Yosef Yitzchak Feldman – Did not Know it Was a Crime to Touch a Child’s Genitals, Filing lawsuits?



Yosef Yitzchak Feldman – Filing Lawsuits instead of Paying Reparations – 

Failed Messiah covered the news related to former Chabad Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Feldman for years. The accusations against him were, are and will always be in our view astounding. The news reported that he covered up abuse. He was in our view the quintessential Chabad denier of child sex abuse. He did not know it was a crime to touch a child’s genitals.

In our view there are so many people who have suffered, who will live a lifetime of suffering, it’s utterly and totally unthinkable. Yet, instead of apologizing, offering some sort of solace to the victims, paying damages for lives destroyed, Rabbi Feldman is filing suit, many of them.

What we find the most unconscionable piece of this entire story is trying to understand the source of the money for the lawsuits. Should that money not be going to the victims? What, as a Jewish community are we thinking following leaders who would allow this, even encourage it to continue by denying that “touching a child’s genitals” is abuse? By donating, offering support or paying for the lawsuits and ignoring the victims, every financial contributor is complicit in the crimes this former Chabad leader allowed to go un-prosecuted.  As far as we know, the crimes were not Feldman’s crimes, they were those of members of his synagogue, those against children entrusted in his care.

The Chabad ultra-Orthodox community in Australia should rethink its values, its views, its definitions of what it means to be a Jew. Something has gone dramatically and sickeningly awry if tzedukkah means supporting these lawsuits instead of the lives of the many victims these lawsuits truly undermine. There are no other words and even these are not adequate.

The following is a link to the countless accounts and stories written and published, followed and criticized, detailed and penned by Failed Messiah as Feldman claimed to be protecting kids and yet discouraged them from reporting to police – redefining sexual abuse.

After that follows a link to the lawsuits, numerous lawsuits. While we were unable to get our hands on the complaints, anyone with access is free to send them over and we will publish. 

Failed Messiah – accounts of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Feldman’s forays into redefining sexual abuse and arguing leniency for abusers instead of validation and understanding, compassion and justice for the abused.

The list (extensive) of lawsuits.


Child abuse royal commission: Rabbi Yosef Feldman resigns as director of Yeshiva centre

The director of the ultra-orthodox Jewish Yeshiva centre in Sydney has resigned after last week telling a royal commission hearing he did not know it was a crime for an adult to touch a child’s genitals.

Rabbi Yosef Feldman’s evidence at a Melbourne hearing of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse was widely criticised by Australia’s broader Jewish community.

In a statement, Rabbi Feldman apologised for the comments he made to the royal commission and said he would step down from all responsibilities as the director on the board of management at Yeshiva.

“I apologise to anyone in the Rabbinate, the Jewish community and the wider Australian community who may have been embarrassed or ashamed by my views, words, understandings, recordings or emails about child sexual abuse or any other matter,” he said.

“I have dedicated my life to doing whatever I can to protect and assist all people in need including those who have suffered from any form of abuse, especially children, and it pains me greatly that words that I have expressed have upset victims and their families.

“In the future I will be more careful with my words, so that they are only a source of pride to the Jewish and General community.

“I commit to undertake formal training and education on how to identify, handle and report abuse allegations.”

During the royal commission hearing, Rabbi Feldman said not all abuse cases should be referred to police and that paedophiles should be granted leniency.

“I would be asking for more leniency on people who have shown that they haven’t offended in the last 20 years or decades ago, and have psychological analyses that this is the case,” he said on Monday.

He said the approach would show “when you do the right thing, you won’t get mistreated badly and it’s not the end of the world … then you are not treated like a pariah, like a scum of the Earth.”

He also told the hearing he did not know it was a crime for an adult to touch a child’s genitals.

Rabbi Feldman also said publicity surrounding child sexual abuse “encourages even people who may not be real victims or may want to be considered heroes” to go to the police.

On Tuesday a child abuse victim said the evidence given by Rabbi Feldman showed the Yeshivah community was “rotten to the core” and called for leaders who ignored molestation to be banished from power.

Reichberg – Family Hiding Evidence and Lawyer Arguing Narrow Definition of Corruption…



Family of Businessmen in NYPD Probe Allegedly Tried to Hide Evidence


The government has collected a trove of evidence in their corruption case against two NYPD officers and their businessman pal, Jeremy Reichberg — including a box of electronic devices and business cards that one of Reichberg’s relatives tried to hide from the FBI, prosecutors said.

The day Reichberg was arrested, “one of Mr. Reichberg’s family members attempted to leave the house with a number of electronic devices,” Assistant US Attorney Martin Bell said at a hearing Tuesday in Manhattan federal court.

The devices included thumb-drives, “seven or so smartphones,” and a stash of CDs and DVDs — all of which are now in the hands of the FBI, Bell told Judge Gregory Woods.

The family member, who was not identified, also attempted to run away with “paper evidence,” including Reichberg’s stash of business cards listing his NYPD and political contacts, Bell said.

Reichberg’s attorney Susan Necheles said she “heard this story” before but declined to elaborate. Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara’s office also declined further comment.

Reichberg was arrested in June along with cops Michael Harrington and James Grant, who allegedly doled out official favors, including police escorts and ticket fixing, to Reichberg and his real-estate investor pal Jona Rechnitz. In exchange, the businessmen peppered the officers with gifts, including trips to Las Vegas and Chicago, video games for Grant’s kids and other perks, prosecutors have said.

Bell said the government’s evidence includes months of wiretaps from Reichberg’s phone as well as the phone of a “co-conspirator,” who has been identified as Rechnitz. The founder of real-estate investor firm JSR Capital was not indicted with his former pals because he is cooperating with the government against them.

The FBI also obtained emails from the defendants via search warrants, Bell said.

A hearing was set for October 27th to allow the defendant’s lawyers to raise objections to the evidence and the case.

Necheles told the judge she expects “substantial and significant motions” poking holes in the government’s case — thanks to the US Supreme Court.

“The state of the law is totally in flux,” Necheles said, pointing to the Supreme Court’s recent ruling exonerating former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell of corruption.

Rabbi Eliezer Berland – In Custody, Disgracing Tefillin and Prayer



Fugitive Rabbi Wanted for Sex Crimes Extradited to Israel

Rabbi Eliezer Berland lands in Tel Aviv and immediately taken into police custody, more than three years after he fled the country.

Rabbi Eliezer Berland, leader of the Shuvu Banim community, was extradited from South Africa and arrested after he landed in Israel on Tuesday, on suspicion of perpetrating sexual abuse and harassment, Israel Police said.

Hundreds of Berland supporters, many of whom were in their cars, were waiting outside the airport for the police van containing Berland.

Berland’s extradition marks the end of an international saga that began when he fled Israel more than three years ago after he was suspected of a number of sex crimes against women, namely in his community.

Followers of the rabbi said a group of them accompanied him on an El Al flight from Johannesburg.

“Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s extradition on suspicion of sex crimes has been completed,” police said in a statement. “After a continuous effort, the Israel Police arrested Rabbi Eliezer Berland, wanted for some time for investigation on suspicion of perpetrating sexual abuse and harassment,” a police statement said.

Police said Berland had left Israel in February 2013, while an investigation against him had been pending, and that they had made “intensive and continuous efforts to locate him and bring him to Israel so he could be questioned about the suspicions against him.

“As part of this effort, an extradition request was sent to the relevant authorities abroad and this morning his arrest has been completed,” police said.

A picture circulated by his supporters showed Berland getting off the plane at Ben-Gurion International Airport with a police escort, wrapped in tefillin and a prayer shawl.

read more: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.731896

It May be Time For Zugibe to Surrender his Badge too…

Thank you to our contributors, Lost Messiah July 18, 2016


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Take Rockland Back: #RocklandStrong
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All you need to know about Thomas Zugibe – Please share and spread the word about our overtly corrupt District Attorney who should be surrendering his badge, too

“Rabbi Beck will be surrendering his credentials in the best interests of the district attorney’s office,” Zugibe said Thursday after checking on the allegations with the public corruption task force, a joint operation between his office and the FBI.

“Until brought to our attention by a Journal News reporter, we were unaware of any of these allegations pertaining to Rabbi Beck,” he added during an interview Friday. Beck, who surrendered the badge Thursday, could not be reached for comment.

“Unaware”? We in Rockland have been aware of this and more for YEARS!

Yet Zugibe PRAISED Beck:

“His efforts during the past eight years have enabled my prosecutors to build trust within these highly insular communities, resulting in greater reporting of criminal conduct by residents, including incidents of sexual abuse,” Zugibe said.

“Build trust” as in, the DA’s office will look the other way so long as you keep electing Tom.

“Rabbi Beck has also made great strides in educating the communities to ensure compliance with our laws. He has proven to be a respected and effective asset to law enforcement in Rockland County.”

So a corrupt political deal maker who was forced to surrender his badge was the one “educating” the communities to “ensure compliance with our laws”? Only in Rockland, folks, only in Rockland.

Surrender your badge, too, Tom. We’re waiting.

– Original Post –

The question many are asking is: “Who is Zalman Beck?”

The question we should be asking is: “Who is Thomas Zugibe?”

Way back when, on the heels of the Bush presidency, Zugibe signed a document confirming what we’ve suspected, if not outright known, all along: He is nothing more than a shill for bloc leadership. His tenure has corrupted the integrity of his entire office. His acts and omissions have enabled Ramapo to become a lawless “Wild West.”


Zugibe is no different than Christopher St. Lawrence, singlehandedly destroying his family’s good legacy.

While the details surrounding the Zalman Beck Affair are still murky, one thing is clear: Thomas Zugibe, since he will likely not be prosecuted for his blatant corruption, should at minimum tender his immediate resignation.

Rumors are swirling about Zugibe and Sherri Eisenpress (another one hot on the Feds’ radar) attending an illegal (per election law) ring- and ass-kissing “campaign event” with bloc leadership and Beck, among others.

Do not be fooled by Zugibe’s presence at Preet Bharara’s April press conference, during which charges were announced against St. Lawrence and Troodler. Our eminently unqualified District Attorney seemed more physically distraught than St. Lawrence did that day, sweating more than Nixon did during that fateful television debate against JFK.

More likely than not, Zugibe was caught with his pants down some time ago and has been handcuffed to the ever-widening Federal investigations ever since. Perhaps Moses Stern is not the only “informant.” Regardless: Politicians who have committed corruption should not be allowed to remain in office even if they have “cooperated” with a Federal investigation. What message does that send?

We must reflect on the fact that the situation in this county has descended to the point where we must cry for help only at the Federal level. The delegitimization and degradation of our local and state justice systems is both a cause and effect of the growth of a religious tyranny stemming from Ramapo.

We must clean house by reestablishing law and order, beginning with a clean sweep of politicians who remain in office beholden to narrowly tailored special interests.

St. Lawrence is facing an insurmountable criminal prosecution, if he does not cut a deal. If we are to publicly call for anyone’s resignation, we should do so for Thomas Zugibe, the empty suit who has sleuthed his way through bloc corruption and Federal investigations for years.



D.A. Ken Thompson… Contributions Speak Volumes

ken thompson
Advocates are furious he has taken thousands in campaign donations from bigwigs in the Satmar community, a Hasidic sect that strenuously opposes any secular oversight into sexual molestation accusations. The donations were first reported in The Jewish Week.
“Our frustration is that we feel he needs to talk to the victims and the community and not to those politically affiliated,” Miriam Nockenofsky, an advocate for Jewish sex abuse victims.  “Why is that he’s only talking to the leaders? It’s not right.”  The Daily News


Does D.A. Thompson’s Campaign Contribution List Reflect a Cottage Industry of Protecting ultra-Orthodox Serial Child Molesters, Fraudsters and Other Criminals Within the Ultra-Orthodox/Orthodox Community?

Lost Messiah, July 11, 2016

We began looking at DA Thompson months ago, having been alerted that he has a penchant for setting serial child abusers free, accepting reduced sentences (link to an article about the 60-day sentence given to someone with 52 counts and 4 victims) and even ignoring cases.

With the request for assistance in identifying Moses Friedman, we looked more closely.

In 2015, D.A. Thompson’s NYS Campaign Finance Disclosure (12th Name down) showed a $1,000.00 contribution from Attorney Aidala, who is representing Friedman. Since the payment of a $10,000.00 bail by Friedman, there have been 14 adjournments for an incident dated September 1, 2013. The children Friedman allegedly hurt will never be free from reliving this abuse and yet Friedman remains a Free-Man, the irony.

On October 26, 2015, Howard Fensterman contributed $5,000.00 to D.A. Thompson. 

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Taj Patterson sues City, Others should consider following suit

Taj Patterson

EXCLUSIVE: Gay, black man who claimed he was attacked by Jewish security patrol gang sues city



The far-too-cozy relationship between the NYPD, city officials, and Jewish safety patrols in Brooklyn led to the beating of a gay, black man in Williamsburg, an explosive new lawsuit to be filed in federal court Monday alleges.

Taj Patterson of Fort Greene, was walking down Flushing Ave. in Williamsburg in December 2013 when he was set upon by a gang of men linked to the Shomrim, a volunteer Orthodox Jewish security patrol. He was left battered, and lost eyesight in one eye.

In aftermath, as the Daily News first reported, cops with the 90th Precinct prematurely closed the case despite having four witnesses to the assault — delaying the investigation for 48 crucial hours.

In the lawsuit, obtained by the Daily News, lawyers for Patterson claim that the city and the NYPD created an atmosphere where the security patrols not only got official recognition and money, but could act with impunity.

Two men plead guilty to lesser charges in bias beating

Shomrim members made calls to the 90th Precinct in an effort to influence the Patterson investigation, the lawsuit claims.

Had the cops acted more quickly, it’s possible that more suspects could have been identified, the lawsuit alleges. Instead, evidence quickly disappeared. Some witnesses recanted their testimony, the lawsuit claims.

The lawsuit draws a direct line from the Patterson assault through the ongoing corruption scandal involving police officials doing favors for Jewish businessmen in exchange for gifts to this relationship between the NYPD and the security patrols.

“The City’s policies have essentially created a private police force with special connections to the NYPD, funded and outfitted by the City, without any supervision of that force,” the lawsuit alleges.

Trio accused of beating gay black man likely to avoid prison

The city is liable for Patterson’s injuries, the lawsuit argues, because it has created policies under which unconstitutional practices regularly take place, and that culminated in Patterson’s beating.

“The City’s deliberate indifference caused Plaintiff’s injuries,” the lawsuit alleges.

Along with the city, a cop and two sergeants from the 90th Precinct are named as defendants along with the Williamsburg Safety Patrol and a related organization known as the Shmira Volunteer Patrol Corp., and the five men arrested for the Patterson attack.

One of the sergeants named in the lawsuit, Ivan Furda, was docked 10 vacation days by the NYPD for prematurely closing the case.


To read the article in its entirety click here.

Department of Justice Press Release – Seabrook

Norman Seabrook
Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Norman Seabrook, President Of Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association, Arrested For Demanding And Accepting Bribes In Exchange For Investing Union Money In New York-Based Hedge Fund

Murray Huberfeld, Founder of Manhattan-based Hedge Fund, Also Charged For Paying Off Seabrook to Invest in the Fund

Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and Diego Rodriguez, Assistant Director-in-Charge of the New York Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), announced today that NORMAN SEABROOK and MURRAY HUBERFELD were arrested this morning and charged in Manhattan federal court with committing honest services wire fraud, in connection with HUBERFELD’s payment of a $60,000 bribe to SEABROOK, the President of the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association (“COBA”), and the promise of future bribe payments, in exchange for SEABROOK’s investment of $20 million of COBA money in HUBERFELD’s hedge fund.  SEABROOK was arrested this morning by FBI agents in the Bronx, and HUBERFELD was arrested this morning by FBI agents in Manhattan.  They will be presented before U.S. Magistrate Judge Kevin N. Fox in Manhattan this afternoon.

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said:  “As alleged, Norman Seabrook and Murray Huberfeld engaged in a straightforward and explicit bribery scheme.  For a Ferragamo bag stuffed with $60,000 in cash, Seabrook allegedly sold himself and his duty to safeguard the retirement funds of his fellow correction officers.  Norman Seabrook, as COBA’s president for over two decades, allegedly made decisions about how to invest the nest egg for thousands of hard-working public servants, based not on what was good for them, but on what was good for Norman Seabrook.”

FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge Diego Rodriquez said:  “When an official takes advantage of his or her position as steward of an organization’s financial resources in order to line their own pockets, it is a dereliction of duty for someone trusted to protect the financial contributions of the hard working men and women who belong to the organization.  When a hedge fund manager provides bribe payments to organizations to gain their business, he or she puts the financial security of the fund’s investors at risk.  This kind of criminal collusion destabilizes the system and undermines investors’ confidence in the integrity of the marketplace.  The FBI, along with our partners, will continue to work to protect our citizens from the destructive consequences of corruption and deceit.”

According to the allegations in the Complaint filed yesterday in Manhattan federal court[1]:

COBA is New York City’s largest correction officers union and the largest municipal jail union in the United States.  COBA represents over 9,000 correction officers in New York City, including at Riker’s Island.  NORMAN SEABROOK, the defendant, is the President of COBA and has been for over 20 years.  SEABROOK’s power over the affairs of COBA is rarely questioned by his Executive Board due to his ability to affect their assignments, pay, and hours.  SEABROOK’s control extends to the union’s finances, including the administration of its “Annuity Fund,” a retirement benefits program funded by the City of New York that invests more than $70 million for correction officers’ retirements.

Toward the end of 2013, on a trip to the Dominican Republic with, among others, an individual who is now a cooperating witness for the Government (“CW-1”), SEABROOK told CW-1 that he worked hard to invest COBA’s money and was not getting anything out of it, and it was time that “Norman Seabrook got paid.”  CW-1 was friendly with and had done business with MURRAY HUBERFELD, a founder and part owner of Platinum Partners (“Platinum”), a Manhattan-based hedge fund that principally ran two funds.  CW-1 was aware that Platinum was looking to attract public and institutional investors – as opposed to its more typical investor set of high net-worth individuals – and told HUBERFELD that SEABROOK would likely invest COBA money in Platinum if HUBERFELD were willing to pay SEABROOK money.  HUBERFELD agreed to the proposition, and HUBERFELD worked out a formula in which SEABROOK would be paid a kickback of a portion of the profits from COBA’s investment that HUBERFELD estimated could be between $100,000 and $150,000 per year.

SEABROOK then began investing COBA’s money, at first going through the motions of having Platinum make a pitch to COBA’s Annuity Fund board and having advisers conduct diligence.  Those advisers included attorneys who expressed concern that public pensions like COBA do not typically invest in higher-risk vehicles like hedge funds.  In March 2014, COBA’s Annuity Fund made a $10 million investment in one of Platinum’s funds.  In June 2014 – this time without running the investment by the COBA Board or seeking any approval – SEABROOK invested $5 million, or 40 percent, of COBA’s own assets in the same fund.  In August 2014, the Annuity Fund invested another $5 million in Platinum.  By that point, COBA was the largest investor in that Platinum fund for all of 2014, and amounted to more than half of all incoming investments for the fund.  At the same time, the fund was experiencing significant redemptions by other investors.

Toward the end of 2014, SEABROOK wanted the first of his kickback payments, and demanded it from CW-1.  HUBERFELD told CW-1 that the fund had not performed as well as expected, and that he could pay SEABROOK only $60,000.  CW-1 agreed to lay out the cash, and HUBERFELD agreed to reimburse CW-1 on Platinum’s behalf.  HUBERFELD suggested that to paper over the reimbursement, CW-1 invoice Platinum for a number of CW-1’s tickets to the Knicks, in the amount of $60,000, and Platinum would then cut a check to CW-1.

CW-1 paid SEABROOK the first $60,000 kickback on December 11, 2014.  Before meeting SEABROOK that evening, CW-1 went to one of SEABROOK’s favorite stores, Salvatore Ferragamo on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, and bought an expensive bag for SEABROOK.  CW-1 put the money in the bag, and met SEABROOK a few blocks away in SEABROOK’s COBA vehicle, where he handed SEABROOK the bag.  CW-1 and SEABROOK had dinner with two other persons, then attended a Torah dedication ceremony, after which SEABROOK left Manhattan.  These events have been corroborated by, among other things, phone records, e-mails, license plate reader records, and a receipt from Salvatore Ferragamo.  On the same day, CW-1’s assistant prepared a $60,000 invoice to Platinum for Knicks tickets, which CW-1 forwarded by e-mail to HUBERFELD.  Three days later, Platinum paid CW-1 by check.

HUBERFELD, through another co-conspirator not identified in the Complaint, continued to lobby SEABROOK for more money in 2015.  However, after a lawsuit filed by a former COBA board member referred to the Platinum investments, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office grand jury investigation resulted in subpoenas to Platinum and COBA in May 2015, no further investments were made.

*                *                *

SEABROOK, 56, of the Bronx, New York, and HUBERFELD, 55, of Manhattan New York, have been charged with one count of conspiracy to commit honest services wire fraud, and one count of honest services wire fraud.  Each of the two counts carries a maximum term of 20 years in prison.  The maximum potential sentences are prescribed by Congress and are provided here for informational purposes only, as any sentencing of the defendants will be determined by the judge.

Mr. Bharara praised the investigative work of the FBI, the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau, and the Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Investigations Division, and noted that the investigation is continuing.

This case is being handled by the Office’s Public Corruption Unit.  Assistant United States Attorneys Martin Bell, Russell Capone, and Kan M. Nawaday are in charge of the prosecution.

The charges contained in the Complaint are merely accusations and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

[1] As the introductory phrase signifies, the entirety of the text of the Complaint and the description of the Complaint set forth herein constitute only allegations, and every fact described should be treated as an allegation.

Public Corruption