Rockland County, NY Legislator Politicizing Measles Instead of Admonishing Constituents Who Don’t Vaccinate

Lawmaker Accuses County Exec Of Politicizing Measles Outbreak

NEW CITY, NY — A Rockland lawmaker is accusing the county executive of politicizing the ongoing measles outbreak, something the county executive forcefully denies. Legislator Aron Wieder, D-District 13, said County Executive Ed Day has used the measles outbreak as a political tool against the Orthodox Jewish community and says he must stop immediately.

In an open letter to Day, Wieder said private schools were already complying with the county Health Department’s request for student immunization records when the cooperation stopped and the threat of steep fines began — all so that the county executive could make it seem that it was him alone that brought about the compliance.

“The truth is that these nine private schools, some of them with small staffs and shoestring budgets, were already 90 percent in compliance before any threat of fines arose,” Wieder wrote. “They had provided the vast majority of student health records and simply needed an additional week to fully complete the information, and they informed the Health Department as such.”

Wieder accused Day of making it seem that it was only because of his efforts that private schools complied and that they would not have had he not intervened.

Day, a Republican, responded, saying Wieder’s statements were incorrect

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