Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim Summons OU to Beit Din and OU Refuses

Prichei v. OU

Hat Tip to the tipster.

We are posting this due to the underlying allegations of fraud and potentially other corporate violations.

While we do not agree with the assertions regarding the Beit Din (namely that the use of civil courts is prohibited and in violation of Jewish tenets), there are rabbis who believe wholeheartedly in this method of dealing one Jew to another and we will not criticize or judge.

The aggrieved parties are entitled to recourse for what has happened here, something we hope to assist in achieving.

Please forward any additional information you  may have to our attention. We have copies of the Beit Din information in Hebrew and have attached below the associated temporary restraining order from the Beit Din in English.

Please read the letter to the community from Mabbi Nissim Makor of Pirchei Shoshanim.

We are interested in anything else you can provide.


Ezer Mishpat TRO to the OU_1

We have an Announcement!!!!


Dear Rabbi             please be infromed,

Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim has summoned the Orthodox Union to Beis Din. After 3 Hazmanas from Beis Din Tzedek Ezer Mishpat a Seruv and Heter Arkus has been issued. On September 18, 2019 the Beis Din issued an IKUL against both the O.U. AND AKO AND ANY KASHRUS ORGANIZATION that they are prohibited to use directly or indirectly or to benefit from anything related to the “KOSHER LIBRARY” which is now a partnership between the Orthodox Union and Alchemy.

Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim which has the largest long distance program Semicha program in the world has offered a Borar after the OU refused to go the Beis Din of Ezer Mishpat and Yps declined the suggested Beis Din of the O.U. The O.U. now refuses to go to Beis Din causing the issuance of the Seruv and Heter Arkus. We are urging all the major Kashrus agencies in the world to write to Rabbi Moshe Elephant and Rabbi Menachem Genack and urge them to come to Beis Din. As the Seruv writes for the sake of the Kovod of the Torah, for the Kovod of Heaven. Our sins are great and it would be an enormous Chillul Hashem to be forced to go to secular court.

Historically, Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim who has an expertise in long distance Torah learning approached Alchemy Systems which is a non-Jewish Company that has specialty software to provide training which they do every month for 3 million employees at 50,000 locations in order to reduce safety risk and improve operational performance.
Over the next nearly two years of extensive negotiations, highly confidential material was divulged to senior staff at Alchemy Systems based in Austin, Texas. This material included a breakdown of the entire process of Kosher separating into 6 Components of Baking, Fish Manufacturing, Fruit and Juice Production, Vegetable Canning, Dairy Production and Meat Packing. The entire alchemy staff is not Jewish nor did any member of their staff have Jewish education in the area of Kosher.

An Agreement was drawn up whereby Pirchei Shoshanim agreed to split the cost of production of the presentation of materials which would then be disbursed to factories that were now kosher under the authority of a recognized Kosher agency most of which are members of the AKO.  Pirchei Shoshanim’s representative in Austin was to film the classes and is a local Rabbi in Austin. He visited the facility and met with Alchemy’s representatives and was ready to begin filming.

 Unbeknownst to Pirchei Shoshanim Alchemies senior negotiators sought out the Orthodox Union as their partner. Alchemy then abruptly cancelled the entire deal with YPS and simply substituted out the name of Pirchei Shoshanim on all the agreements and put in the name of the OU who then invested with Alchemy just as the original agreement called for YPS to do.

At the same time Alchemy who was wholly owned by Riverside Properties of New York was being sold to Intertek Group for $480,000,000 in cash. The valuation of Alchemy was significantly affected by this move as the business model that Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim projected showed the growth of Kosher and the potential significant income would come about through this partnership.

All the supporting documentation was supplied to the O.U. as well as the leadership of the AKO. Anyone who would like to see the documents are more than welcome to contact me. It is beyond imagination that the largest Kashrus agency in the world who prides themselves on honesty, integrity, spreads and teaches Torah to the young [NCSY] and to the whole world should feel they are above TORAH LAW and can ignore with impunity a summons of a Beis Din they will have no control over.

We ask the Rabbanim to speak the Rabbi Genack and Rabbi Elefant that the Shulchan Aruch in the Laws of Dayanus Siman 26:1 writes that It is forbidden to bring a case before non-Jewish dayanim and their courts (meaning, a permanent seat for their ministers to hear cases) even if they rule by dinei Yisrael, even if they agreed to bring the case before them, this is forbidden. All who come to judge before them, are considered to be Reshaim it’s as if they blaspheme against Moshe Rabbeinu, peace be upon him.

The Rambam (Laws of Sanhedrin 26:7) adds to this that anyone who does bring a case before a non-Jewish court is a rasha and it is as if he blasphemed and raised his hand against the Torah of Moshe. This law is learned from the verse (Shemos 21:1) “And these are the laws which you shall put before them” – before them, and not before a non-Jewish court. In other words, it is forbidden to bring a case before their courts, even if the ruling is not based on their laws (this drasha is brought in by Rashi in the beginning of Parshas Mishpatim). In Midrash Tanchuma (beginning of Parshas Mishpatim) it states that whoever abandons the dayanim of Yisrael and goes before a non-Jew (for a trial), he has denied Hakodosh Baruch Hu initially and afterwards denied the Torah. The Ramban (on the Torah) adds, even if the litigants agreed to bring their case before non-Jews, this is also forbidden, even when the ruling is identical to that of the laws of Israel. The very fact that they brought the case before them means raising one’s hand against the Torah of Moshe. Rabbeinu Yerucham (Nesiv 1, Chelek 13) and the Rivash (Siman 102) even held that one who brings a case before non-Jews is put into nidui.
Due to the actions of the OU, Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim’s Shulchan Aruch Project will be starting a course to teach Yidden all over the world to become a To’ain Rabbani. The course will prepare one to take the Israeli Rabbanut Test so that they may be able appear in front of the Rabbanut Beis Din, or any other Beis Din in the world.  This case will be used as an example of one raising their hand against the Torah of Moshe!
Finally, this letter is written to make sure that all Kosher Supervising agencies should notify their companies that they should cease doing business with Alchemy Systems due to their nefarious actions and dishonorable behavior unbefitting a company. They therefore should have no benefit whatsoever in dealing with a company that has become Kosher. Our Toen Rabbani is Rabbi Halpern and he can be reached at, if anyone has any questions for him.
 Again a final reminder to the O.U. as it says in Midrash Tanchuma (beginning of Parshas Mishpatim) it states that whoever abandons the Dayanim of Yisrael and goes before a non-Jew (for a trial), he has denied Hakodosh Baruch Hu initially and afterwards denied the Torah.
With Torah Blessings
Rabbi Nissim Makor

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  1. in Hungary. He founded and endowed a yeshiva in Frankfurt, setting up his son-in-law, Rav Moshe Kann, as Rosh Yeshiva. In Vienna, he set up a beit din. In 1712, he rebuilt the city of Nikolsburg, which had burned down. Reb Shimshon was also in charge of transferring monies to Eretz Yisrael from all of Europe. He also left behind


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