Following Complaints of Sexism, Women Can Speak on Haredi Radio Station

In an article posted on in 2011:


Following Complaints Of Sexism, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Rules Women Can Speak On Haredi Radio Station

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef 3 A female Knesset member was harshly criticized by one of the radio station’s broadcasters but was banned from responding on the air because she is a woman. She believes this is a case of ongoing discrimination against women, as well as a violation of journalistic ethics.
Shas rabbi: Woman’s voice allowed on radio
Following complaints filed against haredi radio station, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef rules ‘there’s no problem’ in having women present programs or letting female listeners call in. Station’s management: We won’t change our policy
Kobi Nahshoni • Ynet

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the spiritual leader of the Shas party, has ruled that a woman’s voice can be heard on the radio.

The rabbi was asked to address the issue following complaints filed against haredi Sephardic radio station Kol Barama for refusing to have women present programs or call in as listeners.

According to a report on the Young Shas website, affiliated with party Chairman Eli Yishai, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef saw no halachic basis for banning women from the radio and said, “Let women talk. What’s the problem?”

The complaints against Kol Barama Radio were filed in recent months to the Second Authority for Television and Radio, as well as to Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein. The Authority has begun discussing the issue and is even considering imposing sanctions on the haredi station.

Most complaints were filed by the Israel’s Media Watch, which wrote to the attorney general that “such a reality, in which women are excluded, is intolerable in the modern era. This is not a private broadcasting body, but a radio station with a franchise from the State, and as such it cannot violate basic rights, values and norms.”

The organization clarified that it did not expect Kol Barama Radio to broadcast women singing, which does not match the Halacha and the “station’s nature”.

Ynet has learned that one of the reasons for the quick handling of the complaints was the intervention of a female Knesset member, who was harshly criticized by one of the radio station’s broadcasters but was banned from responding on the air.

According to the MK, this is another case of ongoing discrimination against women, as well as a violation of journalistic ethics.



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Seymour, I think that sometimes Rav Ovadiah would not be that machmir, but he’s under pressure from other rabbonim so he sometimes rules more machmir than a traditional Sefardic posek of the old days. So this ruling is actually more in line with the old Sefardic tradition.

POSTED BY: DAVE | MAY 18, 2011 AT 09:21 PM

as someone said on vin

this is the start of a new era a godel going against the chumra of the day.

Or maybe he has lost it and gone the the dark side (mo)

POSTED BY: SEYMOUR | MAY 18, 2011 AT 08:56 PM

shmarya. this is a big problem because what this means is that the chief editor of ami mag will no longer come on radio to talk because she wants to be more machmir. besides the fact that according to her husband a woman is provocative in pictures so of course a. womens voice is provocative too.

POSTED BY: JJ | MAY 18, 2011 AT 03:02 PM

Yosef ben Matitya
he didn’t reveal anything new. this is permitted. the lithuanian an chassidic haredim are regressing to the stone age.


I do not understand the shas leader says no problem but the radio management say no.

or did I read it wrong

POSTED BY: SEYMOUR | MAY 18, 2011 AT 09:13 AM

Adam Neira
Good !

POSTED BY: ADAM NEIRA | MAY 18, 2011 AT 02:45 AM

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