First Amendment Activist is in Danger. Lakewood is a War Zone. Litvaks Attack Hassidim? A Load of Nonsense…

When Harming Another Becomes An Indoctrinated Acceptable Practice, Religious Belief Has Little Value

Published 5.13.21 10:33 am, edited 5.16.21 6:07pm

Dear Readers:

Before we begin, we had contemplated whiting out the faces of the children in the photos below. But they are published and we decided we would follow the lead of the publication. The children and parents, it would seem, take such pride in their behavior.

The story is not about the “Litvaks versus the Hasidim. That is a load of “Chara” put out as poor excuse to enshroud deeply violent behavior. The violence is against one family, that of First Amendment Activist. It is intended to shut him up. And, in our view, there is little difference between indoctrinating your children to violently terrorize a family or strapping a bomb to their waists and telling them to explode it where it can cause the most damage – all for a cause – religion.

We have relied on facts presented by First Amendment Activist, a fellow blogger and journalist looking out for the well-being of his friends, family and Jewish brethren in Lakewood, Toms River and Ocean County, New Jersey. A fact-check of FAA’s material is nothing if not accurate. Scary thing for a community that wants to keep its dirty laundry out of plain sight.

EVERYONE, bar none, should be thankful for his advocacy in New Jersey. What the protesters are doing is not a “great goal” as stated by a Rebbitzin in the article below. These children, encouraged by their parents, are treacherous savages trying to silence a blogger and activist.

First Amendment Activist is a deeply religious person, with a steady ethical and moral set of views and standards grounded in a belief in G-d, family and country. He should be declared a hero in his community. Instead, he is now being treated as a Pariah. Sadly, the hierarchy of police, government, the mayor, the governing bodies are doing nothing to assist him as he gets his house “egged” on a daily basis, as he gets ostracized and as his family gets threatened with violence. All in the name of G-d? No. All in the name of covering up crimes committed in the name of G-d. That is nothing if not G-dless.

The responsible parties of these children who find pleasure in violence, are parents who have taught their children that this behavior is okay, acceptable, if not encouraged. Religious, allegedly devout parents are teaching their children that violence is to be rewarded. The JNews which published this story has it all wrong. The “Litvaks versus the Hassidim” story is not the reason for these young thugs to behave as they are behaving.

Yes. The Litvaks and the Hassidim in Ocean County, generally and Lakewood, particularly, are not allied. They are engaged in their own version of a holy war. But the reality of the story has little to do with that battle. The story should have been focused on the utter savagery being imparted upon one family. It is covered under a shroud of this holy war. And that is a lie.

To the parents of the children pictured in the below, public clips, you should be ashamed of yourselves, teaching your children that “egging” houses, that calling someone a “moser” is okay. The children are dressed as G-d faring disciples. Sadly, the children suffer the sins of the parents and they are nothing, if not thugs and hoodlums bullying and endorsing violence.

You can say that children are “bored”; but history in Ocean County speaks of a different kind of G-dless behavior, that of continuing all things (yeshiva, massive weddings, super-spreader funerals, even with the pandemic with little regard for the sanctity of human life. These children are not acting out because of boredom. They are acting out because their parents have encouraged them to silence a “Moser.”

There is little difference between this and the Muslim so-called “Shahids” willing to die for their final place in history and the Jihad against civilians. When, dear Jewish parents, will you strap vests filled with bombs on the backs of your children? Inshallah? They are not far off now. This behavior speaks of no less, just different.

We ask, nay demand accountability. Please readers share this far and wide. Bloggers and journalists uncovering the unholy truths of a society should not face the dangers that First Amendment Activist faces. They should not find themselves mired in litigation and financial ruin with children encouraged to bully and impart fear.

Society should not reward bad behavior by silencing those who bring it to light. BS’D, something will be done to stop this horrifying education these children are getting and to give First Amendment Activist a hero’s welcome.

Litvaks Attack Chasidim: Updated

ByYosef Benari

 MAY 6, 2021

The past few nights the newly Hassidic Oak & Vine neighborhood in Lakewood New Jersey is swarmed by young teenagers and kids rioting, egging homes, shouting at the cops, and beating up children. BLM riots with א ידישע טעם

This became a nightly activity of Hassidic  vs. Litvaks which  the local  youngsters appease the energy brought on by a lack of anything else to do. Their parents claim they don’t have the time to supervise their kids, who go and entertain themselves in the streets. This is not what the Brooklyn newcomers at the Hassidic Oak & Vine neighborhood expected.

When not harassing Hassidic Jews, they tend to go to J2 South Pizza shop and mingle with the non-Jewish workers. It has been reported to us that many times people have overheard these boys initiating subjects containing immoral content. “The solution is not to stop eating Pizza. Boys simply have too much time on their hands;” some parents have commented. “Under these circumstances mere supervision by parents is useless to the growing need to congregate in gang-like surroundings.” This is a serious community problem

Local residents have told JNews that this has been going on for the last month with no one taking the initiative to stop it.

The situation must be addressed by a strong coalition between Parents and Yeshiva administrators. Certainly there must be extra curricular activities established by institutions in order to stem this from reaching epidemic proportions.

Update, Friday May 7th 2021:

Last night the riots continued. The Hassidim came with Kugel and cholent; the teenagers came with raw eggs purchased at the Evergreen Supermarket.

The Kloyzenberger Dayan, Rabbi of the Oak & Vine neighborhood told JNews that he has no idea of what is going on or why this is happening. Rebbetzin Reisman, wife of Rabbi Yisroel Resiman from the neighboring Chateau Park told JNews “the protest are achieving a great goal (?!?) but the Ruv does not allow any of the Chateau Park kids to join”.

7 thoughts on “First Amendment Activist is in Danger. Lakewood is a War Zone. Litvaks Attack Hassidim? A Load of Nonsense…

  1. Fun fact, these are good hearted kids, and guess what? Shloime Klein defends some horrible people in Lakewood. It’s known that he’s a gangster when it comes to the corruption involving Gittin. He threatens people with blackmail and violates Halacha. So actually, it’s justifiable that he’s hated. He will continue to be hated until he changes his ways.


  2. I don’t know about you but I didn’t see any inappropriate or ungodly in your words acts of those children in any of your pictures/videos please except a bunch of kids on bikes please prove something before posting especially if your going to post pictures of minors


    • Well, when you encourage children to go to someone’s house and throw stones, not so godly. When children are taught violence, they become violent. This is wrong and… we… ungodly.


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