A Home… A House of Worship… A “Charity”? Lakewood, NJ Tax Exemptions, John Oliver Where are You?



Given that one of the main issues that our county faces is the growing number of tax-exempt properties, this screenshot came across our desks this morning. Toms River seems to be following in other town’s footsteps. 

1191 Hickory Street is a known place of worship. The residents know this, and the township knows this. Every Friday night to Sunday there are no less than 15-20 cars in the driveway and street during this time (and with a conservative average of 2 people per car that makes 30-40 people staying at this house EVERY single weekend). Also, several times during the week, we are told that they see dozens of individuals walking, driving, parking, getting out of the commuter van, and going into and out of this place of worship. Residents have called to complain about the dangerous conditions driving in this area with people walking in the middle of the streets, cars parked over the white lines, and the fact that 3-4 dozen people utilize this house as a motel/hotel every weekend. All of the resident’s concerns about this property, once again have fallen on deaf ears. As one resident has told us this morning, this is something they have become accustom to.

Based on their assessed value and other properties of similar assessed values, 1191 Hickory Street should be paying upwards of $16,500-$17,000 a year in property taxes. However, the state and the town have approved this property at 1191 Hickory Street, as a Church/Charitable. Which means at this moment, this property owner has a reduced tax bill. This is a 6 bedroom/3 bath house in North Dover with an assessed value of $755,500 and now after the most recent reduction this property currently will pay only $11,836.20 (based on last and this coming quarter’s amounts X 4) (so far), a reduction from the $16,500 – $17,000 they should be paying. But keep in mind chances are they will follow in the footsteps of 2302 Tapestry Court, another known place of worship, which originally had a similar reduction only to be fully tax exempt a short period of time later. This means this homeowner (2302 Tapestry Court) currently pays absolutely nothing in property taxes for an assessed value of a home and property of $646,400. This is due in part to the procedures within the state of New Jersey AND Toms River Township. While both blame the other, they are both to blame for allowing this.

The major problem we see with this type of recklessness is the tax-exempt properties of this magnitude, will further destroy an already deeply indebted Toms River School system with this loss of property tax revenue. This is only the second house of worship in this area to have a reduction or complete exemption, which we are sure that there are many to come. 

Since Lakewood seems to be the town with the most tax revenue/school/ bussing issues we looked further into the tax-exempt properties. What we found will be discussed in length at a future date but just to give you an insight to what we found, one organization has roughly $107,000,000 in assessed value property in Lakewood alone, of which $98,000,000 (approx.) is tax exempt. Based on the tax calculation description on http://www.lakewoodnj.gov/department/tax-collector, that is an approximate loss of tax revenue of $2,261,840 a year to the township of Lakewood for this ONE organization and its’ properties. 

So we leave you with this question, is it ok that these homes are given tax exemptions for organizations that are not even domiciled in this state, let alone this county?

The Lakewood Whistle-Blower Getting Sued and LostMessiah’s Blogger Getting Subpoenaed in that Suit [VIDEO]


Dear Readers:

We are posting this video because it is shockingly relevant, not only to the suit against LostMessiah’s blogger; but because LostMessiah’s blogger has been subpoenaed in the suit against members of the Lakewood community.

On January 8, 2019, the Plaintiff’s attorneys in the case captioned: “Yecheskel “Charlie” Schwab and Datampa Intelligence LLC v. Joyce Blay, Herskel Herskowitz a/k/a Harold Herskowitz, Shlomie Klein a/k/a Shlomo Klein and Abraham Sharaby, Docket No. OCN-L-002695-19” served a subpoena on LostMessiah’s blogger to appear on February 7, 2019 for a deposition and to provide any documents related to communications which may or may not have occurred between LostMessiah and any of the above-reference parties and JLeaks.

Setting aside that this is a waste of everyone’s time and money, we are not altogether unconvinced that this is not an effort by the Plaintiffs in our case to obtain information through alternative means of discovery. Even if we are wrong, there is little reason to drag LostMessiah into the Lakewood battle except to place emphasis on the efforts that will be take to silence bloggers.

We would like to emphasize that the person in the video discusses the fees of the Plaintiff law firm in the Lakewood case. The firm is highly reputable and charges exorbitant rates. In our view their involvement indicates that no expense is being spared to silence those who speak out against the Haredi, mainly Satmar community, whether Lakewood or elsewhere.


Please consider donating to LM to help defray the costs associated with LM’s litigation and now the involvement in Lakewood’s litigation.



JLeaks – The Kapo in Lakewood

Kapo Kotler

Mr Ahron Kotler is quiet clever when it comes to using  mafia tactics. He gives a call to one of his henchmen –  His brother, Kanarek, Coles, Little lichy, Miller, Hertzel, Flancbaum, Shenky and you name it – and asks if they can fix the situation…. He does not give exact details, but the message is clear. The guy does the dirty work while he stays clean. He never gave exact clear instructions on how to eliminate the problem… or to how to resolve the issue…. If it ever goes public, he can claim innocents.

Just to mention one episode: back in the day there was only one Yid in Lakewood who sold Jewelry for all the brides in town. The operation was run from home, hence the price was cheaper ….. וד”ל.

הרה’ג ר’ יעקב יגן שליט’א Was a quiet yungerman who was sitting and learning while helping his father in his tremendous עבודת הקודש.  His father in law (Mr. Ahrononv) who was in the wholesale jewelry business, suggested to Reb Ya’akov to sell some of his jewelry for wholesale  prices; like this he can help the משפחות of Lakewood while staying in learning. Reb Ya’akov acted upon his father in law’s advice. Mr. Yid (who we will not name now) decided to destroy Reb Ya’akov. Mr Yid is well connected to the Kotler’s, so he got the Kotler’s to call Reb Ya’akov and explain to him that for the benefit of all he should refrain from selling jewelry. This did not do the trick. So Mr. Ahron Kotler picks up the phone and calls Reb Ya’akov’s father in law to complain about his son in law.  Mr. Ahronov pushes back, to which Kapo Ahron responds ‘look, I fully agree with you, but my brother is really not happy with this situation and I cannot control him. I won’t be able to protect your son in law’. Mr Ahronov understood what type of people he is dealing with and closed shop.

This did stop Reb Ya’akov from perusing his goal. Today הרה’ג ר’ יעקב יגן שליט’א is one of the most popular lecturers in the Jewish world.

Special Treatment for the Godfather

For some odd reason the township and the Mayor (Akerman) came to an agreement with Mr. Garzo and paid him $130,000.00 to give up his claims – but only for the properties owned by Aaron Kotler. All the other claims have not been settled.

Special treatment for Kapo Kotler.





Township paid Garzo $50,600 for cedarbridge property

This one $80,000

To read this in its original form on JLeaks, click here.

JLeaks – Lichy, Mille & Schwab v. Klein, Sharaby, Hershkowitz, Shubert & Shmidt – First Amendment Attacked in Lakewood

This is being reprinted with express permission. We invite you to review the site for the original documents as well as some additional background. The suit, is of interest to us because it is yet another example of using the Court system as a weapon against free speech.



Lichy, Miller & Schwab Vs. Klein, Sharaby, Hershkowitz, Schubert & Schmidt


A synopsis of the Schwab Vs. Lakewood Residents Lawsuit:

Until a few years ago a few cronies enjoyed the pleasure of pillaging the tax payer undisturbed. Life was good for the cronies. Things started changing with when First Amendment Activist started videoing the township meetings, the Take Back Lakewood movement, people started speaking up, OPRA requests were made, robo calls, information on WhatsApp….  Their actions were exposed, and the cronies were not happy.  As of now many of their dreams have not matured as they expected. For one, the Master plan has not been approved they way they like.

Lately Mr.  Schwab tried to steal from the tax payers by exchanging a worthless piece of land with prime real estate next to Coscto. http://jleaks.com/schwab-miller-and-greeeeeeed/ . It still has not been transferred to Schwab!


The cronies decided this must stop. The commoners must be trained to obey and shut up. Back in the day Steve Langert sued Harold Hershkowitz and lost on the grounds that you can legally speak out against public officials,  so they went decided to go on a different route. Schwab would sue so the business from the township would continue to flow and Meir Lichtenstein would pay for it. The goal is to scare anyone from ever again speaking out against the cronies and to figure out who are the individuals that are talking…. Like this they would know who to eliminate….


Stalin-ism at  its best




JLeaks – the Lakewood Mafia

Reprinted with permission. Please see the initial site for information and copies of the relevant court documents.

Of note, the pending lawsuit is another example of litigation being used to chill free speech.


Lakewood Mafia Exposed

It took a bogus lawsuit by Charles ‘Chatz’ Schwab to finally expose the Lakewood mafia in action. Charles Schwab decided to launder the dirty laundry in public and now the dirt is coming out……

KUDOS to Shady Schwab!

This bad bunch have been using mafia tactics to suppress the opposition, so they may continue to pillage the tax payer undisturbed. To name a few:


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