De Blasio -Probe non-profit spending

Anti-de Blasio group ‘seeking clarification’ from NYC Campaign Finance Board to probe non-profit spending

The new anti-Mayor de Blasio group is asking the city’s Campaign Finance Board to probe whether he is eligible for public campaign funds because of his controversial political non-profit.

NYC Deserves Better — the brainchild of former top Bloomberg aide Bradley Tusk — wrote a letter to the board “seeking clarification” on whether de Blasio’s non-profit spending should count towards his 2017 re-election campaign.

That non-profit operated outside the CFB, and accepted donations from individuals larger than the $4,950 allowed under the law for election campaigns.

In his letter to the CFB, Tusk asks the board to consider whether the non-profit, which was called the Campaign for One New York, should count as campaign funds, since it was established “to promote his agenda” outside of government.

De Blasio ignores questions on campaign donations probe


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