The Lakewood Whistle-Blower Getting Sued and LostMessiah’s Blogger Getting Subpoenaed in that Suit [VIDEO]


Dear Readers:

We are posting this video because it is shockingly relevant, not only to the suit against LostMessiah’s blogger; but because LostMessiah’s blogger has been subpoenaed in the suit against members of the Lakewood community.

On January 8, 2019, the Plaintiff’s attorneys in the case captioned: “Yecheskel “Charlie” Schwab and Datampa Intelligence LLC v. Joyce Blay, Herskel Herskowitz a/k/a Harold Herskowitz, Shlomie Klein a/k/a Shlomo Klein and Abraham Sharaby, Docket No. OCN-L-002695-19” served a subpoena on LostMessiah’s blogger to appear on February 7, 2019 for a deposition and to provide any documents related to communications which may or may not have occurred between LostMessiah and any of the above-reference parties and JLeaks.

Setting aside that this is a waste of everyone’s time and money, we are not altogether unconvinced that this is not an effort by the Plaintiffs in our case to obtain information through alternative means of discovery. Even if we are wrong, there is little reason to drag LostMessiah into the Lakewood battle except to place emphasis on the efforts that will be take to silence bloggers.

We would like to emphasize that the person in the video discusses the fees of the Plaintiff law firm in the Lakewood case. The firm is highly reputable and charges exorbitant rates. In our view their involvement indicates that no expense is being spared to silence those who speak out against the Haredi, mainly Satmar community, whether Lakewood or elsewhere.


Please consider donating to LM to help defray the costs associated with LM’s litigation and now the involvement in Lakewood’s litigation.


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