Another Piece to the Kiryas Joel Video


What follows this commentary is a report by Josh Nathan-Kazis posted in the Forward. What caught our attention about the Forward’s post was the last line:

“Boorey Deutsch, an Orthodox advocate who posted the video on Facebook on Sunday, wrote late Monday on Facebook that his post had been removed by the social networking site after users apparently reported it as inappropriate.”

The only way Facebook would have removed that post is if someone reported it as inappropriate according to Facebook’s “Community Guidelines.” The post was there to shed light on the video and what was happening at the school. It would stand to reason that the complainant to Facebook was someone who did not want to see the video brought to light. From our own experiences having things removed from Facebook is no easy task. For Facebook to have taken down Deutsch’s video in a day, would have required a concerted effort of significant magnitude.

The other thing that we have pondered since the circulation of that video is why the surveillance camera was there in the first place. We speculate that it was placed there by someone who knew of possible sexual abuse which would indicate that this child was not the first victim.

A commenter to LM quipped that the only person who is likely to get prosecuted is the person who placed the video. We hope not.

By way of an update provided by our readers, it has been brought to our attention that The Photo News, the local Monroe-Woodbury paper, did not report on the video (or the change in zoning). This does not bode well for protecting children.


Police Probe Video of Ultra-Orthodox Teacher Kissing Boy in Kiryas Joel School: Report

Police are looking into a video circulating widely among Orthodox social media users that shows a teacher at an Orthodox school kissing a young male student, the Journal News reported .

The video, which emerged from Orthodox groups on the social networking service WhatsApp on Sunday before being posted by various advocates on Facebook, appears to be a surveillance video shot in an office at an Orthodox yeshiva.

According to the Journal News, the video shows an adult man holding and kissing a boy in what appears to be a school office over more than ten minutes. Neither the face of the man or the face of the boy were blurred in the version of the video distributed over social media.

The Journal News reported on May 3 that the commander of New York State Police Troop F confirmed that authorities had seen the video and were examining it.

“We have received the video. We have looked at it,” Major Joseph Tripodo told the paper.

A spokesperson for the Orange County District Attorney, chief assistant district attorney Christopher Borek, contacted May 2 by the Forward, declined to say whether or not his office was investigating the video.

“The Orange County District Attorney’s office treats all allegations of sexual abuse of children as extremely serious,” Borek told the Forward. “Ethical rules prohibit us from commenting on specific allegations until or unless charges are publicly filed in a court.”



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