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If We Judge Our Criminals by the Charities to Which they Donate, Perhaps Madoff Should not be Sitting in Prison – Huberfeld?

11-175 2012-03-28 viridian response to staff inquiry of affiliate status
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UPDATED: 1.22.19

The Huberfeld 45 Pages of Fluff and Madoff’s Charities

We begin with a preface. We have been accused of having a “vendetta” against Murray Huberfeld. We do not know him personally, have no reason to have a “vendetta” and find that assertion to be absurd. Our comments come not from malice but from a desire for justice, justice for all of those who have lost over the years at the hands of Murray Huberfeld and his various partnerships.

We feel that anyone who commits a crime against another, who deprives others of property, integrity, hard-earned money, trust, confidence and peace of mind deserves to be exposed and punished. We believe that the integrity of Judaism depends upon the honesty of its overtly practicing members. those like Murray Huberfeld who hold themselves out there as examples of spiritual enlightenment. We believe that the reliability of our financial systems and legal regulatory entities hinges on its enforceability and enforcement; and we steadfastly hold that the worldview of Judaism depends upon the integrity of its members and Jewish run enterprises, upon the honesty and transparency of their leaders.

That’s where Murray Huberfeld and Platinum Partners, along with all of its executives and co-conspirators comes in.

Despite what his friends and family may contrive in their own collective or individual consciousness, Platinum investors relied on the Huberfeld run funds, particularly Platinum and its historic returns.  Whether that was out of stupidity or naivete, we cannot say. Many people put their savings into Platinum, and placed their trust into the names behind it, which included Huberfeld’s name and quite frankly the names of his friends. He used them as references, shows of good-faith and good-will.  He betrayed his friends, along with his investors, each and every one of them.

Huberfeld’s friends and family can stand behind him, an admirable trait on their part, as did those of Madoff. We see little difference between the two. In fact, Madoff’s Ponzi scheme was vast in the totality of its financial numbers because it spanned unnoticed for so many years. However, contrary to Huberfeld, Madoff seems to have spent his early years as an honest businessman, someone who was trusted  and trustworthy. Madoff passed his SEC licensing exams to go on and be the chairman of NASDAQ. That he then used that influence to create goodwill and trust, which was then instrumental to the ease with which he was able to bilk investors is tragic. He was an old-school genius. People who knew him in his early years referred to him as a mensch, the old-school version, not one cloaked in a kipa, ultra-religious organizations and quasi religious worldviews. He did not couch his business in G-d, nor did he ask for leniency by citing religious enlightenment. While Madoff was just as much a Jew as Huberfeld, he is to date far less the hypocrite. How Madoff’s sense of the ethical codes of business flipped is a question we continue to ask. We are still looking for Huberfeld’s business morality which appears nowhere obvious in his historical rise.

We do not believe, an opinion based upon years of research and reports, that Huberfeld earned an honest dollar in all of the years since Kosher Delight.  Nor cam we ascribe to the belief that a criminal can be judged by the charities to which he gives; unless perhaps he, himself, lives a pauper’s life post “remorse.” Madoff’s charitable giving means nothing when ultimately it came and may now continue to be coming from money he stole, whether directly or indirectly, from his investors.  Similarly, Murray Huberfeld’s charitable giving is meaningless if it comes at the expense of those who were deprived of their money, their trust, their livelihoods, pension funds, their families’ futures, need we say more?

Murray Huberfeld’s returns to his COBA victims is a slap in the face to each and every one of his victims over the years; and it amounts to a pittance compared to the money in family trusts, both his own and those shared with other families including the Bodner family. And in reality, given his exposure and his admissions, we cannot seem to match the return of COBA funds with the crime to which he admitted. Was he complicit in defrauding COBA? Was he a conspirator in the Platinum fraud? Both the 45 pages from his lawyers waxing poetic about him and the $7M he has agreed to return seem to speak to a different crime than that to which he admitted. We are a bit perplexed.

But we digress. Were Huberfeld to feel true remorse, he would be returning ALL of the money owed to COBA, amounting to upwards of $19M; and he would be returning the money lost to Platinum’s investors. He would not be trying to apportion blame or to claim lack of knowledge to the well-executed scam that Platinum was perpetrating. Remorse means returning money lost to investors in Platinum entities. His hands were sullied by those schemes over the years. His victims deserve compensation and retribution; and he deserves punishment.

To his attorneys who so very eloquently set forth as an characteristic of his kindness his care of his parents, we say anyone with decency should care for his parents. To his attorneys who look to Kosher Delight, Sha’are Tzedek and the other charities to which he has given for a salve to wash his hands, we say that these were endeavors intended to provide a cover. To his attorneys who quoted the people he has helped with letters and videos (likely all with the dirty money he amassed) we present these two question: a) are the convicted felons in that list of supporters really credible and 2) should Madoff’s charities not have similarly been considered in reducing his sentence? 

The following is a list of charities that in 2010 were beneficiaries of Madoff’s “philanthropy.” We stand by how much we hate that word. It represents in so many contexts nothing more than hypocrisy.

Madoff also made large donations to charity like Amway

Naive young Trivedi seems to think that giving money to good causes is a mark of honesty. The following is just part of a list of donations made by Bernie Madoff and his wife to numerous charities in the 10 years prior to his arrest.Name of Donor —- Minimum Confirmed Amount—— Recipient Name —-Year
Bernard L. Madoff—— $2,500—–American Liver Foundation-2003-2003
Ruth and Bernard L. Madoff $10,000 Brandeis University

National Women`s Committee 1999-2000
Bernard L. and Ruth
Madoff Foundation $10,000 Center for Jewish History 2006-2006
Ruth and Bernard L. Madoff $10,000 City Harvest 2005-2006
Bernard L. Madoff $10,000 Educational Broadcasting
Corporation 2006-2007
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Madoff$10,000 Fountain House 2005-2006
Ruth and Bernard L. Madoff $25,000 Girls Inc. 2005-2006
Ruth and Bernard Madoff $2,500 Global Camps Africa 2007-2007
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L.Madoff $5,000 God`s Love We Deliver 2004-2004
Ruth and Bernard Madoff $10,000 Hillel Foundation for
Jewish Campus Life 2006-2007
Ruth and Bernard Madoff $10,000 Hofstra University 2005-2006
Ruth and Bernard Madoff $1,000 Jewish Federation of
Palm Beach County 2006-2007
Ruth & Bernard L. Madoff $10,000 Learning Leaders 2004-2005
Bernard L. Madoff
Investment Securities LLC $5,000 Lower East Side Name
Tenement Museum 2006-2006
The Madoff Family Foundation $1,000,000 Lymphoma Research
Foundation 2007-2007
Bernard L. Madoff $40,000 Metropolitan Museumof Art 2007-2008
Bernard L. Madoff $2,500 Museum of Name
ModernArt (MOMA) 2005-2006
The Bernard L. and Ruth
Madoff Foundation $25,000 New York Public Library 2002-2002
Ruth and Bernard L. Madoff $10,000 New York University,
Harris Obesity Prevention
Effort (HOPE) 2007-2007
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Madoff $1,000 North Shore – Long Island
Jewish Health System 2003-2003
Bernard L. Madoff Investment
Securities $10,000 Pace University 2002-2003
Bernard Madoff $250 Police Athletic League
of New York 2001-2002 Bernard L. Madoff $25,000 Prostate Cancer Foundation 2007-2007 Bernard L. & Ruth
Alpern Madoff `61 $25,000 Queens College , City
University of New York 2006-2007
Bernard L. Madoff $5,000 Ronald McDonald House
of New York, Inc. 2007-2007
Ruth and Bernard Madoff $1,500 Wildlife Conservation Society 2006-2007

It is also interesting to note, that (exactly as in the case of Bernie Madoff) any money given by the ‘Amway’ mob to charity, has actually first come from the victims of a fraud.
David Brear

Michael Petras, a Platinum Whistle-Blower – Huberfeld, Glacial, Viridian, FERC and Fraud

10-252 2012-04-17 comment-m petras

11-175 2012-03-28 viridian response to staff inquiry of affiliate status

Murray Huberfeld and his Platinum Partners Should not be Permitted to Get off Easy…. They’ve Screwed Enough People Already – The Regulatory Ponzi

This is yet another response to the wholly misleading 45 pages of fluff submitted by Murray Huberfeld’s attorneys on his behalf in an effort obtain a reduced sentence. It is yet another example of Huberfeld’s shrewdness and frankly his somewhat challenged moral compass. More importantly, it illustrates that this last scheme was not an isolated incident but rather one in a long string of frauds perpetrated on the public, government institutions, the courts, regulators, individuals and investors. How many victims must there be before he gets locked up? 

In 2011/2012 Michael Petras outlined and reported in intricate detail a fraud being perpetrated on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The PDF’s attached provide information. We hope that the judge entrusted with this decision will have the opportunity to read this information.

We ask that you share these posts as many times as possible. It is being respectfully submitted to you, our readers, and to those law enforcement who may see this who are responsible for the integrity of corporations and their investors.

Gerhson Barkany, Guilty Plea and Sentencing, Follow-Up Part I

Woodmere Man Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Investors of $62 Million in a Real Estate Ponzi Scheme 

U.S. Attorney’s OfficeJune 26, 2013
  • Eastern District of New York(718) 254-7000

Earlier today, Gershon Barkany pleaded guilty at the federal courthouse in Central Islip, New York, to wire fraud. The proceeding took place before United States Magistrate Judge Arlene R. Lindsay. When sentenced, Barkany faces up to 20 years in prison. As part of his plea agreement with the government, Barkany agreed to a $62 million money judgment payable to the United States.

The guilty plea was announced by Loretta E. Lynch, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, and George Venizelos, Assistant Director in Charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation, New York Field Office.

According to court filings and facts presented during the plea proceeding, between December 2009 and March 2013, Barkany induced seven investors to give him approximately $62 million by promising to use their money in “risk-free” deals to purchase and then immediately re-sell at a profit commercial real estate properties located in New York City and New Jersey. However, no such deals existed and the investors lost their entire investments.

In one instance, Barkany approached an investor he knew from the community and who placed his trust in the defendant. Barkany preyed on that trust to convince the investor to invest $46.5 million that was supposed to be used as a down payment to purchase an office building in Manhattan, a hotel in Atlantic City, and properties in the Bronx and Queens. Barkany explained that he would find a buyer for those properties who would pay a higher price before the actual closing, resulting in a profit for Barkany and the investor. Barkany assured the investor that the real estate deals were risk free because if Barkany was unable to find a buyer before the closing, the owner of the properties would refund their money. In fact, those real estate deals did not exist and the investment was not refunded.

On March 28, 2013, FBI special agents arrested Barkany. Shortly thereafter, two additional victims contacted the FBI and advised that they too had been defrauded by Barkany. As he had done with the other victims, Barkany induced those investors to give him approximately $7.5 million by promising to use their money in a “risk-free” deal to purchase and then immediately re-sell at a profit an office building located on 53rd Street in Manhattan. That deal also did not exist. In furtherance of that scheme, Barkany created fictitious documents, including a purchase agreement purportedly signed by the seller of the office building and an escrow agreement allegedly signed by a third-party escrow agent. Neither the seller of the property nor the third-party escrow agent signed or entered into those agreements. Barkany created those documents to deceive the victims.

As part of his Ponzi scheme, Barkany diverted some of the funds he received to pay investors whom he had defrauded earlier. The defendant also lost some of the funds in gambling and otherwise used the money for his own benefit.

“The defendant bilked investors out of funds that he led them to believe were to be invested in safe real estate deals. Instead, he was paying investors to keep his Ponzi scheme afloat and to gamble,” stated United States Attorney Lynch. “Barkany rolled the dice that his brazen greed and dishonesty would go unnoticed. That gamble did not pay off. Today’s conviction sends a clear message that this office is committed to vigorously investigating and prosecuting individuals who are responsible for committing financial crimes.”

FBI Assistant Director in Charge Venizelos stated, “Barkany has admitted to a multi-million-dollar real estate swindle where he convinced wealthy investors they were buying no-risk properties. Unbeknownst to his victims, what they were really buying were not brick-and-mortar buildings, but the smoke-and-mirror fantasy of Barkany’s fraudulent sales pitch.”

The government’s case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Christopher Caffarone and Diane Beckmann.

Chasidic Businessman Allegedly Steals 13 Million Dollars

An Alleged Ponzi Scheme Amounting to About 13M Dollars

The below article, loosely translated, a business from Crown Heights, Brooklyn from a prominent and distinguished family, also an attorney,  has engaged in a scheme of tens of thousands of dollars. The contention of the investors is that he doctored documents and books and showed significant rates of return, making promises to them of similar returns on their investments.

Only after they tried to redeem their money were they alerted to the scam.

Some of the Investors have tried to obtain assistance from the Rabbinical Courts and some have gone the route of the civil courts.


LostMessiah will follow up with more information

המשקיעים בהלם: איש העסקים החסידי הונה ב-13,000,000 דולר • פרסום ראשון

איש עסקים מקראון הייטס, בן למשפחה מכובדת, הבטיח רווחים נאים וגלגל עשרות מיליוני דולר • כעת נחשפה ההונאה: הכספים מעולם לא הושקעו • בין הנפגעים: אנשי עסקים, בני משפחה – וגם מי שהפקידו בידיו את כל כספם • חלק מהמשקיעים מרחמים, אבל אחרים רוצים שישב בכלא כל חייו

טלטלה בשכונת קראון הייטס שבברוקלין: איש עסקים, בן למשפחה מכובדת, ביצע הונאת כספים בסכום משוער של עשרות מיליוני דולרים, והפיל משקיעים שהפקידו בידיו את מיטב כספם.

לטענת המשקיעים, איש העסקים זייף, תחת כסות תואר עורך דין שברשותו, מסמכים – והציג מצגות של השקעות מניבות.

לטענתם, איש העסקים הבטיח הבטחות לרווחים גבוהים מהממוצע.

רק לאחר שבשבועות האחרונים החלו לצוץ שמועות, ומשקיעים רבים ביקשו למשוך את כספי השקעותיהם, נחשפה ההונאה הגדולה: הכספים שהועברו אליו מעולם לא הושקעו.

לחילופין נחשף, כך לטענתם, כי מדובר במהמר כפייתי כבד, שגלגל עשרות מיליוני דולרים והימר במשך שנים עם הכסף.

גורם בשכונת קראון הייטס המעורה בפרשה, מספר לחרדים 10: “זהו עוקץ שנמשך שנים. בין הנפגעים בהונאה ישנם אנשי עסקים וסתם יהודים מתושבי קראון הייטס, כמו גם מתושבי השכונות החרדיות הסמוכות לה בברוקלין.

“אבל לא רק הם. הוא לקח כספים גם ממכרים, ואפילו בני משפחה קרובה, משלוחים של חב”ד, ומ’בעלי בתים’ של שלוחים – שכולם נתנו אמון בדמותו המרשימה.

“כולם מציינים שהוא היה נראה אמין מאוד. גם הממולחים והזהירים נפלו כאן”.

• בכמה כסף מדובר?

“כעת מדובר על 13 מליון דולר, לאחר שהיו כאלו שחשדו ומשכו את כספם בשנים האחרונות. אבל יכול להיות שהסכום גבוה בהרבה, כאשר עוד אנשים יתלוננו”.

• מה עושים אותם שהפסידו את כספם?

“חלק נאיביים, רצים לבד”ץ של שכונת קראון הייטס, בתקווה שיעזרו להם… חלק למשטרה ובתי משפט, אבל טרם גובשה קבוצת תביעה.

To read the remainder of the article click here.


Their Platinum Wives: Dahlia Kalter – Kalter Gilad Cook Islands Trust, OBH 2308 LLC, RRR


Please, dear reader read carefully. The irony cannot be lost on you that every penny that disappeared from the various Platinum entities, wound up in the wives’ funds, accounts, trusts, real estate holdings, jewelry foundations etc.

Mark Nordlicht has all but convinced the courts that he is penniless. That’s probably true. But Dahlia Kalter Nordlicht? She has way more than 2 nickles to rub together.

Have you forgotten about the Herbert Stettin case from 2011? Have you not considered the defendants in that case and the connections among them?

See for yourselves:

Fast-forward to 2016 and The Talk of the Sound:

Two New Rochelle Men Among Seven Indicted In A $1 Billion “Ponzi-esque” Investment Fraud

The Wall Street Journal reported that Platinum’s investors were focused in the observant Jewish community. Nordlicht and his wife Dahlia Kalter-Nordlicht are active members of Young Israel of New Rochelle, both are board members of the Westchester Torah Academy located in New Rochelle, NY and endowed The Fred Kahane Technological High School, an Americans for Israel and Torah (AMIT) school in Ashkelon Israel.

Three of those arrested attended Yeshiva University, according to The Commentator, the school’s official student newspaper,  Mark (Meir) Nordlicht graduated from Yeshiva University in 1990 with a bachelor’s in philosophy. Uri Landesman attended Yeshiva University in the 1980s. David Levy graduated from Yeshiva University in 2006.

According to news reports, Mark Nordlicht was considering taking out a second $7.5M mortgage on his home.

As the New York City-based hedge fund began to go under in December 2015, Nordlicht wrote that he was thinking about using $7.5 million from a second mortgage on his home to try to keep it afloat, the papers say. He also was considering fleeing the country, they say.

That property could not have been his primary residence in New Rochelle which is estimated to be worth about $1.5 million and is held in a trust. As Platinum Partners faltered, some time between 2012 and 2016, the property at 245 Trenor Avenue was transferred from Dahlia Kalter, Nordlicht’s wife and a past employee of Platinum Partners, to Kalter Gilad Cook Islands Trust Limited.

The property may have instead been one in Florida owned by OBH 2308 LLC, a limited liability company which owns 10295 Collins Ave Unit 2308 at One Bal Harbour Ritz Carlton. The 5,266 square foot apartment, with 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms overlooking the ocean, is currently listed for sale at $9,995,000, The realtor describes the property as “the largest unit for sale in the building”.

The Principal of OBH 2308 LLC is Dahlia Kalter.

Nordlicht, Levy, Landesman, SanFilippo and Mann are charged with securities fraud, investment adviser fraud, securities fraud conspiracy, investment adviser fraud conspiracy and wire fraud conspiracy for defrauding investors through, among other things, the overvaluation of their largest assets, the concealment of severe cash flow problems at Platinum’s signature fund, and the preferential payment of redemptions. Nordlicht, Levy, Small and Shulse are charged with securities fraud, securities fraud conspiracy and wire fraud conspiracy for defrauding Black Elk’s independent bondholders through a fraudulent offering document and diverting more than $95 million in proceeds to Platinum by falsely representing in the offering document that Platinum controlled approximately $18 million of the bonds when, in fact, Platinum controlled more than $98 million of the bonds.

Nordlicht, Levy, Landesman, SanFilippo, Mann, Small and Shulse will be arraigned later today before United States Magistrate Judge Lois Bloom at the United States Courthouse, 225 Cadman Plaza East, Brooklyn, New York. Shulse’s initial appearance for removal proceedings to the Eastern District of New York is scheduled for this afternoon at the United States Courthouse, 515 Rusk Avenue, Houston, Texas.

The charges were announced by Robert L. Capers, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York; William F. Sweeney, Jr., Assistant Director-in-Charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation, New York Field Office (FBI); and Philip Bartlett, Inspector-in-Charge, United States Postal Inspection Service, New York Division (USPIS).

“As alleged, Nordlicht and his cohorts engaged in one of the largest and most brazen investment frauds perpetrated on the investing public, earning Platinum more than $100 million in fees during the charged conspiracy. Platinum Partners purported to be a standard bearer in the hedge fund industry, reporting annual average returns of more than 17 percent since inception in 2003. In reality, their returns were the result of the overvaluation of their largest assets, which eventually led to Nordlicht and his co-conspirators operating Platinum like a Ponzi scheme, where they used loans and new investor funds to pay off existing investors,” stated United States Attorney Capers. “The charges and arrests announced today reflect our steadfast commitment to holding accountable hedge funds on Wall Street who rip off investors for personal gain.”  Mr. Capers thanked the Securities and Exchange Commission, New York Regional Office (SEC) for their significant cooperation and assistance during the investigation.


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The Mayor, Astorino, anyone else for sale?


De Blasio donor’s shocking testimony: $100K bought me the mayor



Rechnitz — appearing in the bribery trial of former city corrections-union chief Norman Seabrook — first dealt with questions about pay-to-play allegationsinvolving him and Mayor de Blasio, the NYPD and Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino.

He said he and businessman pal Jeremy Reichberg targeted the cops in the beginning, doling out gifts and cash in lieu of favors.

Soon, “We had the police going for us — and now it was time to get into politics,” Rechnitz said.

In his first meeting with de Blasio fundraiser Ross Offinger after de Blasio won the Democratic primary in 2013, Rechnitz and his pals — including Brooklyn businessman Jeremy Reichberg and Fernando Mateo, president of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers — made the rules clear, Rechnitz said.

“We’re going to be significant contributors, but we want access,” Rechnitz, 34, said the group told Offinger. “When we call, we want answers.

“We’re one group, and we expect a lot of access and influence.”

And they got it, Rechnitz said.

De Blasio soon visited Rechnitz at his office and handed the real-estate investor his personal cell-phone number and e-mail address.

“He said, ‘Keep in touch’ and [that] he really appreciated my friendship,” Rechnitz said.

Next thing you know, Rechnitz was talking with the mayor once a week, and Rechnitz was calling Offinger every time he had a problem that needed to be fixed, including a massive water bill for a friend, violations over a renter’s subletting one of his residences on Airbnb and a request to delay his wife’s school’s closing by a month.

Prosecutor Martin Bell asked Rechnitz whether Offinger did “in fact have the sort of pull” that Rechnitz and his friends were expecting in exchange for their contributions.

“Yes,” Rechnitz replied.

Bell asked, “How did you come to realize that?”

Rechnitz said, “Whenever we would call him for access or for a favor, we were getting the response that we expected and the results we were expecting.”

Rechnitz said he secured a spot on de Blasio’s inauguration committee thanks to his efforts to raise $100,000 for his mayoral campaign.

Rechnitz was also offered a spot on the mayor’s transition committee, but he turned it down after de Blasio rejected Reichberg for a vacancy due to diversity issues, he said.

In just one hour of testimony, Rechnitz painted a picture of a city — and beyond — completely ruled by money.

Rechnitz said Astorino gave him and Reichberg positions as police chaplains in exchange for their financial contributions — even though neither of them are rabbis or priests.

This landed them parking placards, among other perks.

Rechnitz also told a story about the time Astorino approached him with a picture of a Rolex watch and asked for helping procuring it.

“I told him I’d be happy to give it to him,” Rechnitz said, prompting Astorino to agree to pay for between $1,000 and $2,000 of the watch, with Rechnitz paying for the rest.

The government witness estimated the watch was worth as much as $10,000.

When it came to the cops, Rechnitz said, he and Reichberg were running the show — doling out gifts and cash to cops in exchange for favors, including ticket-fixing and police escorts to funerals.

He named a slew of cops — everyone from Phil Banks to James Grant to Eric Rodriguez — and talked about the time the cops, together with the Port Authority, shut down large portions of the Lincoln Tunnel so Rechnitz’s boss — an Israeli billionaire known as the “King of Diamonds” — could get to his Manhattan hotel faster.

Mayoral spokesman Eric Phillips denied the felon’s claims.

“These are nothing but re-heated, re-packaged accusations that have been extensively reviewed and passed on by authorities at multiple levels,” Phillips said. “The administration has never and will never make government decisions based on campaign contributions.”

A rep for Astorino called Rechnitz’s testimony “total contrived nonsense.

“Rob Astorino went shopping in the city for a second-hand watch several years ago. Mr. Rechnitz, who was in no trouble at the time, offered to help and took him to a store near his office,” said Astorino’s re-election campaign spokesman, William O’Reilly.

“Mr. Astorino was then offered the used watch for free. Mr. Astorino promptly declined and insisted on paying for it, which he did. He has the credit-card receipt to prove it, which he provided to the authorities prosecuting Mr. Rechnitz.

“Although this transaction occurred almost 18 months ago, Rob Astorino has never been accused of any wrongdoing by any federal or state prosecutor for any reason – he did nothing wrong,” O’Reilly said.

“Furthermore, Mr. Rechnitz never spoke with Rob Astorino about a volunteer chaplaincy for himself or anyone else.

The NYPD declined comment.

Ben Brafman, lawyer for former NYPD Chief of Department Banks, said, “I don’t have any interest in commenting about Mr. Rechnitz, but I do point out that Chief Banks has never been prosecuted for any wrongdoing.”

John Meringolo, lawyer for James Grant, whose own corruption trial is set for April 30, said, “It’s just all made up against Grant, it really is. Grant’s done nothing wrong. After Jona’s testimony today, we’re certainly going to call Mayor de Blasio to testify and prove that Jona’s lying about having the mayor’s office on speed dial. He’s lying about the mayor the same way he’s lying about Grant.”

Andrew Weinstein, lawyer for another officer tainted by Rechnitz, Michael Harrington, added, “Jona Rechnitz’s entire existence is built upon lies and deception. Any suggestion by Mr. Rechnitz that Mike Harrington was in any way complicit in his [Rechnitz’s] life of crime is but one more lie from a pathetic wannabe who is desperate to implicate others in an effort to save his own skin.”

Click here to see the article in the NYPost