Hate Crime Beating, Hasidic Thugs, Politically Connected Shomrim and 4 Years – NO JUSTICE!



Hasidic man gets four years for role in group beating of gay black man in Brooklyn

It’s four years for an eye.

A Brooklyn judge sentenced a Hasidic Jewish man to four years in prison for participating in a vicious beatdown that left a gay black man blind in one eye.

Mayer Herskovic was not the only person who assaulted Taj Patterson on Flushing Ave. in December 2013. But he’s the only attacker getting prison time.

“Those who stomped and chased (Patterson) did try to injure him. The defendant was involved, he participated and was found guilty for that,” said Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun.

Cop: We used trick to get video of Hasidic men beating victim

Patterson, 25, did not attend the court proceedings in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Thursday — he previously said he wants to move on with his life.

Nonetheless, the lasting effects of the senseless attack will remain with him.

“Mr. Patterson asked himself why all this happened to him and he concluded it’s because he was a young black male in a predominately Orthodox neighborhood,” Assistant District Attorney Timothy Gough said on behalf of the victim.

According to trial testimony, Patterson was walking to his Fort Greene home when men — some belonging to the Williamsburg Shomrim, a Jewish patrol group — began chasing after him. The attackers mistook him for the suspect in a car vandalism streak, prosecutors previously said.

EXCLUSIVE: Gay, black man who was brutally attacked sues city

“This defendant, that group and the community couldn’t see him as an individual, but as a criminal,” said Gough, who recommended Herskovic receive five years in prison.

Video surveillance showed men chasing Patterson for blocks. One person with a walkie-talkie was identified at trial as Yoelli (Joel) Itzkowitz, but he was not questioned for his role in the attack.

One of Patterson’s lawyers has urged the Brooklyn DA’s office to indict Itzkowitz, alleging prosecutors have overlooked Itzkowitz because his brother is the politically connected coordinator of the Williamsburg Shomrim.

Four men in addition to Herskovic were charged in the beating. Two of the cases were dismissed and two of the attackers took plea deals sentencing them to 150 hours of community service each.

“Amongst all participants who stomped and beat Mr. Patterson, this defendant wasn’t the most culpable,” Chun said of Herskovic. “Mr. Patterson was chased for blocks, but not by the defendant before me.”

Prosecutors placed Herskovic at the scene thanks to DNA found on one of Patterson’s sneakers that was thrown to the roof of a nearby building.

The “deeply scarred” Patterson asked the judge to sentence Herskovic to the maximum of 15 years in prison for the second-degree gang assault and unlawful imprisonment charges.

“When Patterson woke up in the hospital, he didn’t know where he was. He was upset, frightened and alone,” said Gough.

The victim has had surgery three times, but he’ll never regain eyesight in his right eye.

“I wish I can take back what happened to Mr. Patterson all those years ago … I hope he finds peace for all he has suffered and endured,” Herskovic told the judge as he pleaded for a lenient sentence.

“I’m 24, my life is about family, helping people,” he added. “I work as a construction worker. I work with all kinds of people, black, white, Hispanic, gay and not gay.”

Nevertheless, his lawyer Stuart Slotnick asserted outside of court that “the DNA evidence was completely and totally flawed.”



More on Taj Patterson – Beaten by Hassidic Men


Cops say they used ruse to get video evidence of gay black man’s beating at hands of Orthodox Jewish men


Brooklyn investigators assigned to an alleged gang assault that led to a gay African-American man’s blindness had to “put on a ruse” to get crucial evidence, according to trial testimony.

“Many of the residents were being uncooperative,” said NYPD Detective Eric Sanchez, who worked on the Williamsburg crime scene where Taj Patterson was allegedly beaten by over two dozen Orthodox Jewish men on Dec. 1, 2013.

As investigators came to a standstill with retrieving video footage from neighbors on Flushing Ave., a Jewish officer had to pretend to be a victim of a robbery looking for evidence to help with the case, said Sanchez.

Sanchez was assigned to the case five days after the initial investigation was abruptly closed by a sergeant in the 90th Precinct.

DNA results link Orthodox Jewish man to beating of gay black man

“We were then able to get the videos,” Sanchez said in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Tuesday during Mayer Herskovic’s trial.

Herskovic faces up to 25 years in prison for his participation in the brutal beating of Patterson. DNA evidence of Herskovic was found on the heel of Patterson’s sneaker, which was hurled to the roof of a building after MTA bus driver Evelyn Keys intervened along with another passerby.

Keys’ route on the B57 was interrupted around 4:42 a.m. as several double parked cars blocked Flushing Ave.

“I stood in the doorway (of the bus), their backs were to me and I heard one of the Hasidic Jewish men tell a (Spanish) man to go away. He said, ‘No, I’m not going to let you hurt him,’” said Keys .

Hasidic men who beat up gay black victim get community service

Keys — who was blocked from seeing the alleged beatdown — tried to take pictures with her cellphone as the group, some in Shomrim jackets, dispersed, but panicked, she said.

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Shomrim Hoping for Better Deal – Cultural Diversity a no-go…


Hasids who beat gay black man try to dodge service in ‘diverse’ neighborhood

Two Shomrim thugs who dodged jail after beating a gay black man into a pulp are now trying to shirk the conditions of their plea deal.

Pinchas Braver and Abraham Winkler — who admitted to jumping Taj Patterson as he walked down a Williamsburg block in Brooklyn in December 2013 — have now taken issue with the DA’s recommendation that they serve their 150 hours of community service in a “culturally diverse neighborhood.”

Taj Patterson was beaten by a group of Hasidic men in Williamsburg.

Instead, the men want to toil at Chai Lifeline, an organization for sick Jewish children.

While Braver, 22, and Winkler, 42, were in court Tuesday for sentencing, prosecutors opted to return to court Aug. 16 after a more thorough investigation into Chai, which describes itself as an organization dedicated to offering “a number of services for Jewish children with life-threatening illness.”

As part of the plea, the two men agreed to be sentenced on charges of unlawful imprisonment to three years’ probation and to pay $1,400 restitution for the vicious attack, which left Patterson permanently blind in one eye.

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Brooklyn Democrat – Land Use Committee -David Greenfield – “Greenfielding”

Greenfielding – The “Greenfield Classic

The misadventures of David Greenfield, though heavily guarded by pseudo-legitimate politicking, has been the source of several articles we have written, and countless by those who have far more information at their disposal. Will Bredderman actually came up with a word to define Greenfield and his tactics “Greenfielding”. People “Google” information, “Tweet” texts “Facebook their friends” and David Greenfield engages in “Greenfielding.” In Bredderman’s articles, Greenfielding referred to Greenfield’s power and influence over the Borough Park Jewish community and the brazen way he got there.

There are two sides to David Greenfield, let’s just say, he covers his bases. There is David Greenfield a major “Player” in the Shomrim and their activities. His influence over the Shomrim – the Jewish “volunteer” police force being one side and his influence over New York’s Land Use Committee on the other side. Not only does he have an entire police force at his disposal and all of the perks associated with that; but he also has significant say in land use and redistricting for much of New York. Think Landau and Allure as prime examples of projects he could have (though we make no claims that he did) influence. What better way to “Take New York Back Again?” Own, in large part, the police force and control the land your herd of ultra-Orthodox sheep can plunder as they graze the fields you have plowed for them.

Democratic-County-Gala-05192016-112820-300x200The catch phrases associated with Greenfield, the Greenfield mantra and the sound bites found in the pages of the Greenfield political playbook have been and continue to be:

  1. Re-zoning – think Allure and Rivington, Red Hook and flood zones, and the list goes on – the process by which properties zoned for one use get rezoned for a far more lucrative use, usually at the expense of taxpayers and anyone who has not sufficiently contributed to de Blasio’s campaign
  2. Affordable housing – think de Blasio and his disingenuous characterization of a program which should in theory be about New York City’s lower income families but is really a show – lip-service
  3. Mandatory Inclusionary Housing – another of de Blasio’s nonsense catch phrases – likely a Greenfield sound-bite.
  4. Shomrim (Borough Park) $300,000.00 since 2011 and at least $100,000.00 directed from Greenfield
  5. Pinny Ringel – ahhh…. another story in this saga
  6. Progressive – those who “bow down to Brooklyn’s ultimate insider and real estate millionaire ally ” (http://www.brooklyndaily.com/stories/2014/5/ww-web-greenfield-analysis-2014-01-31-bk_2014_5.html)
  7. Fund-raising prowess- “astounding”
  8. Domineering – Machiavellian
  9. Sephardic Community Federation – favored representative status – the consummate political whore

It is our opinion, that Councilman Greenfield’s power is largely unfettered, woven within the most influential aspects of New York politics and the practical application of the inner workings of every aspect of government. That power is in our view sadly directed by a challenged moral compass.

Brooklyn’s Private Jewish Patrols Wield Power. Some Call Them Bullies.


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If the Borough Park Shomrim are volunteers ‘deputized’ to keep the City safer, where did all of the money come from [diamonds…]? Are they keeping the City safer or making it more dangerous [more dangerous…]? Should we be asking about closing the tunnel now  [diamonds…]?


Man Attacked By Hasidic Mob Sues Over City & NYPD’s ‘Deep And Questionable’ Ties To Jewish Safety Patrol



There were a number of witnesses when Taj Patterson was attacked by a group of ultra-Orthodox men who yelled homophobic slurs and left him blind in one eye, but it was months until any arrests were made. Police appeared to bury the case until Patterson’s mother took it to the media, after which they arrested five alleged members of the Williamsburg Safety Patrol [WSP], the controversial ultra-Orthodox neighborhood patrol group that’s recently gotten wrapped up in the FBI’s investigation into NYPD corruption.

Patterson is already suing the WSP for the attack, and two of the five arrested pleaded guilty to lesser charges last month, but now a federal complaint is explicitly calling out the city and the NYPD’s “deep and questionable ties” to the neighborhood patrols, also known as Shomrim, alleging that their knotty relationships and patterns of favoritism were direct factors in the assault on Patterson and the subsequent investigation.

Patterson is suing the WSP under a federal statute that people typically invoke when suing the police, his lawyer pointed out—but that’s intentional, as the suit is arguing that the Shomrim have been improperly acting as an extension of the NYPD, all the while acting outside the city’s authority with little to no formal training.

“They’re all but a deputized private police force,” said Andrew Stoll, one of Patterson’s attorneys. “The city essentially has a policy—though not an explicit policy, a deeply embedded enough policy of granting the Shomrim leave to kind of run the streets and the precincts in the neighborhoods where they operate.”

Accordingly, the suit takes great care to detail the close ties between the Shomrim, the city, and the NYPD, to make the case that the alleged Shomrim members were acting under color of law when they attacked Patterson. For example, it notes that the city has funded two mobile command centers for the Shomrim, each worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, which bear NYPD insignia and are, at first glance, indistinguishable from official police vehicles. The police also provide Shomrim volunteers with police scanners, emergency lights, and the personal phone numbers of high-ranking NYPD officials, privileges that aren’t extended to most members of the public, the suit argues.

A Shomrim vehicle pictured in the lawsuit.

The suit also lays out the long history of alleged favoritism and preferential treatment of the city’s Orthodox Jewish communities by the NYPD, referencing the 1991 Crown Heights riots and alleging that “fixers” and “liaisons” to the NYPD routinely help void charges against Jewish crime suspects or otherwise give them special treatment. It quotes retired police captain William Plackenmeyer, who in 2003 told Newsday that “in Brooklyn, it almost seemed like there were two penal codes, one for the Hasidic community and one for everyone else.”

Had the Shomrim’s influence not been so powerful, the suit argues, the police would not have tried to memory-hole the assault on Patterson, only reopening the case when it came under public scrutiny. Because it took so long for the case to be forwarded to the 90th Precinct’s Detective Squad, evidence disappeared and witnesses close to the Shomrim recanted their statements, the suit alleges, which led in part to the dismissal of criminal cases against two of the men arrested—Joseph Fried and Aharon Hollender. Abraham Winkler and Pinchas Braver pleaded guilty to lesser charges last month, and Mayer Herskovic, who didn’t take that plea deal, will go to trial this August.

While Braver’s criminal case was still pending last spring, the suit alleges that he got more special treatment in the form of a special tour of the NYPD’s 19th precinct stationhouse in Manhattan—a precinct that was, at the time, commanded by Deputy Inspector James Grant, who was arrested last week for accepting bribes to keep officers “on call” to perform favors for members of the Borough Park Orthodox community.

Grant’s arrest came just over a month after three NYPD officers were demoted for allegedly accepting gun license bribes from Alex “Shaya” Lichtenstein, a member of the Boro Park Shomrim. Following those arrests, the city froze funding to that specific patrol, though more funds have since been allocated.

“If I had brought this case two years ago I would have been laughed out of court,” Stoll said. “Now everything I say is documented. Everybody knew. Within these neighborhoods and within these precincts, everybody knew exactly what was going on.”

Because of the inappropriately inextricable relationships between the Shomrim, the NYPD, and the city, the suit alleges, all three are liable for the violation of Patterson’s constitutional rights; his physical and emotional trauma; and his loss of liberty. Currently, the suit is only seeking monetary damages, but Stoll said that they also plan to seek injunctive relief—i.e., mandated policy changes.

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NYPD and Ultra-Orthodox, Fort Surrender

Daskals minions



The Long History of a Police Precinct and an Ultra-Orthodox Community

The arrest of three high-ranking New York Police Department officials earlier this week continues to reverberate through the city’s power centers. As part of a wide-ranging federal probe, they face corruption charges for allegedly accepting gifts from two Brooklyn businessmen in exchange for favors.

The two businessmen in question have ties to the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Borough Park, the Brooklyn home of the department’s 66th precinct. It’s there, as The New York Times reports this morning, that many NYPD commanders have made or broken their careers.

According to the Times, the precinct earned the nickname “Fort Surrender” after a 1978 riot ended up in the police station and no one was arrested, despite injuries to dozens of police officers. In another incident, police scuffled with ultra-Orthodox community members over the release of a young man who was arrested when police tried to tow his car.

But the alleged bribes reflect an outlandish new twist, said Jim Dwyer, a columnist for the Times, to WNYC’s Soterios Johnson.

REICHBERG – The Guy who Committed No Crimes, to Micah Kaplan


For Micah Kaplan –


Lost Messiah, June 20, 2016

Several weeks ago, when we first began investigating R&R, and had almost all of the pieces put together, we wrote an article about a man named Micah Kaplan. We quoted the article highlighting his story about having been preyed upon by a family member of  Jeremy Reichberg.

We quoted from the article that stated that the charges against his assailants did not stick. We all knew why.

The guy who commits no crimes had [allegedly] paid off the police to make the crimes of his kin go away. As a tribute to the Micah Kaplan and to any other person who will now and always be collateral damage of the non-criminal’s criminal behavior, we are reposting Mr. Kaplan’s story.

We want to remind those readers who have followed our stories that we are paying attention. We are doing our research. People are reading. In our view, Reichberg is and has always been a criminal.

To those who are in bed with him, when you lie with a dirty dog, flees are inevitable. To Mr. Kaplan, may you finally feel justice. We are sorry for your plight, for your suffering and for the suffering of others like you. Hopefully, justice will prevail.

From The New York Daily News, April 10, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Reichberg, Brooklyn bigwig in FBI corruption probe, allegedly used NYPD connections to help nephew escape assault charges

A Borough Park businessman at the heart of a police bribery probe leaned on his police buddies to squash two assault raps involving his nephew, according to the victims of a pair of attacks.

Borough Park business honcho Jeremy Reichberg is being investigated by the feds for allegedly plying NYPD brass and at least one officer in the 66th Precinct with gifts in return for favors, according to multiple sources.


His nephew, Shlomo Reichberg, was part of a gang of disassociated Hasidic teens called Grouplech, which means forks in Yiddish, community sources said. The Hasidic hooligans were involved in two reported violent attacks in 2012, according to the victims.

In one scary encounter, Micha Kaplan, 45, says a group of Hasidic teens put him in the hospital for several days after a severe beating. The alleged beatdown started after the teens cut him off as he was driving in Borough Park.

At a red light, Kaplan rolled down his window and complained to the driver of the Chevy Impala.

That didn’t go over well.

Kaplan says the teens tailgated him for 20 blocks. The confrontation came to a head when one of the teens got out the car and tried to open Kaplan’s passenger side door. When Kaplan got out to close the door two of the teens started to punch and kick him, police records show.

During the attack they allegedly yelled “Litvak!” the Yiddish term for Lithuanian Jews, who are not Hasidic.

Kaplan, who works in real estate, went to Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn. He spent four days there with internal bleeding.


After his release, he did some research in the community, and identified several of the teens he believes attacked him. They included Reichberg’s nephew, who was with the group at the time, but did not hit Kaplan.

But police from the 66th Precinct didn’t care, Kaplan says.

“They were squashing it 100%,” Kaplan said. “They told me I was unable to identify the guy and that my witnesses were no good. They never tried to make an arrest.”

Kaplan filed a complaint with the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau.

Afterwards, the officers issued a wanted poster for one of the alleged attackers, Yossi Follman. But cops made no effort to find him and warned Kaplan to stay away, the victim contends.

“They told me not to hang out in front of (Follman’s) house and suggested I call 911 when I see him on the street so they could send a patrol car to arrest him,” Kaplan said. “It was a joke.”

No arrest has ever been made.

The NYPD sent out this wanted poster for Yossi Follman after Kaplan’s complaint, but Kaplan says cops failed to follow up on the allegations.
The NYPD sent out this wanted poster for Yossi Follman after Kaplan’s complaint, but Kaplan says cops failed to follow up on the allegations. (HANDOUT)
When the NYPD was asked for an update on the case and Kaplan’s old IAB complaint a department representative referred The News to Police Commissioner Bill Bratton’s statement issued on Tuesday.

“On these investigations we’re not able to comment on them and that’s an agreement with the bureau,” he told reporters Tuesday, referring to an ongoing FBI probe.

On Wednesday, Follman’s mother downplayed the incident.

“How is this something new?” she asked a reporter outside her Borough Park home.

“Are you sure Mr. Kaplan isn’t exaggerating things,” she asked.

Asked about the gang, she said, “They are just a group of friends. Never into anything violent.”

That’s not how Benjamin Blau (no relation to this reporter) sees it.

Blau says he was attacked by members of the gang as he was delivering religious court notifications in Borough Park in October 2012.

According to Blau, several of the teens inside four cars jumped out and yelled in Yiddish “Kill him!”

“Between eight to 10 guys approached our car,” Blau recalled several weeks after the assault. One kicked the driver’s side door and flashed a knife.


In a panic, Blau accidentally unlocked the door. The gang members then yanked him from the car and one began hitting him in the head with a metal bar, Blau says.

“At this point I started losing consciousness,” he recalled.

Police arrested three of the assailants but the case was later dropped, records show. It is unclear why the charges were never pursued.