FBI RAIDS IN RAMAPO – Education Fraud

Why Would East Ramap Private Yeshiva Educated Children, Who are Not Permitted to Use the Internet, Need Millions of Dollars Worth of Funding for Computers or Internet????

LostMessiah, March 16, 2016, below from Lohud

FBI raids in Ramapo target ed-tech spending

Lohud, March 16, 2016

Dozens of agents and Rockland police staged Wednesday morning at the Fire Training Center in Ramapo before the action unfolded

FBI agents and Rockland district attorney’s office investigators fanned out across Ramapo on Wednesday with search warrants demanding that vendors provide records and account for equipment allegedly bought by religious schools with millions in federal education technology dollars.

Agents descended around 1:30 p.m. on vendors at 21 and 29 Robert Pitt Drive, Monsey; 161 Route 59, Monsey; and 386 Route 59, Airmont to seize records.

The FBI-led raids are part of an investigation into whether Rockland yeshivas properly spent money obtained through the federal government’s E-Rate program, which came into existence in 1998 and today allocates more than $4 billion annually for computer and Internet access across the nation.

About a dozen FBI agents and Ramapo police officers climbed in the window of a suite behind a brick office building at 386 Route 59 in Airmont at 1:15 p.m. Wednesday. Agents have been taking out boxes and putting them on a dolly. They questioned a man outside the suite but no arrests appear to have been made.

One of the agents was wearing a jacket with “FBI Cyber Task force” written on the back.

Neither U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s office Rockland District Attorney nor Thomas Zugibe provided immediate comment on the raids or the investigation.

The raids come as state and federal prosecutors continue jointly investigating potential governmental corruption in Ramapo and Clarkstown. A joint federal-district attorney task force successfully convicted the former Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin and Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret of bribe-taking involving a local development. More recently both a Ramapo councilman and the Spring Valley building inspector have faced state fraud charges.

Questions about the ultra-Orthodox community’s use of E-Rate funding were first raised in 2013 articles in the Jewish press.

To read the article in its entirety click, here.


11 thoughts on “FBI RAIDS IN RAMAPO – Education Fraud

  1. @ anonymous – You lie.

    Any form of criticism is unwelcome and attracts calls of anti-Semite or self-hating Jew.

    You are defending these people by your comments. IOW you are part of the problem – a dishonest lying Frumma. I suggest some more shockeling…it may salve your guilty conscience

  2. …’ Why East Ramapo private Yeshiva Educated children , who are not permitted to use the Internet, need millions of $ worth of funding for computers or Internet ? ‘

    For the Rosh(es) Yeshiva , the rabbis and the well connected to pocket the millions ,millions to live a life of luxury . It is as simple as that .

    • It’s expensive to pay off victims, lawyers, certain elected officials and government employees, support the wives and families of the incarcerated, buy private property in residential communities and then try to expand and overcome longtime residents, and to dole out just enough to be seen as a tzadik. Living with no conscience or morality is very expensive.

    • @M – worse still, there are hundreds of computer suppliers and distributors, technicians, programmers, etc. who claim to have completed work that was never done. It is a racket that is really quite creative. But, there are a lot of people involved.

  3. While constructive criticism and introspection are welcome attributes that contribute to and enhance spiritual growth, your negative bias and prejudice are showing in every paragraph of your article.
    You already proffer the purported excuses that the people and groups you report on will use to justify their actions…and misdeeds…!

    • @ Anonymous….Negative bias and prejudice? Do you mean bias against child molesters and those who protect them? Do you mean bias against those who destroy children’s lives by funneling money? Do you mean bias against blockbusting and threatening people to leave their homes? Which bias are we talking about? I am quite frankly disgusted that people who somewhere down the line may be relatives of mine could be guilty of these unspeakable crimes and more to the point want to see them covered; or like yourself, not discussed at all. Has history not shown the excuses already? It is really quite predictable. In fact, what the new interlopers have done to FailedMessiah speaks volumes….

      • Hmmm, LM, I dunno. FM changed the world and was lauded for it. Shmarya is, at long last, hopefully able to live his life. Look at all the other sites that FM spawned. Plus, many of us are in touch, some with each other, some with law enforcement, and law enforcement is also reading these new sites.

        We are not silenced and Ramapo is being raided. This is the beginning. Again.

        We miss FM, we miss Shmarya.. If he hadn’t let us see the stupidity and evil by forbearing from banning them, less of this good stuff would be occurring and less law enforcement would know.

        This is a good site and I thank you for it. FM started slowly too. LM is not alone as was FM when it commenced.

  4. Perhaps this is the beginning of the accounting.
    It’s all tied in.
    Big gelt being made at the expense of the taxpayer.
    Whether its government grants for unmarked Escalades for airport duty
    or section 8 to pay for the greedy developers glue and stucco developments.
    Obtaining a few million for non existant libraries?
    All part of the pious ones from Greater Monsey.
    A few bad apples we’ll be told…. again.
    Hope they raided Agudath Israel of America in Airmont.
    The ultimate authority on which politician gets bought/blackmailed.

  5. Good. We are all paying for it on our telephone bills. A few years ago it was reported that New Square received millions of dollars and their schools don’t have computers. Where did all the millions go and why wasn’t anyone held accountable?

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