Lakewood, NJ – A Covid-19 Hotspot, Corona Carnival Cancelled, CoronaDog Giveaway Set for April 7, 2020, REALLY?


We are asking our readers to go to the bottom of the page and get in touch with law enforcement and government officials. With New Jersey’s Covid-19 numbers rising at an alarmingly high rate, and with a disproportionate number of those infected coming out of Lakewood and other religious communities (of all religions) the lawlessness is costing everyone in life and in a financial future.

Forget about the optics because the anti-Semitism alarm will be sounded for the next 20 years, mark our words, at this rate of religious defiance, Covid-19 will be the watershed point making any bridge for better rations with Orthodox Jewish communities impossible.  

It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a whole lot of villages to raise a petulant group of religious zealots who refuse to accept the law of the land. The religion is irrelevant. The numbers speak for themselves.

CoronaDog Giveaway Scheduled For Tomorrow In Lakewood

Tomorrow voices throughout Lakewood will rise up in unison and announce to the world…“CORONA DOGS, GET YOUR CORONA DOGS HERE!”

With the announced CoronaDog giveaway, suddenly a drive up CoronaCarnival doesn’t sound like such a bad idea after all.

The drive-up CornoaCarnival was planned so that10,000 toy spinners and a log of chocolate could be distributed to children in Lakewood, thankfully the organizer had a change of heart and postponed that event.  Not wanting to be outdone when it comes to incredibly bad ideas, a group of generous donors have declared  “HOLD MY BEER” as they ready distribution of 10,000 free CoronaDog meals tomorrow.  Their hope is that through this Kidush Hashem (kind gesture that is pleasing to God) they will bring blessings to their friend Chaim Aryeh Zev who is currently hospitalized with, you guessed it, coronavirus.


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Lakewood Neighbors, The Unity Project, Rise Up Ocean County – Building Bridges?

Reprinted in its entirety from

If Only We Better Understood The Orthodox Jewish Faith…sigh.

April 4, 2020

In the last three weeks the Asbury Park Press has written FIFTY articles about Lakewood, most having a somewhat favorable if not distorted slant.  THere are links at the end of this post to all fifty.  At a time that the optics for Lakewood are HORRIBLE (weddings, funerals, school buses, engagement parties) leave it to the Asbury Park Press to come to the rescue.  Kinda, sorta.

Recently the first Jackson Township Multicultural Committee meeting took place and by all accounts it is a regurgitation of Lakewood Neighbors, One Ocean County and our personal favorite, the Unity Project, sponsored of course by…drumroll….The Asbury Park Press.

Last September Randy Bergmann, the head of the Asbury Park Press Unity Project, wrote a piece for the Asbury Park Press describing The Unity Project and posing some questions.  On our Facebook page we wrote a rubuttal.

In his piece he would have you believe that if only gentiles would better understand orthodox Jews, peace and harmony would rule the land. Following his reasoning, he would also have you believe that Stevie Wonder is best suited to drive a car, in Lakewood at 3pm.

That might explain why the Unity Project is designed exclusively to vomit out orthodox Jewish propaganda and why it is doomed to fail. You can read his piece in its’ entirety here:…/nj-lakewood-orthodox-jews…/3780450002/ . For an indication of the perspective that the unity project approaches things from, please note in the link the words ANTI-SEMITISM, JACKSON AND TOMS RIVER.

Anyhow, in his most recent missive he asks a series of questions, we are happy to provide the answers for him right here and right now:


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Shutting Down Voices on Social Media Will Not Shut Down Sentiment, Despite the Efforts of the Haredim [LETTER]

To our Readers:

We received the following letter to the Editor below. We have been asked to post anonymously and are so doing. We made very few edits, only to correct for grammar and spelling, if necessary.

The opinion is that of the author and the author alone.

We do not necessarily endorse the positions the author has taken and our publication should not be deemed to be said endorsement. We always appreciate reader involvement and hope to be able to provide a voice to those who want one, without judgment as to the soundness of the arguments. We wholeheartedly welcome letter like the one below, in the interest of civil discourse.

There is a common thread in many comments, namely that the Haredi community wants “inclusion” but then demands segregation, wants respect but then offers none in return, wants to be able to uphold religious values without upholding civic values and lacks a general civility in many of its practices.

We offer to the Haredi community some insight through these letters. We hope that they will, in the interest of core Jewish values of decency, honesty and integrity, understand that we have been trying to approach these issues respectfully.



Shutting down RUOC and the likes will not change widespread public perception of the Haredi community’s behavior. I am a child of immigrants, a native NYer born on the UES, a 33 year resident of the Jersey Shore and someone who has been very close to individuals from the Jewish community both personally and professionally throughout her life. I have had very close friends in the past from all the segments of the Jewish community – Modern Orthodox, Israeli, Conservative, Reformed and the like. There is nothing in my background that would have been a recipe to breed anti-Semitism. I also have multiple graduate degrees and research publications so I am well educated, well read, and informed. I do not succumb to stereotypes or prejudices easily without examining them thoroughly though I am still human like
everyone else.

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Was Rise Up’s Private Page Removed by FB or Hacked? Rise Up’s Website

rise up ocean county

Dear Readers:

We are not sure that Facebook unceremoniously removed the private group of Rise Up Ocean Count, but as of this afternoon it was gone. So, we would direct you to their website:

Again, while we did not endorse many of the comments on the Facebook page, we admired much of the investigative work that was being done on behalf of the disenfranchised in Ocean County. 

We are also firm believers in free speech. We believe that it should not be chilled, neither by lawsuit nor by removal unless there is a risk of violence or a threat of life and limb. We do not like hate speech. We don’t tolerate it here, beyond some measure of allowing people to vent. 

Once you go down the silence path, it is a very, very slippery slope that ends somewhere on the cliff of Americans being denied other constitutional rights, due process, for instance. We are also all too aware that money buys almost anything and everyone seems to have a price. We don’t.

Or, Americans who are sick being carted off in boxes.  See Video of Chinese response to Caronavirus here.

We are also of the firm belief that anti-Semitism is a really easy and apparently thorough mantra to sling around when you want to be able to hide criminal endeavors. Scary stuff…. The industriousness of it all is somewhat shocking.  But its use as a mantel on which to hang one’s hat also diminishes the value of the history that gave meaning to that term. 

To the 18k + followers of Rise Up Ocean County, we are hereby advising that we will accept stories dealing with fraud and criminal endeavors after independently verifying the research. We will not publish anything based solely on articles in print. We will also try and direct our readers. 

Free Speech at Zuckerberg’s Convenience, Not Free at All – the Hypocrisy and the NJ Politburo [RUOC]

Mark Zuckerberg speaks at a podium at Georgetown University

Facebook’s Hypocrisy and the Chilling of the Free Speech of Eighteen Thousand Followers – an Opinion

Dear Readers, 

The following is a small portion of a text of commentary addressing comments made by Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg during his soiree with Congress. It speaks to the limits of his abilities to, on the one hand, promote free speech and on the other hand continue to run a company without pandering to powerful forces that want speech censored. Conversely, it questions the legitimacy of Zuckerberg’s claims to support free speech when Facebook’s add’s algorithms filter what a viewer sees to guide the direction of speech. We will not address the converse point here.

This blogger wholeheartedly maintains that there is a vast difference between censoring sites that assist terrorist organizations with recruitment (inciting violence or acting toward the commission of a crime) and censoring sites that shine light on the disenfranchisement of an entire community (even if it does, ultimately target a specific group because that’s the lay of the land). 

It is one thing to live in a country where speech is not expected to be free so when free speech is permitted, it is a surprise to everyone [China/Russia, for example]. It is a whole other thing to live in a country where the principles of the First Amendment’s freedoms of speech and press which are well tested in the courts, have settled on a summary that speech should always be free unless it incites violence, is used in the commission of a crime or is defamatory. That last one remains free, however, but can be subject to redress and is carved out by the need to defend one’s statements.

This past week under pressure from New Jersey’s Governor and Attorney General, Facebook removed a group – Rise Up Ocean County. The site was supported by 18K followers, mostly from New Jersey and New York. It was reviled in large part by the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community because the goal of the site crossed paths with ultra-Orthodox Jews by virtue of the Ocean County, New Jersey landscape.

In the end the voices of 18K people were not free at all. And, all of the work and research that went into that site, investigatory material that should have been viewed by law enforcement as a means to enforce laws, was chilled. The people on that site were not terrorists looking to recruit. They were not inciting violence. Their speech should have been protected and Zuckerberg should have used that as a cause célèbre for his alleged support of free speech.

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The NJ Gov. and AG Should Have Been Investigating Claims of RUOC, Claiming Anti-Semitism is a Ruse

If the AG and Governor of the State of New Jersey Can Restrict Speech and Press at Whim, When Can They Restrict Due Process? When Can They Deny Appropriate Redress? Where Does the Truth Get Blurred?

Dear Readers:

Question – 

Could Facebook be held to have facilitated the commission of a crime if leaving the page (Rise Up Ocean County) standing, would have prevented it?

The Attorney General Gurbir Grewal in New Jersey along with the Governor Phil Murphy likely never read the articles or opened any investigations into claims made by Rise Up Ocean County, which investigations had nothing to do with anti-Semitism. Those claims included but were not limited to: basement businesses in private homes not zoned for commercial use, bank fraud, zoning law violations, irresponsible land use and a litany of others.

That the comments on the page were occasionally hateful and vitriolic is a shame and a challenge for any page moderator; but not grounds to remove the page. The State of New Jersey has court rulings that preclude the infringement on any speech that does not incite violence.

The Supreme Court just affirmed that when it comes to the First Amendment, hate speech is not an exception. The ruling was over a federal trademark law that banned people from registering offensive names; the court sided unanimously an Asian-American rock band named the Slants, whose band name was deemed racially disparaging. But many argue hate speech is not the same as free speech — it incites violence and does not warrant constitutional protection. Should hateful speech be protected? 

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Lawsuit Claims Anti-Semitism and Does not Acknowledge Over-development and Irresponsible Zoning

‘Significant anti-Semitic hostility’ blamed for Jackson housing project denial, lawsuit says


JACKSON – The developer who proposed building 459 units of housing on South Hope Chapel Road has sued the township and its Planning Board, claiming the plan was rejected because of a “rising tide of anti-Semitism in the township.”

“The board denied the application, bowing to severe anti-Semitic pressure from local residents and fears that Orthodox Jews may purchase homes and reside in the development,” the lawsuit states, “and due to the inclusion in the development of a house of worship that may be used as a synagogue by Orthodox Jews.”

Dr. Rich Roberts speaks: Meet Dr. Rich Roberts, the GOP mega-donor using his clout to fight ‘bigotry against Orthodox Jews’ in Jackson

‘Atrocious actions’: Breaking down the letter from Dr. Rich Roberts to Jackson mayor

Gregory P. McGuckin, who served as Planning Board attorney when the Jackson Trails application was discussed, said Tuesday he had not yet seen the lawsuit.

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