Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, Egyptians, Worthless People?

Rabbi Teitelbaum Criticizes Loss of ‘Implicit Understanding’…rabbi teitelbaum

We find it utterly remarkable that either of the two warring sons of the Satmar Grand Rebbe Teitelbaum has the right to opine on the behavior of anyone else. After all, the two new Satmar sects (one for each brother Teitelbaum) of the Satmar [cult] cannot even agree with one another about how to live their lives [or govern the lives of those within their respective communities]. Either the brothers Teitelbaum are fighting over a financial inheritance under cover of religion; or they are fighting over interpretation of that religion (proving that it may not be all black and all white). Regardless, for either brother Teitelbaum to call the rest of us “”Egyptians” encouraged by “worthless people” who regrettably are awakening a complicit “benevolent government”  is hypocrisy at its finest.”

Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum of Kiryas Joel should be looking at the deplorable behavior of members of his own community before he has the audacity to criticize others. He might just want to say a “Meshaberach” (prayer for the sick) for his own community and not cast stones.

Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum unlike the Jews in Egypt, you and your people [a cult] are free to go elsewhere. You are not being held anywhere against your will, only being asked to comply with the laws and comport to a socially acceptable set of standards of behavior [like not molesting children in Yeshivas – or elsewhere, and like educating your children in substantially similar subjects as other children in the State in which you reside]. In Israel, you are being asked to serve in the army and in London to teach your children what public school children learn. If you are not happy with the laws of the country in which you live, go somewhere else. No one needs to “Let [your] people go.” They are free to leave without need of 10 plagues.

From Clarkstown What They Don’t Want you to Know on Facebook:

The Number One Problem For Hasidic Communities? – Could it be that Rockland and Orange Counties are populated by “Egyptians” encouraged by “worthless people” who regrettably are awakening a complicit “benevolent government” and thereby creating “bad times” for an extreme sect of Judaism?

How to manage the rapid growth of its Hasidic population coupled with a move of Hasidic populations north into Rockland County and beyond is indeed a topic of intense local interest. Our featured article from Haaretz.com gives some insights on that situation from both Hasidic leaders and Hasidic dissidents.

It begins by noting that the recent scrutiny of the Haredim and their unsustainable mode of living supported by a ‘benevolent government’ is being pushed largely by dissidents, in some cases ex-Hasidim, who say they are acting in the best interests of the community.

“We need to know what kind of danger we’re in,” the Satmar rebbe in Kiryas Joel, Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, said in a widely publicized May 4 speech about the threat of closer state supervision of yeshiva curricula. “These are bad times for us Jews, terrible. We need to pray to God that they should not interfere with the upbringing of our children.”

For a long time, Teitelbaum said in his speech, there’s been an implicit understanding between state authorities and the leadership of Hasidic communities like Kiryas Joel that the state wouldn’t interfere in communal affairs.

But that implicit agreement may be breaking down as it becomes more difficult for authorities to ignore abuses – sexual, educational or financial – allegedly taking place within these closed communities. The prospect of outside interference threatens one of Kiryas Joel’s raisons d’etre: Hasidic control of the community’s affairs.

“Until now there were also strict laws, but because we live in a kingdom of benevolence [a reference to government authorities] to put it bluntly they simply turned a blind eye to what’s going on by the Jewish children,” Teitelbaum said in his speech, which was delivered in Yiddish and then translated into English for widespread dissemination. “They didn’t want to look, the benevolent kingdom. Now, too, they’d continue doing that, the government would have continued, they’re happy not to look and not to know. But these worthless people are stirring up in various ways and are demanding in court, forcing the government that they should take a stance.”

The “worthless people” are people like Naftuli Moster who is advocating for better education in the ultra insular communities.

“I’ve been to those yeshivas, I know exactly what the effects are,” said Naftuli Moster, executive director of Yaffed, an organization he founded that lobbies lawmakers to force Orthodox yeshivas to offer quality secular studies in addition to Torah studies.


“You’re not gaining anything by depriving people of an education. The very Satmar rabbi that made that speech also encourages people to earn a living, to his credit, but at the same time he’s the one who has jurisdiction over the yeshivas that are depriving Hasidim of the very tools necessary to earn that living,” Moster told JTA. “So what do people end up doing? Oftentimes they resort to criminal activity and other shenanigans to earn that living.”

People like Moster who make a charge of ‘resorting to criminal activity’ against the Haredim are referred to as “self-hating Jews” while those not of the Jewish faith are accused of being “anti-Semites”.

But look at the facts ….

FBI investigators were in Kiryas Joel, and in Rockland County and in Brooklyn investigating alleged fraud by Hasidic institutions in the federal government’s E-rate program provided to bring technology into yeshivas and the FBI were in Kiryas Joel a second time investigating child abuse allegations.


Further, the New York Daily News and WNYC public radio published and broadcast a joint investigative story scrutinizing the outsized number of low-income, Section 8 housing vouchers that have gone to the Hasidic community in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn – a Satmar neighborhood with close ties to Kiryas Joel.

The WNYC story attributed the voucher aberration to Hasidic “self-dealing that’s impenetrable to outsiders” and cited lawsuits arguing that the Hasidim obtain housing vouchers through unfair or unlawful means. The story also noted that Hasidim are taking the vouchers with them to places outside the city, like Kiryas Joel.

Meanwhile, Teitelbaum expresses fury that fellow Jews are the source of much of the pressure …..

“Due to our many sins, it’s very painful to talk about it, there stood up several “worthless people” from our own who have studied in Hasidic yeshivas, and sadly they arrived I don’t want to say where. They decided to wage war against the whole ultra-Orthodox Jewish community of New York,” the rebbe said. “They went and “snitched” to the governments of New York City and New York State with complaints that the students of the yeshivas, of all yeshivas (elementary and middle school) are not learning enough general studies as required by law.”

In the ‘Jew in Rockland’ video produced by the Rockland Hasidic community, the accusation was made that Rockland was basically a growing throwback to the Nazis in the Germany of the 1930s.


Now there is a new moniker being applied to Rockland’s citizens – they are akin to “biblical Egyptians” ……

Joseph Waldman, a longtime Kiryas Joel community leader who heads a local welfare organization, said the “unprecedented assault” on the Hasidic community stems from local non-Jews’ fear of its rapid growth – just as the biblical Egyptians feared the rapid growth of the Israelites in Moses’ time.

“That’s the reason they were trying to make the trouble for the Jews in Egypt: The first thing they were afraid was the Jewish families growing so rapidly,” Waldman told JTA.

“Here, they are fearful that they’re going to be overwhelmed either by the growth of the environment or by political clout through the bloc votes.”

“They want to stop the community from growing,” he said. “That’s the reason for all the problems.”

Read on …….


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‘Implicit Understanding’ Between Hasidic N.Y. Community and Authorities Fades

read more: http://www.haaretz.com/jewish/news/1.720200

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4 thoughts on “Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, Egyptians, Worthless People?

  1. I’m assuming that one of them came to my door and wouldn’t take the one dollar I offered. I guess he thought he was going to get a twenty. So I kept the dollar when he refused it.

  2. Hasidic life is a house of cards. It is completely unsustainable. The “Egyptians” who live in NY wil not continue to support the Section 8 housing vouchers, welfare benefits, SNAP benefits, Medicaid, and every other grant-funded EVERYTHING that is claimed and expected by Hasidim, all while claiming tax-exemption for religious reasons. The Internet has shed light on this fraud and abuse of the tax codes. The good citizens of NY who work and pay taxes will NOT stand by and allow this to happen. We are uniting, getting OUR voting blocs orgnized, and the Hasidic house of cards will fall in a sad, sudden event, The really sad thing is that there are so many members of this community who are basicaly illiterate, except for the Torah. The Rebbi has kept his minions uneducated as a means of contol. It is a very sad thing.

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