NJ Enabling Irresponsible Budget from Wholly Unreliable Lakewood School District and its Overpriced Attorney

Lakewood schools reopen, banking on $36 million loan from NJ

LAKEWOOD – A shutdown that forced about 1,000 special education students to stay home Monday has ended and the Lakewood Public School District is open for business on the promise of a $36 million loan from the state.

The district was shuttered for a single day after the school board reversed course, unanimously voting to void a budget it had passed a week earlier to avert a shutdown. Without a budget, no money could be spent, according to school board attorney Michael Inzelbuch.

Inzelbuch blamed the shutdown on the state, but critics of the district are pushing back calling the closure a stunt.

Gov. Phil Murphy had slated an additional $30 million to go to Lakewood, but when the Legislature drafted its budget it axed the funding. District leadership refused to sign off on the $171 million budget without knowing where that $30 million would come from, saying it was necessary to provide a thorough education and balance the books.

But even without the $30 million, the district receives other revenue that it could have used to keep doors open Monday, according to David Sciarra, executive director of the Education Law Center. Among those other sources are $102 million in local tax levy and tens of millions in other state aid, according to the district’s budget.

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A Petition by the Ultra-Orthodox Community Against First Atlantic Credit Union for “Ribis” – Interest? Threats to Not Pay…


THE LAKEWOOD SCOOP reported this morning that a petition was filed in demand against First Atlantic Credit Union in Lakewood regarding “avoiding a Halachic issue associated with “Ribis”” which is ostensibly the payment of interest.

From our perspective, this looks a whole lot like 500 members of the Credit Union are trying to extort the Credit Union by threatening to stop paying back car loans (for which there are presumably contract obligations) if the Credit Union does not comply. If we are not mistaken, the Credit Union is governed by Federal laws, which might actually, if we are viewing this correctly, amount to a RICO issue.

Unless we are misunderstanding the issue (and we do not think we are) it would appear that the 500 or so members of the Credit Union which all took out car loans with First Atlantic are threatening to stop paying back their car loans absent a meeting with Mr. E John Culp II:

The letter reads:

As you are aware a meeting was held on May 25th, 2018 with Ann Goldinack and Brian Meyers regarding  Heter Iska for the benefit of members who wish to avoid the Halachic challenges of violating the biblical prohibition of Ribis. on November 27th, 2018 Ms. Goldinack responded and rejected this request. It is our desire to be able to continue paying our loans and not cause any financial loss to ourselves or to First Atlantic. As loyal members of First Atlantic Credit Union, we respectfully request that the administration engage us in finding an amicable solution…

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