Video of Sexual Abuse in Kiryas Joel, Moshe Hersh Klein

Moshe Hersh Klein Moshe Hersh Klein

“According to a story that went viral on WhatsApp, this is not molestation but rather “fatherly love” (sic.) that he gives to ALL his students.
The name of this swine is, Moshe Hersh Klein, of Kiryas Joel, Monroe, NY. He is the principal (headmaster) of the Ahroni Cheider in KJ.”
From the website of Rabbi Nochem Rosenberg, May 2016


May 2, 2016

This weekend we received word that there was a video of a child who had been sexually assaulted by the dean of the main boys school in the Kiryas Joel district. We had heard that there was an effort to make light of it within the Satmar community which comprises Kiryas Joel. We are posting the Facebook post, as written:

We would like you to take note of the comments. The video as posted is only part of the actual video. It was edited because the poster felt that it would be in the best interests of the child. Many who saw the entire clip were more outraged than those who only saw the edited version. Others felt that this was simply the way that the “old-timers” teach. We find that entire thought repugnant. These children do not have the understanding of the events around them to know appropriate touching from inappropriate touching and we believe that this has likely been going on for years, with excuses and justifications made.

We would like to shout out to a fellow blogger, Yerachmiel Lopin, who made several comments  to the Facebook page above.


If you cant handle seeing a child being abused in the heart of the ‪#‎Satmer‬ Jewish community in ‪#‎Monroe‬ DO NOT WATCH but please READ and spread the word by sharing until it gets to the right people that will help us put and end to the abuse in the Orthodox Jewish Communities.

My blood is boiling… And to you reading this, remember you are allowed to be angry and to take action to protect the future. Now read.

Moishe Hersh Klein, a Menahal (Principle) in Satmer Chaider (School) in KJ was caught on camera rubbing his penis on a young boy (unknown age) for about 15 minutes however I cut down the video for 36 seconds so the boys identity should stay private.

In the video the boy is seen struggling to get away from this monster while he held him tight to his body and rubbing on the boy his gentle and kissing this boy .. (unknown what he told the boy, at this time)

The video is going around all over social media, WhatsApp groups etc.

Now the point of this post is…. Where are the people who keep saying this never happens in our communities, where is #Satmer now when its on video and they are backing him up, covering for this monster.. its still all lies?? Fortunately its on video now.


As of now i was told this case was reported to the police and the DA dismissed the charges, i am not 100% sure yet on the details, but i can promise you that I am looking in to this and I am going to shake the world up the same way my body is shaking right now, I will put an end to the abuse and end to the idea of revictimizing by telling the victims that they are lying and making up these stories and by closing down business from family members, bullying etc.

The David M. Hoovler Orange County DA should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to be covered up and pushing this under the rugs.

NYS Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman we ask you to stand with us and get this case on your desk.

Our children are not dirt and we wont be quite about this, we wont let the system allow this monster to kill our children and not be prosecuted.

Stories like this are being covered up for to long and now that we have it on video you guys also cover it up??

#Satmer community leaders for many years covered up these stories claiming there is no prove and now that we have it on video and is still covering it up?? NO WAY-WE WONT ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN EVER AGAIN.

We urge the boys family to bring justice for their child, your child needs you now more then ever, he was abused and used by a discussing monster in the community and this will hunt him forever. We dont know who you are but we want to help you, reach out to us and we will guide you and stand with you through out this process for the sake of your child and our future, for all the children out there with out a voice…..

Wake up before its to late, stand with us or by our side while we fight this fight, its for you and for the future.!!!!!!

‪#‎StopSexualAbuseInTheOrthodoxJewishCommunities‬ ‪#‎StopTheAbuse‬ Stop Protecting Orthodox Sexual Abusers


Additional information provided to us by another source:

Video of alleged sex abuse which took place in KJ by the dean of the main boys school in the district

Lots of info on the matter (in Yiddish)

11 thoughts on “Video of Sexual Abuse in Kiryas Joel, Moshe Hersh Klein

  1. This was just sichening. This man should be tortured and thrown in jail for life doing hard labor..
    How dare he take advantage of an innocent child!!!
    Where was the audio??
    I am happy they caught him on tape!
    I feel it should be mandatory to have a camera installed whenever children are present!!!
    I trust no one !!

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  2. If parents are aware of this video, and still send their kids to that joint, DYFS must take the kids into care.
    A public school is less dangerous,eventhough it could & has hapened there too. At least there you could tell the kids, that in our religion we don’t do that, & perps are removed without delay.
    If parents by Kool-aid, for any reason,this must stop.
    No parent should send their kid back to that joint, all tuition fees must stop, if they were paid by credit card disputed.The entire board & staff must be removed like Chabad in Australia, if the Rebbe approved the status quo, there is an alternative Rebbe in Satmar, I can’t vouch he is any better, but he wasn’t caught covering up yet, or was he.
    This produces worse products than any non-religious produce.
    I could go on forever, but..


  3. moshe hersh klein should be nailed on a wooden cross and and his body paraded in Monroe, Brooklyn ( Boro Park, Williamsburg, Crown Heights, Flatbush …and NYC , too.


  4. I could not watch more than a minute of this horror but the silver lining in this is that someone thought to and actually did put a recording device over this guy’s desk.
    Maybe there is hope for that crowd after all.

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    • We just wonder how many children were prey to this guy before the camera was placed. How many children suffered abuse before this and how many since? The video is, as we understand it, almost one year old and it was not prosecuted. At least it is finally out in the open. Would love to get my hands on this guys cell phone or his computer and see if there is child porn – Felony offense.


      • Pray tell this is not a felony? Is PA so much more sophisticated than NY? Back a few years ago there was a Canadian counselor at Camp Dora Golding that made headlines in the Poconos and on FM. That video involved the same thing – fully clothed…but the video was significantly grainier and a heck of a lot shorter (if memory serves me correctly) than 15 minutes and yet that counselor served time.

        And while we are on the subject of prayer – notice all the prayer-looking books so close by on his desk. Don’t Chassidim have to cover those books when engaged in this type of activity with their wives? So exposed books are OK when its a boy? Imagine for a moment if he had replaced those books with math books. he would have been fired and run out of town by now. The irony is unbelievable.


          • I remember when I was a child learning at the satmar school in boro park on 53 street and in my class there was talking about a teacher acting inapropritley in front of children and I raised my voice the then principal chaim yakov rubin the chechnover rebbe called me in his office and threatened me a gestapo style he was also phiscaly abusive on a weekiy basis coming into class hitting children of the class with a 12 inch stick that he always kept in his pocket even when the child jumped in pain Nazi style he became motivated to hit the child even stronger


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