Not About Hoarding, Gov. Murphy, About Resale Market… How Many Masks Were Removed from…? – Covid-19

Murphy: ‘Hoarders Deserve Special Place In Hell,’ FBI Agents Raid 2nd Lakewood Warehouse

For the second time in two days, FBI agents and other law enforcement officers raided a Lakewood warehouse, leaving with truckloads of personal protective equipment.

More protective gear — including masks critically needed during the coronavirus outbreak — were hoarded by a local business, according to several media outlets.

Investigators in FBI jackets entered a warehouse at 155 Oberlin North Thursday, but would not speak to news reporters.

One employee told the Asbury Park Press “it’s about masks.”

Multiple freight trucks transported boxes away from the building for hours.

Gov. Phil Murphy, during his daily briefing, said, “As a general matter, if someone is trying to hoard or price gouge in this hour of need, they deserve that special place in hell.

On Wednesday, Corruption Watch of NJ posted a Facebook video showing a New Jersey State Police trooper standing by crime tape that sealed off a parking lot as FBI agents went in and out of the Deco Tile warehouse, some carrying boxes.

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A Free Market for Medical Equipment?The FBI in Lakewood, NJ – 155 Oberlin Ave. and Covid-19


Lakewood raids: FBI targets warehouse, second location after Wednesday investigation

LAKEWOOD – For the second time in as many days, FBI investigators Thursday descended upon a township business and emerged hours later with stacked boxes of materials.

Investigators in FBI jackets entered a warehouse at 155 Oberlin Ave. North Thursday morning, but offered no explanation about their inquiry. They were later seen loading stacks of boxes into large trucks.

Several businesses are located at the address and it was unclear which was being targeted.

One business owner, who asked that his name not be used, said the FBI action was targeted at an enterprise that had only recently taken up occupancy.

Lakewood raids:  Business investigated by FBI agents

An unidentified employee at clothing manufacturer Murex Industries, anoth of the businesses, told the Press that the FBI action was “about masks.”

Murex Vice President Nathan Zelikovitz later told the Press, “I believe they went to another unit at our address. In 155 Oberlin Ave. North there are four units and this had nothing to do with me.”

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A Free Market for Medical Equipment, Respirators? The FBI in Lakewood, NJ – 1980 Swarthmore Ave and Covid-19

Lakewood investigation: FBI agents descend upon industrial park, carry boxes marked ‘respirators’

LAKEWOOD — Federal agents Wednesday afternoon descended upon a bustling township industrial park and were seen carrying boxes of what could be high-demand items: respirators.

A reader alerted the Press to the law enforcement activity about 4:30 p.m. at 1980 Swarthmore Ave., in the township industrial park, a mixed-use facility with an office building in the front and a warehouse in the back.

Officials on the scene, home to businesses including a mattress company, a tile business and several others, declined to comment.

“We never confirm or deny the existence of any investigation,” said Matthew Reilly, spokesman for the United States Attorney’s Office in New Jersey.

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When the Investigators Need to be Investigated… Lakewood, New Jersey and Medicaid Cheats (and their helpful investigators)


One of the lead investigators into the prevalent welfare fraud in Lakewood and Ocean County was fired on the same day that officials gave Medicaid cheats as the deadline to turn themselves in.

Andrew Poulos, the former supervising investigator with the Office of the State Comptroller’s Medicaid Fraud Division, was terminated from his $95,300 job on Dec. 12 after six years, according to employment records obtained by New Jersey 101.5.

This is the third law enforcement or government position Poulos has left after questions were raised about his methods, according to legal documents and published reports.

It is not clear if Poulos was the Comptroller’s Office staffer who struck deals that allowed some applicants to pay back just half of what they owed. The deals meant that the Medicaid cheats got to keep $2.6 million, slightly more than what the state got them to repay.

State Comptroller Philip J. Degnan last week acknowledged that the deals ran against his public pronouncements that the people granted immunity from prosecution would be required to pay back all their ill-gotten gains. Degnan, nevertheless, defended the program, saying that the $2.25 million that the state did get back was more than his office had ever been able to recover.

Degnan this week said that the rogue staffer was removed from his position but would not name him or say whether he had been fired.

Degnan’s office on Tuesday confirmed that Poulos had been fired Dec. 12 but would not explain why, describing it as a “discontinuation of an unclassified appointment” of an at-will hire.

Poulos did not return several calls and emails requesting comment Tuesday.

In an email obtained by the Ocean County Politics website, Poulos last year defended the investigation — dubbed Operation Blue Claw.

From the time the arrests started in June until the end of September, the number of Medicaid recipients in Ocean County has decreased by 2,565,” he said in the October 2017 email to officials in the FBI, Justice Department, Social Security Administration, the State Treasury and the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office.

“In a year-to-year comparison of Ocean County numbers, a consistent drop in the number of recipients has not occurred like this. With 2,565 less recipients in the program, it is an annual cost savings of approximately $12 million,” he wrote.

“Add in the impact of the criminal cases and the voluntary disclosure program that are ongoing, the operation has had an incredible impact, despite what the media prints. You should be extremely proud of the work you and your teams put into the operation.”

Two months later, Poulos would be gone.

In a report released Friday, Degnan said he learned of the deals three days before the Dec. 12 deadline.

His report was released a day after the Asbury Park Press revealed that a Lakewood school board member was among those granted amnesty and who paid back just half of what he owed despite having purchased a $500,000 home.

Documents obtained this year by Ocean County Politics revealed that the investigation into the pervasive welfare fraud in Lakewood began in 2015. The probe by the Comptroller’s Office, which is tasked with investigating Medicaid fraud, involved reviewing private school tuition and bank accounts of dozens of families. Investigators said that the average income reported by these families was just over $27,300 even though their actual income was, on average, more than $94,000.

Last year, county and federal authorities charged 26 township residents with cheating multiple public assistance programs out of more than $2 million.

ot long after the arrests, the Comptroller’s Office announced the Ocean County Recipient Voluntary Disclosure Program, which allowed residents in the county to self-report their accidental or intentional applications for government assistance that they were not entitled to. In exchange for not facing criminal charges, the applicants were supposed to repay what they took and stay off Medicaid for a year.

The program was criticized by people who felt that authorities were coddling lawbreakers and showing special favor to Lakewood’s predominant Orthodox Jewish community.

The amnesty program was open to anyone who had not already been charged with defrauding Medicaid. Degnan and prosecutors insisted that the program should not be called “amnesty” because the participants could still be prosecuted by state and federal tax authorities.

The program was started on Sept. 12, 2017, and was open for enrollment until Dec. 12, the same day Poulos was fired.

Degnan’s report noted that there were 81 settlements reached as part of the program, which resulted in 159 people being removed from Medicaid and more than $2 million being recovered.

In his report, Degnan admitted there were some “flaws and mistakes” in the program. While he did not name the person, Degnan said one employee in his office had “engaged in negotiations with counsel for applicants that resulted in settlements for less than the full damages amount.”

“This employee circumvented the established application process and safeguards and engaged in direct communication with applicants’ attorneys,” Degnan’s report said. “This conduct was contrary to the published terms of the Program and to my public statements regarding the OCRVDP.”

Degnan’s report does not say that the employee was fired, only that “appropriate steps were taken to end that practice.”

Poulos previously worked for the Army as a civilian commander of the Investigations Division at the former Fort Monmouth. He was stripped of his security clearance in 2011 after the U.S. Marshals Service complained to the Army about him using fake credentials to expose security flaws at military bases and federal courthouses in New Jersey, the Washington Post reported in 2011.

Although his Army superiors heaped praise on his work, the U.S. Marshals, which oversees federal building security, were not pleased, according to the Washington Post.

Last year, a federal court dismissed a lawsuit Poulos filed in 2013 against the New Castle, Delaware, police department, where he had previously worked. Poulos said New Castle police officials released his confidential employee files to federal investigators.

Poulos resigned from New Castle in 2003 after facing two internal investigations, his lawsuit said. The lawsuit said New Castle officials told federal agents that one of the investigations was for lying about a suspect trying to run him over with a vehicle. Poulos, however, said the investigation did not sustain any misconduct charges against him.



FBI Probe – E-Rate, Stating the Obvious


How Could Wrongdoing Not Be Found, DA Zugibe?

LM Contributor

Anyone familiar with the ultra-Orthodox community would know that the children are not permitted to use the internet. They are barely permitted to use a library, except per-say one that has a wealth of religious information, texts, commentaries, and perhaps (perhaps) articles of recent scholars. But, only those limited to religion.

There is no math research. There is no science research. There is no learning about the moon and the stars and NASA on the sites available for such study. There is no internet access to Google and Yahoo and all of the many sites that non-ultra-Orthodox children use when they want to ask a question or find out information or G-d forbid sneak some peak at illicit pictures.


Ultra-Orthodox children do not use websites. They do not read “online” newspapers. Anyone who makes claims to the contrary is simply telling a broad untruth. The percentage of e-rate dollars scattered throughout the ultra-Orthodox community is simply not supported by the number of children within that community permitted to use those dollars for education…. roughly… ZERO!!! Continue reading

Moshe Peretz Klein – Panama Papers – Political Contributions – Hashomer Alarms




Role From To Incorporation Jurisdiction Status Data From
FUEGA INC. Shareholder 29-OCT-2002 British Virgin Islands Changed agent Panama Papers


Data From
LostMessiah, August 8, 2016


In March, the FBI raided a number of locations in Airmont/Monsey/Suffern, New York. The focus of one particular article was 386 Airmont Avenue in Suffern.

On March 16, 2016 LostMessiah published an article taken from the Facebook Page, Clarkstown What They Don’t Want you to Know. The article was an in depth play-by-play explanation of FBI raids which were being simultaneously conducted in Airmont/Suffern, Kiryas Joel and Crown Heights, and may have also been conducted in Lakewood, New Jersey.

According to local news articles and blog sites covering the raids, one of the businesses focused was Hashomer Alarm Systems, the connection being its involvement with E-Rate funding. For obvious reasons, we found that odd from the get-go but assumed we would know more immediately following the raids.

Hashomer Alarm Systems is owned and operated by Peretz Klein, a somewhat shady character whose place has been woven throughout almost unnoticed questionable business practices for years. He has been questioned and even to date has had some pretty creative responses to those questions. He has also been a consummate political donor, seeming placing money where it could benefit him and his interests the most. Andrew Cuomo’s gubernatorial seat being no exception. 

While we could likely have a field day with each of the donations listed on the NYS Board of Elections Financial Disclosure report (attached at the bottom of the page) for Andrew Cuomo and likely find numerous anomalies, we found the donations of Peretz Klein to be the most intriguing, particularly in light of his involvement with the raids in March very shortly after the donation to Cuomo.  

It can be of little surprise that  we believe Klein has been stealing through the E-Rate program in the many millions of dolalrs from the government and the taxpayers of New York State. We believe that a fair amount of the fortune Klein has amassed can be found in bank accounts in Israel related to enteties he owns or operates there.

Klein’s well-timed donation to Cuomo, immediately preceding the raids, seems more than simple coincidence.

Klein Contributor


In 2015, the Funding Status for Klein’s entities is staggering:

Funding Status

Wave 43 for FY 2015 will be released on Thursday, March 31st. Funding for FY 2015 is available for both Category 1 and Category 2 services at all discount levels. Cumulative funding for FY 2015 is $3.16 billion.


Klein worst

Peretz Klein’s place in the Panama Papers reports (shown above) and his place of notoriety amongst former Public Advocate de Blasio’s archive of “Worst Landlords” leaves open numerous questions, not the least of which is why the FBI in conjunction with the US Attorney’s office has not been more aggressive in pursuing Klein and his co-conspirators in what we believe to be a systematic theft of government and taxpayer money.

Below please read the various articles link to Mr. Klein.

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Legislator Faciglia Calls for Judge Eisenpress Resignation


Legislator Faciglia May Yet Have His Way….


Rockland Legislator Charles Faciglia has called for Resignation of Judge Sherri Eisenpress



On March 29, 2016 we cited from an article in the Rockland Times, “No, Judge, YOU Leave the Courtroom: Gerard hits Eisenpress with foreboding pejorative” regarding the deplorable ruling by Judge Eisenpress as well as questionable finances. Legislator Faciglia has made no secret of his questions regarding the latter. We have continued to wonder why Judge Eisenpress has an established reputation (as we have been told) for rulings on behalf of particular parties in divorce cases.

Taking from the times article and citing back to our own blog:

The campaign finance disclosures, however, of current Rockland County Family Court Judge, Sherri Eisenpress, Friends of Sherri Eisenpress, and the transactions connected to her 2011 campaign for that office is by far the most intriguing. Between July and December of 2011, Friends of Sherri Eisenpress received two $5,000.00 donations, twenty-five $4,000.00 donations, one for $3,500.00 and one for $3,000.00; a total of $116,500.00. Eighteen of those donations came from seventeen individuals totaling $70,500.00 and eleven came from ten business entities for $46,000.00.”

Rockland judge tied to FBI sting

An FBI informant at the center of a political corruption probe that brought down the former state Senate majority leader says he helped elect Rockland Family Court Judge Sherri Eisenpress by using her money to bankroll an illegal campaign finance scheme and by bribing a public official, an investigation by The Journal News found.

The cooperator, Orthodox Jewish developer Moses Stern, never mentioned Eisenpress by name when he testified about the scheme at the 2014 corruption trial of ex-New York City Councilman Dan Halloran. But, in recent weeks, two independent sources confirmed to The Journal News/lohud that Stern was referring to her.

WHO’S WHO: Those involved in the Eisenpress case 
ON THE AIR: Orthodox Jewish radio show used in FBI sting 
INVESTIGATE: Rockland legislator wants Eisenpress donations probed 

GUILTY: Ex-Spring Valley mayor gets 4-year sentence

Stern claimed the key to the scheme was creating fake donors to give the appearance that Eisenpress, a virtual unknown seeking her first term on the bench, had broader community support than she actually did. To create the bogus donors, Stern gave her money to individuals who funneled it back into the campaign, he testified.

Through others, the judge has denied any knowledge of Stern’s scheme and no one has ever been charged with a crime stemming from the allegations.

“The matter was investigated and we found no evidence of criminality,” said Rockland County District Attorney Thomas Zugibe.

Howard Reiss, who was Eisenpress’ campaign treasurer and former law partner, dismissed the allegations, saying her ethics are “above reproach.” To his knowledge, he said, all campaign finance reports were filed truthfully and accurately.

“He (Stern) didn’t set up anything using Sherri’s money. That’s nonsense,” Reiss said. “How would we know what Mark Stern did? I have no idea what you’re talking about, nor does that make any sense to me.”

When a reporter read Stern’s testimony and told Reiss the scheme was detailed in Stern’s cooperation agreement, Reiss said, “I don’t care what Mr. Stern may have said or what you may be reading from a transcript, but I don’t believe it.”

Please read the Lohud article from its original source: