed one associate who knows him well.

Adler became a political activist while still a teenager, and was soon hired as an aide in the state Legislature.

He moved through a series of political and lobbyist positions, but the scent of scandal seemed to follow him wherever he went.

He was an Albany-based lobbyist in 1987 when he went on trial in Manhattan in a case stunningly similar to (the later federal charges in Rockland County,)

Adler was accused of helping arrange a sweetheart deal for the renovation of a lower Manhattan building that overbilled the state by $20 million.

Adler fought the case and won an acquittal in state court. The two men tried with him, a real-estate developer and a former state official, were acquitted of the most serious charges but convicted of lying to state authorities.


According to the Rockland County Times in an article titled ‘The Return of Adler’ we read that a decade after doing time in federal prison on corruption charges, Paul Adler is all-the-way back.

While he never completely lost his influence behind the scenes, in the past few years Adler has reestablished himself publicly as a major fixture in Rockland County’s power grid of business, philanthropy and politics. The once malignant aura of Adler has abated, apparently, and he is now at ease flaunting his connections with the highest levels of power in New York and beyond.

How high does his influence reach? Lest we forget, Adler was reported in NYC newspapers as the man whom brokered the infamous Clinton pardon of the New Square Four: Benjamin Berger, David Goldstein, Jacob Elbaum and Kalman Stern.

Those were the four who took the fall for New Square’s scheme to defraud $30 million from federal, state and county taxpayers through the RCC Judaic Studies Program.

Adler was known as the go-between for the Clintons and New Square at the time.

Ultimately, following a special meeting with the grand rabbi, Hillary received the New Square bloc vote and The Four were “coincidentally” pardoned by President Bill Clinton.

Adler’s big connections couldn’t get him off the corruption charges, however. The feds nailed the former party chief in 2000 for failure to report taxes on wages from a consulting job for the Pyramid Group during construction of the Palisades Mall, as well as mail fraud, for bribing a Clarkstown official with a job in return for favored votes on a land swap, and other charges. In 2002, he pled guilty to the two charges mentioned, and served over a year in federal prison.

For several years following his release, Adler was known to be a mover and shaker behind the scenes in Rockland County, but he maintained a low public profile. That low profile has steadily become not-so-low in the last three years. His big coming out party may have been when he was named the 2011 Philanthropist of the Year by the Rockland Development Council.

While we haven’t seen Adler cavorting with the Clintons recently, it seems Governor Andrew Cuomo is unashamed to be in his close stead. At a recent Tappan Zee Bridge event held in Tarrytown, attended by Governor Andrew Cuomo, House Rep. Nita Lowey, and other political luminaries, Adler helped People to People Executive Director Diane Serratore to gain a one-on-one audience with the governor.

Serratore posted a picture of Cuomo and herself to Facebook and wrote, “Honored as all get-out to speak with Governor Cuomo at a recent event held in Tarrytown. Thank you, Paul Adler!”

Only two years ago when Adler donated a mere $500 to David Carlucci’s political fund, Gannett’s Politics on the Hudson blog reported that the act “raised eyebrows.” Now, in the blink of a political eye, we see Adler as an open escort to none other than Governor Cuomo, and this is an apparently casual and uncontroversial occurrence.

More and more, the outer reality is growing to reflect the inner truth: Paul Adler is one of the most powerful men in Rockland County. And at a mere 52-years-old, Adler is in the prime of political life.

It would seem Adler worked his way back into the good graces of Rockland’s insider community through philanthropy. One positive philanthropic work Adler accomplished in recent years was bringing money in for the JCC headquarters in West Nyack.

But Adler remains controversial. Just as he had his hand in the Palisades Mall cookie jar in the 1990s, Adler is rumored to have been a key player in making the Provident Bank Ballpark project come to fruition in the Town of Ramapo.

At this time Adler serves on the board of directors of the following organizations: Rockland Community Foundation, Holocaust Museum & Studies Center, Nyack Branch of the NAACP, Rockland Jewish Family Services & State of Israel Bonds.

Adler’s Facebook profile notes that in 2013, “Paul was awarded the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award by State of Israel Bonds for his three decades of service.” The business community also has recognized Adler, as he received the 2012 Pinnacle Award for Service to the Rockland Business Association.


Adler is presently a VP at Rand Commercial Services and has been the focus of public criticism over the controversial proposed sale of the Grace Baptist Church in Nanuet. The pastor of the church was the subject of some public ridicule when he claimed he was unaware of Adler’s felonious past when he was engaged as the church’s agent to sell the property. Subsequently, confusion about the sale spread when it became known several widely divergent appraisals were involved with the attempt to sell the church.


We await to learn the eventual outcome of both the Adler family’s court battle and the eventual settlement of his sale of Grace Baptist Church. Paul and Robert Adler‘s response to the lawsuit is due in mid-February 2019.

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If Education Were “Substantially Similar”…


Prison to Their Own Insularity – How many Ultra-Orthodox Youth Would go “Off the Derech” if Given the Choice?

Lost Messiah July 8, 2016

We have taken the following from an article shared on Facebook about a man, anonymously named Binyamin who made the difficult decision to go “off the derech.” He, like many others, explains his reasons, his difficulties, his questions and ultimately his journey.

We have postulated that the educational system within the ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic communities is intended to bind children to their religious upbringing by denying them choices. The children grow up as prisoners to their insular community simply by virtue of their lack of education, including the language of the land in which they live. We have stated our firm belief that this is damaging both to those ultra-Orthodox children and to the taxpayers who fund an inadequate education for both the religious community and the secular non-Jewish public school community. This is true of the East Ramapo Central School District, the Toms River/Lakewood School District, the Monroe/Woodbury School District, and dozens of others both in the United States and elsewhere.

In England, they decided to crack down on this problem.

We are posting the article, as well as one of the comments, wherein the commenter suggests other sources of reading on this subject. Our takeaway from the article is to commend the courage of Binyamin and his journey.

Continue reading