Yiddishe Kinderlech – Need to Be Rescued from Education – E-rate??? NO!




As a follow-up to our previous post regarding the e-rate program, we thought we would post this picture. It tells the whole story.

If 500 Yiddishe Kinderlech need to be rescued from public schools, those not “rescued” are not going to benefit from e-rate dollars.

None of the children within the “Yiddishe” community, except perhaps the 500 in the public school system, really ever benefit from access to the e-rate dollars.



FBI Probe – E-Rate, Stating the Obvious


How Could Wrongdoing Not Be Found, DA Zugibe?

LM Contributor

Anyone familiar with the ultra-Orthodox community would know that the children are not permitted to use the internet. They are barely permitted to use a library, except per-say one that has a wealth of religious information, texts, commentaries, and perhaps (perhaps) articles of recent scholars. But, only those limited to religion.

There is no math research. There is no science research. There is no learning about the moon and the stars and NASA on the sites available for such study. There is no internet access to Google and Yahoo and all of the many sites that non-ultra-Orthodox children use when they want to ask a question or find out information or G-d forbid sneak some peak at illicit pictures.


Ultra-Orthodox children do not use websites. They do not read “online” newspapers. Anyone who makes claims to the contrary is simply telling a broad untruth. The percentage of e-rate dollars scattered throughout the ultra-Orthodox community is simply not supported by the number of children within that community permitted to use those dollars for education…. roughly… ZERO!!! Continue reading

Zugibe – Protecting Criminals, Serial Sexual Abusers… But Why?


Lost Messiah, July 18, 2016

There have been so many instances of child abusers, molesters and serial offenders who have gotten off either with light sentences or without sentences at all. A man was burned by an entire community because he would not practice in the synagogue of Rabbi Twersky and it went largely unnoticed. Apparently, these abuses of process and position have been going back to 2013:





Hudson Valley’s News 12 released this video Thursday evening about the slap-on-the-wrist six year probation sentence given to Herschel Taubenfeld, who pleaded guilty to 30 misdemeanor counts of forcible touching, endangering the welfare of a child and third-degree sex abuse.In an exclusive TV News 12 Special Report by Tara Rosenblum, Yossi tells how he was sexually abused by Rabbi Herschel Taubenfeld, a teacher in New York’s Rockland County Hasidic community of New Square (home of the Skver sect).
This is not an isolated incident, but rather a pattern where Rockland District Attorney Thomas Zugibe is agreeing to and the judges are granting no-jail-time probation “sentences” to child molesters, among them Shmuel Dym and Moishe Turner. (Turner was recently found davening in a Wesley Hill shul until he was banished by people who read about his sex-offender status in our recent emails on the child safety matter.)
There are those who will tell you that these probation “sentences” rehabilitate the predators by frightening them into controlling their evil impulses. I beg to differ. I think they only embolden them as this sends a horrible message that they will never be punished for their heinous crimes.
If you think differently, just have a look at how Turner and Dym, who are both registered sex offenders, (see Turner and Dym in the NYS Sex Offender Registry) responded to their good fortune of avoiding long prison sentences:
·     As incredible as it sounds, Turner BLAMED HIS VICTIM for the abuse according to remarks by Rockland County Supreme Court Judge William Kelly. And this happened while the eyes of the media and the criminal justice system were on him!!  Can you imagine the contempt for the law Turner has now that the attention is off him??
·     Shmuel Dym violated EIGHT conditions of his probationary sentence and was returned to jail. Again, this took place while he was in the process of appealing his own guilty plea.
My dear friends, your children are not safe and will never be safe as long as these miscarriages of justice continue and as long as these monsters who ravage our innocent children are permitted to walk our streets without fear of prosecution and real jail time.
Those of us who work with and do our best to comfort the abuse victims in our community cannot reverse this trend by ourselves.
Sorry to be blunt, but if you want your kids to be able to walk the streets without being abducted and attend shul without being molested, you will need to stand up and be heard.
If you want positive change to occur, take the time to write a respectful email to the DA’s office at info@rocklandcountyda.com, to Steve Lieberman who covers the local beat for The Journal News at slieberm@lohud.com, and file a Citizen Service Request with The Ramapo Police.
Respectfully convey your wishes that those who destroy the lives of our children should be arrested, prosecuted, and sentenced to the fullest extent of the law. From the many conversations I have had with law enforcement officials locally and nationally, many or most of them are under the impression that we want to “handle these matters internally.” And we have all painfully seen how effective that has been.
Law enforcement officials are human beings just like the rest of us. They get frustrated beyond words when they arrest predators who richly deserve long prison sentences and then watch as political pressure is applied and their dedicated efforts are washed away. After this happens a few times, they just throw up their hands.
As a high-ranking police officer once told me years ago, we can’t care more about your kids than you do.”
My dear friends, let’s start caring more about the kids and less about the monsters who ruin their lives.


Brooklyn D.A. Charles J. Hynes went to visit haredi rabbinic leaders again this week in search of their followers’ bloc votes. In fact, some of the rabbis he visited – the Munkatcher Rebbe for example – are top supporters of Rabbi Boruch Lebovits, a well-known child sex abuser who Hynes is supposed to retry
In the process of asking for these rabbis’ followers’ bloc votes, Hynes privately and publicly walked back his most famous comment on these very same haredi rabbis’ harassment of victims of child sex abuse. Hynes told media that the harassment, shunning and extortion suffered by haredi child sex abuse victims by haredim and by haredi rabbis was “worse than the Mafia.”
Now, the ethically challenged, desperate and arguably corrupt D.A., who is on the edge of being – finally – voted out of office says that remark was “insensitive” and “a wrong thing to say.”
Hynes did not criticize the shunning, harassment and extortion of child sex abuse victims and their families and supporters or do anything whatsoever to show sympathy for or empathy with those victims – the very victims he is sworn to protect.
Yeshiva World reports:

…Among the Rabbonim District Attorney Hynes visited were: The Satmar Rebbe; The Munkatche Rebbe; R’ Berish Meizels, the Satmar Ruv in Boro Park; R’ Yankel Miller, the Eizenstate Ruv; R’ Mechel Steinmets, the Skvere Dayan and the leadership of the Belz Kehilla in Borough Park. Accompanying Mr. Hynes was his top supporter in the Orthodox Jewish community Councilman David G. Greenfield and Ben Barber.

District Attorney Hynes was warmly welcomed and greatly lauded for keeping Brooklyn safe and for fairly treating the community, in his years as District Attorney. According to sources who have spoken to YWN, Mr. Hynes walked away with blessings and an expression of support of his candidacy from every single Rov he visited.…

In all of his meetings in the community, Mr. Hynes was warmly greeted, with some of the rabbis expressing their great concern about who his opponent is affiliated and some of the negative comments his opponent has made about the Orthodox Jewish community. “At least with you, while we disagree on some issues, we always know that you have an open door and a willingness to listen to us,” one of the Rabbonim told Mr. Hynes.

As for the ‘mafia’ comment, while the issue was not raised during his meeting with the Satmar Rebbe, Mr. Hynes did, in fact, apologize publicly for his previous comment in which he called some in the Orthodox Jewish community – ‘Mafia’.

“That was not only a wrong thing to say, an unfortunate thing to say, it was an insensitive thing to say,” Mr. Hynes admitted in an interview with Hamodia. “Now, ordinarily, I’m pretty sensitive. And what I said was insensitive, and I’ve apologized. I had a group of my friends in Williamsburg recently and I apologized to them. And I apologize to your readership. I should not have said that.”

It May be Time For Zugibe to Surrender his Badge too…

Thank you to our contributors, Lost Messiah July 18, 2016


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All you need to know about Thomas Zugibe – Please share and spread the word about our overtly corrupt District Attorney who should be surrendering his badge, too

“Rabbi Beck will be surrendering his credentials in the best interests of the district attorney’s office,” Zugibe said Thursday after checking on the allegations with the public corruption task force, a joint operation between his office and the FBI.

“Until brought to our attention by a Journal News reporter, we were unaware of any of these allegations pertaining to Rabbi Beck,” he added during an interview Friday. Beck, who surrendered the badge Thursday, could not be reached for comment.

“Unaware”? We in Rockland have been aware of this and more for YEARS!

Yet Zugibe PRAISED Beck:

“His efforts during the past eight years have enabled my prosecutors to build trust within these highly insular communities, resulting in greater reporting of criminal conduct by residents, including incidents of sexual abuse,” Zugibe said.

“Build trust” as in, the DA’s office will look the other way so long as you keep electing Tom.

“Rabbi Beck has also made great strides in educating the communities to ensure compliance with our laws. He has proven to be a respected and effective asset to law enforcement in Rockland County.”

So a corrupt political deal maker who was forced to surrender his badge was the one “educating” the communities to “ensure compliance with our laws”? Only in Rockland, folks, only in Rockland.

Surrender your badge, too, Tom. We’re waiting.

– Original Post –

The question many are asking is: “Who is Zalman Beck?”

The question we should be asking is: “Who is Thomas Zugibe?”

Way back when, on the heels of the Bush presidency, Zugibe signed a document confirming what we’ve suspected, if not outright known, all along: He is nothing more than a shill for bloc leadership. His tenure has corrupted the integrity of his entire office. His acts and omissions have enabled Ramapo to become a lawless “Wild West.”


Zugibe is no different than Christopher St. Lawrence, singlehandedly destroying his family’s good legacy.

While the details surrounding the Zalman Beck Affair are still murky, one thing is clear: Thomas Zugibe, since he will likely not be prosecuted for his blatant corruption, should at minimum tender his immediate resignation.

Rumors are swirling about Zugibe and Sherri Eisenpress (another one hot on the Feds’ radar) attending an illegal (per election law) ring- and ass-kissing “campaign event” with bloc leadership and Beck, among others.

Do not be fooled by Zugibe’s presence at Preet Bharara’s April press conference, during which charges were announced against St. Lawrence and Troodler. Our eminently unqualified District Attorney seemed more physically distraught than St. Lawrence did that day, sweating more than Nixon did during that fateful television debate against JFK.

More likely than not, Zugibe was caught with his pants down some time ago and has been handcuffed to the ever-widening Federal investigations ever since. Perhaps Moses Stern is not the only “informant.” Regardless: Politicians who have committed corruption should not be allowed to remain in office even if they have “cooperated” with a Federal investigation. What message does that send?

We must reflect on the fact that the situation in this county has descended to the point where we must cry for help only at the Federal level. The delegitimization and degradation of our local and state justice systems is both a cause and effect of the growth of a religious tyranny stemming from Ramapo.

We must clean house by reestablishing law and order, beginning with a clean sweep of politicians who remain in office beholden to narrowly tailored special interests.

St. Lawrence is facing an insurmountable criminal prosecution, if he does not cut a deal. If we are to publicly call for anyone’s resignation, we should do so for Thomas Zugibe, the empty suit who has sleuthed his way through bloc corruption and Federal investigations for years.



DA Zugibe – Rockland County Prosecutor and Mole…






D.A.’s ultra-Orthodox liaison surrenders badge

Zugibe praises Beck

Zugibe initially defended Beck when asked whether his badge would be revoked.

“His efforts during the past eight years have enabled my prosecutors to build trust within these highly insular communities, resulting in greater reporting of criminal conduct by residents, including incidents of sexual abuse,” Zugibe said.
Rabbi Zalman Beck and state Sen. Malcolm Smith outside L’chaim Manor in Monsey on April 26, 2012. They would be joined by FBI cooperator Moses Stern.  Zugibe declined to provide Beck’s job description, any qualifications he possessed or any permissible uses of the badge.

“Rabbi Beck has also made great strides in educating the communities to ensure compliance with our laws. He has proven to be a respected and effective asset to law enforcement in Rockland County.”

Beck is said to work behind-the-scenes, helping political campaigns. For instance, he helped state Sen. David Carlucci gain support in the ultra-Orthodox community.

Beck and Moses Stern

It remains unclear why Beck helped Moses Stern, an FBI criminal cooperator, in the Smith sting.

Beck introduced Stern to Smith and Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin, who was convicted of selling her vote on a proposed community center and catering hall. Stern had defrauded Citigroup out of $126 million and was working with the government, hoping to shave time off a potential 455-year prison sentence.

Beck also vouched for Stern the night before Stern met with state Sen. David Carlucci in 2013, attempting to gain funding for a project during the sting. Carlucci, instead, referred Stern to the regional economic development committee, according to Politico, which covered Carlucci’s testimony in January 2015.

Federal court records show Stern provided Smith $27,000 in straw donor checks in 2012, including checks from Joseph and Esther Markowtiz of Monsey and one from an FBI account. Beck obtained at least some of the checks, prosecutors said at Smith’s sentencing.

“Rabbi Beck is the guy who got the straw donor checks,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Douglas Bloom at the sentencing. “He’s the guy who went out and got them. That’s on tape.”

Sen. Carlucci’s testimony

Carlucci testified during Smith’s trial that Beck called him the night before he met with Stern in February 2013 to vouch for Stern.

“I don’t remember the specifics, but in general, it was that he was a good person, a stand-up character, and if there was any way that I could be helpful to him, I should be,” Carlucci testified.

Beck assisted Carlucci’s 2010 campaign, helping him get out the vote in the Orthodox Jewish community and put up lawn signs, Carlucci testified.

The Journal News/lohud.com learned of the allegations against Beck while investigating the New York Jewish Communications Channel, an Orthodox Jewish radio show and communications network through which the U.S. Attorney’s Office and FBI targeted politicians seeking the ultra-Orthodox bloc vote.

Stern used the show and its literature to gain credibility with FBI targets, at least some of whom were given straw donations by Joseph Markowitz, who is listed as registering the corporation with the state, and his wife Esther.

The NYJCC claimed to be a major force in the 2010 elections, representing a bloc of over 100,000 Jewish voters and acting as a channel for elected officials to communicate with the Jewish community.

It’s unclear how the Markowitzes are involved in the Smith sting and whether they were knowingly assisting the government.

Along with Smith, they are listed as donating to ex-New York City Councilman Dan Halloran, Rockland Family Court Judge Sherri Eisenpress’ 2011 campaign and to Eric Schneiderman, both before and after Schneiderman, a former state senator, was elected state attorney general. All four were radio guests. Halloran was also convicted in the sting. Like Smith, he received a donation from an FBI account, court records show.

Earlier this month, The Journal News reported that Stern testified he helped elect Eisenpress by using her money to bankroll an illegal campaign finance scheme and by bribing a public official.

Her campaign has denied any wrongdoing and Zugibe has said an investigation found no evidence of criminality. Beck was a supporter of Eisenpress’ campaign.

A court order still bars the media and public from seeing much of the material prosecutors turned over to the defense regarding the Smith sting operation. U.S. District Judge Kenneth Karas issued the protective order at prosecutors’ request in 2013, prohibiting the release of records, including many conversations between Stern and Beck that weren’t entered into evidence. Stern has helped the FBI investigate more than 30 other targets.

Releasing the material could jeopardize “ongoing investigations into potentially serious criminal conduct,” he wrote.