Hikind, Greenfield – Boro Park… Lesser of Two Evils


David Greenfield: Insights

City Councilman Greenfield is the powerful Land Use Chairman with significant control over zoning and zoning restrictions in New York. In our opinion, he already parlays the Mayor’s disingenuous ‘Manditory Inclusionary Housing’ aka MIH- for his developer pals with dire rezoning freedoms.

Greenfield was appointed by deBlasio’s City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, the Mayor’s right-hand-person with regard to real estate and enabling real estate developers to circumvent zoning restrictions.

In our view, Greenfield  has helped to leverage the phony justifications  in MIH to up-zone heretofore protected neighborhoods into monster buildings with non-contextual height intruding on many communities and certainly not providing for equally distributed low-income housing.   

These tear-downs of smaller homes and human-scaled properties are the biggest impetus for so-called gentrification but in reality the wholesale displacement of entire neighborhoods, stores closing, national chains wiping out Mom and Pop stores and destruction of services (like Rivington).

Now Greenfield wants more…a spin-off Kiryas Joel in Brooklyn’s future? 

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Hikind, Greenfield Battle For Political Control Of Boro Park


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Brooklyn Democrat – Land Use Committee -David Greenfield – “Greenfielding”

Greenfielding – The “Greenfield Classic

The misadventures of David Greenfield, though heavily guarded by pseudo-legitimate politicking, has been the source of several articles we have written, and countless by those who have far more information at their disposal. Will Bredderman actually came up with a word to define Greenfield and his tactics “Greenfielding”. People “Google” information, “Tweet” texts “Facebook their friends” and David Greenfield engages in “Greenfielding.” In Bredderman’s articles, Greenfielding referred to Greenfield’s power and influence over the Borough Park Jewish community and the brazen way he got there.

There are two sides to David Greenfield, let’s just say, he covers his bases. There is David Greenfield a major “Player” in the Shomrim and their activities. His influence over the Shomrim – the Jewish “volunteer” police force being one side and his influence over New York’s Land Use Committee on the other side. Not only does he have an entire police force at his disposal and all of the perks associated with that; but he also has significant say in land use and redistricting for much of New York. Think Landau and Allure as prime examples of projects he could have (though we make no claims that he did) influence. What better way to “Take New York Back Again?” Own, in large part, the police force and control the land your herd of ultra-Orthodox sheep can plunder as they graze the fields you have plowed for them.

Democratic-County-Gala-05192016-112820-300x200The catch phrases associated with Greenfield, the Greenfield mantra and the sound bites found in the pages of the Greenfield political playbook have been and continue to be:

  1. Re-zoning – think Allure and Rivington, Red Hook and flood zones, and the list goes on – the process by which properties zoned for one use get rezoned for a far more lucrative use, usually at the expense of taxpayers and anyone who has not sufficiently contributed to de Blasio’s campaign
  2. Affordable housing – think de Blasio and his disingenuous characterization of a program which should in theory be about New York City’s lower income families but is really a show – lip-service
  3. Mandatory Inclusionary Housing – another of de Blasio’s nonsense catch phrases – likely a Greenfield sound-bite.
  4. Shomrim (Borough Park) $300,000.00 since 2011 and at least $100,000.00 directed from Greenfield
  5. Pinny Ringel – ahhh…. another story in this saga
  6. Progressive – those who “bow down to Brooklyn’s ultimate insider and real estate millionaire ally ” (http://www.brooklyndaily.com/stories/2014/5/ww-web-greenfield-analysis-2014-01-31-bk_2014_5.html)
  7. Fund-raising prowess- “astounding”
  8. Domineering – Machiavellian
  9. Sephardic Community Federation – favored representative status – the consummate political whore

It is our opinion, that Councilman Greenfield’s power is largely unfettered, woven within the most influential aspects of New York politics and the practical application of the inner workings of every aspect of government. That power is in our view sadly directed by a challenged moral compass.

Brooklyn’s Private Jewish Patrols Wield Power. Some Call Them Bullies.


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David Greenfield – a Political Whore Who’s Vertical Not Horizontal…


Councilman David Greenfield and the influence he wields to the benefit of New York’s District 44.

As chairman of the powerful Committee on Land Use, Greenfield will have a large say in the implementation of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s ambitious plan to build 200,000 affordable housing units in the five boroughs.

“The Land Use Committee has always been an important committee, but with the mayor’s affordable housing plan coming, the committee will be much more important,” Greenfield told the Brooklyn Eagle in a recent interview in a kosher pizzeria across the street from his office.

The mayor’s plan calls for the rezoning of several neighborhoods in order to accommodate the new construction. That’s where Greenfield’s committee comes in. No rezoning plan will pass without the Land Use Committee’s approval.

East New York is the first neighborhood that will be rezoned.

The Brooklyn Eagle: In Public Service: Greenfield Committee at Center of housing debate

In 2014, Greenfield was quoted as saying, ““Borough Park is suffering from a housing crisis. We need to try every possible avenue to build more housing,” explained Councilman David Greenfield. “The reality is that Borough Park is full. The solution is to expand Borough Park’s natural borders, and that is exactly what this plan will do.”

– See more at: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/headlines-breaking-stories/268118/greenfield-supports-bold-plan-to-build-housing-over-borough-park-rail-yards.html#sthash.o54yAWZP.dpuf.

Please remember, District 44 recently voted in money to be used to 3 of 4 projects which aid in ultra-Orthodox members of the community, the fourth being the paving of streets, a no-brainer.


Council Members
District 44
District Map
Participatory Budgeting
Contact Council Member Greenfield
Contact Information
District Office Address
4424 16th Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11204
District Office Phone
District Office Fax
Legislative Office Address
250 Broadway 17th Floor New York, NY 10007
Legislative Office Phone
Legislative Office Fax
David G. Greenfield
David G. Greenfield
District 44 – Council Member – Democrat
Chair – Committee on Land Use
Entered City Council: 03/25/10
Represents: Borough Park, Midwood and Bensonhurst
Background Information

David G. Greenfield was elected to the New York City Council in a special election on March 23, 2010 and overwhelmingly reelected in November 2010 and November 2013 In all three races, he won a majority of votes in each neighborhood of the 44th council district including Midwood, Borough Park and Bensonhurst.

David chairs the Council’s influential Committee on Land Use which oversees the Department of City Planning, the Landmarks Preservation Commission and the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications. As part of its portfolio, the committee reviews and must approve all applications for zoning changes across New York’s five boroughs. As Land Use chair, David oversaw the rezoning of the Domino Sugar factory in Brooklyn, Astoria Cove in Queens and One Vanderbilt in Manhattan — a historic deal which included $230 million in transportation improvements by the developer to Grand Central Terminal. David also serves as a member of the Speaker’s leadership team and the Council’s budget negotiating team, which is responsible for negotiating New York City’s $78.5 billion budget with the Mayor’s office.

David is an experienced attorney, education advocate and land use expert, who has long devoted himself to making New York City safer and more affordable while improving its quality of life. In 2012, Greenfield’s law ended the city’s frustrating practice of placing one million impossible-to-remove neon stickers on car windows each year to enforce alternate side parking regulations. In 2013, Greenfield passed a law allowing for prepayment of muni-meters and turning off muni-meters when parking rules are not in effect or when a meter runs out of receipt paper. In 2014, Greenfield led the fight for Vision Zero and street safety by legislating new neighborhood slow zones and authoring the law that lowered the speed limit to 25 miles per hour on local streets, significantly reducing pedestrian deaths in New York City. Meanwhile, in the city’s annual budget process, David is a tireless advocate for senior servies and education funding and has secured nearly $28 million to renovate every single park in his district. In 2015, Greenfield’s NYC Cleanup initiative was the most popular Council initiative, providing $5.3 million to all 51 council districts to clean local sidewalks and streets.

David is widely known for his honesty and integrity. His reputation for “telling it like it is” has made his perspective sought after by news media around the world. Even before he was elected, David was featured as a political analyst on diverse news outlets including Fox News and the New York Times. He is frequently quoted in national and international newspapers and is a regular political analyst on American, Israeli and Russian radio. David hosts his own popular weekly radio show on 620AM every Thursday night at 7pm.

Before his election, David was Executive Vice President of the Sephardic Community Federation, the umbrella government relations and public policy organization of the Sephardic Jewish community, where he worked closely with public officials at every level of government to improve the lives of all New Yorkers. He was also the founding Director and Counsel of TEACH NYS, advocating on behalf of parents of New York State’s 500,000 Catholic, Jewish, and independent school-children. David’s successful strategy led to legislation that provides for $600 million in tax credits for parents of all school-age children. David was a member of the Mayor’s Non-Public School Standing Committee, where he spearheaded a three-year campaign that culminated in free tutoring services, valued at tens of millions of dollars each year, for thousands of New York City students.

Prior to his work at the Sephardic Community Federation and TEACH NYS, David served as Deputy Director of Finance to Senator Joe Lieberman’s presidential campaign, Chief of Staff to NYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind and a corporate lawyer at Rosenman & Colin LLP. David is a graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC and Touro College in New York City, where he graduated summa cum laude and was valedictorian.

David is a proud lifelong resident of Brooklyn where he happily lives with his wife and three small children.

Lichtenstein, Ameri and the Shomrim, NYPD??

The Shomrim, Legitimizing a Business of Organized Crime with the NYPD as their Partners…

“it would be a mistake to conclude that for the Shomrim at least these relationships are motivated by the prospect of personal financial gain or status concerns, even though there’s no doubt that having an “in” with the cops can boost one’s standing in the community. Instead, access and influence are the means of achieving a more important communal goal: the freedom to operate as the de facto police force of their communities, but with backup from the cops in the most dangerous situations.

In some sense, it is almost as if the Shomrim view the NYPD as their auxiliary police.”

The Daily Beast

LostMessiah May 15, 2016

We have posted articles on the Shomrim, CB12, Shaya Lichtenstein, David Greenfield, Yanky Daskal, Barry Spitzer and  many of the others, whom in one article we referred to as Players 1-9. We have made no bones about trying to unwind the web of criminal activity and corruption which, after the growing body count in the investigations seems to be not so far off from what is being uncovered. We thank our readers for that information.

The death of Michael Ameri has also been reported by us and information can be found in the article in the Daily Beast, which has bee woven through our comments.

“NYPD Inspector Michael Ameri shot himself Friday in a Department car hours after the FBI reportedly questioned him for a second time about a series of alleged payoffs made by members of New York’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish community—including several big donors to Mayor Bill de Blasio—to high-ranking officials in the NYPD.. There is evidence that he was involved in the bribery/ arms dealing forays of Shaya Licthenstein who was indicted 2 weeks ago.”  The Daily Beast

Shaya Lichtenstein  was a member of Borough Park’s Shomrim, giving him access to high ranking NYPD officers and a series of avenues with which to move money, gun licenses and guns.

There are links we have yet to make: Council Member David Greenfield‘s would not be where he is but for his connections to CB12 and the Shomrim. The power he wields does not end in Boro Park with the Shomrim, with CB 12. That power touch areas of zoning which allow organizations like Allure to get zoning permits changed at will. While Greenfield may not have been involved (directly) in the Rivington deal, he certainly could have his hands in the till on the Red Hook deal, where Barry Braunstein is trying to acquire the rights to a nursing home in a flood zone, a move that requires some changes to zoning. Many within that community think it will be shut down and turned into luxury housing at some point in the not so distant future were Braunstein to be successful. David Greenfield will likely be the one to make that decision.

Barry Spitzer is another one we want to know more about. His involvement in the Shomrim is the least of it. He has access to thousands of dollars and there is little question in our minds, the means to hide his activities. He and Greenfield appear to have a unique relationship wherein neither of their backs go unscratched. Spitzer also seems to have his hands in pockets both here an in Israel and likes to be photographed with high ranking officials, particularly on trips abroad. 

In our view, Inspector Ameri’s death is questionable and the reports of suicide difficult to swallow. While he was allegedly tied to Lichtenstein and the guns dealing, his name did not come up in our research nearly as often as Milici’s name, which is interwoven throughout the reports of corruption, sex, money, diamonds and favors. Maybe we just haven’t gotten there yet. If we had to bet the farm, we would think that Ameri’s death was not a suicide at all and with the power of the Shomrim and the connections to high ranking officials in the NYPD, it is not hard to imagine that someone could have gained access to him and wanted his silence more than they respected his friendship. Our guess…

“A few months before killing himself, Ameri cut ties with one such pretend police officer, Alex “Shaya” Lichtenstein, the New York Post reported. Last month, Lichtenstein was arrested and charged with offering thousands of dollars in cash bribes to cops in the department’s gun licensing bureau in exchange for very tough to obtain in New York City gun permits.

Lichtenstein reportedly bragged that he had procured them for 150 friends and associates, charging $18,000 a pop and paying a third of that to his police connections. According to prosecutors, the scheme had enabled a man with a prior criminal history that included four domestic violence complaints and “a threat against someone’s life” to obtain a gun.” The Daily Beast

We believe that there is more here than meets the eye, not always obvious. The nexus between the Shomrim and the corruption and the NYPD extends, in our view, to diamonds through Reichberg and his connections to the diamond industry and Lev Leviev, the nursing home businesses through Greenfield and others who are responsible for permits and zoning, shady investing through Platinum Partners and its event driven investment portfolios and other investment deals, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and its “sensitivity training program” which when it comes to NYPD is only a front for legitimate interactions and financial exchanges. We also believe that the Shomrim, its players and connections are able to channel and legitimize their own organized crime syndicate through hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions all secretly hidden in plain sight and tied up in pretty LLC packages. This is only speculation, though nothing new.

“That comports with the speculation of one retired NYPD official: “the simple way to connect dots is that guys like [former Chief of Department] Joe Esposito and [former NYPD Traffic Chief] Mike Scagnelli were, at one time, commanders in the 66th precinct. With such longstanding roots in the community, these uniformed guys and the machers stayed close as they rose up the ranks. With [Esposito] as the longest serving chief of the department, the [Hasidim] were in a wonderful position for over 12 years to exercise immense influence over many promotions.”

The former official continued, “(Chief of Transit) Joe Fox himself was a remarkable beneficiary of these discretionary promotions. Everyone loved Fox, and he was the longest serving Borough Commander of Brooklyn South by far. In the 1990s, he achieved three discretionary promotions in 3 years… all while the commander of the 71st precinct [which includes Crown Heights]. From captain to chief in three years, it doesn’t get any better than that.” The Daily Beast

For the entire article, which we have woven with our post, please see:

The Daily Beast

Meet the Shomrim—The Hasidic Volunteer ‘Cops’ Who Answer To Nobody

New York pols from Mayor de Blasio down have supported the groups, even as accounts of their rough conduct pile up.

Red Hook, Flood Zones, The Braunstein Family Affairs…

More About the Braunstein Healthcare Empire, Medicaid and…. David Greenfield – the guy who gets to oversee zoning

Thank you to our contributors. We did our best to edit as little as possible on this. May 10, 2016
LM has reported on the Braunsteins several times. The father and son pair can be found in Ramapo, New York, and in Red Hook, Brooklyn, just to name a few. But wherever they are, scandal is not far behind.
In Red Hook, papa Braunstein is attempting to relocate his Oxford Nursing Home from a  hot real estate neighborhood in Ft Greene Brooklyn (where he can turn a huge profit or create expensive housing) to Red Hook where there have been numerous protests within the community. However, what is not being considered is permitting Braunstein to be the steward of old people in a storm surge evacuation facility!!
Braunstein is, as far as we can tell, a despicable owner/operator of numerous healthcare facilities who, not only potentially defrauds the Medicaid system; but keeps his patents heavily sedated – more than most facilities. In some cases, they are arguably so drugged that the Braunstein team can keep payroll for aides low.
Just think: if the patients are largely comatose, there is little need for people to watch over them.
And from what we can see, while Borough President Adams seemed to “get it”. We are skeptical regarding David Greenfield, the Chair of the Land Use Committee of the City Council who will undoubtedly be the flack to rezone the Red Hook location to accommodate his comrades.

Rewind to an old New York Times Article, little has changed since:

“Consider three homes in the Bronx. The operator of the Laconia Nursing Home, which receives 90 percent of its revenues from Medicaid, earned $3 million in salary and profit. At the Grand Manor Nursing Home, also 90 percent financed by Medicaid, the operator and three family members earned a total of $2.4 million in salaries and profit. The owner and operator of the Morris Park home, 75 percent financed by Medicaid, took in $1.5 million in salary and profit.

Advocates for nursing home residents acknowledge that the homes’ operators and executives are entitled to make decent profits and salaries. But the advocates insist that it is unseemly for the profits and salaries to reach such high levels, given what the advocates contend is the industry’s longstanding record of poor care. They point out that at New York nursing homes, the staffing levels are lower than the national average, a crucial indicator. All three of the Bronx homes have staffing levels lower than the national average, according to federal statistics.

“It’s unconscionable to give yourself high salaries and not give some more money to hire people so some of these quality problems can be dealt with,” said Cynthia Rudder, executive director of the Long Term Care Community Coalition, an advocacy group for nursing home residents.

Trade groups representing nursing homes counter that most homes in the state are actually in financial distress because Medicaid does not pay enough.

Many hospital executives in New York also receive high salaries, but hospitals earn significant revenues from sources other than government social programs, including H.M.O.’s and private insurance. The 550 public, private and nonprofit nursing homes around the state, by contrast, earn more than two-thirds of their revenues from Medicaid, taking in roughly $6 billion last year from the program, according to state records. Many clinics receive most of their revenues from Medicaid as well.

Morris Berkowitz, operator of the Morris Park home, said he deserved his profits because he worked long hours and provided excellent care.

“Do you know how much I have invested in this place?” he said. “A lot of money. And I am constantly investing in this place.”

Earlier this year, after residents repeatedly wandered from Morris Park, federal and state officials accused the home of grievously poor supervision, and it was fined $86,000.

Mr. Berkowitz said the home had done nothing wrong. “It was a political thing, and we got caught up in it,” he said. “People with power, they abuse their power.”

Martin Liebman, operator of Grand Manor, said it was misleading to focus on salaries and profits.

“This is a family-owned business,” said Mr. Liebman, an officer of the state trade group of private nursing homes. “I’m third generation in the business. We have taken care of thousands of residents and given quality care for many, many years.”

Barry Braunstein, operator of the Laconia home, did not respond to three calls seeking comment.

Besides their high salaries, some executives profiting from Medicaid were also taking part in another tradition: cheating the program.”

Fast forward to an op-ed comment we received from one of our contributors:

“While I understand the aesthetic and contextual objections to the proposed 200 bed rezoning to accommodate a would-be Nursing Home…I’d like to also point out that the current operator/owner of the facility in Ft Greene has been a poor steward of his patients: Conover King Realty LLC aka Motechin. An in-depth review of the questionable standards of care deserve “equal time”…!
There’s a moral and ethical question which must part of the conversation. Why and how can the City [Greenfield] give a for-profit business special dispensation by rezoning community property on behalf of those who feel no compunction about over-medicating and sedating the elders who at their mercy? It’s just not good enough to say because there is a real need for more long term care and nursing facilities, that it’s perfectly okay to make a ‘pact with the devil’…The owner will make a tidy profit from the sale of his South Oxford facility…this neighborhood is the wild west of property churning…his avowals of a Red Hook nursing facility will be the precursor to market rate housing…I’m willing to bet the farm…Do not be fooled…his interest has nothing to do with providing seniors with a “more modern facility”…

Here’s a reference to the dismaying history of this nursing home and its owner/manager…some history on one of the owners.  Please note this from Norman Motechin -the Oxford Administrator in an article in the Gotham Gazette in Feb 2013-an excerpt:
More than half of the 205 residents at Oxford Nursing Home in Brooklyn were administered the potent drugs. Oxford’s administrator, Norman Motechin, said he was not familiar with the numbers and declined to discuss them.”  
Multiply this by who knows how many…and understand that too often these places where we send our loved ones are only holding sites for would-be developers…These “operators” suck up Medicare and Medicaid and keep their charges over medicated…understaffed…and immorally un-cared for.  
Red Hook…please…it may well be about property…but even more, it’s about the sub rosa oblivion we in the community have about our responsibility to care for our family members and our neighbors with some ethical concern!

 As we age…we are next…
Attention MUST BE PAID to the perpetuation of assisted living senior residences as well as “nursing homes” by real estate interests masquerading as administrators of care for the vulnerable. The churning of property is at the expense of the fragile and weak who cannot speak for themselves and who are additionally victimized by an oblivious NY State Department of Health and removed Federal oversight and… it’s repugnant.  
The city agencies MUST NOT abet via MIH, rezoning, subsidies or programs of that ilk, bad actors. Authenticity and an examination of track records must be mandatory first, if we are to protect fragile seniors from predatory greed.
Before privileges are given integrity MUST be verified.