A Book By Any Other Name Would Still be a Book…. If its Not Torah Related, it’s Not a Book…FBI Raids


Federal Funding Exploited…

LostMessiah, March 16, 2016

Amongst the many other frauds being perpetrated by many in the ultra-Orthodox community, upon the children both within their own community and without, is the disgraceful lack of education. In many communities where private Yeshivas are receiving public school funding, the abuse of funds runs rampant and the exploitation of the system is far-reaching. And, as is all things within these communities’ ganevim, the victims are the children….

From an article in forward.com, dated March 16, 2016,  by Josh Nathan-Kazis, the Feds are ramping up their investigation into the abuse of funds.

Orthodox Jewish Groups Exploit E-Rate Library Subsidy Program

Down a gritty dead-end alley in ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn, past a loading dock and a couple of dumpsters, a set of stairs leads up to a small room with bare walls and a dozen computers.

The plaque on the door at Kollel L’Horauh calls the room a library. As a library, it has received $135,000 in congressionally mandated library subsidies. But there’s no librarian, and the room’s “collection” consists of a subscription to a single digital database of Jewish books that is not even available on all the computers. In Brooklyn, not being a library is no barrier to receiving library subsidies. A Forward investigation has found that E-Rate, the federally backed library subsidy program, has committed $1.4 million to ultra-Orthodox religious institutions in Brooklyn that don’t actually qualify as libraries.

Nine such groups have received an average of $161,000 in commitments from E-Rate since 2010 — more than twice the average amount committed to libraries in New York State during the same period.

The library association legally tasked with serving as a gatekeeper for E-Rate eligibility in New York City chose not to exclude these ultra-Orthodox groups, which in some cases didn’t have librarians or card catalogs.

“We didn’t want to take just any organization in when it believes it should get E-Rate when it’s not really a library,” said Shaloiko, whose group serves as the E-Rate gatekeeper for a handful of counties to the north of New York City.

Read more: http://forward.com/news/170510/orthodox-jewish-groups-exploit-e-rate-library-subs/#ixzz435tersoj

Read more: http://forward.com/news/170510/orthodox-jewish-groups-exploit-e-rate-library-subs/#ixzz435o6xdhB


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