Rabbi Hillel Handler, a Dangerous anti-vaxxer, pro-Metziza b’Peh, anti-Zionist, anti-Women, Pro-Sex-Abuse Cover-up Rabbi on Stage in Rockland

Brooklyn’s kooky anti-vaxxer rabbi is extremist on sex abuse, circumcision — even opposes Israel

Brooklyn’s kooky anti-vaxxer rabbi is extremist on sex abuse, circumcision — even opposes Israel

Rabbi Hillel Handler enjoyed a rare moment in the glare of mainstream media this week when he addressed an anti-vaccination crowd in a heavily Hasidic town in suburban Rockland County.

The member of the Satmar Hasidic sect riled up the crowd of a couple of hundreds of people with a diatribe that accused liberals in and out of government of using a still-spreading measles outbreak to target observant Jews.

Handler called Mayor de Blasio a “nasty German” and claimed it was “in his DNA” to hate Jews.

”Like the Fuhrer, he says: ‘Blame the Jews. They’re contaminating the whole city,’ ” Handler told the Daily News Wednesday.

De Blasio shot back that Handler was spouting “dangerous and irresponsible lies.”

“Rabbi Handler is putting at risk the lives he claims he’s trying to save,” said Miranda Marcy, a spokeswoman for the mayor.

At the rally in Monsey, Handler focused mostly on measles, although he did veer off into an anti-immigrant diatribe claiming that undocumented immigrants pose a more serious health threat.

Little did the crowd or the reporters covering the event know that Handler has a long history of supporting radical causes on the far right-wing fringes of Jewish opinion.

Handler has fiercely attacked observant Jews for reporting child sex abuse to police, claiming such accusations should be handled by rabbinic authorities. He once even defended a rabbi who was convicted of raping his own daughter, saying the girl was lying about the abuse.

Handler also opposed efforts to regulate metzizah b’pei, a controversial circumcision rite that health officials say can spread deadly herpes to newborn boys.

He even opposes Israel’s existence.

“There’s a lot of half-crazies like him in America,” said Alexander Rapaport, who runs a network of kosher soup kitchens and recently recorded a pro-vaccination public service video. “It’s the price of freedom in America.”

Rapaport, who happens to be a neighbor of Handler, shrugs him off as a phony who has no pulpit and no real following.

Others see him as a powerful danger in his ability to link different hateful causes. Shmarya Rosenberg spent several years chronicling abuse and corruption in the ultra-Orthodox world but has since left the blog called Failed Messiah.

“He’s an extremist, and he’s amoral,” said Shmarya Rosenberg. “He’s appears to be a gun for hire in the ultra-Orthodox community.”

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Suing for Silence – Rabbis who Report Sexual Abuse, Bloggers who Write About Fraud, Housing, etc. The Courts as a Weapon One Example [video]


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Child Predators from New York and New Jersey Arrested in Sting



Six Hudson Valley residents including a teacher were arrested following an undercover sting to catch alleged child predators.

On Thursday, New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal and Acting Bergen County Prosecutor Dennis Calo announced the arrests of 16 alleged child predators in “Operation Home Alone,” a multi-agency undercover operation targeting men who allegedly were using social media in an attempt to lure underage girls and boys for sexual activity.

The underage children were, in fact, undercover officers. Most of the men were arrested when they arrived at a home in New Jersey where they allegedly expected to find a teen home alone. Instead, they found law enforcement officers prepared to arrest them and process any evidence seized, police say.

Those arrested include a New Jersey police officer, a Bronx high school teacher, drivers for two rideshare companies, a minister, a finance lead for an internet service provider, a bank branch office manager, a barbershop owner, a dental hygienist, two takeout food deliverymen and others, according to New Jersey State Police.

“The 16 men we arrested allegedly used social media to stalk victims they believed were vulnerable children who could be sexually exploited. Fortunately, their victims were really undercover officers prepared to put them in handcuffs,” Grewal said. “Parents need to know that the profiles of underage girls and boys we posted on social media to catch these offenders could easily have been profiles of their own children, who might also be targeted by predators on chat apps and popular gaming sites. Our message to child predators is law enforcement is working overtime to find you and arrest you.”

The arrests were made over a five-day period from April 11 through April 15. Seven men traveled to the undercover house from New York State, including six who live in the Hudson Valley. Below are the six from the local area who were arrested

Kevin Roth, 26, Nanuet: Roth a teacher in the Bronx is accused of trying to meet a 14-year-old boy. He was charged with luring and attempted sexual assault on a minor.

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If Israel’s Health Czar Accepted Bribes to Protect a Serial Rapist, is he Effectively Trafficking in the Sex Trade? – Leifer

File photo: Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman attends a conference in 2018.

Israel’s Health Czar Suspected of Bribery in Australian Principal Sex Abuse Case

Yaakov Litzman suspected of accepting bribes related to alleged attempts to influence psychiatrist’s assessment that prevented extradition of accused pedophile Malka Leifer

Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman is suspected of taking a bribe for allegedly attempting to prevent the extradition of an accused pedophile to Australia, according to Channel 13 News.

According to a report published on the weekend by Channel 13’s Baruch Kra, Litzman is suspected of accepting a bribe to influence a psychiatric evaluation of accused pedophile Malka Leifer that would prevent her extradition.

Leitzman has been questioned over the past two months on suspicion that he and his aides threatened senior psychiatrists to change their evaluation of Leifer. The psychiatrists told the police that they were pressured to the point of hints that the outcome would be bad for them if they did not cooperate.

Leifer, a former principal of an ultra-Orthodox girls’ school in Melbourne, has been charged with 74 counts of rape and sexual assault. She fled to Israel in 2008.

The police are also investigating Litzman’s alleged interference in the case of a sexual offender close to the Gerrer Hasidic group, by pressuring a psychiatrist to evaluate the offender as low risk, although he had not taken responsibility for his actions. Such an evaluation would mean that the offender would not be subject to close supervision and would allow him to join a rehabilitation program so he can have furloughs from prison.

A Plea for the Extradition of Malka Leifer, Still Protected by Israel

United Torah Judaism leader Yaakov Litzman

‘Extradite Leifer’ pleads voter

THE ongoing saga surrounding attempts to extradite Malka Leifer has impacted on the Israeli election, for one Australian oleh at least.

Howard, who asked that his surname be withheld, said he could no longer bring himself to vote for the United Torah Judaism (UTJ) party because its leader Yaakov Litzman has been accused of falsifying psychiatric assessments to help the former Adass Israel principal evade extradition.

Litzman is Israel’s Deputy Health Minister. 

The handwritten note calling for Malka Leifer to be extradited.

Howard said he lived in Melbourne during the time that Leifer allegedly committed at least 74 acts of child sexual abuse. Attempts to extradite her have foundered amid claims she is unfit to stand to stand trial.

Referring to the party by its Hebrew shorthand, Gimmel, Howard told The AJN: “I voted for Gimmel in the 2013 and 2015 Knesset Elections. I decided not to vote for Gimmel this time as a result of the alleged conduct of Deputy Health Minister Litzman in falsifying Malka Leifer being mentally ill in order to prevent her to face the justice system of the State of Victoria.”

Instead, Howard cast what is called an informal ballot on which he penned a note, “Extradite Malka Leifer to Australia.”

Meanwhile, Israel’s ultra-Orthodox parties are desperate to avoid a Blue and White-led government, fearing that it would mean conscription for yeshivah students. 

They engaged in frantic last-minute campaigning, with one party even holding a huge election rally, despite normally rejecting such events as unbefitting religious leaders. 

There, one of the party’s leaders, Moshe Gafni, predicted doom if his party didn’t come out of the vote strong, telling the crowd of thousands that they are “in the middle of a war over Shabbat” and “a war for yeshivah students”, meaning to avoid their conscription. 

Now, the ultra-Orthodox parties look poised to hold on to their 13 Knesset seats – but only after the fight of a lifetime.

They struggled hard to avoid losing votes to right-wing parties. The unprecedented election rally brought together rabbis from rival camps who don’t normally talk. The event for the UTJ party, in Jerusalem, united people from Chassidic and non-Chassidic communities. 

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Sexual Abuse Within the Catholic Church, no Different from the Jewish Establishment – Justice Should be Same

The Catholic Church and the Jewish Establishment, Holding Someone Accountable – The New Yorker Article

Dear Reader:

We are posting excerpts of the following article from the New Yorker, despite its focus on the Catholic Church. Victims are victims and both those from within Catholicism and those from within Judaism share harrowing similarities and should share in justice and holding those in charge accountable.

We do not view the injustices that have occurred within the Jewish community to be any different and may even be worse. The nature of the sexual abuses are the same, a person entrusted with the care and upbringing of children has used religious observance as a means to serially abuse. The determination of the establishment to cover up the abuse is equally as similar among the Catholic Church and the Jewish establishment.

Where the Catholic Church differs, however, is that it does not as a pattern and practice brainwash its victims into this notion of “Mesira” or “reporting,” shunning families and leaving those victimized to be isolated and thereby re-victimized over and over by the community. The Catholic Church, while trying to strong-arm victims into remaining quiet, has not resorted to the same dark and tragic methods of using the very belief in G-d as both the sword and the shield to cover up and avoid accountability for the sexual abuse that has been rampant within the community.

We thank the write for this piece and we hope that this, along with admissions by religious Jewish leaders now coming forward with their own stories of abuse, will help to move this forward in a significant and meaningful way.



What Do the Church’s Victims Deserve?

The Catholic Church is turning to outside arbiters to reckon with its history of sexual abuse. But skeptics argue that its legacy of evasion continues.

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