An Alluring Moral Imperative – Save Our Elderly Keep them OUT of Allure or Landau Run Facilities – Letter…




Dear LM –

As you know, I have an interest in seeing to it that there is better protection for the most vulnerable in our community, those to whom we owe our gratitude and respect, the elderly. I can’t help but wondering how we went from being a civilized society to one that cares so little about anything beyond our own pockets. I can’t help but point to the wealthy beneficiaries of our lack of morality as it applies to the elderly. In your comments regarding Joel Landau and Allure, a request for information and a hope that he will be taken out of the equation where the elderly are concerned, I found hope that perhaps my own loved ones would one day be redeemed, albeit posthumously.

THE ALLURE GROUP: – Enabled by Governor Cuomo and the Public Health Planning Council:

I cannot help but going back to where the cancer began vis a vis NY State Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities: namely Albany and the Public Health and Health Planning Council-appointed by Governor Cuomo. Presently much is reliant on Attorney General Schneiderman ‘s lawsuit effort to prevent Allure from buying two more facilities: the Harlem Nursing Home and  the Sts  Joachim & Anne Nursing  Home…a situation which would have been prevented had the PHHPC & Governor Cuomo, who appoints these deleterious license enablers, been called to account for the many years of lousy management and sub-par responsibility.

If you believe as I do…and if credit is given to the reported documentation clearly showing that too many of the so-called ‘operators’ of long term care facilities in New York buy these places only to churn them, one cannot merely place the blame on Mayor de Blasio  & his rabid real estate gaming malfeasance. The story began with the certification and enabling of amoral and predatory owners who should never have been allowed to obtain nursing home certification from the PHHPC in the first place.


Since the indignation and moralistic baloney from Landau/Allure fly in the face of reality and takes front and center in the news, past and present they are the perfect example to reference.  If one looks at the online published segment of a Feb 2016 Public Health & Health Planning Council report one can see how they got where they are:



The following screen shots were taken from the above report:

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De Blasio – Not so Pro-Israel After All – or Are His Ultra-Orthodox Block Being Pacified?


De Blasio isn’t jumping to defend Israel after UN vote

Mayor Bill de Blasio — who has repeatedly cast himself as a fierce defender of Israel — refused Thursday to take a position on the UN resolution condemning the Jewish state for expanding its settlements.

“I don’t really know what I think about the details of the resolution,” the mayor said at an unrelated press conference in Times Square. “What I know is it’s besides the point. The solution has to come from … Israelis and Palestinians. That’s the core of the matter. And right now that’s not happening.”

In past years, de Blasio has said it is his duty to speak out on Israel’s behalf.

“I will work every day … in support of the state of Israel because we know time and again the state of Israel is under attack,” he said at the Queens Jewish Community Council on Aug. 25, 2015.

De Blasio said that because Israel doesn’t have “enough friends,” New York must advocate for it.


“We must speak up,” he said. “We have to be one of the places that does.”

The mayor made similar comments the previous year.

“I am the mayor of the city … with the largest Jewish population anywhere on this Earth. By definition, I’ve said it many times, it’s not only normal and natural [to support Israel], I consider it my responsibility to stand up for the state of Israel,” de Blasio said on July 14, 2014.

City Hall press secretary Eric Phillips later issued a statement, saying:

“Mayor de Blasio said clearly that the U.N.’s role in the peace process has never been helpful. Like many at home and abroad, the Mayor also acknowledged that the ultimate consequences of the U.N.’s resolution cannot be predicted and that the effect of the U.S.’s abstention is unclear. What is clear is that the U.N.’s anti-Israel positioning in the Middle

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Joel Landau -The Allure of Escaping Millions Richer – Sorry… No Pictures Please

rivington house

Dear Reader:

Joel Landau, through a series of demands and other bullying tactics sent in the form of threatening letters from Wordpress, claimed an array of Copyright violations. The poor little man did not like having his face on our pages. So he had his pictures forcibly removed from our pages and our archives with threat of shutting us down for Copyright Violations. While that makes us kinda want to put a Metadata link to his name and Allure Group on every single one of our pages, so that he and Allure will forever be synonymous with every ill, morally bankrupt and skewed activity referenced on these pages (particularly where healthcare facilities are concerned), we figured that would simply be unproductive. Instead, we are going to publish every article about Landau and Allure. We will publish every piece of information available. Just send it over. We hope that one day someone, more clever than him and his band of merry loophole-finders, figures out a way to make him pay for his reprehensible though remarkably clever behavior. He is another person who manipulates the lives of our most vulnerable citizens for ill-gotten gains. To Joel Landau and Shlomo Rechnitz – L’chaim…

City admits it doesn’t have a legal case against Allure Group over Rivington House

Mayor said law department can’t find “pathway” to seeking restitution from Joel Landau’s firm

The city’s hands may be tied when it comes to seeking restitution for the controversial sale of a Manhattan nursing home to a luxury condo developer.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, who in April vowed to sue Allure Group for flipping the property at 45 Rivington Street, said Thursday that the city’s lawyers “cannot find an actual pathway” to restitution.

“I support anything that would get us further restitution for what happened,” the mayor said at a press conference, Politico reported. “I made very clear my anger at the way the private-sector firm handled things,” he said. However, “So far, our law department cannot find an actual pathway.”

Allure made $72 million when it sold 45 Rivington to Slate Property Group, after convincing the city to lift a deed restriction on the site. The de Blasio administration maintained that Allure did not tell the city it intended to sell the building to a developer while negotiations were taking place. But a report from the Department of Investigations found that reps for Allure told the city in March 2015 that if the deed weren’t lifted, it would consider a conversion of the property to luxury apartments.

Comptroller Scott Stringer also accused Allure of misleading City Hall, but mostly faulted the de Blasio administration for mishandling information at virtually every turn. Allure maintains it did nothing wrong.

The mayor has insisted he was not aware of the deal.

Allure, led by Joel Launda, has maintained it did not lie to the city, but earlier this month, the mayor signed a bill to increase oversight of deed restrictions.

Meanwhile, the city hired two law firms this year to represent it in the Rivington deal, and in campaign finance investigations. The contracts are for more than $10 million, Politico reported. [Politico]E.B. Solomont

Who Would have Thought Ageing Could be So Lucrative?


What Happens When you Mix a Law firm, Politics and a Multimillion Dollar “Ageing” Industry?

Contributor Opinion, Lost Messiah, August 1, 2016

We are posting the following as a sort of related story to the picketing by Shlomo Rechnitz’s own nursing home employees, who seem to have more decency and care for their charges than Rechnitz. What follows is the East Coast’s version of the nursing home mafia, or at least one of them. We are fairly certain there is far more to follow.  

The AG has gone after Allure for ‘misrepresentations’ having to do with the churning of the Rivington House & CABs Bed-Stuy properties. Both of which were transitioned into luxury housing. The idea that ‘misrepresentation’ of bricks & cement are the priority for those in charge of justice shows you how ass-backward are the ethics of our elected officials.

Instead of preventing these unscrupulous amoral owner/operators from doing more harm to the frail and weak, to the disabled who cannot speak for themselves, and preventing these dangerous owners who lie about their intentions to care for their patients; it takes financial transactions to have the AG step up.  

Is it better than nothing? Yes…but not much.

Assertions of ‘supply and demand’ excuses and the parsing of deed restrictions in the lawsuit are the sole prioritized subject matter for the courts!? Killing off the disabled in sub-par nursing homes is not of any interest. The Department of Health “approves” the applications of these same owner/operators who have already been guilty of blatant disregard for the lives of those entrusted in their care.

Unless someone is maimed or dies…and a malpractice lawyer is hired (sorry, Mr. Fensterman, you would be conflicted) -these Nursing Home owners have unfettered access to more facilities, more fluid deed restrictions and more money.

Re the AG trying to stop Allure:

Context means so much…

The firm of Abrams Fensterman & Fensterman are Allure’s counselors in contesting the AG’s challenge for their effort to acquire the Greater Harlem Nursing Rehab facility and another nursing home. This case is currently being heard in Manhattan Supreme Court (Index 155305/2016). Fensterman, as already reported in Lost Messiah, has a long sketchy history and tentacles not only to Albany-and to Schumer in D.C. but also to deBlasio in NYC. We are posting prior forwarded links below as a matter of convenient reference.

Fensterman, dear Fensterman, is the Consigliere of the Nursing Home ultra-Orthodox mafia… The Rubin(s)/Landau -were the state’s DOH appointed Receivers in 2014 & were given the opportunity by a complicit NYS Public Health and  Health Planning Council (appointees of (corrupt) Cuomo) to get their foothold in this Harlem Rehab-in order to buy and inevitably (as they did with the churning of the Rivington Nursing Home and the Bed-Stuy CABS facilities) leverage it for sale. 

We also believe that they may have played financial “Twister” with Medicaid, Medicare and Workers Compensation in the process. They have employed the Fensterman attorneys as their defense team. In fact, Fensterman seems to have made defending the questionable business tactics of nursing home owners, and fighting for additional nursing homes for his clients a lucrative legal industry.

The coup d’grace is that Long Island’s Fensterman recently opened a branch of his office in Brooklyn with County Dem Boss and ‘appointer’ of  judges, Frank Seddio and his partner Frank Carone. Ready to make sure that all of the ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn owners of nursing homes and long term care facilities know who to hire as the lawsuits come rolling in. Hard to know which judges have Seddio to thank for their seats…

Excerpt from above:

Mr. Fensterman is past chairman of fund-raising for Mr. Cuomo on Long Island, and his Lake Success law firm has donated more than a half-million dollars to candidates of both parties over the past decade, records show, including more than $17,700 to Mr. Cuomo and $43,291.25 to Senator Skelos, the Senate Republican leader. Excellent and the Fenstermans’ separate contributions include another $13,500 to Governor Cuomo.

Excerpt from above:

“Howard Fensterman, SentosaCare’s chief attorney, is Schumer’s Long Island finance chairman and a top fundraiser for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, chaired by Schumer. Fensterman, along with the SentosaCare executives he represents, said they had supported Schumer for years, well before he acted on their behalf.”

The Sick Looting of Home Health Care

Excerpt from above:

More problems surfaced when the media got wind that Fensterman, Landa’s attorney, was lining up contributions for Cuomo’s campaigns. Both the Voice and Newsday reported that Cuomo had received donations from partners in a company under investigation. The campaign quickly returned $6,000 from Landa. Fensterman said his own donations were fine, since he was no longer seeking to become a partner. Actually, he simply had his wife, Lori, replace him as a would-be shareholder.

In October, 2013, Mr. Fensterman hosted a fundraiser for NYC mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio at his Long Island residence, where over ninety Long Island community leaders gathered to show their support for the Democratic nominee.

So while the optics would seem to be promising-this case MUST be followed closely. Perhaps in his own evaluation, the political gains for Schneiderman from newsworthy attention of the public will be considered worth the ‘sturm und drang’ from the Hasidic community-Schneiderman’s former  ‘sponsors’ and patrons?



Preet Bharara Comes to Westchester to get more R&R?


Preet Bharara expands corruption probe to Westchester

US Attorney Preet Bharara’s corruption probe into the dealings of two shady businessmen and donors to Mayor de Blasio has expanded to Westchester County, The Post has learned.

Bharara has subpoenaed the offices of Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino about dealings with de Blasio financial backers Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg, who have been linked to recent city pay-to-play scandals.

FBI agents also recently quizzed politically wired cabby advocate Fernando Mateo, who introduced Rechnitz and Reichberg to Astorino, according to a source familiar with the inquiry.

Reichberg, a Brooklyn resident who had no known previous ties to Westchester County, was named a volunteer county police chaplain in June 2013.

A few days later, entities tied to his pal Rechnitz donated $25,000 to Astorino’s re-election campaign.

Preet Bharara

During a recent visit to Mateo’s Irvington home, the FBI grilled him about the businessmen’s ties to Astorino as well as de Blasio, according to a source familiar with the interrogation.

“The FBI agents wanted to know everything they could about the Astorino relationships with Rechnitz and Reichberg,” the source said.

Mateo, a Latino civil leader, supported Astorino’s re-election in 2013 and was appointed to the Westchester County Police Advisory Board.

Mateo also is in hot water after admitting to The Post that he secretly bundled campaign money to the de Blasio campaign through an unemployed Brooklyn woman.

Mateo declined to comment on the probe.

Astorino confirmed his office has been blitzed with subpoenas from Bharara’s office.

“Yes. Informational subpoenas were issued to the county executive, the county police, and the county itself, which is no surprise given the need to get all available background
in an investigation involving so many city figures,” said Astorino spokesman Bill O’Reilly.

“Everything requested was turned over in a timely manner, and we’re happy to be helpful in any way going forward.”

Astorino claims he has done nothing wrong.

But the fact that Bharara’s probers are snooping around Westchester is not welcome news to the pol.

Astorino was the Republican Party’s nominee for governor in 2014, losing to the Democratic incumbent, Gov. Cuomo. He is considering running for governor again in 2018.

Reichberg was indicted in an NYPD scandal, in which he allegedly provided cops cash, free trips and even a prostitute for a Super Bowl bash.

Rechnitz has become a government cooperator in the case that has ensnared and disgraced a growing number of top-ranking cops in what has become the worst corruption scandal to hit the department in decades. Four officers have already been charged.

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NYPD ‘Cops on Call’ – de Blasio Donors, Pimps and Call-Boys…


NYPD officials plead not guilty to working as ‘cops on call’ for de Blasio donors, admit to getting hookers, trips, gifts

Three NYPD officials pleaded not guilty Wednesday morning to charges that they acted as “cops on call” for two moneyed de Blasio donors  — and got hookers, trips and gifts in return.

Deputy Chief Michael Harrington and Deputy Inspector James Grant face conspiracy to commit honest services wire fraud, conspiracy to pay and receive bribes and honest services wire fraud charges in Manhattan federal court.

The disgraced officials were arrested on June 20 along with Sgt. David Villanueva and Brooklyn diamond dealer Jeremy Reichberg in relation to the corruption scheme, in which the cops allegedly acted as a “private police force” for more than $100,000 worth of perks.

Reichberg, who faces charges of payment of bribes, gave the cops these gifts, Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara has alleged. Harrington, 50, and Grant, 43, also face charges of receiving bribes, according to court papers. The prosecutor says they did the bidding of Reichberg and another major de Blasio donor, whom sources have identified as Jona Rechnitz. Rechnitz has already pleaded guilty and is cooperating with investigators.

Cabs, Fundraising, Mateo, Bundling, de Blasio, Straws?




Mayor de Blasio, the money, the fundraising, the people involved, it is all a loop. It’s like riding a roller coaster of loops. Now we add a cab driver and “religious” opportunist to the mix and we have, well… we really can’t use the expression in present company. 

How does this fit in with the site’s theme regarding the poor behavior of the Jewish community? We are not sure yet but are willing to bet we are going to uncover some interesting connections between Mateo and our R&R friends and maybe even a few gems of information lying around…. 

Advocate says he funneled de Blasio donations in pay-for-play scheme

A high-profile cabby advocate whose wife needs the city’s OK for a women-only livery service admitted to The Post on Monday that he raised campaign cash for Mayor Bill de Blasio and funneled it through an unemployed Brooklyn woman.

Fernando Mateo, founder of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers, came clean about the blatant violation of election law after The Post learned he had personally solicited a donation for Hizzoner and then had Ahlam Jaoui take credit for it.

The 31-year-old Bay Ridge woman, who has no political or fundraising experience, claims in campaign finance records to have collected 15 donations totaling $18,800 that were given to the de Blasio campaign in January.

One of those contributions came from Oscar Herasme, a Florida lawyer, who confirmed he gave $2,500 to the mayor’s 2017 re-election bid — but when asked about Jaoui said, “It wasn’t through her.”

“I find it odd that the bundler for any donations is someone I never met,” said Herasme, who declined to say who solicited his contribution.

Another $2,500 donor, Damian Rodriguez of First Class Car & Limo, noted he has no particular loyalty to de Blasio.

“Fernando Mateo called me and asked me to give some money to that woman,” he said. “I’ve known him for a long time, since 1997, so I help him when I can.”

The revelations come as de Blasio’s fundraising operations are being probed by both New York US Attorney Preet Bharara and Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.

Mateo, a well-known Republican supporter, told The Post that he “called my people” to give money to Democrat de Blasio’s campaign and had Jaoui take credit for the donations. Mateo’s name does not appear on Jaoui’s January campaign finance report.

He claims that his motive was to help Jaoui land a city job.

“That’s the way politics works,” Mateo said. “If Ahlam worked hard for his candidacy, you’d think [the mayor] would say, ‘I employ thousands of people, why not at least bring her in for an interview?’

“But she didn’t get s–t. That’s a pisser because I thought she would get something out of it,” he added. “There are people who raise millions for a president and earn an ambassadorship. When you work hard, you get rewarded or at least remembered.”

Mateo denied that he was seeking to curry favor with the administration to get his wife

Stella’s app-based car service off the ground, explaining that while he and de Blasio “haven’t always seen eye to eye, I think he is an honorable man who can do good for this city and that’s why I tried to raise money for him.”

“I’m the epitome of what it is to be a good New Yorker,” said Mateo, who is also president of the group Hispanics Across America.

In 2014, Jaoui was photographed wearing a Muslim headscarf and was quoted as saying how she wanted to be a driver for Stella Mateo’s SheRides business.

“It’s an opportunity for Muslim women,” Jaoui said at the time.

Stella Mateo has since renamed her business either SheHails or SheTaxis, although it appears the project is currently on hold.

“The people developing the app weren’t as good as they said they were going to be,” Fernando Mateo said. “So we’re still working on it.”

Taxi and Limousine Commission spokesman Allan Fromberg said the Mateos sought information about getting licensed in March, but “nothing came of it.”

Jaoui appeared with Mateo at a 2013 rally protesting the suspension of Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez for using performance-enhancing drugs, and she’s being represented in a pending Manhattan DWI case by a lawyer who has joined Mateo at several news conferences.

Jaoui’s role as a de Blasio fundraiser was first reported Monday by the City Council Watch blog.

‘I thought if I helped raise some money, I can get a job. But that didn’t work out.’

 – Ahlam Jaoui

“I just looked at the filing and didn’t recognize this name, so I thought I would try to figure out who she was,” blogger Seth Barron said. “Typically, bundlers are fairly well-known or powerful people . . . It seemed totally anomalous.”

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Mayor de Blasio’s “Straw Intermediary”

Campaign finance intermediaries or “bundlers” are typically well-connected, wealthy and powerful people who collect a lot of money for a candidate in order to demonstrate their influence.

So how is one of Mayor de Blasio’s significant bundlers a 31-year old underemployed aspiring taxi driver who lives with her parents in Bay Ridge?

Look at the list of de Blasio’s bundlers…right between Harold Ickes and Suri Kasirer—two of the biggest players in city lobbying—you will find Ahlam Jaoui, who raised $18,800 for the mayor in January of 2016.

A graduate of the College of Staten Island, Ms. Jaoui was on the swimming team, and later worked as a swimming instructor for autistic children.  She lists her employer as “Two Dots Marketing” of Torrance, California.  Two Dots is an agency that books people to work at trade shows or marketing events as “brand ambassadors.”

Ms. Jaoui was in the news in 2014 when a new woman-operated ride-share app was introduced. “SheRides,”also known as “SheTaxis” or “SheHails,” was advertised as a safe way to connect women livery drivers with women passengers.  The service’s publicity campaign focused on Muslim and Orthodox Jewish women—both drivers and riders—who only wanted to deal with other women.

Ahlam Jaoui featured prominently in several articles about SheRides.  In the Daily Newsshe was pictured wearing a hijab, explaining that she wants badly to become a taxi driver.  “I’m so excited to be part of this movement … This gives us the opportunity to feel empowered while keeping our traditional values … We as women can overcome this male-dominated industry.”

Elsewhere, Jaoui was quoted saying, “This is an opportunity to make money and also have my religious beliefs.”  She added, “I have a lot of family members that are (male) drivers, but (they) wouldn’t feel comfortable with me driving other men.”

Ahlam Jaoui: modern woman


Ahlam Jaoui may be very religious, or have her own standards of religiosity of which it is not our place to judge.  However, her Facebook profile contains a number of revealing bikini shots that would seem to belie her stated need for cloistered modesty.

Clash of civilizations??


Additionally, Ms. Jaoui appears to have been arrested for drunk driving in September, 2015.  She filed a motion to dismiss the charges of “driving while intoxicated” and “driving while ability impaired” on the grounds that the court violated her right to a speedy trial; the motion was denied on May 16.  Naturally the presumption of innocence obtains in this unresolved case, though if Ms. Jaoui is guilty, then it might be hard for her to get a TLC license, and her strict religious practice might be brought into question as well—although only God is the true judge of that case.

SheRides, or SheHails as it is now called, was founded by Stella Mateo, the wife of Fernando Mateo, the prominent and controversial founder of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers.  Fernando Mateo, a native of the Dominican Republic who now lives in tony Irvington in Westchester, made a fortune in carpets before organizing mostly Latino livery drivers uptown.

Mateo, a noted Republican fundraiser who brought Texas governor Rick Perry to Inwood in 2012, makes the news frequently.  A few years ago he raised eyebrows when he called on taxi drivers to racially profile their hails.  More recently, as an investor in the well-known Dyckman Street waterside club La Marina, Mateo offered to have a boxing match with his partners in order to settle a contentious business dispute.

SheRides/SheHails was launched in 2014, but questions regarding the legality of hiring only women as drivers forced the service to go on hiatus.  Reconfigured to allow for both men and women drivers, the company is attempting to get around New York City’s Human Rights Law by letting the passenger choose the driver.  Supposedly the company will re-launch this summer with its new business model.

The donors whom Ahlam Jaoui bundled on behalf of Mayor de Blasio seem to travel in orbits that she would be unlikely to enter or influence on her own.  Two of the largest donors, Antonio Cabrera and Damian Rodriguez, are Dominican-American owners of major car service companies in Upper Manhattan who contributed $3500 and $2500 respectively to the 2017 de Blasio campaign.

Jaoui also raised $2500 from Jeannette Castillo, an unemployed Yonkers woman; $1000 from Wendy Estevez, a “consultant” to Washington Heights nightclub Arka Lounge; $3000 from Bronx daycare operator Luis Ducasse; and $2500 from New Jersey attorney Oscar Herasme, a former assistant DA in the New York County District Attorney’s office who specializes in anti-money laundering and immigrant affinity fraud matters.

Now it may be the case that Ahlam Jaoui of her parents’ house in Bay Ridge, who is signed up to find work as a trade show brand ambassador, who is willing to pose wearing a hijab and say that she wants to drive a taxi, and whose LinkedIn profile lists her as still working for an out-of-business investment company, is also a well-positioned power broker who can convince lawyers and business owners in Westchester and New Jersey to contribute thousands of dollars to Mayor de Blasio’s re-election campaign.

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