May 11, 2016

Camp Bnos for Girls and the Agudah Cover-up

UPDATE: Camp Bnos is not safe for girls- הכזונה יעשו אחותינו?ת

הכזונה יעשו אחותינו?


Dear Rabbis, parents and Leaders,

We assume you were not notified of the horrific event which took place at Camp Bnos (Agudas Yisroel) this past summer. It is important for you, as a leader, to be made aware that a camper was raped on the girls’ campus. She was left unsupervised and taken advantage of in the worst possible way. There were 2 boys involved.


Originally, Mr. Meir Frischman admitted it happened, he has since changed his tune (obviously he has since received direction and advice from perhaps the Agudah directors, Rabbonim or Attorneys) and now denies all allegations and has completely removed himself from any & all responsibilities surrounding this situation. He has gone so far as to deny it, and refer to the RAPE as a “rumor”.

The police were notified, and Mr. Frischman did NOT have them speak with more than a few people from the camp. Directors who have been in the camp for literally decades were not notified until they returned home after camp was over.

From An Insider: Meanwhile, a simple observation.  We are both familiar with defense mechanisms.  I make observations all the time of new mechanisms that are just that, but masquerade as something else.  The Agudah position, which we know to be fundamentally flawed, is not really a policy at all.  It is a simple effort to cover-up the cover-ups.  They cannot do different, because that would be self-incrimination.


Letter from Jonathan Goldsmith on Facebook:

“Dear Mr. Frischman, I am the cousin of Jonathan who called you a few days after this took place. You told me you can not control rumors. I also spoke with Lt. Pratti at that time. I certainly had the feeling from you that you took no responsibility in this matter. You did not care that I had 2 nieces in the camp and did not even say you will do anything special to protect them. Even when we talked about the medical report you said the police closed the investigation, which is to the day untrue. Today on Erev ROSH Hashana, you and your camp mother as well as the entire staff will stand before Hashem and do WHAT? Tell HIM that it was just a rumor? Blame it on the Rabbonim who you claimed to have days Torah from? Do WE know what you even told your “daas Torah” based on the fact that you lied to me, I assume you also didn’t tell the “daas Torah” a girl was raped. You were more concerned with protecting the rapist(s) than protecting your campers, acting honorable and truthful. A good year to you and your family and may the shofar wake you from your evil ways.”


Additional information:

A RAPIST IS AT LARGE! As the investigation continues, Meir Frischman has done nothing to help the police, and the camp mother has kept her lips tight. We are dealing with people willing to protect a rapist! This cannot be tolerated. Parents. Keep your children safe. This camp is not a safe environment. Please share this message so that other parents can see this. Consider yourselves warned.

ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN… Summer is just around the corner. Please pass alng this crucial warning to all parents considering Camp Bnos for their daughters this summer. Meir Frischman the Camp Mother, Agudas Yisroel and their Rabbaim have ignored a RAPE of a camper last summer! This outright display of corruption puts every camper in danger. A camp that ignores child safety and refuses to help the family/law enforcement while they are withholding information needs to be shut down. Please keep your children safe this summer and far away from Camp Bnos.


5 thoughts on “CAMP BNOS IS NOT SAFE FOR GIRLS: The Agudah Problem

  1. As of 2019, camp bnos has many cameras that cover all sides of the girls bunks and all main walkways and hidden areas. We take safety very seriously here. We also have guards on duty 24/7 at all entrances.


  2. This is not the first cover up whicj frischmann was involved with.
    Also dont forget that rabbi belski was the camp rebbi for many many yesrs and he also covered up,But hes gone from this earth. He had alot of blood on his hands i hope he asked mechila before he expired.


      • I personally knew Rabbi Israel Belsky. He was no saint. To say it mildly, His hands were not clean of the sin of adultery. He was an evil man that made himself appear as being religious. Surely this site will not publish my words as they look to cover up the truth.


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