Shlomo Rechnitz and “Colorful Philanthropic Acts”


Buyer Of Israeli Olympian’s Charity Name Patch Is LA Philanthropist Shlomo Rechnitz

(JTA) — Shlomo Rechnitz, a Los Angeles businessman, has been identified as the person who bought the Olympic name patch of Israeli bronze medalist judoka Yarden Gerbi.

Rechnitz paid $52,100 for the autographed patch on eBay, pledging the proceeds to charity. He donated the money from his winning bid to the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center; it will be used to purchase medical equipment.

On Tuesday, a spokesman for Rechnitz identified him as the buyer. Rechnitz, who operates a chain of California nursing homes, has pledged to re-auction the name patch and donate those proceeds to the Tel Aviv hospital as well.

“Everyone must learn from Yarden how to use their skills to help people in need,” Rechnitz said in a statement.













8 thoughts on “Shlomo Rechnitz and “Colorful Philanthropic Acts”

  1. While not a Rechnitz fan. I am amazed that the people who attack him discount the huge amount of chested and the impact worldwide he has had to maje people do good. Criticize. But compliment the good

    • @Not a fan: This question comes about a lot and we ask you. Are we to discount and excuse the fraud, the atrocious treatment of elderly, involvement in healthcare and medicaid scams, elder abuse and all of the other ills when we pen that praise? Or, does the bad so outweigh the good that we do not owe him any praise? And, what do we tell to the people who have elderly relatives suffering abuse at his hands in one of this healthcare facilities as we are bestowing compliments upon him?

  2. He will donate the $ from selling it to a hospital, which will then turn around and purchase from Shmo Rechnitz, et al. Remind you of anyone?

  3. Yeah he’s a real bum
    Spending 52k and donating to a Tel Aviv hospital. A real jerk
    I can’t understand why he can’t just do what the other crazyrich healthcare execs do like by a Porsche or ferari
    What’s that pompous guy doing helping out a hospital that doesn’t even service that many frummies?

  4. “Everyone must learn from Yarden how to use their skills to help people in need,”

    Uh…would those skills include mistreatment of the elderly, stealing from the elderly, scamming the elderly, Mr. Rechnitz???

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