The Resignation of Heinz Christian Strache, a Damning Video and Allegations of Mossad Involvement

Mossad accused of leaking video that rattled Austrian politics

A former German intelligence official said that only the Mossad has the capability and interest in toppling far-right politicians for fear of welfare of European Jewish communities; CER: a dangerous claim, whiffs of anti-Semitism
According to a German Intelligence official, the Israeli Intelligence service Mossad was behind the leak of a damning video, which led to the resignation of Austria’s far right Freedom Party chief Heinz-Christian Strache. 

The video, prompting the resignation and the subsequent dissolvement of Austria’s coalition government, allegedly shows Strache offering a Russian woman government contracts in exchange for financial benefit for his party.


A scene from the recording of Strach and the "Russian"

A scene from the recording of Strach and the “Russian”


Rudolf Adam, former diplomat and dep. director of Germany’s secret service, published an article in the German monthly Cicero claiming: “Israel has an interest in promoting policies friendly to it and the growth of a radically right party poses a threat to European Jewish communities,” he said.

“It is unlikely that a European country is behind this campaign,” Rudolf wrote. “American intelligence agencies are occupied with Korea, Iran and China. The policies of President Donald Trump actually, support the right-wing stance of the former Austrian vice chancellor. The Russians had a good relationship with Strache. Regarding China and the Arab states, they have no reason to get involved in Austrian politics.”


Strache with Austrian PM Kurz

Strache with Austrian PM Kurz


After eliminating all other options, Rudolf concludes that only “one country has the manpower and technological capability to carry out such a campaign, as well as a clear motive — Israel.

“European Jewish communities fear the rise in anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial. Israel has an interest in promoting friendly policies toward it and toward Jewish communities in Europe and if radical right-wing movements continue to grow, the EU policies may become more extreme and harmful to Jewish communities,” Rudolf continued.

The Conference of European Rabbis (CER) made up of 700 rabbis of Jewish communities, view these claims with concern. President of CER, Moscow chief rabbi, Pinchas Goldschmidt, said the attempt to blame Israel for the political downfall of a right-wing politician is reminiscent of classic anti-Semitism, and cannot be ignored.


Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt

Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt


The embarrassing photographs were published in two major German newspapers and show Mr. Strache conversing with a woman who introduced herself as the niece of a Russian oligarch, and allegedly discussed a corrupt deal. It is unclear who initiated the meeting and who covertly filmed it. 

According to the reports, the meeting was held in a private villa in Ibiza. The two sat side by side on a couch smoking and drinking.

On the tape the woman was heard offering to purchase 50% of the Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung and tilt its coverage in favor of Strache’s Freedom Party.

In exchange, Strache would send government contracts the woman’s way. He noted he wanted the kind of coverage Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is enjoying.


He also named some journalists he would like to see pushed out of the paper and five others he said “are new employees who we will promote”.

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Joel Zamel, Zamel Group, Psy Group, Salix Services AG, George Nader – a Web of Companies and Questions

mueller (3)Swiss Mystery Company Is at the Heart of a Mueller Puzzle

A little-known company located in Switzerland has come under scrutiny by the Special Counsel’s Office for its connection to Psy Group, the firm that created a social media manipulation plan to help Donald Trump win the 2016 election. That’s according to three sources with knowledge of the office’s questioning, and documents obtained by The Daily Beast.

Former employees of Psy Group said the FBI interviewed them in 2017 and asked detailed questions about the firm’s business and ownership structure. These same sources told The Daily Beast that while working at Psy, which is now defunct, they operated under the understanding that Joel Zamel, an Australian with links to Israeli intelligence, ultimately owned the firm. But the financial structure of Psy Group was much more complicated, they said, and included offshore entities registered in the British Virgin Islands.

At the end of that chain of opaque offshore entities sits a Zurich, Switzerland-based financial services group known as Salix Services AG, according to interviews with former Psy Group employees and two other individuals with insight into the firm’s ownership. And financial documents appear to show a relationship between Salix, named after the Latin word for a willow tree, and at least one of the companies that owned Psy Group.

Robert Mueller’s team has eyed Salix as part of his wide-ranging probe into foreign meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Details about Psy Group’s financials and its ties to Salix could shed new light on a pair of mysteries that could be key to this part of the special counsel’s probe: Why did international business and influence-peddler George Nader pay Zamel $2 million after the election? And where did all that money go?  

On its blander-than-bland website, Salix offers few clues about its operations. (“Like the Willow, at Salix our roots as well are deep and run wide through a network of clients, professional intermediaries, financial institutions and family offices,” the site reads.) And the company did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Zamel’s lawyer declined to comment. The Special Counsel’s Office declined to comment.

For more than a year, Psy Group and its owner, Zamel, have flown somewhat under the radar, despite the questions they’ve faced about their efforts to use online propaganda to help Trump with the presidency.

The New York Times was the first to detail Psy Group’s plan. And on Monday, The New Yorker published a detailed story about the firm and its operations, calling it a “Private Mossad for Hire.” But Zamel’s involvement in any plan to help Trump win through an online propaganda campaign has remained somewhat elusive. Former Psy Group employees previously told The Daily Beast that they believed Zamel could have carried out a plan separate from the one they pitched to Trumpworld in 2016.

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