Mr. Hadadi, We are Convinced Your Wife Did not Kill Herself Too, the “Black Diamond”


‘I am convinced my wife did not kill herself’

Husband of woman who fell to her death at Ramat Gan stock exchange says police have more information than has been revealed to the public.


The circumstances surrounding the death of Lev Leviev employee Mazal Hadadi, still preoccupy the police and the family.

The husband of the deceased said Thursday that despite reports that there is no criminal aspect to the affair, he is convinced that Mazal did not commit suicide.

“The interrogators told me, ‘Do not listen to what they say outside, we’re still investigating,'” the husband told News 2.

“I received a telephone call from the Dan Region police in the morning and I was accompanied by my attorney Shishi Gas,” added Hadadi.”They asked me for her Facebook password and asked me a few questions, among other things, they wanted to know about certain phone numbers. When it was people I knew I told them who they were talking about.”

“With people I didn’t recognize I said I didn’t know. Some were her friends, some I did not recognize. They showed me boxes containing the investigation materials. And they told me to be patient,” he said.

The police have repeatedly stated that all the findings of the investigation, including security cameras and media analysis, indicate that Hadadi went up alone to the tenth floor – when no one was on the same floor. Hadadi fell to her death from the office building on the stock exchange in Ramat Gan last week, at the height of the investigation of the company in which she was employed.

“We reject the conclusion that Mazal committed suicide. We received other impressions from the police. They told us that after the shiva they will come with all the findings of the investigation, and we want to be patient until the truth comes out,” the Hadadi family said in response.

If Mazal Hadadi was Incapable of Committing Suicide… She did Not Jump, at Least Not Voluntarily

Mazal Hadadi did not Commit Suicide, if all Accounts of her Life are True, she was Murdered

LM – Editorial, to be Updated

According to news reports in English and in Hebrew, “The husband of a woman being investigated in a massive diamond smuggling probe who died after falling from a building this week is denying that his wife jumped to her death and alleging abuse by police.” “Her husband Kobi Hadadi told the Kan public broadcaster Thursday that he did not believe his wife was capable of committing suicide, and alleged that there may have been foul play in her death.” “According to Hadadi, his wife left work Tuesday afternoon, and ran into a friend, who said she seemed “normal and was heading home.” After that, she returned to work and fell from the building.” (Times of Israel -11.23.18 Husband of woman who died after questioning in diamond probe denies suicide)

If as Kobi Hadadi believes, that his wife was not “capable of committing suicide” the police could have theoretically tortured her and it still would not have led to suicide. The point here being, she may have been shaken up but would not have jumped from a building. Bringing the behavior of the police into the narrative is all smoke and mirrors.

In a letter prepared by her employer, Lev Leviev’s LLC Diamonds, only hours after she died, “The company, LLD Diamonds, owned by Russian-Israeli diamond billionaire and philanthropist Lev Leviev, claimed it had information suggesting that investigators had subjected Hadadi to severe pressure and threats that caused her serious mental distress, Hadashot News reported.” (Times of Israel – 11.22.18 Leviev diamond company urges AG to probe police role in employee’s suicideThat seems odd. If she was working for the company and being questioned in connection with the activities of the company, wouldn’t the company also have already offered her legal assistance? Wouldn’t there be some statement from LLD Diamonds stating that they had a valued employee who would have had top representation for any investigation having to do with her employment?

The articles in Hebrew on the same subjects state that Kobi Hadadi and his children believe in no uncertain terms that they do not believe that she WAS CAPABLE OF committing suicide, quoting directly: “The husband of Mazal refuses to believe the police There is no circumstance under which his wife committed suicide, she to not jump from there.”  (Globes 22.11.18 בעלה של מזל מסרב להאמין לשוטרים: “אין מצב שאשתי התאבדה, היא לא עלתה לשם”) Her friends, her children and others who knew her have all stated the same thing, that she would not have killed herself. In fact, she had plans for the following Shabbat and she was talking of vacations. If we take all of this as true, by Kobi Hadadi’s account it would not have mattered if the police handled the investigation properly or not. His wife, however shaken, would not have ended her own life.

This was not a suicide, full stop. LLD Diamonds has altered the narrative from a woman’s death to police brutality. And in so doing, they have changed the face of the investigation.  And by not pursuing a murder investigation, the police in Israel are doing Mazal Hadadi another disservice. Their investigation should be focusing on: 1) on the original investigation into Lev Leviev and LLD Diamonds and 2) who killed Mazal Hadadi or who threatened her, thereby making jumping the lesser of two alternatives.

We are not committing to a position on who specifically committed the murder, though we have our suspicions. We believe, based upon the facts presented, as well as sources close to the investigation who stated to our sources that Mazal Hadadi was not under suspicion. She had been questioned under caution in connection to the investigation. She may have been uneasy about how the dust would settle but not to the point of suicide. Regardless of the situation presented before her, her family maintains she would not have committed suicide and left three children, her entire world. A person does not wake up one morning and jump from a building. Why go to work to do it, if not to be presented to a wider audience as a warning?

There are dozens and dozens of people with access to the Ramat Gan building on a daily basis. One of those people either pushed her out a window; or, in our view, she was given two choices and that jump was the better alternative. Even that, though, we find hard to believe given her behavior on that day.  Law enforcement should be ignoring the trumped up allegations that they had something to do with the death. They should be focusing on murder or threats. And, more to the point, what information did she have that would have made her a  liability to LLD Diamonds, where she had worked for a number of years.


Husband of woman who died after questioning in diamond probe denies suicide

Leviev diamond company urges AG to probe police role in employee’s suicide

42-year-old woman jumped out of her office window in Ramat Gan’s Diamond Exchange After “aggressive” Police Questioning

Mazal Hadadi ע”ה

Israel billionaire Lev Leviev’s diamond company LLD has asked Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit to probe the circumstances of the suicide of Mrs. Mazal Hadadi who was questioned under caution this week in connection with a massive diamond smuggling scandal.

The 42-year-old woman jumped out of her office window in Ramat Gan’s Diamond Exchange District on Tuesday night.

“The circumstances of her death raise the suspicion that she took her life due to severe emotional distress due to the aggressive and disproportionate investigation she was subjected to in recent days,” the letter stated.

YNet –

קובי הדדי מסרב לקבל את הטענות שאשתו מזל בחרה ליטול את חייה בקפיצה מאחד המגדלים בבורסה ברמת גן. “מאז שהחקירה התחילה היא לא רצתה לחזור לעבודה. מי שרוצה להתאבד לא מזמין חברים לשבת”, הוא מתעקש. “לקחו לי חלק מהגוף, נותרנו בלי האור של הבית”