Silence By: Harassment, Frivolous Litigation, Payoff, Setup and Conspiracy to Discredit


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We are learning, little-by-precious-little, that the ultra-Orthodox community will stop at, well, perhaps next to nothing, to silence those most vocal about the dirty laundry within that community. FailedMessiah floated away in a sea of speculation after 10 years of investigative journalism. Whether it’s author agreed to accept money for silence is a matter of speculation. We would be remiss if we faulted him for so doing. The research is emotionally draining, if not devastating and the threats of a tactical assault coming from that community is, well.. tiring.  

LostMessiah is the subject of litigation intended to silence our voice, intended to instill fear in those who might want to help this collaborative effort and potentially scare away anyone willing to speak up. Sam Kellner, however, was an example of how a person could be set-up, framed, wrongly accused of a crime.

We are posting the below article from “Frum Follies” with the permission of its author, Yerachmiel Lopin, who should be fully credited. We mention that no support of LostMessiah should be deemed from the consent to repost or from the comments we are making in regard to Sam Kellner. The article’s author may feel differently, we did not ask. 

Our opinion, borne of information we have gathered over the last few months, is that Sam Kellner’s story is utterly and completely tragic insofar as he was a crusader. He wanted justice for children who had been victimized, including his own child. He spoke out against his community and has suffered terrible and irreparable losses since that time. He gave everything he had to justice and there are few who can understand the magnitude of corruption involved, in not only the failings of the system to fully punish the abuser; but also in the set-up of Kellner that followed. A book could likely be written on the subject.

To this date, we do not believe that charges have been filed against any of the people involved in what we are referring to as: a conspiracy to discredit someone who speaks out against the community. Despite efforts of nary a journalist and a lawyer to see that justice is appropriately served, to date it has not been. To our understanding, the current DA has not pursued this line at all and we are not certain whether he could given the relevant statutes of limitations in New York.

LostMessiah and the current defamation suit against a blogger is a testament to the lengths to which someone will go to silence detractors, reporters, speakers, journalists and in the Keller case, crusaders. He was a warrior for justice, in our opinion, and based upon the information we have he should have been rewarded, not vilified.

Sources close to the investigation of the original case and then the Kellner case that followed have told us that the conviction of Baruch Lebovitz should have been a fait accompli.

But then, we have been told, there was an exchange, old school, of a bag of cash in the Plaza Hotel. It was a payoff intended to benefit Lebovitz and start the wheels turning against Kellner. We do not know from where the cash originated or how many hands it exchanged, before it landed in the pockets of at two of five people who were instrumental in the investigation into Lebovitz.


DA Knew Kellner Charges Were False When They Indicted Him

Hynes press conf of Kellner Arrest Arrest

The Office of the Kings County District Attorney knew that the charges against Kellner were false when they indicted him. Yet they colluded in a plot to undermine their own prosecution of a notorious pedophile, Baruch Lebovits and abandoned some of his victims who willingly came forward to cooperate with the prosecution.

According to the Jewish Week’s Hella Winston:

Two sworn statements submitted to the court… indicate that both the Sex Crimes prosecutor and the detective on the Lebovits case not only believed that MT was a genuine victim of Lebovits (and, by implication, not paid by Kellner to fabricate his allegations), but also had persuasive information that MT had been pressured and intimidated into backing out of Lebovits’ trial…

In her statement, the Lebovits prosecutor, Miss Gregory, details how she was contacted in November 2009, a few weeks before MT was set to testify against Lebovits at trial, by a lawyer named John Lonuzzi, claiming to represent MT. According to Gregory, Lonuzzi told her that MT was withdrawing from the case because “the pressure” was causing him “severe stress.” Lonuzzi also informed Gregory that, if called to testify, MT would plead the fifth because parts of his grand jury testimony “‘might’ have been embellished.”

Gregory notes that she “arranged multiple appointments” to speak with Lonuzzi and MT in person, but all were cancelled. She also served MT with four subpoenas, but he did not comply with any of them. Indeed, Gregory said she “was never able to speak with MT to confirm what Mr. Lonuzzi had told me about MT’s reasons for becoming uncooperative after twenty-one months of full cooperation” with the DA’s office……

These statements also show that Lebovits’ attorneys not only possessed what they alleged was evidence of Kellner’s extortion plot — including a secretly recorded tape of a conversation between Kellner and Lebovits’ son, Meyer — a year before Lebovits went to trial, but alerted Gregory and the judge to it at that time and received “a lengthy adjournment” to further investigate the matter. While the defense apparently considered bringing the Kellner allegations to law enforcement, according to Gregory, they ultimately declined to do so — a seemingly inexplicable decision, unless they believed the allegations would not hold up to scrutiny……

In an e-mail last week, Kellner attorney Niall MacGiollabhui… excoriated the office for failing to interview MT alone after he withdrew from the Lebovits prosecution and to determine on whose behalf Mr. Lonuzzi was really acting. “The scale and shamelessness … of the collusion by Rackets with a convicted pedophile is beyond shocking,” MacGiollabhui added. “It is a vile, disgusting abomination.”

Read the full article in the Jewish Week for more shocking revelations.


Additional Research:

Kellner v. The City of New York et al

New York Eastern District Court
Judge: Margo K Brodie
Referred: Sanket J Bulsara
Case #: 1:17-cv-01268
Nature of Suit 440 Civil Rights – Other Civil Rights
Cause 42:1983 Civil Rights Act


Former Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes targeted dad of sex abuse victim instead of perv rabbi, lawsuit says


Manny Waks – Letter to Lost Messiah –

Newsletter 5/2018
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Dear Lost Messiah,
I write this e-newsletter on the eve of yet another trip back to Australia – this time, to represent many victims/survivors of institutional child sexual abuse within the Australian Jewish community, and their families, at the Federal Government’s National Apology in Canberra on 22 October. My thoughts will also be with those children who were sexually abused overseas due to Australian Jewish institutions’ negligence. I will also think of the vast majority of child sexual abuse victims/survivors within our society; those who were sexually abused within the institution of family.

Hopefully, this Government apology will have its desired effect. Importantly, institutions should not see this apology as absolving them of their responsibilities. Nor should these institutions think that an apology, compensation or other forms of redress on their part will suffice. These institutions have often caused life-long, irreparable damage to so many children under their care. It will take a lifetime to try to heal and repair the damage.

Well done to all concerned, especially former Prime Minister Julia Gillard and the Royal Commission. It’s a good time to try to heal.

On a personal note, I’ve had a number of successes recently. First, as noted in the last e-newsletter, I expect Australia to seek the extradition of my first abuser, Velvel Serebryanski. Second, I was delighted to reach a financial settlement with the Yeshivah Centre in response to my civil claim against them. But to be clear, despite the settlement reached, I still view this institution to be rotten to the core (see relevant articles below).


• Click here to read my statement re Yeshivah Centre settlement.
• Click here to read  Yeshivah’s statement, and my response.
• Click here to read  Yeshivah’s subsequent clarification regarding the roles of (Rabbis) Groner and Telsner, and my response.
I’d encourage those of you who can to attend this milestone event
Merv Adler (above) was the last Yeshivah Centre Board member to resign in disgrace after the Royal Commission in 2015. He has written the following disgusting comments in a public forum (not his first indiscretion), which reinforces some of what I’ve been saying regarding that rotten institution:

Now that the Yeshivah has embarked on the road of embryonic democracy, is it not up to the Boards and members as to the employment or roles of Rabbis Groner and Telsner? It pains me to say this, but I think it’s time Manny Waks lets go of the Yeshivah. It seems that he is as addicted to the Yeshivah as Pharoah was to his Jews. It might not be perfect, and there could well still be some soul searching left for the Yeshivah, but it’s time to draw the line in the sand and say – what ever has been said, has been said. Whatever has been paid, has been paid. What ever changes were required to be made by the Yeshivah have been made. What ever group photos and apologies were necessary have been taken and given. Time for the Yeshivah and Manny Waks to recognise a complete and comprehensive divorce from each other. As a member of the Yeshivah, it is well and truly enough. Let the Yeshivah go forward from strength to strength and let Manny Waks live the life G-d intended for him. Wishing all a wonderful year and may we all be inscribed in the Book of Life.

And if you’re wondering whether any lay or religious leader spoke out against his vile hate speech, no, not a single one of them did! Further evidence that the community still has a very long way to go. Sad and offensive.

At least my good friend and colleague Phillip Weinberg responded publicly:

What an extraordinary comment from one of the people responsible for the events which led Yeshivah to the Royal Commission and the last one to take responsibility for his horrific failures and to resign.

As you should know, Groner’s role is not up to the Boards and members. He rewarded his failures by appointing himself to the Boards for life. Telsner’s role is indeed up to the Boards and members and the fact that he is still employed there (presumably because he has been doing the Rebbe’s work while attacking victims of child sexual abuse and their families) tells you everything you need to know about the place.

If Manny has an addiction, it is to ensuring the safety of children and that people who behaved appallingly in relation to child sexual abuse are held to account. Some more people with the same affliction in that place would not go astray.

It’s well and good for you, one of the people responsible for the way victims were treated, to say ‘it’s time to draw the line in the sand’ while victims are still hurting.

Rather than ‘a complete and comprehensive divorce from each other’ (as you suggest), Yeshivah should create an environment where Manny Waks and its many other victims feel safe attending Yeshivah and are held up as heroes on account of the Yeshivah children they have saved while those responsible for the mistreatment of victims feel shame whenever they enter the place.

To say ‘what ever changes were required to be made by the Yeshivah have been made’ while people like Telsner and Groner who led Yeshivah to the Royal Commission continue their involvement and cause ongoing suffering to victims is vile and disingenuous.

Once ‘whatever changes were required to be made’ have indeed been made, then ‘let the Yeshivah go forward from strength to strength’.

Until then I hope that Manny continues to shine a light on Yeshivah so that your children and other peoples children can be safe.

Wishing you the insight into your own behavior to seek forgiveness from the people you have hurt and continue to hurt. I suspect another Yom Kippur will be wasted on Yeshivah.

16 Year-Old Accused of Molestation


Police from the Jerusalem precinct received information suggesting that a teenager from a Haredi family has been abusing his two younger sisters for the past year, according to reports from the ‘Bchedri Charedim’ news site.

The adolescent was arrested after the allegations were established during an initial investigation. He was arraigned at a local court in Jerusalem last week. Investigators said they would continue pursuing any leads related to the crime, and that they will investigate any sexual abuse allegations quickly and thoroughly.

Laibel Mintzberg, Rosh Matmidim Yerushalayim and the Sexual Abuse of His Grandson


Eli Hirschman was sexually abused by his grandfather, the Rosh Yeshiva of the Matmidim Yeshiva and leader of the Eidas Yerushalayim community while studying at his grandfather’s Yeshiva. He kept quiet for years, but when he finally went public, he was excommunicated, along with anyone who believed him. This is his story as shared in Hebrew on his Facebook page:


“My grandfather, Laibel Mintzberg, is the leader of a large community and a greatly respected Torah scholar. He has many followers, and will sometimes hint that he is Meshiach. I used to idolize him as a boy. When the time came for me to begin studying at a Yeshiva Gdola, he asked me to study at his Yeshiva, instead of the one I had already signed up for. He told me that I should receive “our” education. Shortly after beginning my studies at his Yeshiva, I moved in with him.


“One night while I was in bed, I heard footsteps, and then heavy breathing in my room. It was my grandfather, arched over me and touching me. He pulled off my blanket and pulled down my pants and underwear, did as he pleased, and then dressed me again and covered me in the blanket. This routine was repeated night after night, dozens of times. I would freeze, not moving a muscle, waiting for him to leave.


“He abused me when my cousins stayed at his house and I slept in the living room. One time, someone called for him while he was in my room. He hurriedly dressed me and left. Once, I spent Shabbat with him in the community in Beit Shemesh. I remember in his Drasha after dinner how he spoke about “feeling the holiness of Shabbat.” Later that night, he felt me.


“In the mornings, I felt distressed and agitated. I decided to tell my close friend, and swore him to secrecy. He told. Everyone knew about it, including my family members, who were shocked by what they heard. I denied everything and continued to be active in the community. I published some pamphlets, including ones with my grandfather’s teachings.


“The story wouldn’t go away and I wanted to put it behind me. I didn’t complain because I was in a closed Haredi community and thought it was wrong, but I had to do something. So I confronted my grandfather and told him I thought he should stop working with children. He told me I had dreamt it.


“He hadn’t taken me seriously, so I wrote him a letter and sent him the results of a polygraph test I had taken. I hoped he would take responsibility for his actions and apologize to me. But instead, he attacked me, called me evil and corrupt, and told me to mind my own business. That was the last time I saw him.


“A few days later, one of his students called me and asked me to apologize to my grandfather. “What do I need to apologize for?” I asked. “I don’t know,” he said, “but your grandfather is very hurt and you should apologize immediately,” I said if he wanted me to apologize, he would have to explain what for.


“My grandfather distributed flyers in the community pressuring me to apologize, but I didn’t give in. So I was excommunicated, along with my immediate family and anyone else in the community who believed me. Some Rabbis from the community resigned their positions in the organization, including the head of the Yeshiva. My grandfather hired new Rabbis and changed the name of the Yeshiva. He completely isolated us from the community, and some found signs posted on their doors at night reading “Here lives a traitor”. Some of his students threw eggs at my father’s Kolel.


“Things have been like this for several years now. My family is torn apart. My cousins didn’t attend my siblings’ weddings, out of fear of my grandfather. He banned them from doing so. My immediate family is very supportive of me, though they don’t like to bring up what happened. It’s embarrassing for them and hard to talk about. I understand them and love them very much.


“Last year, I finally mustered the courage to go to the Police. After my grandfather was questioned, I was told that the case had been closed due to a lack of evidence. But he and I both know exactly what happened, and as he taught me, the truth is more important than anything.


“So dear grandfather, Meshiach you are not. You are a subpar grandfather with serious problems. You hurt me. I want to believe that you didn’t abuse anyone else, but you probably did. I saw you brush your hand over a waiter’s back at a wedding when he bent over and his shirt came untucked. And everyone in the community knows the story of how decades back you appeared before a Beit Din because a student of yours “tried to frame you.” Somehow, that story went away.


“It’s a shame you haven’t sought treatment. You are a great scholar, full of wonderful insights about the Torah, and full of flaws as well. I’m at peace with who I am. It’s a shame that you have chosen to wage a cruel, childish, and stupid war against hundreds of your students, including your own children and grandchildren. As if it will change what you did. I dream that you might one day take responsibility for what you did, apologize, and work to fix yourself.


“And to the community, be alert and don’t turn a blind eye to abuse. There’s no reason why anyone would fabricate a story about being abused. Would you? No, certainly not about a close family member. If someone comes forward with a story like this, the only reason is because it happened.


“It’s important to clarify that not all Rabbis are abusers, and many members of Haredi communities are good people. There are good and bad ones, like any other place. But this can’t keep getting swept under the rug. It’s time to fix this problem.”


The above text is a free translation and was condensed. 


SAR Officials Knew of Abuse by Administrator

NY Jewish school officials knew of abuse by administrator who molested 12 students



UPDATE: This story has been updated to include comments from SAR Academy’s principal, Rabbi Binyamin Krauss, in an email to JTA and the statement to JTA from the attorney for Rabbi Sheldon Schwartz.

NEW YORK (JTA) — Officials at a New York Jewish day school knew of allegations against an administrator who abused at least a dozen of the school’s students, according to an investigation. He was rehired a decade later.

The report, which was published Friday, found that Stanley Rosenfeld sexually abused at least a dozen students at SAR Academy, a Modern Orthodox school in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. Another teacher, Rabbi Sheldon Schwartz, was found to have acted inappropriately with at least four students.

Rosenfeld, a convicted sex offender, has admitted to molesting hundreds of boys throughout his life, including at SAR, according to the report.

JTA has reached out to Schwartz through his attorney seeking comment on the accusations against him.

T&M Protection Resources, an external firm with experience investigating sexual assault allegations, conducted the probe that examined allegations of child sex abuse by Rosenfeld, an assistant principal at SAR in the 1970s who also taught English there a decade later. The school commissioned the investigation in January, soon after learning of the allegations.

The firm interviewed nearly 40 witnesses, as well as both Schwartz and Rosenfeld. T&M was able to interview Schwartz, however, only before hearing allegations of his inappropriate behavior.

“We want to extend our most sincere gratitude to the individuals who came forward to report instances of inappropriate behavior and abuse,” SAR’s leadership wrote in an email sent Friday linking to the report. “We remain heartbroken that our alumni suffered abuse while in SAR’s care, but we also are deeply inspired by their bravery.”

The respective principals of SAR Academy and SAR High School, Rabbis Binyamin Krauss and Tully Harcsztark, wrote in the email that the school instituted a sexual harassment policy in 2014. The policy requires reporting credible allegations of sexual misconduct to law enforcement, as well as guidelines for reporting allegations within the school and investigating them.

In a separate email to JTA, Krauss wrote: “We strive to create a learning environment in which students feel comfortable coming forward with concerns or reports of misbehavior of any kind,” . “Nothing is more important than the safety of our students. If we were to learn of a report of abuse, we would work quickly to begin an investigation and ensure, throughout the process, that students are safe.”

SAR’s announcement of the inquiry in January prompted two other Jewish day schools that had employed Rosenfeld to launch their own investigations: the Ramaz School, an elite Modern Orthodox Jewish day school in Manhattan, and Westchester Day School, in New York City’s northern suburbs. Ramaz published its external investigation in August, which found that administrators learned of Rosenfeld’s abuse after he had left the school but failed to act on the information.

Rosenfeld, now 84, was convicted of child molestation in 2001 for abusing a boy while employed at a Rhode Island synagogue. The Forward, which has investigated Rosenfeld’s abuse in a series of articles, discovered that he is living in a nursing home and is a registered sex offender.

The T&M report found that Rosenfeld would abuse young boys by inviting them to his home for Shabbat, where they would sleep over for one or two nights. At night, he would hover over their beds and fondle their genitals or other parts of their bodies. Some former students said Rosenfeld would stop the abuse after boys made it clear that it made them uncomfortable. Others reported laying motionless until the ordeal ended. Former students said the abuse caused them emotional suffering.

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East Brunswick Rabbi Facing Federal Sex Trafficking Charges

East Brunswick rabbi facing federal sex trafficking charges

NEW BRUNSWICK – An East Brunswick rabbi accused of having sex with a 17-year-old girl from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is now being held in federal custody on charges of sex trafficking of a child and was scheduled to be arraigned in Newark before a federal judge, according to the Office of the U.S. Attorney, District of New Jersey.
The status of Rabbi Aryeh Goodman, 35, was announced Tuesday by a Middlesex County assistant prosecutor during a brief hearing before Middlesex County Superior Court Judge Michael Toto.
Goodman and co-defendants Gabriella Colon, 18, and Richard Ortiz, 23, both of the Bronx, were taken into federal custody.
Colon and Ortiz are accused of allegedly forcing a child into commercial sex acts in multiple hotels throughout Middlesex, Bergen and Essex counties, according to U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito.

Gabriella Colon
~Courtesy of Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office
They have been charged with two counts of sex trafficking of a child and one count of transporting a minor in interstate commerce for the purpose of prostitution. Colon and Ortiz also were scheduled to appear before U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael A. Hammer in Newark federal court.
Ortiz, Colon, and Goodman were originally arrested on related state charges in February.
According to the federal complaints between January 2018 and Feb. 2, 2018, Ortiz and Colon allegedly forced a child identified in the complaint as “Victim-1” to engage in commercial sex acts with various individuals at multiple hotels scattered throughout Middlesex, Bergen and Essex counties.
In January 2018, Colon used her friendship with the victim to convince the victim to visit Colon in New York. After the victim arrived in New York, the victim learned that Colon was prostituting herself to support herself and her boyfriend, Ortiz.

Richard Ortiz
~Courtesy of Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office
Shortly thereafter, Colon and Ortiz transported the victim to a hotel in New Jersey, where they allegedly took sexually explicit photographs of the victim. Colon and Ortiz then posted those images and advertised the sexual services of the victim on
When customers responded to the online advertisements, Colon or Ortiz would set up “dates” with the victim when they allegedly forced the victim to engage in commercial sex acts with those customers, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office.
Colon or Ortiz collected all of the proceeds and purchased a Jaguar, which they then used to transport the victim between New York and New Jersey to engage in additional sex acts.
Goodman, a registered sex offender, was one of the individuals who responded to the advertisements that Colon and Ortiz posted. After Goodman allegedly had sex with the victim, he allegedly offered to pay for additional time with the victim and later invited the victim to travel to New York to meet him.
If convicted, the sex trafficking charge carries a mandatory minimum penalty of 10 years in prison and a maximum term of life imprisonment. The charge of conspiracy to transport a minor to engage in prostitution is punishable by a maximum potential penalty of life imprisonment. Both charges carry a potential $250,000 fine.
Carpenito credited the East Brunswick Police Department and the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office for their work on the case.
Attorney Josh Altman said he continues to represent Goodman.
In February, Goodman was charged with engaging in prostitution with a child and endangering the welfare of a child after he allegedly engaged in sexual relations with the teen at an East Brunswick hotel on Feb. 1, according to the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office.
In addition, Colon and Ortiz were charged with 11 state criminal counts, including human trafficking, conspiracy to commit human trafficking, promoting prostitution of a child, conspiracy to promote prostitution of a child, endangering the welfare of a child, criminal restraint and a number of child pornography offenses including the manufacturing, distribution and possession of pornography. They were arrested at a Fort Lee motel on Feb. 16.
The state charges could be dismissed now that federal charges have been filed.
Colon and Ortiz allegedly sold the sexual services of the teen girl to about 30 men between Jan. 1  and Feb. 2 at an East Brunswick hotel.
Officials have said Goodman performed in a religious capacity at a Jewish religious center out of his East Brunswick home and may have affiliation with another center on Lexington Avenue in East Brunswick. Goodman and his center are not affiliated with the Chabad Lubavitch movement.
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He Sexually Assaulted, He Tampered with Witnesses, He Attempted Scare Tactics – 8 Years


Man who sexually assaulted young family member sentenced to 8 years

A Brooklyn man who admitted to sexually assaulting a 10-year-old family member was sentenced to 8 years in prison Wednesday, but not before the woman he preyed on confronted him over the years of abuse.

“He has absolutely no morals,” Samuel Israel’s now-grown victim told the packed courtroom, as her abuser hung his head at the defense table, avoiding eye contact.

“He stole my innocence, and my childhood. I was 10-years-old at the time he started to sexually abuse me. He groomed me to the point where I didn’t know it was wrong or, at 10-years-old, how sick it was,” she stated.

The woman, who is now married with two children, said Israel molested her until she was 16, taking her on trips with his family and buying her silence with lavish gifts. She told Judge Matthew D’Emic she felt alienated from her peers, because while they were talking about school or their weekend plans, Israel “was having oral sex with me.”

“I felt like it was my fault,” she said “I felt dirty.”

Israel, who declined to speak before sentencing, pleaded guilty to charges of criminal sex act and witness tampering in July in exchange for the lesser sentence.

He also confessed to hiring onetime reality TV gumshoe Vincent Parco to try to scare his victim out of taking the stand.

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