Defamation Complaint Against LM is Currently Sealed, Judge Just Ruled Against Sealing Sakler/Purdue Company Documents – Please assist our Defense..

Opioid maker Purdue Pharma fights to prevent documents involving Sackler family from going public

Opioids Addiction

The Sacklers and members of their company Purdue Pharma have been named in a lawsuit that accuses them of profiting from the opioid crisis by aggressively marketing OxyContin, claims denied by attorneys for the family and Purdue.

(CNN) — Purdue Pharma filed a motion Wednesday to stay a Massachusetts judge’s order that could expose details about one of America’s richest families and their connection to the nation’s opioid crisis.

The Sacklers and some employees of their company, Purdue Pharma, have been named in a lawsuit that accuses them of profiting from the opioid epidemic by aggressively marketing the painkiller OxyContin, claims denied by attorneys for the family and Purdue.

The motion was filed following a Monday decision by Suffolk County Superior Judge Janet Sanders, who ruled that an unredacted amended complaint must be publicly released by February 1.

In the new motion, attorneys for Purdue Pharma say the unredacted copy would disclose company trade secrets and other confidential information.

The Massachusetts attorney general responded in a statement: “This is simply another attempt by Purdue to prevent the release of the results of our investigation. It’s information the public deserves to know.”

In her order, Sanders called the defense’s protests “hardly compelling” enough to keep the information secret, adding that it is not intensely personal or private.

The redacted pages “appear to be discussions of tactics that could be used to promote the sales of OxyContin (particularly in higher doses), to encourage doctors to prescribe the drug over longer periods of time, and to circumvent safeguards put in place to stop illegal prescriptions,” Sanders says in the court filing.

“For many years, Purdue, its executives, and members of the Sackler family have tried to shift the blame and hide their role in creating the opioid epidemic. We are grateful to the court for lifting the impoundment on our complaint so that the public and families so deeply impacted by this crisis can see the allegations of the misconduct that has harmed so many,” Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey said in a statement to CNN on Monday.

In a previous statement to CNN, Purdue Pharma said, “To distract from these omissions of fact and the other numerous deficiencies of its claims, the attorney general has cherry-picked from among tens of millions of emails and other business documents produced by Purdue.”

The Sackler family’s connection

The Sackler family, which Forbes says is worth approximately $13 billion, is well known for its philanthropy around the world. The family name is on museums and galleries including The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Sackler Museum in Beijing and the Royal Academy in London. Their company Purdue Pharma sells OxyContin and has been criticized for its aggressive marketing of the opioid painkiller.

There have been previous lawsuits against the company, including one multistate federal suit in 2007 settled for $600 million as part of a plea deal. The federal accusation was “misleading and defrauding physicians and consumers,” referring to how addictive OxyContin is. The Sackler family was not specifically attached to those suits.

Healey filed the complaint, which names eight members of the Sackler family, alleging that they knew OxyContin was causing overdoses and deaths but continued to promote the drug. Nine other people currently or formerly associated with the company are also named in the suit. CNN has reached out to the attorneys for all the defendants for comment but did not immediately hear back.

“They directed deceptive sales and marketing practices deep within Purdue, sending hundreds of orders to executives and line employees. From the money that Purdue collected selling opioids, they paid themselves and their family billions of dollars,” Healey said.

The original suit had been heavily redacted, obscuring specific details related to the Sackler family members and others named in the suit.

A lower court removed some of the redactions this month, but Healey argued that the 189 paragraphs that remained redacted should be unveiled. “Revealing the truth about Purdue’s misconduct is important to achieve justice and make sure deception like Purdue’s never happens again,” she said in the court complaint.

The complaint said the material concealed shows documents that contradict testimony of Sackler family members.

Suit says doctors were deceived about OxyContin

“From the beginning, the Sacklers viewed limits on opioids as an obstacle to greater profits. To make more money, the Sacklers considered whether they could sell OxyContin in some countries as an uncontrolled drug,” the prosecution argues in the sections of the original complaint that were not redacted.

The Sacklers were behind Purdue’s decision to deceive doctors and patients, says the suit. “In 1997, Richard Sackler, Kathe Sackler, and other Purdue executives determined — and recorded in secret internal correspondence — that doctors had the crucial misconception that OxyContin was weaker than morphine, which led them to prescribe OxyContin much more often, even as a substitute for Tylenol.”

Former Purdue Chairman and President Richard Sackler is described as a micromanager who was constantly trying to push profits even as the opioid crisis was well underway, according to the complaint.

Sackler went to doctors’ offices with sales reps at times to push sales, the lawsuit alleges. He also allegedly wanted advertising that was aggressive and positive, even as executives at Purdue were concerned about how he was promoting the drug.

The complaint says that internal documents from 2011 show that Sackler was not satisfied with the number of OxyContin prescriptions. When one week of sales doubled the company’s forecast, he told the sales staff, “‘I had hoped for better results.'”

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Lori Shem-Tov, Arrests of Effi Naveh and Others in Judicial Sex Scandal, Trading Sex for Judgeship

Lori Shem-Tov and the Effi Naveh Arrest

We have been following the Shem-Tov case closely because as anonymous bloggers, we would like to believe that our identities are protected. Lori’s case proves that anonymity may not always be as safe as we would like to think. It further proves the lengths to which those who are scrutinized will go to gain and retain silence.

We have published the majority of the following article related to a judicial sexual scandal (which was the partial basis for the Shem-Tov case) absent permission of the author. Our publication should not be assumed to indicate any support of our blog by that blogger or any endorsement of that blog by us. We ask that you revert back to the original source for further reading. 

For ease of reference, we have highlighted in red the pertinent parts of the Sex Scandal as it relates to the Shem-Tov case. It should be understood that Lori has been held in jail in Israel, or under some form of arrest absent a formal trial on charges of what is called “scandalizing the courts”. Her information was obtained by the authorities in Israel from WordPress through international channels on the grounds that she was a so-called web terrorist. These are serious charges and allegations.

Considering the integrity of the judges she was criticizing, one should be asking at this juncture whether or not it might be time to drop the charges. Justices in any country are the law of the land. They are the ultimate arbiters of democracy and the democratic process. If they cannot be trusted, who then, as a society can we trust.  


Israel Bar Association Offices raided in Sex Scandal - arrest of Effi Naveh

Judicial sex scandal in Israel turns into wave of arrests. Head of Israeli Bar arrested

Following two weeks of rumours after the head of Police Lahav 433 went to Netanya and asked for a gag order of a sensitive pot[sic] involving the Judiciary, this morning January 16 2019, started with arrests, seizures and interrogations of the main suspects.  It turns out Telem Yahav, head of Lahav 433, leaked his visit to Netanya as a dragnet ploy to catch Netanya Judge Etti Krieff off guard.

The police leaked that they avoided filing the gag order in Rishon LeZion so as not to disclose the investigation into a judge who is close friends with Effi Naveh – head of the Israel Bar.  It is now revealed that Judge Etti Krieff was the real suspect for offering sexual pleasures to Effi Naveh in exchange for her promotion from her position as a policewoman to that of a Judge.  Krieff fell into the trap and talked on the phone, whilst the police were listening.

Apparently District Court Judge Eitan Orenshtein signed the wiretap order.  Once deciphered, this morning Effi Naveh was arrested, the entire possessions of his house loaded onto trucks as evidence.  Naveh’s relatives announced that he is temporarily suspending his position as head of the Bar.  This afternoon he will be brought before a judge, probably Judge Allah Masrawa of the Tel Aviv Ha Shalom Court.  

Also raided were the main offices of the Israel Bar in central Tel Aviv.  Naveh’s law office is situated directly across from the Prosecution offices.  The District Attorney in Tel Aviv has not yet been raided.

Susie Aranya

Also called for interrogation this morning was Susie Ozsinay Aranya, an attorney married to Judge Rafi Aranya in Rishon LeZion.  Susie Aranya is the daughter of a billionaire Turkish Industrialist, who is now running in the primaries at the Likud Party which is financed by her dad.  Susie may not have been surprised about her impending call from the police, since rumours about her were published by Richard Silverstein from California.  Silverstein wrote that Susie offered sexual services to Effi Naveh, in return for promoting Judge Aranya to the Tel Aviv District Court.

Judge Rafi Aranya with Effi Naveh

Incidentally, the blogger Lory Shem Tov, arrested in February 2017, still imprisoned, was charged with sexually molesting Susie and Rafi Aranya for reporting in a blog 3 years ago that Mrs Aranya was in sexual cahoots with (referring to Effi) to promote her husband.  Now it appears she was correct.

Before her arrest, Shem Tov was in touch with Barak Lazer, legal Advisor of the Court Administration, who leaked to her confidential information.  The police obtained a search warrant for Lazer’s phone and computer where they found evidence of nefarious contacts with Naveh, Aranya and other judges such as Yosef Elron, Einat Ron, Shelly Rozman Farkash, Iris Arbel Asal, and others.  This treasure trove served as the basis for collecting the data at the police.

Effi Naveh with Judge Einat Ron

All this would have stayed permanently dormant but for an interview at Uvda TV news show with Ilana Dyan where Effi Naveh bragged about his powers with Ayelet Shaked, Minister of Justice, and blamed Shai Nitzan, Shaked’s nemesis, for personally chasing hi, and ordering his indictment for border control skipping with his new lover, Ms. Bar Katz.  


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Lori Shem-Tov and Israel’s Methods of Obtaining the Anonymous Identity of Bloggers

Lori Shem-Tov, Judicial Actions, WordPress and Subpoenas

We have partially reposted the following article absent the permission of the author. Should the author of this article ask that we take down what we have posted, we will do so. Our posting should not be deemed an endorsement of the positions on the “Website Planet” blog nor should it be taken as an endorsement of our blog by those behind Website Planet. To read the article in its entirety, click here.

Our interest in the article is as it applies the Lori Shem-Tov case. She is a blogger, currently jailed absent trial over what is being deemed to be crimes against the State. Her information was obtained from WordPress through international channels on the grounds that she was an internet terrorist. Ultimately she is questioning the integrity of the judiciary system in Israel. If we cannot trust our judges to the highest levels of judicial conduct, we are all really quite doomed. 

This blog knows that firsthand.

Israel Police Prods Compliance Using Fake Blog & False Subpoena

Israel Police Prods Compliance Using Fake Blog & False Subpoena

[Published January 30, 2019]

TL;DR: Israeli police obtained a subpoena, based on intentionally false information, with the judge’s knowledge, for the identity of a blog owner, which was, in fact, the police itself, to uncover how Automattic,’s owner, handles such orders, and whether it informs bloggers of subpoenas relating to them.

Machzor1986 (Hebrew for “Class 1986”) is a blog on, Automattic‘s blog hosting platform. It contains all of three posts, one showing a photo of a man and a woman in what seems to be a club, one with a stock photo of a girl looking up, basking in the sun, and a third with a broken image. There’re no headlines or text. The stock girl elicited one one-word comment, the Hebrew word for “cool”, posted by the blog owner. All posts and the comment are timestamped Dec 2015. Just another boring blog on WordPress, and a defunct one at this. But there’s actually a really interesting story behind it, published today by Haartez’s Revital Hovel. (Hebrew version available here.)

In early 2017, Israeli police arrested six suspects in what has been named the Web Terror Affair, suspected among other things of running a network of blogs, some of them on, defaming judges, social workers, prosecutors, cops and physicians, for their alleged part in removing children from their parents’ custody.

Court documents relating to one of the suspects, Lori Shem-Tov, revealed that before contacting Automattic for the suspects’ identities and information, police wanted to make sure such a request wouldn’t prematurely reveal their investigation to the suspects. So they plotted a scheme: They would set up a blog on, then subpoena the fake blogger’s identity claiming he’d violating Israeli law, and wait to see if Automattic notified the fake blogger about the subpoena.

To do that, the police would have to either actually break the law on the blog, lie to a judge, or convince a judge to play along and knowingly issue a subpoena based on false information. They went with the latter, probably assuming it’s safer to have a judge on their side.

Their request, submitted by Advanced Staff Sergeant Major Elli Lurie, said (in Hebrew) that “Since it’s a delicate subject and a work interface with WORDPRESS.COM hasn’t been established yet, we don’t have an indication whether our requests to them reach the woman who runs the requested sites. To check this we opened a site on WORDPRESS.COM called We’re asking for a subpoena for this site for the aforementioned indication”. Ironically, it was important for Lurie to make it clear that the police wasn’t breaking the law – the privacy law, anyway: “We hereby declare that this site is under our control meaning that receiving information about it doesn’t constitute any kind of privacy invasion”.

The next day, Sergeant Major Hanny Giladi appeared before Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Judge Ronit Poznanski-Katz, declaring under oath that the petition was true. Judge Poznanski-Katz issued the subpoena, in English, requiring “” (and not Automattic, the company that runs it), to produce for Israel Police “All information regarding website:[;] IP addresses that created this website[;] IP addresses that accessed this from the date that is created to the present day. Including Phone No. and email address […] immediately upon the receipt of the order” (all mistakes sic).

Judge Poznanski-Katz went on to flat out lie: “I hereby rule that the petition is confirmed for the following reasons: form the evidences in the police file no. 311470/15 there is a reasonable impression to the violation by a suspect whose details are requested from Company”. The court documents include a print-out of a post no longer available on, containing a photo of a woman raising her hands and the text (in Hebrew) “Dror testing”. Very subtle, Israel Police :/

A complaint, filed with Chief Justice Esther Hayut three years later by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), originated in a complaint filed by suspect Shem-Tov against Judge Poznanski-Katz, when the latter successfully petitioned the High Court of Justice to reverse her dismissal following another embroilment.

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First Amendment Rights and the Blogging Community – Without Appropriate SLAPP in Place, Anyone is Vulnerable



Libel suit against ex-anonymous Rockland blogger raises 1st Amendment concerns

Posted: Dec 11, 2018 5:08 PM ESTUpdated: Dec 11, 2018 5:10 PM EST

Libel suit against ex-anonymous Rockland blogger raises 1st Amendment concerns


A libel lawsuit against a formerly anonymous Rockland blogger is now raising some First Amendment concerns after the writer’s identity was outed in court and the case kept sealed.

For two years, Rockland corporate fraud attorney Julie Globus has been writing anonymously about alleged crimes and misdeeds in the Rockland Hasidic community under the blog name “Lost Messiah.”

“I have this weird ability to connect dots and find dots,” she says.

Earlier this year, those “dots” led Globus to the state Supreme Court in a libel lawsuit that outed her identity, filed by Brooklyn based real-estate titans Louis and Joel Kestenbaum, for two articles she wrote about them in 2016.

“There were underlying lawsuits cited and an underlying article cited 0 all of which, at the time, I viewed as credible,” said Globus.

Globus’ attorney calls the case a “triple assault” on the First Amendment, with the “unmasking” of her identity, the alleged failure to prove malicious intent and the court’s sealing of the case.

That last part in particular garnered the attention of UCLA law professor and Washington Post columnist Eugene Volokh.

“In American law, litigation is supposed to be out in the open so the public can monitor what’s going on,” says Volokh.

According to statements made by Kestenbaum’s attorney, unsealing the case would “re-victimize” his clients.

Volokh disagrees, saying, “Secrecy is seen as even more dangerous because it increases the risk that the judicial process won’t go the right way.”

A Supreme Court judge is currently reviewing arguments about whether or not to unseal the case.

The attorney for Louis and Joel Kestenbaum declined to comment for News 12’s story      

LostMessiah, It’s Independence from Any Other Blog or Website and the Generations of Thinkers We Follow –

download (5)


LostMessiah is not, nor has it ever been, beholden to anyone. This blog is independent, free-thinking, takes its guidance from readers, obtains its information from those who are willing to provide it and does its best to post accurately or not at all.

We try never to get it wrong and if ever we received demonstrable proof that we were wrong, or even that good faith was warranted, we removed or corrected the information.

We are an independent collaboration of efforts of worldwide readership, dozens of vulnerable voices, and an echoing sentiment of the blood that runs through our DNA.

This effort was created, began and has continued as an effort to make the world a better place. We view ourselves as a tribute to those who came before us.

We do not go to synagogue on Saturday while our lawyers are serving fellow Jews at their homes. We are neither judge nor jury, though we do have our opinions.

First and foremost, our belief in what it means to be Jewish, to be a mensch, to be human and decent comes from stock far better than we could ever dream.

To the Jewish thinkers, the survivors or the first generation US citizens. We owe our collective voices to you…

Benjamin Gebiner 


Benjamin Gebiner, 98, Servant of Jewish Culture

Benjamin Gebiner, who devoted a multifaceted career to Jewish communal life and the labor movement, died on Friday at North Shore Hospital in Manhasset, L.I. He was 98 and had been general secretary of the Workmen’s Circle.

His daughter Laura Landis said that her father, a longtime resident of Bayside, Queens, died of complications of a stroke.

In more than 60 years as a tutor, teacher, lawyer, administrator, journalist, editor, lecturer, radio commentator and college professor, Mr. Gebiner never strayed far from his commitments to Jewish cultural life and the labor movement.

He was the original executive director of the Jewish Labor Committee when it was formed in 1934 to oppose the rise of Nazism in Germany, and later served more than 30 years as an administrator of the Workmen’s Circle, the Jewish fraternal organization that has provided education and other benefits to Jewish immigrants since 1900.

And from the time he arrived in New York from Poland in 1921, when he began tutoring students in Russian, Hebrew and Yiddish, until his retirement in 1984 as a professor of Jewish studies at Queens College, he displayed a continuing passion for education — of himself and others.

Perhaps because his own legal studies in Odessa and Kiev were interrupted by the 1917 Russian revolution, Mr. Gebiner, who was born in a Ukrainian area of Czarist Russia later ceded to Poland, seemed uncommonly grateful for the educational opportunities he found in the United States.

Before he had been in New York City a decade, Mr. Gebiner had learned English, taught at several Workmen’s Circle schools, studied journalism at Columbia University, graduated from the Brooklyn Law School and become so active in Jewish and socialist affairs that he was a member of the national executive committee of the Jewish Socialist Verband (organization).

Mr. Gebiner, who became a full-time administrator of the Workmen’s Circle in 1937, wrote and lectured widely on Jewish political, cultural and community affairs, edited the Workmen’s Circle publication, contributed many articles to The Forward and from 1950 to 1972 provided daily comment on the news for the publication’s radio station, WEVD.

Along the way, Mr. Gebiner became a familiar figure in Jewish organizational circles here and abroad.

Although his youthful devotion to Zionism abated somewhat when he came to the United States, Mr. Gebiner, whose friends included David Ben-Gurion and Golda Meir, made many trips to Israel with his high school sweetheart, Sonia Goldfarb, who, he liked to tell friends, was the youngest dentist in Warsaw when they were married there in 1920. She died four years ago.

When he retired from the Workman’s Circle at age 72, in 1970, Mr. Gebiner began his immigrant’s life anew, once again teaching Yiddish, this time to Queens College students looking to re-establish the cultural ties to their own immigrant ancestors.

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GoFundMe – Supporting a Site that relies on its readers for Information, Supporting the Community this Blog Helps and Free Speech




Dear LostMessiah Readers:

On the few occasions over the last 2 1/2 years that LostMessiah has gone down, either because it was hacked or because we became weary and overworked, we have been greeted by consternation. You, our loyal readers, have claimed that we had to have been  bought out or have abandoned the effort. Somehow you viewed our silence, or a slowdown in coverage to be either a shortcoming on our end or an abandonment of those who need us, presumably you our readers.

We have promised, and remain committed to not being bought out. We remain committed to being an endeavor that looks at darkness for what it is and confronts the demons within. Yet, for the last 2 weeks we have been asking for your assistance in financing a defamation case, and potentially the growth of LostMessiah should that defamation case not require the funding we have been advised may be required and the response has been tepid at best.

We get dozens of emails each day with journalistic contributions from our readers, for which we are so grateful. So many of our articles are dependent upon you, our readers to provide information and sources. Yet, to ask you to show your true support by donating money to the cause of Free Speech, Free Press, the rights to be heard and frankly Due Process and to get  little response is disheartening. We are not trying to profit from this endeavor. We have never put out a request for donorship before now.

The people who have filed suit against LostMessiah are ultimately the leaders of the Satmar community. They are financially well equipped to have this lawsuit go on for years and they are working within a court system that is already weighted in their favor. They have resurrected a Statute of Limitations by claiming that we are someone we are not. They never attempted to contact the site in the years post-publication of the articles allegedly in question, which if demonstrably justified would have resulted in their correction or removal. 

The law firm involved has as much interest in seeing a takedown of this site as its client as the ownership of nursing homes covered in these pages is the warp and woof of some of the partners in that firm. 

Ultimately, you are being asked to support an endeavor to which you are, in large part, contributors. You have asked for loyalty and we have offered it to you wholeheartedly and quite honestly altruistically. We are hoping we can count on you when the chips are down to do the same.




Khashoggi’s body parts found in garden of Saudi consul general’s home – Sky News source — peoples trust toronto Vía BlackListed News

via Khashoggi’s body parts found in garden of Saudi consul general’s home – Sky News source — peoples trust toronto



Dear Readers:

For anyone who cannot ascertain the magnitude of this information, Khashoggi’s murder, the level of brutality and how viciously it was perpetrated represents an example to others who choose to speak out. It is a fear tactic. “This could happen to you.” The fact this he had been dismembered (while alive) is information that journalists have known for weeks and the US Press is just starting to disseminate.

From our perspective it is a test case in cognitive dissonance. How much can the US people absorb about this case before they start asking themselves the serious cases that need to be asked, first and foremost, how much will our Free Speech be limited by this event; and is it already being limited while we are distracted with other things.

The US government’s casual disregard for the magnitude of Khashoggi’s death and the circumstances surrounding his murder; and the active decision to try and villainize Kashoggi in an effort to “justify” why the purchase of arms from the Saudi government outweighs the necessity to take active measures against the Saudi government is another means of creating smoke and mirrors.

To LostMessiah readers: the people whose lives this blog covers are in many cases no different than the Saudi people. The Satmar community, the Vichnitz Community, the Belz Community, the Chabad community and so many others are in many cases victims to the same oppression committed by the Crown Prince in Saudi Arabia against his people. Members of the community are ex-communicated, brutalized, stripped of their rights within a community, fraudulently accused of crimes (think Sam Kellner), hit with expensive frivolous lawsuits (think the LostMessiah blogger), excommunicated (think Manny Waks)- all for reporting.

In the ultra-Orthodox Jewish world there is an entire lexicon for “those who speak out” – referred to as “Mosers” and there is an broadly accepted or imposed school of though dictating how they should be “punished” within the community. The comparisons are direct and exact. There is no saying that Jewish “reporters” are not murdered also or that they won’t be in the future. If we allow Khashoggi’s death to go unnoticed, to get whitewashed, there is little hope for this endeavor or any other.