Naomi Streicher and Blockbusting… IT IS ILLEGAL

Naomi Streicher and Blockbusting


Shared by LostMessiah, from an ever-growing FB page, Take Rockland Back: #RocklandStrong:

It’s ILLEGAL. Period.

Several readers of this page have notified us that Naomi Streicher and her gang of blockbusters were out “canvassing” neighborhoods near Provident Bank Park yesterday afternoon. This being the same day the Journal News printed the blockbusting story. Clearly, arrogant Naomi could care less about the legal ramifications – or optics – of what she is doing. As she says in her interview with the Journal News, she does “anything we can do to” get unintended sellers to sell. (“Are you sure you don’t want to sell now?” is the common question, followed by, “Because we’ll be back next year offering you half of today’s offer.”)

Be on the lookout for her white Audi Q7 touring your neighborhoods. Other blockbuster-driven cars include a white Honda Odyssey that was working with Streicher yesterday; and a silver/green Smart car that has been soliciting around Chestnut Ridge and Pearl River.

If someone comes to your house, PHOTOGRAPH/VIDEOTAPE them and CALL THE POLICE.

We will soon be launching an automated Blockbusting Hotline that you can call to report real-time real estate solicitation. A dedicated team of residents from throughout the County – consisting of, among others, retired law enforcement officials and trained first responders – will respond to hotline messages as expeditiously as possible and liaise with local law enforcement. Voicemails may be left in English, Spanish, Creole, and Yiddish.

Wake up, Naomi! We as a County will not sit idly by while you engage in targeted harassment and blockbusting. Your glory days are over; the rebirth of Rockland is just beginning.

We will not tolerate this brazen disregard for the law. We will not be forced to leave our homes like refugees. We may have fundamentalists in Rockland County – but this is still the United States of America!

Bloomberg News today reported on virtually identical blockbusting in Toms River: click here

Due to the attention we’ve all been bringing to this issue, CBS 2 will be airing a segment on Rockland blockbusting this evening. We will update this post when we receive confirmation as to the exact timing of the broadcast.

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