So, Mayor de Blasio Do you Speak…Yiddish?




LostMessiah, April 10, 2016

The New York Post is reporting that this morning on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd, Mayor de Blasio said he did not know anything about an investigation. Huh?

Over the past week there have been hundreds of stories in papers from New York to California, from New Hampshire to Israel regarding, amongst other things, campaign contributions he received from Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg, both of whom have been linked to a cash-for-favors relationship between them and the New York Police Department. Four New York City police department high ranking officers have resigned; and Mayor de Blasio is going to say he knows nothing? Does he not read? Perhaps he think that he can see Russia from his back window? Where is Tina Fey when you need her? Or has he gotten to the point where he thinks that those around him are blundering idiots? 

So, did Mayor de Blasio say he was going to return funds, or not? 

Did Mayor de Blasio know that his officers had been either removed of their badges and shields or administratively transferred, or not?

Does he even know Rechnitz and Reichberg, who were part of his Inaugural Committee, or not? 

If he says, “No.” to any of these questions, perhaps he is simply monumentally incompetent. One way or the other, we do not think that he should remain mayor.

Our last thought…Perhaps Mayor de Blazio only speaks Yiddish?

From the New York Post:

“An incredulous Mayor de Blasio said Sunday he has “no information about an investigation happening” — just two days after The Post and other reported the feds are probing his fundraising efforts.

“I haven’t heard anything about any investigation,” he told Chuck Todd on Meet the Press. “There haven’t been any questions posed to me or my team.”

De Blasio’s Sunday public schedule listed him as appearing on the show to “discuss the upcoming New York primary” between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, but Todd still peppered him with questions about the widening probe into police accepting gifts in exchange for favors to two shady businessmen, Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg, both of whom raised money for Hizzoner.”

Asked if he feels confident his campaign followed the law in raising cash, de Blasio acted as if nothing at all was amiss.

“I absolutely do, Chuck. We are very, very scrupulous about that,” he said. “Everything we’ve done is appropriate and carefully, carefully done with many, many lawyers, I assure you.”


De Blasio has no one to blame but himself of what happens next, from Bill McManus of the New York Post.

“Which comes as no surprise. If de Blasio isn’t running one of the gamiest administrations since Tammany’s sachems were pulling the strings at City Hall, it isn’t for lack of trying.

But not to worry.

As mayoral operative Dan Levitan says: “We are fully confident that the campaign has conducted itself legally and appropriately at all times.”

“And if it turns out that it hasn’t,” de Blasio himself quickly added, “it’s all on the campaign and I didn’t know anything about it. It makes me so mad when things like this just happen.”

Ha ha. Only kidding about the Blas part.

For the time being, anyhow. Because if there is any pattern to the de Blasio incumbency, it is this: Bad news, of which there is more every day, is ­always somebody else’s fault.

The negative headlines last week about his near-shutdown of construction on the city’s third water tunnel, he says, are the result of “miscommunication” — not the inexcusable slowdown itself.

Just as the city’s decision to allow campaign-contributing developers to flip a Lower East Side nursing home for condo construction happened without the mayor’s knowledge.

“It makes me livid that this happened in one of the agencies of my administration,” declared de Blasio (for real). “This just should not have happened, and there will certainly be consequences.”

And there may well be, but probably not of the sort that the Blas had in mind.’


3 thoughts on “So, Mayor de Blasio Do you Speak…Yiddish?

  1. I just watched it. I think in due time he’ll say it is a probe, not a formal investigation. I think I read that Preet said no “formal investigation” into this has been opened. When it’s “formal” the subpoenas are issued and served, as in the Ponzi scheme. Semantics.

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