A 2014 Succoth Celebration – A Delightful Event – a Dead Giveaway on Political Alliances



NYC’s Top Elected Officials Grace Sukkoth Celebration

What do

NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer

NYC Public Advocate Tish James

Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson

Assemblyman Dov Hikind

City Councilman Brad Lander

Assemblymember Rodneyse Bichotte

Assemblyman David Weprin
have in common?

They all gathered in the Sukkoh of Ezra Friedlander, CEO of The Friedlander Group to wish prominent members of the Jewish community a “Chag Sameach”.

In attendance was also: Rabbi David Zwiebel, Executive VP Agudath Israel of America

Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, Executive VP, NY Board of Rabbis

Rabbi Steve Burg, East Coast Director, Simon Wiesenthal Center and Rabbi Michael Miller, executive VP of the Jewish Community Relations Council who delivered greetings to the assembled.

Orthodox Jews Should Be Speaking Out Against the Shomrim Patrol – Another Argument for Dismantling Shomrim

It’s Time Orthodox Jews Speak Out Against Shomrim Patrol

The Brooklyn Hasidim accused of beating a young, gay black man named Taj Patterson back in 2013 are reportedly about to get a plea deal so sweet, they won’t serve a single day in prison. Patterson, who was beaten so badly that he was left blind in one eye, and who had homophobic slurs hurled at him throughout the ordeal, is surely having a hard time understanding the aftermath.

Why did local police quickly drop the investigation into his attack, despite available eyewitnesses, until his mother’s persistence shamed them into action? Why didn’t the membership of several of the alleged attackers in a Hasidic security patrol prompt the cops to widen their search to probe the discriminatory history of the Shomrim, as the patrol is called — instead of writing “CLOSED” over the case within 24 hours of the first report and listing the charge as a misdemeanor, not a hate crime? And why are the three alleged assailants who still await trial (two have already walked) apparently going to get off so easy, instead of facing prison terms?

Prosecutors haven’t told reporters why Patterson’s brutal beating isn’t worth jail time. Maybe, as anonymous sources told The Daily News, witnesses who originally implicated the defendants are suddenly getting cold feet. But in that case, Patterson must be wondering why the Brooklyn district attorney can’t charge someone among the insular, “informer”-blaming Williamsburg Hasidim with intimidating those witnesses, instead of folding his cards and letting the alleged attackers walk free.

But Orthodox Jews like me — we know why, don’t we?

For too long we’ve allowed a system of Jewish-run patrols to dominate the heavily Orthodox Jewish enclaves of Brooklyn, usurping the role of the official police force (with key support from vote-hungry politicians), despite their record of violence toward non-Jews. And for years we’ve held our tongues as the patrols’ unchecked behavior carried on.


The cover-up of the assault on Patterson isn’t the first such outrage in Brooklyn. When Orthodox patrol members in Crown Heights allegedly beat and maced Andrew Charles, another young black man, back in 2008, the key suspect was ignored by Brooklyn authorities after he fled to Israel. Prosecutors eventually did get him extradited, but while they were trying, the alleged attacker still got vigorous support from a group of “top rabbis, community heads, and [Orthodox] Assemblyman Dov Hikind,” as the Daily News reported in November 2011. Those heavy hitters even had the chutzpah to accuse the Brooklyn DA of anti-Semitism!

Read more: https://forward.com/opinion/341076/its-time-orthodox-jews-speak-out-against-shomrim-patrol/

Hikind, Greenfield – Boro Park… Lesser of Two Evils


David Greenfield: Insights

City Councilman Greenfield is the powerful Land Use Chairman with significant control over zoning and zoning restrictions in New York. In our opinion, he already parlays the Mayor’s disingenuous ‘Manditory Inclusionary Housing’ aka MIH- for his developer pals with dire rezoning freedoms.

Greenfield was appointed by deBlasio’s City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, the Mayor’s right-hand-person with regard to real estate and enabling real estate developers to circumvent zoning restrictions.

In our view, Greenfield  has helped to leverage the phony justifications  in MIH to up-zone heretofore protected neighborhoods into monster buildings with non-contextual height intruding on many communities and certainly not providing for equally distributed low-income housing.   

These tear-downs of smaller homes and human-scaled properties are the biggest impetus for so-called gentrification but in reality the wholesale displacement of entire neighborhoods, stores closing, national chains wiping out Mom and Pop stores and destruction of services (like Rivington).

Now Greenfield wants more…a spin-off Kiryas Joel in Brooklyn’s future? 

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 1.18.12 PM

Hikind, Greenfield Battle For Political Control Of Boro Park


Continue reading

Lichtenstein, Ameri and the Shomrim, NYPD??

The Shomrim, Legitimizing a Business of Organized Crime with the NYPD as their Partners…

“it would be a mistake to conclude that for the Shomrim at least these relationships are motivated by the prospect of personal financial gain or status concerns, even though there’s no doubt that having an “in” with the cops can boost one’s standing in the community. Instead, access and influence are the means of achieving a more important communal goal: the freedom to operate as the de facto police force of their communities, but with backup from the cops in the most dangerous situations.

In some sense, it is almost as if the Shomrim view the NYPD as their auxiliary police.”

The Daily Beast

LostMessiah May 15, 2016

We have posted articles on the Shomrim, CB12, Shaya Lichtenstein, David Greenfield, Yanky Daskal, Barry Spitzer and  many of the others, whom in one article we referred to as Players 1-9. We have made no bones about trying to unwind the web of criminal activity and corruption which, after the growing body count in the investigations seems to be not so far off from what is being uncovered. We thank our readers for that information.

The death of Michael Ameri has also been reported by us and information can be found in the article in the Daily Beast, which has bee woven through our comments.

“NYPD Inspector Michael Ameri shot himself Friday in a Department car hours after the FBI reportedly questioned him for a second time about a series of alleged payoffs made by members of New York’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish community—including several big donors to Mayor Bill de Blasio—to high-ranking officials in the NYPD.. There is evidence that he was involved in the bribery/ arms dealing forays of Shaya Licthenstein who was indicted 2 weeks ago.”  The Daily Beast

Shaya Lichtenstein  was a member of Borough Park’s Shomrim, giving him access to high ranking NYPD officers and a series of avenues with which to move money, gun licenses and guns.

There are links we have yet to make: Council Member David Greenfield‘s would not be where he is but for his connections to CB12 and the Shomrim. The power he wields does not end in Boro Park with the Shomrim, with CB 12. That power touch areas of zoning which allow organizations like Allure to get zoning permits changed at will. While Greenfield may not have been involved (directly) in the Rivington deal, he certainly could have his hands in the till on the Red Hook deal, where Barry Braunstein is trying to acquire the rights to a nursing home in a flood zone, a move that requires some changes to zoning. Many within that community think it will be shut down and turned into luxury housing at some point in the not so distant future were Braunstein to be successful. David Greenfield will likely be the one to make that decision.

Barry Spitzer is another one we want to know more about. His involvement in the Shomrim is the least of it. He has access to thousands of dollars and there is little question in our minds, the means to hide his activities. He and Greenfield appear to have a unique relationship wherein neither of their backs go unscratched. Spitzer also seems to have his hands in pockets both here an in Israel and likes to be photographed with high ranking officials, particularly on trips abroad. 

In our view, Inspector Ameri’s death is questionable and the reports of suicide difficult to swallow. While he was allegedly tied to Lichtenstein and the guns dealing, his name did not come up in our research nearly as often as Milici’s name, which is interwoven throughout the reports of corruption, sex, money, diamonds and favors. Maybe we just haven’t gotten there yet. If we had to bet the farm, we would think that Ameri’s death was not a suicide at all and with the power of the Shomrim and the connections to high ranking officials in the NYPD, it is not hard to imagine that someone could have gained access to him and wanted his silence more than they respected his friendship. Our guess…

“A few months before killing himself, Ameri cut ties with one such pretend police officer, Alex “Shaya” Lichtenstein, the New York Post reported. Last month, Lichtenstein was arrested and charged with offering thousands of dollars in cash bribes to cops in the department’s gun licensing bureau in exchange for very tough to obtain in New York City gun permits.

Lichtenstein reportedly bragged that he had procured them for 150 friends and associates, charging $18,000 a pop and paying a third of that to his police connections. According to prosecutors, the scheme had enabled a man with a prior criminal history that included four domestic violence complaints and “a threat against someone’s life” to obtain a gun.” The Daily Beast

We believe that there is more here than meets the eye, not always obvious. The nexus between the Shomrim and the corruption and the NYPD extends, in our view, to diamonds through Reichberg and his connections to the diamond industry and Lev Leviev, the nursing home businesses through Greenfield and others who are responsible for permits and zoning, shady investing through Platinum Partners and its event driven investment portfolios and other investment deals, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and its “sensitivity training program” which when it comes to NYPD is only a front for legitimate interactions and financial exchanges. We also believe that the Shomrim, its players and connections are able to channel and legitimize their own organized crime syndicate through hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions all secretly hidden in plain sight and tied up in pretty LLC packages. This is only speculation, though nothing new.

“That comports with the speculation of one retired NYPD official: “the simple way to connect dots is that guys like [former Chief of Department] Joe Esposito and [former NYPD Traffic Chief] Mike Scagnelli were, at one time, commanders in the 66th precinct. With such longstanding roots in the community, these uniformed guys and the machers stayed close as they rose up the ranks. With [Esposito] as the longest serving chief of the department, the [Hasidim] were in a wonderful position for over 12 years to exercise immense influence over many promotions.”

The former official continued, “(Chief of Transit) Joe Fox himself was a remarkable beneficiary of these discretionary promotions. Everyone loved Fox, and he was the longest serving Borough Commander of Brooklyn South by far. In the 1990s, he achieved three discretionary promotions in 3 years… all while the commander of the 71st precinct [which includes Crown Heights]. From captain to chief in three years, it doesn’t get any better than that.” The Daily Beast

For the entire article, which we have woven with our post, please see:

The Daily Beast

Meet the Shomrim—The Hasidic Volunteer ‘Cops’ Who Answer To Nobody

New York pols from Mayor de Blasio down have supported the groups, even as accounts of their rough conduct pile up.


Player Number 7

Yanky Daskal, the NYPD, the Shomrim and the Perks

LostMessiah, April 20, 2016

Our contributors have been very vocal about Yanky Daskal. They do not like him. He is referred to as the Borough Park Crime Boss.

We have found articles about Daskal bullying people, demanding food, taking what amounts to protection money from shopkeepers and landlords, using the Borough Park Shomrim scooter for personal use while volunteer Shomrim out canvassing in the neighborhoods, use their personal vehicles to answer calls. 

According to our sources, Daskal gets other perks too. Dov Hikind allocated significant funds to the community of Borough Park for its Shomrim, at least in theory, and Daskal allegedly pockets most of it. We have already raised the issue of the hundreds of thousands of dollars he makes from two so-called not-for-profits, but according to our sources, there is more, much more.

The people of Borough Park want to know where it is all going.

We have been told that Daskal lies. He covers up abuses by Shomrim patrolmen and others. He is accused of using his political clout to surround himself with his own personal protectors (Greenfield and others), the irony. His closeness to Dov Hikind, obvious in photographs and videos, also apparently makes him “untouchable.”

With the information provided by our readers, many of whom are eye-witnesses to what goes on within the Borough Park community, we believe that it might be time to pass along some work for anyone seeing this post.


 “Ask anyone in Borough Park. There are no Shomrim patrol cars for 200k dollars… Where is the money going? Ask where the state money they get through Hikind and the City money they get through Greenfield goes.”






Additional Sources:

Shomrim: NY Post Account of 2010 Members Shooting Riddled with Lies, T.O.T. Private Consulting, 2013

Op-Ed: NY Post’s War Against Shomrim, 2013

With Shomrim as Our Protectors, may G-D Please have Mercy on Us, 2013

Yanky Daskal Denies Claims that Shomrim Expressed Anti Muslim Slurs Against Alleged Sex Pervert David Flores

Boro Park Shomrim Unveils New High-Tech Command Center, The Jewish Voice, 2013

An Accused Pedophile And Rapist As A Shomrim Member?, FailedMessiah 2011


Feast on McDonald Avenue in Midwood, District Manager Barry Spitzer and Peralta’s Booze Business II, Community Board 12

Photos: Brooklyn Community Board 12 Holds First Annual Awards Dinner, Hosted by Community Board 12 Chairman Yidel Perlstein (JDN)Barry Spitzer and the Peralta Connection – Community Board 12


LostMessiah, April 12, 2015

In our initial article entitled “Feast on McDonald Avenue in Midwood, District Manager Barry Spitzer and Peralta’s Booze Business” we reported in part using information from A Daily News Article published on April 7th entitled: FBI investigation into NYPD corruption focuses on off-the-books banquet for Midwood cops

When referring to the Daily News article, we did not focus on Community Board 12 and their potential involvement with any corruption directly. It was not on our radar. However, we have since been provided information by an anonymous source and are providing an update as follows:

With regard to the inner workings of Community Board 12 and the de Blasio Administration, we have been told:

(1). Barry Spitzer, the District Manager who said on the record that he has absolute discretion in spending the Board funds, is a former deputy chief of staff to Councilman David Greenfied [corrected].

(2) Greenfield orchestrated a coup by putting in his chairperson Yodel Perlstein and his District Manager Barry Spitzer. The opinion of our source and apparently shared by members of the community, is that Greenfield  threw out the previous District Manager and chair so that he would have greater political clout.

(3) Yeruchim Silber, Vice Chair of Brooklyn Community Board 12, was on the staff of Mayor Deblasio.

(4) Pinny Ringel is Deblasio’s liaison to the Orthodox Jewish community.

(5) Controller Stringer paid the invoices clearly showing a private party.

pinny ringel

The picture is taken from the Twitter photos of March 21st  Pinny Ringel.


Going back to the original Daily News article, please see as follows and click, here.

The 2014 banquet organized by Community Board 12 in honor of police in Brooklyn’s 66th Precinct featured heaping helpings of baked ziti, chicken parmesan, barbecue ribs, veggies and salad that could serve 370 people.


The feast on McDonald Ave. in Midwood cost $2,960 in taxpayer money, records from Bassett Caterers on Ave. X show.

A lawyer and former member of the board, Aaron Tyk, who says the FBI questioned him about the party, said the expense was never approved by the board and that it was kept secret by District Manager Barry Spitzer.

Tyk alleges in letters to the city Department of Investigation and the Controller’s office that he was wrongly booted from the board after complaining about the secret feast. A lawsuit stemming from the dispute was dismissed.

“Something like this, a private party, is unprecedented and problematic,” Tyk said, adding the FBI had contacted him, not vice versa.

Spitzer, the board’s district manager, insisted the party was properly paid for and held on June 11, 2014, to honor the precinct’s cops on medal day, as well as other public servants.

“I signed off on the expenses the same way I do on all of the board’s expenses. Our board’s normal procedure does not include a requirement of documentation of approval by the board on any expense,” Spitzer told the Daily News.

The FBI inquiry revolves around businessmen who allegedly sought to curry favor with high-ranking police brass, including Philip Banks, a former Chief of Department.

Banks, who a source has said received a subpoena more than a year ago, once served as second in command of Patrol Borough Brooklyn South, which includes the 66th Precinct.



The Whole Megillah and Haman as a Black Man?

Hanging a Black Man In Effigy, Claiming Anti-Semitism… What a Way to Ruin a Good Story…

by LostMessiah, March 24, 2016

For the News 12 report on the Hanging Black Man click, here



Aron Wieder
Purim… Today’s holiday commemorates the Jewish peoples survival despite a local hostile government.


Legislator Wieder seems to have found anti-Semitism in the justified criticism of ultra-Orthodox Jews, who found it appropriate to hang a black man in effigy in Spring Valley, New York. Spring Valley is in large part, black and Hispanic.

If Haman was a black man in Persia at the time, then that would mean the other characters in the story were also black, Esther, Mordechai, Achashveros, Vashti, etc. a possibility given the history of the Persian empire. But…. that’s a debate for another day, under another empire, without Wieder and Hikind as our elected leaders in one form or another.


A little sensitivity to their neighbors for Rockland County’s Legislator Wieder, and Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind, would go a long way toward making it possible for non-Jews, well…. and secular Jews… to not feel a bit of hatred toward them and the communities in which they live. It is not a religious thing… It’s a lack of sensitivity, a non-existent sense of decorum, a sense of entitlement and a completely skewed moral compass. It’s a pity, really… 

To read about Dov Hikind and his blackface costume, in a story in the New York Times from 2013, click here.

Perhaps if ultra-Orthodox Jewish leaders were all women, there would be far less crass insensitivity, victimization and sheer stupidity. There is certainly something important to be learned from Esther.

Now… onto the Megillah…. Where did Effigy Come From? Social custom?

Every year on Purim, the Book of Esther (the Megilat Esther) is read in synagogues. By tradition, children dressed in costume, come and listen to the story and, pay careful attention so that they can spin noisy groggors (noisemakers) during the reciting of Haman’s name. So that his name may not be heard. It is one of the few holidays in Jewish practice which is boisterous in the synagogue. The custom of masquerading and acting out the story, appears to be derived from social teachings, rather than religious ones. Tradition has it that Jews are supposed to drink so much that they cannot distinguish their enemies from their friends. The custom of hanging/burning Haman in effigy is a one only practiced amongst ultra-Orthodox Jews (and even then not everywhere) and one that originates, well… we don’t know from where it originates.

The practices of Purim are supposed to bring people together, celebrate differences and similarities (enemy and friend). The story is one of a Jewish victory fought and nearly singlehandedly won by a beautiful Jewish woman. 

The Book of Esther, interestingly, is not a part of the original Torah; but was added as a canon after the fact as part of the Purim tradition. It is one of the most highly debated of the readings. It is as controversial a story as it is a beautiful tale of a Heroine saving her people.

The strength of the story rests in the strength of the Heroine, Esther, who saves the Jewish people from certain death. The uniqueness of the story, is that it is one of few in which the woman is the central character. And, from my teachings of the story, there is much to be learned, and many questions to be asked. G-d is not mentioned once in the story, not by commandment or by implication. Esther marries a non-Jew, does not keep the dietary laws of the Jews at the time, and assimilates, as do those she saves, into the Kingdom of Persia, where the story takes place.

According to Jewish Women’s Archive

“the Book of Esther is unique in two important respects. First, the protagonist of the book, and the one with whom the audience should identify, is a woman, Esther (Mordecai is, of course, the other leading character and finishes the story at a very high rank, but this is basically because of his relationship to, and through the efforts of, Esther). This choice of a female hero serves an important function in the story. Women were, in the world of the Persian diaspora, as in many other cultures, essentially powerless and marginalized members of society. Even if they belonged to the dominant culture, they could not simply reach out and grasp power, as a man could; whatever power they could obtain was earned through the manipulation of the public holders of power, men. In this sense the exiled Jew could identify with the woman: he or she too was essentially powerless and marginalized, and power could be obtained only through one’s wits and talents. But, as the actions of Esther demonstrate, this can be done. By astutely using her beauty, charm, and political intelligence, and by taking one well-placed risk, Esther saves her people, brings about the downfall of their enemy, and elevates her kinsman to the highest position in the kingdom. Esther becomes the model for the Jew living in exile.

The summary of the story, revised 3.25.16, corrections made

The story, like many good tales, starts with a party. The King, Achashveros (the puppet in the story), made a banquet for everyone great and small, lasting for seven days. On the seventh day, when the King is quite drunk with all of the men. He summons his wife, Queen Vashti who is in another room with all of her friends, so that he can show off her beauty and the riches of her crown. When she refuses to come, the king has her killed and decrees throughout the land that all women must obey their husbands.  

As the story goes, King Achashveros after killing his  Queen Vashti for disobeying him, must find a new queen and sends out orders through all of Persia for all of the beautiful maidens in the land to be summoned to him so he can choose his new queen.  

Esther, the protagonist in the story, raised by her cousin Mordechai, is brought before the king to win favor with the king without divulging her Jewish identity. Everyday Mordecai would walk in front of the court of the house where Esther lived with the king to check on her.  

On the twelfth month after the marriage, the new maiden of the king would go to him and get a wish granted. Esther only wanted the King to say that she took favor with him.

In celebration of his love for her, King Achashveros held a banquet for his princes and servants and granted a release to the provinces and gave gifts.

At that point in the story, Mordecai discovered that some of the King’s trusted men wanted to have him killed and told Esther who in turn told the King and the men were killed. Additionally, the King feel more deeply in love with her.

Haman, the antagonist in the story, is then advanced by King Achashveros to the highest position in his Kindom. He has his King’s trust. He has his following. And, like all good stories, Haman is arrogant, bombastic puppet-master. He makes people kneel before him, kiss his ring.

However, Mordecai will not do so.  Haman, discovering that Mordecai is Jewish and threatened Mordecai’s refusal to kneel, and of course comfortable with the stability of his position, decides to kill all Jews. 

As the story goes, Haman convinces his King to send out a decree to kill all Jews.

Esther, the protagonist in the story, hears of the decree to kill all of the Jews in the kingdom and hatches a plan to save the Jews (and destroy Haman), asking first that her handmaid tell Mordechai that all Jews in Shushan fast for 3 days..  [There is a bit more to the story… but this is of course a summary…]

And the story goes… There is a happy ending. Esther does, indeed, save the Jews. She is able to do so because King Achashveros had fallen deeply in love with her.  Esther convinces the King that Haman is the bad one. Haman is killed by the king and Mordechai, joins the king and takes over Haman’s position.

For the full text of the Megillat Esther, click here.